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1.)Signaling at its best! White Hats! Seeing pics a while ago of JFK’s grandson, Jack, deliver the Kennedy Profile of Courage Award to GHWB, I instantly thought...he knows!....Look at his comms....
2.) He presented GHWB w award..a lantern of light..”shattering the CIA into a 1000 points of lights”... GHWB was CIA at time of JFK SR giving 1000 points of light speech..JFK SR assassinated after that speech...& GHWB orchestrated assassination on JFK SR...
3.) Notice the Coconut Water on the table behind Jack’s hands..think Island, Fiji, Himam Trafficking, NXIVM Sex Cult-Seigram Heiress Bronfman owned FIJI Island..
4.) GHWB guilty of human trafficking, pedophilia, and smuggling guns/drugs and Jack presents him with a pair of socks with JFK SR picture on them while at same time doing a “chokehold” sign on the Masonic hand signal...
5.) Notice who Jack is mirroring...His Uncle’s Hand Positition..”choking the M”.... signal of killing deep state...
6.)Jack knows all about the Deep State...so I looked at his Instagram public site and thought, let’s see if he signals anything else🧐?.. and I believe I found some...
7.) Help perception is reality...Deep State sign
8.) Is that Q right on cue?... timing is everything..Notice it’s posted close to date anons start to question who is Q?.. and could Q be JFK JR...Is he alive?.....which also coincides around date of JFK JR “death” in airplane crash..🧐
9.)Let’s look back on Getty images..past proves future..here Jack is sitting in middle of a communication-double K mirrored!. same sign mirrored by Vincent Fusca (JFK JR) hand signaling at Trump rally with Carolyn by his side..Getty image was taken at ceremony taken “quayside”
10.) Jack is signaling mirrored K..”John”... who looks like John?... Jack, his nephew, looks like John JR...mirror! JFK JR alive!...
11.) Jack names his fish Quavo JR..but why?... is he pointing to His Uncle John being alive?🧐..yes he is! And he’s trying to turn his fish from Beta to alpha...computer programming.. Q team... Q Military Intelligence...digital warfare!
12.) Mirrors....and now Jack wears a mirrored shirt to his buddy’s shirt and captions it “I am a naughty little secret Santa”... Who is Santa? Well it’s JFK JR..look at all drops by @777KAB1 and @DIXIEDOODLE12 @bigredwavenow
@777KAB1 @DIXIEDOODLE12 @bigredwavenow 13.) Who is R? Why, it’s Santa! Jack wears “Red” socks and “R” stands for Red. R is also 18th letter of alphabet in gametria! R=18! John F Kennedy JR is 954=9+5+5=18! And who is “ Red” pilling America? Q is! Q=R!
@777KAB1 @DIXIEDOODLE12 @bigredwavenow 14.)Mirrors again- Who likes to paddle board? Uncle JFK JR does and so does Jack! How is Red pilling the World on Cabal? Q=R=JFK JR is! Red pulled means to be awakened! Red pill v. Blue pill? Red surf board v. Blue surf board!
@777KAB1 @DIXIEDOODLE12 @bigredwavenow 15.) Lucky to be alive and have my liberty back! Lucky to be alive! Tiffany blue wind sail! Tiffany blue JFK JR wore Tiffany Blue suit to fathers funeral and it was his mother’s favorite color! Favorite color=favorite son!
@777KAB1 @DIXIEDOODLE12 @bigredwavenow 16.) Before Q came on the scene, Jack signals about Trudeau..He is letting world know Trudeau is Pedo and part of Cabal who sacrifice children to Mulock by eating them!
@777KAB1 @DIXIEDOODLE12 @bigredwavenow 17.) Rember Q said to Keep Your Eye on the Ball!Look Quavo Jr in the Ball Mason Jar!On the road w his best friend Quavo JR-mirror-Uncle &nephew, best friends! Ready to pair?... Bluetooth( Q MilitaryDigital Warfare)=Uncle John=Ready to pair?Teamwork!Look at back wall! Find the Q!
@777KAB1 @DIXIEDOODLE12 @bigredwavenow 18.)Jack’s family signals 18 fingers! Jack posts picture of race in shape of fish-fish=5!5=Q Ball! Remember Q fish is Ball mason jar? And Jack=John! He’s telling you his Uncle is alive! Mirror!
@777KAB1 @DIXIEDOODLE12 @bigredwavenow 19.)”If you know, you know”...Elvis and JFK JR both faked their deaths to survive the Cabal!See the one eye communication! Elvis and JFK JR both working to bring down Cabal! Patriots Taking Care of Business!Both undercover military ops! Both alive! Waiting to be revealed! @POTUS
@777KAB1 @DIXIEDOODLE12 @bigredwavenow @POTUS 20.) Q taught us spellings and words matter...so when Jack writes”I wrote this..and boy do i mean this” he is saying no, I really did not mean vote for Hillary! Hillary is not who you should vote for...Jack knows Cabal! His Uncle has taught him along w others..
@777KAB1 @DIXIEDOODLE12 @bigredwavenow @POTUS 21.) Lastly, look at what Jack wrote for TIME magazine right around the time Q came on the scene....does it sound like Q has influenced Jacks writings? I think so! Think for yourselves! WWG1WGA!
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