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@meredithwadman @ScienceInsider @NewsfromScience Irregularity is that David Sweatt–on leave after multiple charges of #SexualMisconduct–was ON THE COMMITTEE that voted to reverse tenure approval! the-scientist.com/news-opinion/v… @TIMESUPHC @Nick_Zeppos @ProfSharona @AnnOlivarius @maddow @peiferlabunc @Lollardfish #TIMESUPHC @womensmarch
@meredithwadman @ScienceInsider @NewsfromScience @TIMESUPHC @Nick_Zeppos @ProfSharona @AnnOlivarius @maddow @peiferlabunc @Lollardfish @womensmarch @McLNeuro @MeTooSTEM @sam_zern @500WIM @darakass @NPRMichel @KayKosmos @SarahMackAttack @KarenFlemingPhD Per Balser @McLNeuro’s research productivity “not consistent with promotions he'd seen” Gaslighting. Dept faculty, tenure & promotion committee & exec committee ALL approved tenure before Balser reversed it. @Nick_Zeppos pls read this thread!
@meredithwadman @TIMESUPHC @Nick_Zeppos @ProfSharona @AnnOlivarius @McLNeuro @MeTooSTEM @sam_zern @500WIM @NPRMichel @VU_Provost @JaneMayerNYer @virginiahughes @nellgluckman @TIMESUPNOW @JHUmetoo @swedish_s @wis_italia @NIHDirector @VanderbiltU 6- from Georgia: “This retaliatory behavior towards a professor trying to make a safe, healthy learning environment for her students and peers is absolutely unacceptable.” @Nick_Zeppos #MeTooSTEM
@meredithwadman @TIMESUPHC @Nick_Zeppos @ProfSharona @AnnOlivarius @McLNeuro @MeTooSTEM @sam_zern @500WIM @NPRMichel @VU_Provost @JaneMayerNYer @virginiahughes @nellgluckman @TIMESUPNOW @JHUmetoo @swedish_s @wis_italia @NIHDirector @VanderbiltU 8- From Sweden: “It's utterly transparent what Vanderbilt has done here. And it is very bad. No one should suffer this sort of #retaliation and denial of justice.” @Nick_Zeppos #MeTooSTEM
@meredithwadman @TIMESUPHC @Nick_Zeppos @ProfSharona @AnnOlivarius @McLNeuro @MeTooSTEM @sam_zern @500WIM @NPRMichel @VU_Provost @JaneMayerNYer @virginiahughes @nellgluckman @TIMESUPNOW @JHUmetoo @swedish_s @wis_italia @NIHDirector @VanderbiltU 9- From Canada: “This is patent insanity and *literally* the definition of a violation of academic freedom; allowing this to stand is both *extremely* morally reprehensible and a major violation of workplace rights – it must not be allowed to stand.” @Nick_Zeppos #MeTooSTEM
@meredithwadman @TIMESUPHC @Nick_Zeppos @ProfSharona @AnnOlivarius @McLNeuro @MeTooSTEM @sam_zern @500WIM @NPRMichel @VU_Provost @JaneMayerNYer @virginiahughes @nellgluckman @TIMESUPNOW @JHUmetoo @swedish_s @wis_italia @NIHDirector @VanderbiltU 10- From Washington, DC: “BethAnn Mclaughlin is a leader who should be honored, not punished, for holding STEM to a higher standard. Vanderbilt's decision is unethical, and it sends a disturbing signal to all fighting against #SexualMisconduct in STEM.” @Nick_Zeppos #MeTooSTEM
@meredithwadman @TIMESUPHC @Nick_Zeppos @ProfSharona @AnnOlivarius @McLNeuro @MeTooSTEM @sam_zern @500WIM @NPRMichel @VU_Provost @JaneMayerNYer @virginiahughes @nellgluckman @TIMESUPNOW @JHUmetoo @swedish_s @wis_italia @NIHDirector @VanderbiltU 14- from Colorado: “Dr. McLaughlin's work in service has not only changed the lives of people at Vanderbilt, but has created an international movement that has resulted in widespread meaningful change.” @Nick_Zeppos #MeTooSTEM
@meredithwadman @TIMESUPHC @Nick_Zeppos @ProfSharona @AnnOlivarius @McLNeuro @MeTooSTEM @sam_zern @500WIM @NPRMichel @VU_Provost @JaneMayerNYer @virginiahughes @nellgluckman @TIMESUPNOW @JHUmetoo @swedish_s @wis_italia @NIHDirector @VanderbiltU 15- From New Hampshire: “BethAnn's advocacy to change the culture of academia is the most important work that can be done right now. She should not lose her job for caring about the safety of students.” @Nick_Zeppos #MeTooSTEM
