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Islam is not a race. Islam is a cultural, religious & political system of interest to kafirs (non-Muslims) since it determines how we’re defined & treated. The Islamic political system is contained in the Koran, Hadith (the traditions of Mohammed) & his biography, the Sira.
Islam divides the world into Muslims & unbelievers, kafirs. Political Islam always has 2 different ways to treat kafirs—dualistic ethics. Kafirs can be abused in the worst ways or they can be treated like a good neighbor.
Political Islam is the doctrine relating to the unbeliever, the kafir. Islam’s relationship to the kafir can’t be religious since a Muslim is strictly forbidden to have any religious interaction with them. The religion is what’s required to avoid Hell & enter Paradise.
The Trilogy not only advocates a religious superiority over the kafir—the kafirs go to Hell whereas Muslims go to Paradise—but also its doctrine demands that Muslims dominate the kafir in all politics & culture. This domination is political, not religious.
61% of Quran’s text is devoted to the kafir. The Sira- about 75% texts devoted to the kafir & jihad.

Islam’s success is from politics. Mohammed converted 150 ppl in 13 yrs as a political leader & warrior, Islam exploded in growth, & Mohammed became king of Arabia in 10 years.
Non-believers are so important they have several names. Christians & Jews are called People of the Book or infidels. Other religious names are atheist, polytheist, & pagan. But the Koran uses one word that includes all of the religious names. That name is kafir, an Arabic word.
Kafir-usually incorrectly translated as unbeliever-a neutral word. Koran’s very clear about defining the kafir by how it speaks of them-the lowest & worst form of life-can be robbed, murdered, tortured, enslaved, crucified etc bc they’re under a different moral code from Muslims
The Koran is devoted to the division between those who believe Mohammed, Muslims, & those who don’t-kafirs. This grand division of the Koran means there are 2 points of view of the Koran—the view of the Muslim & the view of the kafir-duality.
Ex. Of duality from Quran:
109:2 I do not worship what you worship, and you do not worship what I worship. I will never worship what you worship, and you will never worship what I worship. You to your religion, me to my religion.
This sounds very tolerant...
9:5 When the sacred months are passed kill the kafirs wherever you find them. Take them as captives besiege them & lie in wait for them w/every kind of ambush If they submit to Islam observe prayer, & pay poor tax then let them go their way. Allah is gracious and merciful.
Now, absolute intolerance. This contradiction is normal & even addressed in the Koran. The solution is called abrogation where the later verse is better than the earlier verse.
The logic here is very important. Since Allah is perfect & the Koran is the exact words of Allah...
...then both contradictory verses are true, but the later verse is better or stronger. This leads to dualistic logic where 2 contradictory facts can both be true.
Islam means submission & Muslim means 1 who’s submitted. It’s clearly stated in the Trilogy ALL kafirs & their civilizations must be annihilated. Mohammed’s success depended on violence to persuade kafirs he was the prophet of Allah.
Submission is political & religious. Islam demands kafirs submit in every aspect of public life. Every part of kafir culture is an offense to Allah.
There are only 2 ultimate authorities about Islam—Allah & Mohammed. Allah is found in the Koran. Mohammed in the Sira &Hadith
Islam has a political doctrine and a religious doctrine. Its political doctrine concerns everyone, while religious Islam only concerns Muslims.
"An Islamic state is essentially an ideological state, & is thus radically different from a national state”-Mawdudi
Statement lays basic foundation for the political, economical, social, & religious system of all Islamic territories which impose the Islamic law.
Mawdudi-prominent Pakistani Muslim scholar, summarizes basic differences between Islamic & secular states as follows:
1. Islamic state is ideological. People who reside in it are divided into Muslims, who believe in its ideology and non-Muslims who do not believe.
2 Responsibility for policy & admin of such state "should rest primarily w/ those who believe in Islamic ideology." Non-Muslims, therefore, can’t be asked to undertake or be entrusted w/ the responsibility of policymaking.
3 Islamic state-bound to distinguish/discriminate between Muslim & non-Muslims. Islamic law "Shari`a" guarantees to non-Muslims "certain specifically stated rights beyond which they’re not permitted to meddle in affairs of the state because they do not subscribe to its ideology."
Once they embrace the Islamic faith, they "become equal participants in all matters concerning the state and the government."
4 Islamic schools of jurisprudence-Hanifites, Malikites, Hanbilites (strictest & most fundamentalist) & Shafi`ites.
All 4 agree dogmatically on basic creeds of Islam but differ in interpretations of Islamic law derived from 4 sources:
Sheikh Najih Ibrahim Ibn Abdullah in "The Ordinances of the People of the Covenant & the Minorities in an Islamic State," remarks that legists classify non-Muslims or infidels into 2 categories:
Dar-ul-Harb- household of War, refers to non-Muslims not bound by a peace treaty, or covenant, & whose blood &?property aren’t protected by law of vendetta or retaliation; &
Dar-us-Salam-household of Peace-those who fall into 3 classifications:
1 Zimmis non-Muslim subjects living in Muslim territory & agree to pay the Jizya (tribute) in exchange for protection & safety, & to be subject to Islamic law-enjoy a permanent covenant.
