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The Seungri / burning sun scandal Thread : there are many people who don't seem to know much about this complicated scandal so I'm just making a thread to update what we know till now.

#Seungri #BIGBANG
On January 28 a CCTV footage came out of an assault happening at Burning Sun, owned by Seungri of Bigbang. A man came forward claiming to be the victim of said assault. He revealed that a woman was being harassed and asked for his help. He got beaten up by the security guard-
-when he asked him for help. He provided pictures of his injured face & his treatment pics as proof and the video of him getting dragged by his hair and beaten by the club's director. He also said that he was handcuffed and taken to police station and assaulted there as well
Later on a burning sun former employee came out saying Seungri was aware of all of this. He also revealed that drugs were used regularly in the club. The man from the assault video also said 10 days after the assault an intoxicated woman was dragged by her hair in the club-
- (possibly to be assaulted). BS quickly responded with more videos claiming she was drunk and making a mess. She assaulted the security first so she was thrown out of the club.
The director said Seungri was NOT the owner of the club but rather a promotional director for publicity purposes. Seungri resigned soon after and YG released a statement saying his resignation was due to army enlistment. YG also said he didn't know much about the club.
He also stated that Seungri had cleared all his drug tests but the public was still outraged because whether Seungri does drugs was never the focus of investigation. It was whether they are distributed at BS or not. More BS employees came out revealing the VIP rooms at BS were-
- a hot spot for sex, date rape drugs and sex tapes. They also allegedly witnessed many case of intoxicated women being filmed or sexually harassed without their knowledge. Also, during investigation when asked for CCTV footage BS said they didn't have any footage/it was broken-
-or lost but not too long after Seungri's sister posted a CCTV footage (which clearly had been edited to omit the part where security attacked the man) asking for support for his brother. Which raised more questions as to why BS lied about the footage earlier.
Seungri posted an apology saying he was shocked to hear about the incidences clarifying 1. He was not at the club when it took place and 2. He is not the owner or CEO but a promotional director.
The female victim from the video of security beating up the guy (Mr Kim) from first CCTV footage came out and said that Mr Kim was fooling the entire nation. That he was the one harassing her and security saved her. This lead to many people believing she was paid off to change-
- the statement. It left people asking questions like if that was the case then why did BS deny having footage? Why did they fire the employee involved in the incident if he was innocent and Mr Kim was guilty? Why would Mr Kim reveal his identity this was a scam?
Dispatch got in touch with other employees and uncovered a katalk conversation. YG quickly dismissed it by saying they were fabricated. BUT later on in an investigation when Seungri was asked about the same messages he said he "didn't remember" 💀
A woman named Aena was under suspicion for dealing drugs at BS. She had posted a pic with seungri not too long after being arrested for drug possession. The picture was captioned "you have to work hard to get a pic with ceo Seungri. Getting drunk tonight."
Seungri quickly added he takes countless pics with fans everyday and at BS it is no different. He didn't even remember meeting Aena which is understandable.
Meanwhile BS had quietly closed down demolishing everything. Police said they had no idea this happened. Which is very suspicious because demolishing an entire club during an investigation without someone's knowledge is very difficult to do.
More katalk records were revealed showing Seungri providing investors with prostitutes. It also showed Seungri telling an employee to secure the area where the investors will be and to get the girls that "put out easy".Employee responded by informing Seungri that the prostitutes-
-had reached the hotel rooms safely. This was also one of the messages that was called fabricated by YG and Seungri didn't seem to remember. The journalist who revealed them stood by the statement and said they were 100% real.
Later a 2015 picture of seugri resurfaced which seemed to be him getting help from a girl to inhale something from a plastic bag through his nose. It was reportedly laughing gas. YG said Seungri never inhaled it and this picture was taken from a misleading angle.
Seungri voluntarily took a drug test to prove he was clean and cleared the test as well. The people were not happy still because the issue had been out for a long time giving Seungri enough time to stop drug intake (if he did take them to begin with) and clear the test
Meanwhile a huge truck (reportedly of a document shredding company) was spotted outside YG getting rid of many boxes. An employee from the shredding company came out saying their services don't start till 9am but big companies pay them extra to start early so they can finish-
-the work without being spotted. There were reportedly also some YG employees standing outside not letting people take pictures. This lead to speculation that the truck was filled with evidence docs from BS which was demolished earlier. Though it is reported that all the evidence
-is preserved in a locker somewhere for investigation. The police came out saying they have not received the original copy of katalk messages which again raised questions of whether or not they were real. But it was revealed that they had been submitted to-
-anti corruption and civil rights commission department. This was because there was suspicion on the police might already be heavily bribed.
On March 10 it was revealed that Seungri is now being booked on charges of violation of prostitution laws and will be treated as a suspect in the further investigation.
Today (March 11) police reported that there are more celebrities involved in the katalk group chat (if I'm not wrong this is pretty much confirming the gc is real and not fabricated). The celebs includes those who are currently active on TV as well
The content shared in the gc involves videos of men from the gc having sex with women to prove their one night stands. Allegedly in many of those the women were either intoxicated beyond the point of knowing what's happening or simply unaware of the hidden camera.
Allegedly there were more than 10 such pics and videos shared. Meanwhile Seungri announced his retirement from the industry which everyone probably knows of so no need to give further explanation. He is enlisting on 25th March so police are speeding up the investigation
He is currently banned from leaving the country. All of this was revealed because one of the celebs that is a member of the katalk gc sent his phone to be repaired where the repairer found his dirty past. Karma is a Bitch. +YG stated Seungri left on his own and was not forced out
As I predicted the katalk messages have been revealed to be true by the police. This puts Seungri in real hot water by breaking the prostitution laws of South korea #BIGBANG #seungri
Jung Jun young is pretty much confirmed to have been a part of this gc at this point but his reps are still denying it. Zico was also allegedly in the chatroom (unconfirmed) BUT there was an incident from back in 2016 involving these two that is making a lot of sense rn
On radio star in Jan 2016 zico said "Jung joon young has a golden phone. It is not his main phone but a separate phone he only uses katalk on." Jung joon young followed, "zico looks for my golden phone when he's at my house. He goes through everything as if it belongs to him"
This is making people question whether it was regarding the katalk gc itself. If it is this is beyond disgusting and inhumane.
Dispatch reported Jung joon young had more than 10 groups and other chats where he shared hidden camera footages. One of which included a footage of a trainee. More than 10 such videos were shared over the span of 10 months. Following were the conversations. Translation by soompi
Update: Jung joon young finally admitted to his crimes after sbs released more details of the disgusting gc conversations. Translation by netizenbuzz.

