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people are screeching about Tucker Carlson like he murdered somebody

But he didn't. This is another "let's throw shit over and over to see if it sticks" situation.

Tucker Carlson has been attacked like this before. This is important to remember as we go into this new shitshow.
"Media Matters caught me saying something naughty on a radio show more than a decade ago." says @TuckerCarlson archive.is/UJud6

That says all I need to know about this outrage parade. Anyone throwing a shit fit over something THAT far back is doing it for internet points.
I'm trying to find other references to the timeframe, but it's difficult.
because that's intentionally being omitted.
the disingenuous pricks who are attacking @TuckerCarlson are going to leave out the TIME these remarks were made. archive.is/oCK5w archive.is/CCdyF
Found the source of this bullshit fountain. archive.is/fgzsn

This Tucker Carlson outrage is approximately five hours old at the time of writing this tweet. archive.is/VPiTj
"this might be the end of Tucker Carlson's television career." archive.is/ikF0p

Let me translate what this person is saying.
"I hope this situation ends Tucker Carlson's career b/c I'm politically narrow-minded and get high on constant hyperbole"
Notice how Judd:
- ignores the timeframe when these remarks were made
- casts Tucker Carlson as some sort of sexual deviant running wild in the Catholic Church archive.is/UU9p4
I'll spell it out for you folks: Media Matters don't care about the CONTENT of the Tucker Carlson situation. It's not about VALUES.

Their *overall desire* is that people are MAD and FIGHTING *at all.* THAT'S THEIR GOAL.

Media Matters wants the CHAOS. archive.is/422sE
"i will not be appearing on tucker carlson’s program anymore" says blogger riding the bandwagon.

1.) who says this person was invited on at all in the first place?
2.) everyone who reads this tweet can say "I won't go on Tucker Carlson's show anymore" too and it'd mean the same.
"How do we blow the Tucker Carlson situation MORE out of proportion?" 🧐
"I KNOW! WE'LL NAMEDROP TRUMP!" archive.is/n5Ugo

"Ah yes good work gentlemen, that'll get the common folk RABBLE RABBLE-ING"
"GROSS" makes an appearance, a commonly used phrase by the Outraged Left in their buzzword arsenal archive.is/k6o1W

(and by calling everything EVER in their lives "gross" they make the term meaningless but heyyyy)
"And then nothing will happen to either of them." archive.is/bQVJk

and no matter how baseless a controversy might be? There's always people who DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THAT and just see OPPORTUNITY to take the piss in general
"This will likely cause some serious trouble for his career" said the washed up no-name blogger. archive.is/2zGXC

He forgot to add "(I hope)" at the end.
"Tucker Carlson is a hacky dick with bad opinions" -- says someone who works for "Crooked" media in the specialty business of.... hysteria? archive.is/EyIez

HEY at least this person is up front and honest about their intent. good for her.
For Exavier Pope's tweet? archive.is/F2z7f

I added the trending tab as it stands currently, so you can compare for yourself and see how GENERIC Exavier 's tweet about the Tucker Carlson situation is. I don't even think he CLICKED on it to see what was up. 😂
"Tucker Carlson is the ultimate hypocrite." -- says a writer for Occupy Democrats who's totally tweeting that for morally righteous reasons and is TOTALLY not doing it to advance a career agenda. nooo. Grant Stern is a Saint archive.is/9nAei
makes it sound like Tucker Carlson has no remorse after a killing spree
"HE'S NOT COOL" archive.is/7Qbpq
"he's not cool" archive.is/Zcafw
Ah Jesus the Tucker Carlson thing is still going I see

> “rally”

Way to stretch the English language there. “Rally” is a mob with rose tinted goggles in this situation.
The attack against Tucker Carlson WILL CONTINUE TOMORROW.

“are strategically timed to target Fox News ad-buying event.”

This isn’t journalism, it’s intentional sabotage. if I worked at the Daily Caller? I’d call it a declaration of all out war. This is a full fledged attack.
ADVERTISER PULL OUT because of the Tucker Carlson controversy.

Gazelles in the safari are harder to scare off than this.
Tucker Carlson REFUSES To Apologize To Outrage Mob Trying To Get Him FIRED

I ALREADY EXPLAINED THIS SHIT MONTHS AGO twitter.com/i/moments/1034…
I actually mentioned Media Matters AGAIN in this sequel thread that discusses the topic further.

This is the DAMAGE CAUSED by Media Matters, in action
This was tweeted by Washington Post. archive.is/x7dFy

The concerning thing about this is, if I said SLEEPING GIANTS tweeted this? It'd make just as much sense. The agendas of Washington Post and Sleeping Giants seem to be one in the same. 🧐
I just want to say this aloud.

Yes, I see what you're seeing here, and you haven't lost your goddamn mind. Everyone else has, though.
Don't confine yourself to text here either. Try saying it out loud, even if it's just to yourself.

"@TuckerCarlson is being attacked for some comments he made on a radio show nearly a decade ago. They were dug up by Media Matters, a group dedicated to political smear campaigns."
^ I learned recently that doing this sort of thing from time to time helps you have a better grasp on situations you're struggling to understand.
Because there's this disassociation with text on a screen. You can distance yourself from it.

I mean, your mind is reading this tweet and adding in a voice by default, here.