2 Ppl of the Hudna (truce)-those who sign a peace treaty w/Muslims after being defeated in war-agree to reside in their own land, yet to be subject to the legal jurisprudence of Islam like Zimmis, provided they do not wage war against Muslims.
3 Musta'min (protected one) messengers/merchants/visitors/student wanting to learn about Islam-shouldn’t wage war-not obliged to pay Jizya-urged to embrace Islam but allowed to return home safely regardless. Muslims are forbidden to hurt him-When home returns to Household of War.
Muslim Muftis (legal authorities) agree contract of Zimmis-offered primarily to Ppl of the Book(Christians &Jews)then to Magis or Zoroastrians. However, disagree on whether contract should be signed w/other groups such as communists or atheists.
Hanbalites & Shafi`ites believe no contract should be made w/ungodly/those who dont believe in the supreme God. Hanifites & Malikites affirm the Jizya may be accepted from all infidels regardless of beliefs & faith in God.
Abu Hanifa, however, didnt want pagan Arabs to have this option because they are the people of the Prophet. They. must be given only two options: accept Islam or be killed.
Jizya literally means penalty-protection tax levied on non-Muslims living under Islamic regimes, confirming their legal status. Paying Jizya symbolizes humiliation & submission bc Zimmis arent regarded as citizens of Islamic state although they are, in most cases, natives
Mawdudi states "the acceptance of the Jizya establishes the sanctity of their lives & property & thereafter neither the Islamic state, nor the Muslim public have any right to violate their property, honor or liberty."
Attitude alienates the Zimmis from being essential part of community. How can Zimmi feel at home in his own land, among his own people, and w/his own government, when he knows the Jizya, which he pays, is a symbol of humiliation & submission?
Sheikh `Abdulla Mustafa Al-Muraghi indicates in The Islamic Law Pertaining to non-Muslims that Jizya can only be exempted from the Zimmi who becomes a Muslim or dies.
Shafi`i reiterates that Jizya isnt automatically put aside when the Zimmi embraces Islam.
Exemption from the Jizya has become an incentive to encourage Zimmis to relinquish their faith & embrace Islam.
Sheik Najih Ibrahim Ibn Abdulla summarizes purpose of the Jizya quoting Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya, that the Jizya is enacted:
"...to spare the blood (of the Zimmis), to be a symbol of humiliation of the infidels & as an insult & punishment to them, & as the Shafi`ites indicate, the Jizya is offered in exchange for residing in an Islamic territory."
Ibn Qayyim adds, "Since the entire religion belongs to God, it aims at humiliating ungodliness & its followers & insulting them. Imposing the Jizya on the followers of ungodliness & oppressing them is required by God's religion.
The Qur'anic text hints at this meaning when it says: `until they give the tribute by force with humiliation.' (Qur'an 9:29). What contradicts this is leaving the infidels to enjoy their might and practice their religion as they wish so that they would have power and authority."
Muslims believe that the Zimmis are Mushrikun (polytheists) for belief in the Trinity as belief in 3 gods. They claim Islam is the only true religion & must protect Muslims from corruption, esp shirk (polytheism) considered greatest abomination.
When Christians practice publicly, its seen as enticement & exhortation to apostasy. According to Muraghi, Zimmis & infidels are polytheists & deserve the same treatment.
According to Muslim jurists the following legal ordinances must be enforced on Zimmis residing among Muslims:
1 Zimmis NOT allowed to build new churches/temples/synagogues. May renovate "Old churches"(existed prior to Islamic conquests-included in peace accord) IF they dont add any new construction. Muslims can demolish all non-Muslim houses of worship in any land conquered if they wish
2 Zimmis are NOT allowed to pray/read sacred books out loud AT HOME OR IN CHURCHES lest Muslims hear their prayers.
3 Zimmis NOT allowed to print religious books/sell them in public places/markets. May publish/sell among their own people in their churches/temples
4)Zimmis NOT allowed to install the cross on houses/churches since it symbolizes infidelity.
5 Zimmis NOT permitted broadcast/display ceremonial religious rituals on radio/TV or to use the media or to publish any picture of their religious ceremonies in newspaper:magazines.
6 NOT allowed to congregate in streets during religious festivals; must quietly make way to church
7 Zimmis NOT allowed to join army unless there’s indispensable need for them in which case they’re NOT allowed to assume leadership positions-considered mercenaries.
Hanifite Mawdudi, more generous toward Christians:
“In their own towns&cities they’re allowed to do so(practice religion)w/the fullest freedom. In purely Muslim areas, however, Islamic gov has full discretion to put such restrictions on their practices as it deems necessary."
Apostasy-rejection of Islam either by action or word of mouth. "The act of apostasy, thus, put an end to one's adherence to Islam." when 1 rejects fundamental Islamic creeds, he rejects the faith & this is an act of apostasy-a grave sin in Islam. The Qur'an indicates:
"How shall Allah guide those who reject faith after they accepted it & bore witness that the Apostle was true & the clear sign had come unto them. But Allah guides not the people of unjust of such the reward is that on them rests the curse of Allah, of His angels...
