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1. New #Qanon. Timing falling into place perfectly. Hannity confirming with Carter they both know what’s about to drop. Referring likely to sealed indictments becoming unsealed. #wwg1wga
2. Q posts again. Clinton pay for play spider web is on display. The entire FBI chain of command was corrupted by the Clintons. Not only the FBI COC, but also DOJ second in command, Rod Rosenstein was corrupted by the Clinton pay for play spider web. RR's wife was Bill's atty.
3. Q attaches the FBI COC flow chart. All of the names at the top have been fired due to being corrupted by the Clintons in some form or another. Many of them committed treason. We know Strzok and Page discussed assassination of @Potus. McCabe and Comey likely discussed #qanon
4. #Qanon also attaches the OIG's review of the DOJ and FBI actions in advance of the 2016 election. Those pages which have redacted will be published once @Potus orders disclosure. I believe this is still the redacted version.
4. Q also cites to this 4/27/18 congressional records of discussion re: RR and Mueller involvement in U1, and congressman saying Mueller should have been disqualified from ever being special counsel due to his U1 conflict. Both RR and Mueller were involved in illegal attempts by
5. by Russia to gain control of US uranium, and RR and Mueller knew the DOJ had a secret informant involved providing info to Mueller and RR about the illegalities of Clintons securing uranium deal with Russia for cash. Mueller and RR put the cabash on the investigation. #qanon
6. Point is Mueller was actively covering for Clintons and threatened to prosecute Campbell (U1 whistleblower) if he talked about the crimes being committed. Point being, @Potus has had a "trump" card on Mueller and RR this whole time. RR and Mueller are beholden to @Potus #qanon
7. Q posts again. Appears this Gatewaypundit article is fakenews when it says AG Barr met with Mueller and gave him authority to indict @Potus three children and Jarred Kushner. Why would @potus have appointed Barr if he knew Barr would allow for indictments on false pretense?
8. Makes no sense. Q humor...no unicorns do not exist...meaning this article is a fairy tale. The opposite occurred. Mueller's indictment count decreased after AG Barr took over. Barr did not let Mueller move forward with indictments of @Potus kids. So, was Mueller aware of
9. of these indictments filed by other lawyers on his team, and was this a set up by @potus allowing Mueller's team of former Clinton buddies hang themselves? It seems like @Potus has had control of Mueller all along but it is confusing. Mueller may have gone rogue
10. Dig in. #lisapage. #qanon
12. Interesting philosophical post from Q. Q explaining philosophy behind the Qanon movement. Predicate: think for yourself and don’t accept another’s narrative blindly and without applying empirical tools such as reason and logic. In order to be free from the restraints of our
13. Society and free from the lies propounded by the Elite Deep State, you must think for yourself and be willing to verify truth and stand alone. The Great Awakening designed as back channel to public but also to teach those who are waking up how to think for themselves
14. But to also provides vehicle that provides free thinkers with a networking platform allowing for freedom of thought, expression and patriotism. The info is free and transparent and not hoarded by the elite. Free and transparent info is a threat to those who control narrative
15. Q defines free thought as a philosophical view point which hods that positions regarding truth should be formed on basis of logic reason and empiricism rather than authority revelation tradition or dogma. We are not in the minority. More are awake than you think...
16. I must voice my first slight disagreement with Q. Maybe one day Q will allow us to debate this issue. I agree one has to make the determination for oneself as to what truth is by using reason, logic, empiricism, BUT, one cannot and should not discount revelation; ie special
17. ...revelation from God. This was the error of the Age of Enlightenment. Philosophers like Sarte and Camus rejected that truth could be derived from special revelation. I don’t think Q is necessarily saying this, but if you can’t arrive at truth from revelation where does
18...leave Christians as relates to the Scriptures and Jesus? God speaks to humanity through special revelation..namely His Word the Bible and his Son Jesus Christ. I would be interested to know Qs response and I think q would agree in that he constantly recites Scripture #qanon
19. I would agree that revelation must be tested via reason and logic but at some point reason and logic can only take you so far. There is a level of faith whether you believe Jesus is God or you don’t believe. EG, if you deny there is a God, you are putting faith in a giant
20...explosion being the initial cause of all that is. Thanks to the revelation God gave humans through the Bible and Christ we know the truth. That truth can be empirically supported in Science but ultimately special revelation is what revealed this to us. #qanon
21. Also, I know what Q is saying when he/she says “trust In yourself” but that does not mean “don’t trust in God”. I believe what the prophet Jeremiah said: “man’s heart is desperately wicked, who can know it”. My faith is ultimately in Jesus Christ. I do have to trust in
22. ...myself to verify truth but I do not trust in myself to make me right before my creator. I trust in the completed work of Jesus Christ on the cross and His resurrection to make me right before God. Period. Sorry to sound preachy but this is too important. #qanon
23. Q having a little fun with Hussein, Michael...I mean Michelle, and HRC campaign slogans. @potus keeps his promises. We will see these traitors behind bars.
24. Qanon post again. UnSealing of first indictments will bring unity and change. Whatever is in those indictments will open many eyes to the truth of who the Dems really are. Ready for some action Q.
25. Good point. Where’s Brennan in photo? Is q telling us he’s already been executed ? #qanon q told us to update this meme with Brennan photo when it was first posted. Why would q post the old meme without Brennan ?
26. Q+ aka @potus just posted several links to multiple YouTube vids of his speech that got him elected. Same video and link.
27. Posted it 12 times for a reason. #qanon. 12 days from now is March 24
28. Justice. Hannity reiterates once again we are on the precipice of Seeing Justice #qanon
29. Side by side meme showing @potus tweet in sept 2017 saying Hussein wire tapped him and then Lisa Page testimony transcript acknowledging same thing. #qanon. Dark to light. Interesting how Q finally revealing Hussein name after all these months. It’s time.
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