So saying shit out loud to yourself? it helps personally solidify things better.
The ATTACK on Tucker Carlson is SO BLIND, THAT **OLD ADVERTISERS WHO PULLED OUT AGES AGO** are commenting to folks to remind them.


Don’t advertisers pull out to APPEASE the mob to make them STOP?

Well it ain’t working.
Completely false. The only reason Tucker Carlson is being attacked in the first place is BECAUSE he’s at Fox.

You wouldn’t be trying to twitter flex like that if he worked at Wendy’s.
“I hate Tucker Carlson!”
“Because Tucker Carlson is hateful!”

This person has made their opinion IN ADVANCE.

BEFORE EVEN KNOWING WHAT THE TAPES ARE, this person has “pre-ordered” their outrage about it.
“Irreversible painful lesson”
This person thinks they’re God and have the power to smite the wicked
Implying people are incapable of independent thought. “TUCKER CARLSON IS NOT A WORTHY SHEPARD TO LEAD YOU SHEEP”
“If you go on Tucker Carlson’s show YOU ARE A RAPIST TOO.”

Yes, they have. because there has been PREVIOUS attacks against Tucker Carlson in an effort to take away his livelihood.
Why stop there?

“Kick Tucker Carlson out of his house! He has no right to a misogyny den.”

“Sterilize Tucker Carlson! He shouldn’t be allowed to breed WITH HIS GENES OF SEXISM”
“I bet if Tucker Carlson came across a rape in progress? He’d laugh, cheer the rapist on, and give him a high five. Maybe even take a selfie to commemorate the occasion.”

I can. It's right there on page 16 of their memo. Hard to miss it, it's right there in plain text. scribd.com/document/33753…
To more fully understand Media Matters for America's OBSESSION with attacking Tucker Carlson, we need to look at some employee tweets.

Meet Bobby Lewis. "Watching 'Fox & Friends' and other right-wing media for mmfa" says his Twitter bio.

Wew, lad. THAT HE DOES.
That he does.
"i wouldn't go to tucker's home for dinner because he is a poopy head;" says the totally professional Bobby Lewis of Media Matters. archive.is/Z2YXk

YES, it is ironic that in the previous sentence Bobby complained Tucker makes the left "look like reactionary babies "
"Fox News is bad for business." says Media Matters President Angelo Carusone. archive.is/HSblH

No, you're not the only one who reads that and FEELS LIKE ITS A STATEMENT COMING FROM THE MAFIA
Tucker Carlson declares war on the Outrage Mob of Media Matters for America.
a message to Chris Cuomo:

Do Angelo Carusone's Rules Apply To Angelo Carusone? dailycaller.com/2019/03/12/ang…
Angelo Carusone accuses Tucker Carlson of LYING about saying George Soros funds Media Matters.

But it's TRUE. Angelo CALLS it a lie b/c it's NOT Soros ---> Media Matters
George Soros ----> Gives $$ to his Open Society Foundations Group ----> Funnels $$ to Media Matters.
Angelo Carusone of Media Matters threatening violence against @TomlinsonCJ
"Carlson claimed George Soros funds us. That is actually not true." says Angelo Carusone. archive.is/aIZnb

@TuckerCarlson is RIGHT
- George Soros is part of the Democracy Alliance politico.com/story/2018/11/…
- The Democracy Alliance funds Media Matters scribd.com/document/29088…
"Soros Donates $1 Million to Media Matters" archive.is/CGPV5
"Carlson claimed George Soros funds us. That is actually not true." says Angelo Carusone. archive.is/aIZnb

I look forward to @GoAngelo's apology to @TuckerCarlson for accusing him of lying.
Apparently this Tucker Carlson thread will never end.
CONTEXT on how Media Matters operate:

"The staff at Media Matters, in particular the night shift, have to watch your show, Hannity, Tucker, Ingraham and a bunch of other right-wing shit (and banal cable news) for 8 hours a day." -President Angelo Carusone archive.is/RLStS
A look through Angelo Carusone's tweet history reveals things between him and Tucker were QUIET during the Obama administration.

But when Trump took office you can see a gradual "amping up" of attacks.
The point being Angelo Carusone obsesses over Tucker Carlson's show to find moments he can manipulate.

October 4th 2018. Carusone takes comments made by Tucker Carlson about Kavanaugh protesters AND TWISTS THEM to accuse Carlson of antisemitism.
Remember when Tucker Carlson's home was attacked by Antifa and Fox News made their Twitter "go dark" in protest for Twitter inaction? archive.is/wLOUw

The Media Matters President reveals himself to be a psychopath and shows ZERO empathy for Tucker whatsoever.
Thus it's a COMPANY position for Media Matters to show ZERO remorse and RADICALIZE people further. archive.is/VUK3y

Yet they claim to be a "watchdog." archive.is/Md4SX
Media Matters Advertising War on Tucker Carlson, Explained:
- September 9th 2018: list of targets dropped
- December 18th 2018: Angelo swears that 2019 is going to be hell
- January 7th 2019: a MORE DETAILED list of Tucker Carlson commercial breaks is targeted.

Now we're here.
If you want insight on the TACTICAL knowledge involved? This thread was the most revealing.
"Tucker Carlson The Absolute Alpha & A "Testicular Bill of Rights"? | Pseudo-Intellectual #1" by @TheLaurenChen
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