One thing is certain a these new Ohr transcripts Joe Pientka is front and center and no longer hiding in the shadows. He was Ohr's handler. He took handoffs of physical evidence from Ohr to give to Strzok and gave no receipt for establishment of chain of custody. HOLY FUBAR!
SSA Mike Gaeta was assigned to Chris Steele as his handler & SAS Joe Pientka was assigned to Bruce Ohr. What's strange is, why didn't Steele give those thumb drives to Mike Gaeta? Something stinks on that testimony. I'm thinking the multiple thumb drives all came from Nellie Ohr
This further supports that all Steele did in this OP was to lend his name and resume to the dossier to try and give it veracity and put a small buffer between the dossier and FusionGPS. Granted he was working contract for them, it gives a small buffer as him being independent
Again Mike Gaeta's job rears it's ugly head.

Italian Gov was apoplectic over Trump declassifying the Page FISA
A lot of timelines need to be updated. Until these transcripts from the Ohr testimony it's been assumed that on May 15, 2016 Fusion GPS hires Nellie Ohr for their Russian research. Bruce Ohr testifies otherwise.
Going thru these handwritten Ohr notes and his testimony looking thru a lens with 50 years of experience analyzing data, sorting the reliable from the garbage I find just one thing. The information, on face value, has the lowest level of credibility.
All of it was second- or third-hand, and it's couched with lots of caveats like “may,” “possibly” and “others disagree.” And of course my favs like "I'm not sure" or "I'm not exactly certain" That's a load of crap, tradecraft deflection and avoidance.
The only thing he could be certain of are the three names mentioned in the dossier. But even then he could remember if it was Steele or Simpson who brought them up. Gowdy made a good case as to why is the #3 at the DOJ inserting himself as a fact witness in this Russia nonsense.
I mean Jesus H Christ he's breaking every protocol at the fundamental level of intelligence gathering, and crossing every line of boundaries in DOJ policy with this move. But Gowdy did a brilliant way of leading this idiot down the ego path away from plausible deniability.
He gets him to admit the huge number o cases he's prosecuted and probes his knowledge of Chain of Custody and position of fact witness, and the importance of them and the admissibility in court. Ohr walks right in to the trap and then tries to play dumb. Oops too late Bruce.
One thing is for certain, Glenn Simpson is up to his eyeballs in false testimony he gave to congress in two separate hearings. Bruce Ohr threw his old friend Glenn under the bus and backed over him multiple times. Simpson is toast if they want to pursue a sec 1001 on him.
Ohr's notes reveal a few subtle things.

There was focus on Carter Page

Notice Ohr spelled Alfa correctly. I'm betting his wife knows how to spell it as well. Steele supposedly being a Russia expert should as well.

But the author of the dossier obviously didn't
This company Bilfinger based out of Germany keeps showing up in this Russia Probe. Not sure why yet, but Steele is suing them for non payment for services rendered.
Bilfinger appointed a compliance monitor and in 2016 a high-powered head of investigations, Marie-Alix von Sachsen-Meiningen.

Meiningen hired Orbis to carry out a confidential investigation into Biflinger’s international subsidiaries.
Dissecting the Ohr Notes. 3/15/17 meeting. Note this is all after Steele was fired by the FBI for leaking to press.

Again he brings up Bilfinger? WTF is he tying to get at with this conversation.

Why KPMG? Audit? Tax Advisory?

Is he asking for FBI help to get paid?
Ohr's shorthand gives me a damn headache.

Steele likes working with Warner and hates dealing with Grassley..... Shocker
I am curious about this text Gowdy is referencing and if it's just a hypothetical or it actually exists. I can't find it anywhere. We know there are a lot of texts still missing, curious if this is one.
Updated this memo h/t to @GrimmTale21
@GrimmTale21 Anyone ever find if curious that through three sets of transcripts of Glenn Simpson from in front of two separate committees one was was a follow up interview, but through all those hundreds of pages and hours of testimony, Nellie Ohr's name never came up once. ZERO ZILCH NADA
@GrimmTale21 Simpson claimed he met Bruce Ohr thru Christopher Steel and his interactions with the FBI. Bruce Ohr said he'd known Simpson for many years. Seems like there are a bunch of Sec 1001 violations pending around some testimony.
@GrimmTale21 Edward Baumgartner is who I want to hear more from, who cofounded the UK-based intelligence consultancy Edward Austin in 2010. Another so called Russian EXPERT who couldn't spell "Alfa" Group properly either.
@GrimmTale21 Simpson needs to be squeezed because there is a lot of funny dark money filtering in his direction. The Dems have this dark money networking down to a science. Simpson admitted he was being funded now by Daniel Jones and the Penn Quarter Group (PQG).
But when you pull back the onion layers there's way more dark money going in that direction out to get Trump. Jones has another group besides PQG. Jones started The Democracy Integrity Project (TDIP) in 2017.
Adam Kaufmann, a partner at the firm Lewis Baach Kaufmann Middlemiss, and Dafna Hochman Rand, the former deputy assistant secretary of state in the bureau of democracy, human rights and labor, are listed along with Jones as TDIP board members as well.
Dafna Rand is listed on the initial registration for the TDIP, which was filed on Jan. 21, 2017. Her LinkedIn profile says that she worked at the State Department through January 20, 2017. Boy do those dates cross closely.
Dafna Rand is not listed as a board member in a March 31, 2017, filing, says to me that she left the organization shortly after joining, or at least stepped aside and let Daniel Jones take over. Another curious thing is Kaufmann’s link to TDIP.
Kaufmann is the jackass that has been crying about Trump's taxes in the NYT for 2 yrs, & is the former chief investigator at the Manhattan DA’s office & has worked with FusionGPS on behalf Derwick Associates a Venezuelan P&L company under investigation for bribery & $ laundering.
Talk about a den of snakes. The Swamp is a nasty ass place. Chuck Ross did a story on FGPS and a RICO suit that was filed on Simpson EXCLUSIVE: Human Rights Activist Files RICO Suit Against Fusion GPS Founders… via @dailycaller
More on that mess

Derwick, a rising electric-power star in Venezuela, under investigation in the U.S.… via @WSJ
@WSJ Daniel Jones provided the most insight into TDIP’s activities during an interview with the FBI in late March 2017. He also revealed some of his group’s secrets that same month to Adam Waldman, who has links to Steele, Mark Warner, and Oleg Deripaska. Talk about a seedy bunch.
Remember all those texts that were leaked from the SSCI, Waldman, Jones, Steele, Warner, Deripaska are connected. and we can now add some other players with dark money to the tribe.

Fund for a Better Future (FBF) another "Non-Prof" funneling money from CA tech companies
Fund for a Better Future (FBF) gave TDIP $2MM for General Support. And it has interesting players in it as well. More Dark Money.
Michael Mantell, runs FBF and he's a tree-hugger who served as California’s undersecretary for resources. Holds big fund raisers for Feinstien and Pelosi all the time. The circles are tight up in that neck of the woods.
Lookie here FBF board member is Open Space Institute President Christopher Elliman. A trustee of that New York-based nonprofit is Hume Steyer, the older brother of Tom Steyer, the billionaire environmentalist financing a campaign to impeach Trump.…
All this money washing going back and forth is just what we can find publicly that's going after our POTUS. Three different Soros "foundations" give money to all of these.…
Never in history has there ever been an effort like this to overthrow the White House. All these millions flowing around and Chris Steele sells his soul for $168K, for a former MI6 spook he's not real bright. Simpson his sitting on a gold mine, we will see if he has to lawyer up
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