Electric chair. That's what they deserve.
Update: Zico responded to the resurfaced Radio star comment from 2016 (mentioned above in the thread) but he said he only went through JJYs contact list. People are not convinced by this and are saying if he knew his close friend had a phone JUST for katalk he's more likely to-
- go through the katalk and not contacts. The leaked gc conversations also took place around the same time (2015-16) so it's likely that even if he wasn't involved, zico was at least aware of JJY's deeds.

Apparently in 2016 JJY was accused by his ex of having filmed their sexual intercourse without her consent. The police asked him to submit his phone but he said it was broken. JJY's company, MAKEUS, has released a statement confirming that JJY's contract has been terminated.
Interview with Kang kyung yoon, the reporter who brought this all to light,reveal more details about the case. She decided to work on this case when she attended Seungri's party in 2015. This is where she started doubting Seungri's connection to escorts.

She met some of the victims of this case. The victims are mostly young girls in their 20s who are rookies, trainees or Uni students. The victims were enraged but were unsure about revealing their identity due to society's judgements so they rushed to Kang Kyung Yoon for help.
Lawyer Bang Jung Hyun revealed that tens and thousands of messages were sent in the gc in the span on 8-10 months in 2015-16. He also said that there were gc members with connections to high ranking police officers. The police commissioner general promised to look into the case.
FTISLAND's Choi Jong Hoon admitted to using his connections with the police to cover up his drunk driving case. He felt he was not a well known person yet and a controversy could ruin his image so he tried to not let the case reach media. He paid the required fine.
Details of the conversation are as follows:
CJH: Thankfully, I survived because of the favor from __ hyung
Mr. Kim: Jong Hoon had a good experience. You were handcuffed, ran away in front of the police, and must have felt a thrill
JJY: You could have made it on to the first page
Mr. Park: He could've become famous
CJH: Why would there be an article about me? It was so quietly taken care of
Mr. Kim: Quietly? Do you know how far Mr.yoo went for you?
Seungri: don't think it'll be covered up next time. Hyung used his own money to keep them from telling
More conversations indicating GC member's ties with Hugh ranking officials have been released. The conversations are regarding a club called Monkey Museum owned by Seungri. The conversation went as follows.
Trans by soompi

