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1/Why is North Korea peace deal so important?
Who set up the fiber optics/internet infrastructure?
If NK was/is an evil nuke happy dictatorship, then how was Eric Schmidt allowed access?
@GenFlynn @realDonaldTrump @POTUS
2/Eric Schmidt-High roller in the Tech industry collaborating w former Pres Obama, Steve Jobs from Apple, Zuck from FaceBook, Netflix, Yahoo, Twitter, Cisco, etc.
Seen carrying Henry Kissinger's book 'World Order' as in New World Order-⏫level puppet
3/We know that Google & other tech co's were started by our government-purpose➡️bulk data collection➡️spy on us 24/7-365.
CHINA (not Russia) very involved w these activities-bypass US laws
CIA/Deep State/Shadow Govt controlled>CHINA>controlled NK
4/ @QBlueSkyQ 's thread, you see the Govt/CIA created Amazon/CEO Bezos who bought Elemental-chips produced in CHINA (not Russia)-installed all computers/phones/tablets/ships/planes. Spied on all Intel agencies & us. Can change programming/cause crashes.
5/Liberty's thread connects Elemental to China's Huawei/S
en Diane Feinstein➡️spouse Richard Blum/Apple/Iphone.
Corrupt politicians/CEO's all over the place-the SWAMP is deep!

#WakeUpAmerica #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE #QAnon @GenFlynn @realDonaldTrump @POTUS
6/ Add to all these programs, Obama had his own surveillance system called the Hammer (maybe the Hammer is a compilation of the other systems?)
Maxine waters even states that Obama had files on EVERYONE!
See thread:
7/The AI Sophia has been in the internet since 2015 then let loose in 2017 to achieve Singularity. Facebook shut down 2 AI's that created their own code/language, acquired own will & desires. Everything seems to have AI components
singularitynet.io grandmageri422.me/2017/11/26/art…
8/ Then we have the D Wave Quantum computers that literally summon demonic entities/Aliens/Ancient ones. Gordy Rose says this in his own words on video below. Research his name-Rose & HP Lovecraft & art (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H._P._Lov…) Watch vid at 7:45m-12min
9/With all of these systems we get an all knowing, omnipresent, dark presence watching our every move that hears every word, knows all of our habits, purchases, predicts our desires/actions/can read our minds. Pretty scary. This beast system is trying to be or usurp our Lord God.
10/Amazing @POTUS /Q Team/Patriots are fighting against ALL of these things ➕. ((They)) control our food, utilities, medications, diseases (they create them & hide cures), money,speech, music,TV, jobs, Govts/Leaders, land, water... We are their sheep-they herd/divide us. #QAnon
11/THEY are Luciferians/Satanists who absolutely HATE us. They hide in secret societies like Free Masons, Illuminati, Skull & Bones, cabalists. THEY have infiltrated our places of worship, & societies at community, local,state, & Federal Govts. THEY are in/of this world-WE R NOT!
12/They are rampant in Hollywood & in our Political world bringing their beliefs into our culture to shape us to accept their evil practices. We see how bad it has gotten with the Dems in charge right now too. #infanticide #OpenBorders #AntiSemitism #Pedophelia #HumanTrafficking
13/One of the biggest eye openers for me was watching David Icke's video 'The Plan to Kill You'-The United Nation's Agenda 21-plans for New World Order out of chaos. They poison our food, water, air, etc. These PPl are evil & sick! #QAnon @GenFlynn @Potus
14/This is a fight for HUMANITY-GOOD Vs PURE EVIL, our LAST STAND. It's also THEIR last stand. They will stop at nothing to regain control/power.
@POTUS & Q Team +NSA + Military Intel + Patriots will not stop fighting to right the wrongs & take them down. Patriots are in control.
15/I speculate that places like NK were controlled by CIA/Elites/Ruling class a a #FantasyLand where they were Kings & Queens-no laws/rules/paparazzi, could hide out & do whatever they wanted w the Ppl there or whomever they took w/them. Kim's homes or elites? #QAnon @GenFlynn
16/Tweet #1/NK-already set up-hub for 5G/6G? which would be >than the Industrial Revolution. Surgeon could superimpose brain image over skull for precise/safer surgeries, power electric cars wirelessly, endless possibilities. SAFE tech/Tesla @POTUS Vs DS/China microwave. SB2
17/ Our amazing @POTUS gave up everything 2 save us from evil-safety for himself & family, comforts/his home, peaceful living, money, good reputation, fame, sleep, freedom-all to carry our The Plan. Listen to the speech that will get him reelected.

18/ If you haven't watched @StormIsUponUs video "Q The Plan to Save the World' yet or if it's been a little bit, listen here for a refreshing feeling of hope. May God bless @POTUS , America, our military & our allies WW.

@GenFlynn @realDonaldTrump #QAnon
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