@meredithwadman @TIMESUPHC @Nick_Zeppos @ProfSharona @AnnOlivarius @McLNeuro @MeTooSTEM @sam_zern @500WIM @NPRMichel @VU_Provost @JaneMayerNYer @virginiahughes @nellgluckman @TIMESUPNOW @JHUmetoo @swedish_s @wis_italia @NIHDirector @VanderbiltU 18- From the United Kingdom: “This action perpetuates a culture of cover-up that undermines the whole scientific infrastructure, all over the world.” @Nick_Zeppos #MeTooSTEM #TimesUpHC
@meredithwadman @TIMESUPHC @Nick_Zeppos @ProfSharona @AnnOlivarius @McLNeuro @MeTooSTEM @sam_zern @500WIM @NPRMichel @VU_Provost @JaneMayerNYer @virginiahughes @nellgluckman @TIMESUPNOW @JHUmetoo @swedish_s @wis_italia @NIHDirector @VanderbiltU 19- from Colorado: “I am a Vanderbilt alumnus and am disgusted at the failure of administration to acknowledge blatantly obvious conflicts of interest in the tenure process and redress them. I demand tenure be reinstated.” @Nick_Zeppos #MeTooSTEM
@meredithwadman @TIMESUPHC @Nick_Zeppos @ProfSharona @AnnOlivarius @McLNeuro @MeTooSTEM @sam_zern @VU_Provost @TIMESUPNOW @swedish_s @wis_italia @NIHDirector @VanderbiltU 21- Fr Wash: “BA is brave & strong & is the type of leader we desperately need in #academia. Vanderbilt is in the business of silencing marginalized voices & the #misogynistic punishment of women who don't accept abuse. This is not #academic excellence.” @Nick_Zeppos #MeTooSTEM
@meredithwadman @TIMESUPHC @Nick_Zeppos @ProfSharona @AnnOlivarius @McLNeuro @MeTooSTEM @sam_zern @VU_Provost @TIMESUPNOW @swedish_s @wis_italia @NIHDirector @VanderbiltU 23- From California: “Reversing a tenure decision on someone actively working to protect students is an assault on academic freedom and signals to current and potential students that their #safety is not a priority on Vanderbilt's campus.” @Nick_Zeppos #MeTooSTEM #MeTooHC
@meredithwadman @TIMESUPHC @Nick_Zeppos @ProfSharona @AnnOlivarius @McLNeuro @MeTooSTEM @sam_zern @VU_Provost @TIMESUPNOW @swedish_s @wis_italia @NIHDirector @VanderbiltU 24- from Cold Spring Harbor, NY: “Those who most deserve to stay in the sciences are the ones fighting to make it a safer place for all of us.
1/2 @Nick_Zeppos #MeTooSTEM
@meredithwadman @TIMESUPHC @Nick_Zeppos @ProfSharona @AnnOlivarius @McLNeuro @MeTooSTEM @sam_zern @VU_Provost @TIMESUPNOW @swedish_s @wis_italia @NIHDirector @VanderbiltU 24- continued:
I am outraged at Vanderbilt's choice to protect those who abuse and #harass their trainees while firing the heroes who are standing up for the victims.” @Nick_Zeppos #MeTooSTEM #TimesUpHC
@meredithwadman @TIMESUPHC @Nick_Zeppos @ProfSharona @AnnOlivarius @McLNeuro @MeTooSTEM @sam_zern @VU_Provost @swedish_s @wis_italia @NIHDirector @VanderbiltU 25- from New Jersey: “Prof. Mclaughlin has had a more significant and positive impact on her field and on all of #academia than most faculty do over their entire career.” @Nick_Zeppos #MeTooSTEM
@meredithwadman @TIMESUPHC @Nick_Zeppos @ProfSharona @AnnOlivarius @McLNeuro @MeTooSTEM @sam_zern @VU_Provost @swedish_s @wis_italia @NIHDirector @VanderbiltU 26- From Canada: “Prof. Mclaughlin is not only a #research leader, but also an institutional leader in STEM, who is shifting the overall culture in the right direction. 1/2 @Nick_Zeppos #MeTooSTEM
@meredithwadman @TIMESUPHC @Nick_Zeppos @ProfSharona @AnnOlivarius @McLNeuro @MeTooSTEM @sam_zern @VU_Provost @swedish_s @wis_italia @NIHDirector @VanderbiltU 26- (continued): . The behaviour of the Vanderbilt University administration is HIGHLY irregular in the global north. It reminds me of what I have seen happen in universities in authoritarian regimes.” @Nick_Zeppos #MeTooSTEM #TimesUpHC
@meredithwadman @TIMESUPHC @Nick_Zeppos @ProfSharona @AnnOlivarius @McLNeuro @MeTooSTEM @sam_zern @VU_Provost @swedish_s @wis_italia @NIHDirector @VanderbiltU Because of their wisdom & far reach, we continue posting petition comments from across the US & 22 countries!