HIGHLIGHT's Yong Junhyung admits to watching the illegal hidden camera footage sent by JJY in a one on one chatroom. He will be leaving HIGHLIGHT to reflect and avoid tampering the group's reputation

#Highlight #JUNHYUNG
FTISLAND'S Lee Jong ki gives a brief response to bandmate Choi Jong Hoon's controversy. A fan commented "please don't give up on Choi Jong Hoon" under his Instagram post to which he replied "I gave up" expressing his disappointment towards his bandmate's actions #ChoiJonghoon
Choi Jong Hoon will be leaving FTISLAND and retiring from the industry all together. His company clarified that they never tried to cover up his acts as they had no idea about any of them to begin with. He will now halt his celebrity life. #ChoiJongHoon
Latest revealed evidence raises suspicions about Seungri's habitual gambling and providing prostitutes internationally. "South Korea follows the Territorial Principle. Koreans can be punished for gambling abroad even if the act is considered legal by the local laws" #seungri
The conversations went as follows:
Seungri: I won 200 million won ($176,260)^^ You will also win big!!” 
“A”: Okay~^^ I only need to win enough money to travel

Later the two decide which women to bring with them to Indonesia. Seungri provides pics-
#Seungri #ChoiJongHoon
Ages, jobs, personalities and other details about these women and tells "A" to pick one.

Seungri: No.1 doesn't talk too much and like money too much. She also wasn't very charming while getting drink together. But her visuals are great. No.3s visuals are great-

and she is cheerful. She is also good and fun. One flaw is that she is a mess when she’s drunk. I think No.3 is good because she is bubbly.
“A” : What about No. 2, 4, and 5? Do you think we should meet up with one from No. 2, 4, and 5 one more time without No. 1? We need someone-
-who is bubbly like no.3
Seungri: No! No.5 is good too.

Meanwhile FTISLAND'S Choi Jong Hoon has released an apology letter as well.

#Seungri #ChoiJonghoon #FTIsland #BIGBANG
Disgusting conversation between FTISLAND'S Choi Jong Hoon and Jung Joon Young has been revealed:

[CJH sends a photo of a sleeping woman in the GC]
Mr. Heo: Who’s that? Her body is *** great
CJH: The one wearing [__] that was there yesterday

#Seungri #BIGBANG
CNBLUE's Lee Jong Hyun: Yesterday I *** with ___
JJY: Nice. Introduce me next time.
LJH: Send me a woman quick.
[ Explains the type of woman he wants]
JJY: Who should I give you?
LJH: If you have ones you haven’t *** that would be good, but if not then just a pretty ***.
LJH: Do you have any *** that are young, pretty, and nice? Ones that are good to play with ? ㅋㅋㅋ

To think these were the faces behind many of us fangirled over in kdramas and K-pop is terrifying. They all deserve to rot both on Earth and in hell.
Reporter Kang kyung Yoon (who initially revealed the katalks) met with 4-5 victims of this case. The victims were in their early twenties at the time of the incident. They were afraid that if they filed a complaint, the men would get angry and release the hidden camera footages.
They had to resort to pleading them. The victims begged JJY to delete the footage. JJY just asked his friend, to whom he had already sent the video, to send it to him again. He would say ‘Send the video again. [The girl] erased it and left. Get it again.' #Seungri
Meanwhile Seungri has requested to postpone his enlistment in order to finish investigation. Military Administration clarified that his enlistment will not be delayed unless there's an arrest warrant or he is imprisoned. They still agreed to look into it if possible.
Seungri, JJY, CEO of Yuri holdings were questioned about the high ranking police official that was involved with them. They have identified said officer to be of superintendent rank. He is now being questioned and disciplinary actions will be taken against him.

