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1. I am so sick of hearing that the ONLY reason Trump should be impeached is if he conspired with a foreign power to steal the election. Let's remove that entire smokescreen and look at impeachment as a tool and why Trump needs to be impeached EVEN WITHOUT conspiracy allegations.
2. First, let's be clear about the ramifications of Pelosi's impeachment-is-too-divisive bullshit. We heard this before, about 15 years ago, when she took impeachment "off the table" even though the Bush administration lied us into an illegal war of aggression and ...
3. And violated Geneva conventions to make torture part of the intelligence toolbox. Here is what I opined then: "When Speaker Pelosi declared that the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney was “off the table,” she not only abdicated her Constitutional..."
4. "...responsibilities, she ensured that we would be dealing with the consequences of her negligence for years to come."
5. I argued that she was enabling an imperial presidency that would lead to an even more dictatorial Executive. Now here we are at Trump, the most ruthless, dictatorial presidency yet.
6. Impeachment is a Constitutional tool that the Founding Fathers included as a check on a power-hungry, corrupt and/or criminal POTUS. It is part of the job members of Congress sign up for. It is part of their oath when they swear to defend the Constitution from enemies...
7. Both foreign and "domestic." Many argue that impeachment is a political tool rather one of law enforcement. It is neither. The Founding Fathers - who had just seceded from a kingdom and declared our their independence were not considering how divisive impeachment would be.
8. They were not wondering how to best use impeachment as a future election talking point or gimmick by one party over another. The context of impeachment is that the people needed to have a tool by which to remove a wannabe king from power in a peaceful way.
9. It has become political because one party has used it in a naked power grab, damning the entire topic toxic in the process. But it is not political. It is the ONLY tool the Founding Fathers gave the people and they were clear that reasons to remove a sitting POTUS could fall
10. into categories of either Crimes and/or misdemeanors. Clearly they were not talking about murder on one hand or j-walking on the other. Clearly and visibly - in the context of their time - they were wary of an Executive who acted as a dictator and violated the Constitution.
11. And here we are, where I said we would be if Pelosi failed to bring impeachment to the floor against Bush and Cheney. We are here: Even if we remove the most extreme allegations against Trump (that he is a Russian agent) and even if we remove ...
12. the valid questions about his ties to Russian organized crime...So let's just dispense with the entire topic of Russia for now. Even if we do this, we are still left with bribery, abuse of power, profiteering, money laundering, perjury, obstruction, witness tampering,
13. campaign finance law violations and human rights violations. And that is just a list of the "crimes" perquisite to impeachment. As for "misdemeanors," Trump is absolutely, unequivocally guilty of attacking the free press to the point of inspiring attempted murder ...
14. and death threats. Trump is absolutely, unequivocally guilty of purposefully stoking hate and fear of a non-existing crisis at the Southern border and couching it in such terms that he inspired a man to walk into a synagogue and murder people.
15. Trump is absolutely, unequivocally guilty of openly targeting his perceived enemies and doing so with the authority of his office, thereby encouraging his supporters to harass and threaten those perceived enemies. He has threatened violence if he should be impeached.
16. He has threatened and, in some cases, abused the power of his office to threaten his perceived enemies with federal investigations. All of these "misdemeanors" are a threat to the safety of the citizens of this nation, to the rule of law.
17. He has lied so prolifically and to such an extent, that he is a threat to the most basic truths needed for a functioning civil society. He is so petulant, so self-centered and so arrogant that he declares wars over and won and declares other wars to begin on whim.
18. He surrounds himself with criminals, child rapists, mobsters and human traffickers to whom he allows a say in our policies and from whom he benefits financially. This makes him a threat to national security and civil order.
19. He has undermined every single institution, from law enforcement (FBI) to intelligence (CIA, NSA), to the other two co-equal branches of government to the point of even inserting his will on a state level, imposing his wishes on a state's right to govern.
20. Say what you will and be as distrustful of the FBI and the CIA as you want (I am as a matter of SOP), but at some point you have to concede that he is not merely attacking those often secretive entities. Every institution and even human- rights NGOs...
21. have come under attack in his quest for dictatorial power. And I have not even mentioned the Russia stuff or the Saudi stuff or the China stuff or the UAE stuff or the Israel stuff or the mob state or anything considered too "delicate" or too complex for some of you.
22. If Trump can’t be impeached, then throw the damn Constitution away because if there was anyone Congress was given the edict and the power to remove, it is Trump. And you don't need to even mention Russia to understand this most basic argument.
23. Pelosi once again deciding that #impeachment is far too divisive is once again abdicating her duty and oath. If you think I am being hyperbolic, then try a thought experiment. Imagine the Founding Fathers discussing...
24. this at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia and George Mason presciently wonders why ONLY treason and bribery (Trump already guilty of) should be considered an impeachable offense. Would subverting the Constitution also constitute an impeachable offense?
25. smithsonianmag.com/history/inside…
Now imagine Pelosi shows up and says that they need not discuss this or consider it, because it would be too divisive or politically problematic in the next election for one party over another. Yeah, fuck it. Why bother, right? (end).
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