@McLNeuro has WORLD-WIDE IMPACT! >10,777 signatures. Pls sign/share petition & be inspired by the quotes! change.org/p/vanderbilt-d… @nick_zeppos #MeTooSTEM @500womensci
@meredithwadman @TIMESUPHC @Nick_Zeppos @ProfSharona @AnnOlivarius @McLNeuro @MeTooSTEM @sam_zern @VU_Provost @swedish_s @wis_italia @NIHDirector @VanderbiltU @500womensci 27-From Calif: “I was on the faculty at Vanderbilt for 4 years.This is appalling: I cannot believe that the Vandy community would tolerate this sort of #whistleblower #retaliation & sanctioning of illegal & #discriminatory behavior. For shame.” @AmyMPalubinsky @sbarolo #TimesUPHC
@meredithwadman @TIMESUPHC @Nick_Zeppos @ProfSharona @AnnOlivarius @McLNeuro @MeTooSTEM @sam_zern @VU_Provost @swedish_s @wis_italia @NIHDirector @VanderbiltU @500womensci @AmyMPalubinsky @sbarolo 28-From PA: "Chancellor Zeppos, by taking this action you are just as culpable as the person who committed the act. You are sending the message to every woman on campus that their lives are insignificant" 1/2 @Nick_Zeppos #MeTooSTEM #TimesUpHC @TIMESUPNOW @KelsMurrell @JoshFessel
@meredithwadman @TIMESUPHC @Nick_Zeppos @ProfSharona @AnnOlivarius @McLNeuro @MeTooSTEM @sam_zern @VU_Provost @swedish_s @wis_italia @NIHDirector @VanderbiltU @500womensci @AmyMPalubinsky @sbarolo @TIMESUPNOW @KelsMurrell @JoshFessel @BiophysicalFrog @JMGrohNeuro @FacAgainstRape @allisonoconn @NeedhiBhalla @500WIM @hormiga @NPRMichel @katie_sharkey @shrewshrew @AcademiCrusader 30- From Tenn: "I was a postdoc at Vandy many years ago. I'd been trained at UNC, which boasted many powerful women scientists. The contrast & the culture at Vandy towards women was a shock. Recognize that you (Vandy) have a problem and fix it." @Nick_Zeppos #MeTooSTEM #TimesUpHC
@meredithwadman @TIMESUPHC @Nick_Zeppos @ProfSharona @AnnOlivarius @McLNeuro @MeTooSTEM @sam_zern @VU_Provost @swedish_s @wis_italia @NIHDirector @VanderbiltU @500womensci @AmyMPalubinsky @sbarolo @KelsMurrell @JMGrohNeuro @allisonoconn @NeedhiBhalla @dawnbazely @nuDocES @AngieNmnh @arghavan_salles @DrJudyStone @BeeBrookshire @JHUmetoo @Alisonmau @KKgonza @jennybencardino @DrLindaMD @DrKatrin_Rabiei @divadocsbos @janevandis @JusticeInMed 38- From Calif: "Dean Balser has demonstrated, by siding with the accused rather than with the accuser, that he is unqualified to lead that department, because he is effectively ensuring that this kind of abuse will continue without consequences." 1/3 @Nick_Zeppos #TimesUpHC
@meredithwadman @TIMESUPHC @Nick_Zeppos @ProfSharona @AnnOlivarius @McLNeuro @MeTooSTEM @sam_zern @VU_Provost @swedish_s @wis_italia @NIHDirector @VanderbiltU @500womensci @AmyMPalubinsky @sbarolo @KelsMurrell @JMGrohNeuro @allisonoconn @NeedhiBhalla @dawnbazely @nuDocES @AngieNmnh @arghavan_salles @DrJudyStone @BeeBrookshire @JHUmetoo @Alisonmau @KKgonza @jennybencardino @DrLindaMD @DrKatrin_Rabiei @divadocsbos @janevandis @JusticeInMed @ana_safavi 38- (continued): "for maintaining a hostile work environment where such awful deeds not only are permitted, but defended. Nothing less than the reputation of Vanderbilt is on the line; I hope that you will do the right thing to correct this injustice." 3/3 @Nick_Zeppos #TimesUpHC
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