JJY and Mr. Kim's houses are being investigated for more possible evidences regarding illegal hidden camera footages. Reportedly, Mr Kim (a BS employee) used to set up the cameras. JJY has submitted 3 of his phones to be investigated.
Dsksjsj. I don't know what to say anymore. Bitches dumb enough to still support him. BTW I'm not deleting the thread. Cry me a river and drown in it idc
The key figures in the chatroom we're Seungri, JJY, Choi Jong Hoon, (former) CEO Yoo of Yuri holdings + 4more people. One of the conversations went as follow:
Yoo: We’re the ones making the ‘The Great Gatsby’ film. Let’s call all the girls we know that day. To the point-
- where there aren’t any girls left in the clubs." This conversation took place during 2015 Christmas party. Yoo also helped cover up Choi Jong Hoon's drunk driving incident back in 2016. Mr. Kim, another member of the gc, is revealed to be-
#BIGBANG #Seungri #ChoiJongHoon
- the relative of a girl group member, a former YG employee and a friend of JJY who appeared on a variety show with him. Reportedly, JJY used to receive prostitute's services as "gifts" from Mr. Yoo. On Christmas day 2015, JJY sent Yoo an address asking if he should just send-
-the prostitute back after he's done with her. The conversation went as follows:
JJY: She seems to be an expensive ***.
Yoo: Yes ㅋㅋㅋ
JJY: Okay. Is she coming now?
Yoo: Yes, she will be there in 30 minutes

(30 minutes later)
JJY:Hyung. Why isn’t my gift here?
Allegedly, when a Japanese construction company visited Korea Seungri entertained them at BS. He also sent Korean prostitutes to Japan. The source of this info is a "prominent business figure" who witnessed this up close. Seungri is now also under suspicion for Tax evasion.
The officer who was under suspicion for having connections with gc members has now admitted to being acquaintances with Mr. Yoo. He still denies misusing his authority to help cover up Mr Yoo and others in the group.
A lot has happened in the last 3 days I was gone but I'm here to give you a run through of it:

- Seungri requested military postponement which has now been accepted. His enlistment will be postponed due to his involvement in the investigation
-BS CEO Lee moon ho proved himself to be an absolute shithead with his statement, "If Seungri’s katalk msgs from 3 yrs ago are a crime,aren’t all Korean men criminals? They were just joking, and it’s not like actual prostitution took place, [so do they deserve so much criticism?]
-A video of Lee Jong Hyun resurfaced raising suspicion of him having sexually harassed female idols by inappropriately touching them. FNC obviously denied these claims
#yoona #seungri #LeeJongHyun
- Police are in talks of issuing an arrest warrant for JJY. He could receive a sentence 3 to 7yrs based on the crimes he is proven to have committed. Meanwhile police are actively working to stop the online distribution of illegal footage taken by JJY -
- because the real time searches for "JJYs videos" rose after the scandal.

-Police are booking Senior Superintendent Yoon and three others for their involvement with gc members and for covering up their crimes. They will be charged with leaking confidential information.
-40 people from BS have been booked by police for their involvement in taking and distributing drugs which includes BS's CEO Mr. Yoon. 14 are employees, 17 are suspects and 3 have been jailed. 9 people were involved in distributing GHB, a date rape drug.
- Reportedly, police questioned two women who were suspected to be the women mentioned in the chats who provided the investors sexual services. The women admitted to being present there but denied having provided prostitution services.
- senior superintendent Yoon and CEO of Yuri holdings have been banned from leaving the country.

- Seungri states that he was not involved in gambling, having ties with police and prostitution. He says the gc conversations were just him "bluffing" and "lying to show off"
- a series of phone conversation reveal that Seungri was aware of a minor entering BS. The Minor's mother contacted the police to report this but the case was closed due to lack of evidence. But in reality the police were fed money to shut it down.
-Anna, the girl who took a pic with seungri at BS (mentioned above), was tested positive for multiple drugs. She said "The fluid that was seized was eye drops for my cat because I have a cat and the white powder was detergent."..... sure anna, sure.
She denied ever having distributed drugs but all the BS former employees said everyone knew what she was up to. She would give Chinese VIPs the names if suppliers and where to get the drugs. More customers of BS said that she would carry drugs around in her purse. A woman came-
-forward saying she had once offered pills to her. Anna's friends said "she once brought Tupperware cases filled to the brim with drugs. She said she got them transported by a boat and offered me some. It was white powder "

• • •

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