...and of all mankind in that will they dwell; nor will their penalty be lightened, nor respite be their lot, except for those that repent after that and make amends; for verily Allah is Oft-forging, Most Merciful (Qur'an 3:86-89).
Officially Islamic law requires Muslims to not force Zimmis to embrace Islam. It’s the duty of every Muslim to manifest virtues of Islam so those who’re non-Muslims will convert willingly after discovering its greatness & truth. Once a person becomes Muslim, he can’t recant.
If he does, he’s warned 1st then given 3 days to reconsider & repent. If apostasy persists, his wife must divorce him, property’s confiscated & children taken away. He can’t remarry. Instead, he’s taken to court & sentenced to death. If repents may return wife/children/remarry.
According to Hanifites-female apostate isnt allowed to marry-must spend time meditating to return to Islam. If she doesnt repent/recant she’s not sentenced to death, but persecuted, beaten & jailed until she dies. Other schools of Shari`a demand her death.
The above punishment is prescribed in a Hadith recorded by the Bukhari: "It is reported by `Abaas ... that the messenger of Allah ... said, `Whosoever changes his religion (from Islam to any other faith), kill him."
In his book Shari`ah: The Islamic Law, Doi remarks, "The punishment by death in the case of Apostasy has been unanimously agreed upon by all 4 schools of Islamic jurisprudence."
Non-Muslim wishing to become Muslim is encouraged to do so & anyone, even father or mother, attempting to stop him, may be punished. Anyone making an effort to proselytize Muslims to any other faith may face punishment.
Zimmis & Muslims are subject to & punished according to Islamic law regardless of religious affiliation in matters of honor/theft/adultery/murder/property damage civic business, financial transactions(sales/leases)firms, est of co, farms, securities, mortgages, & contracts.
Theft is punishable by cutting off thief's hand whether Muslim or Christian. But when it comes to privileges, the Zimmis do NOT enjoy same treatment. Zimmis are NOT issued licenses to carry weapons (why the push for 2A abolition?🤔)
Muslim male can marry Zimmi grl. Zimmi man cant marry a Muslim grl. If woman embraces Islam & wants to marry her non-Muslim father doesnt have authority to give her away instead by Muslim guardian.
If 1 parent=Muslim, children are raised Muslim. If father=Zimmi & wife converts she must get divorced-then she’ll have right of custody. Some fundamentalist schools indicate Muslim husbands have right to confine Zimmi wife to home & restrain her from her own house of worship.
Hanifites believe both Zimmis & Muslims must suffer same Penalty for similar crimes. If Muslim kills Zimmi intentionally-must be killed in return-same applies to Christian who kills Muslim. But other schools of Law have different interpretations of Islamic law.
Shafi`ites declare a Muslim who assassinates a Zimmi mustn’t be killed bc it’s not reasonable to equate Muslim w/polytheist (Mushrik). In such case, blood price must be paid. Penalty depends on school of law adopted by particular Islamic territory where crime/offense is committed
Illustrating implications of different interpretations of Islamic law based on Hadith.
Each school attempts documenting legal opinion by referring to Hadith or an incident experienced by the Prophet or the "rightly guided" Caliphs.
Zimmis can’t testify against Muslims-can only testify against other Zimmis or Musta'min bc their oaths arent considered valid in Islamic court. According to Shari`a, a Zimmi isnt even qualified to be under oath.
Muraghi- “The testimony of a Zimmi isn’t accepted bcAllah - may He be exalted - said: `God won’t let infidels (kafir) have an upper hand over the believers'." Zimmi(infidel) can’t testify against any Muslim regardless of his moral credibility.
If Zimmi falsely accused another Zimmi & was punished his credibility & integrity is tarnished & his testimony no longer acceptable. 1 serious implication-if 1 Muslim committed serious offense against another & Zimmis’s only witnessed, court has difficulty deciding case since...
testimony of Zimmis aren’t acceptable but same Zimmi whose integrity is blemished will have testimony accepted against Zimmis & Muslims alike if he converts bc according to Shari`a, "By embracing Islam he’s gained a new credibility which would enable him to witness..."
All he has to do is to utter Islamic confession of faith before witnesses to elevate him from being an outcast to being a respected Muslim w/all the privileges of a devout Muslim.
Personal matters-marriages/divorces/inheritance-Zimmis are allowed to appeal to their own religious courts. Each Christian denomination has right & authority to determine outcomes of each case-free to practice their own social/ religious rites at home & in church w/out
Zimmis are generally denied right to appeal to Islamic court in family matters/marriage/divorce/inheritance. If Muslim judge agrees to take case he must apply Islamic law.
Islamic state is ideological & the head of state inevitably must be Muslim bc he is bound by the Shari`a to conduct & administer the state according to Qur'an & Sunna. Function of advisory council-assist in implementing Islamic principles & adhering to them.
Anyone who doesnt embrace Islamic ideology cant be head of state or member of council
Mawdudi seems more tolerant toward Zimmis:
"In regard to a parliament or legislature of the modern type which is considerably different from the advisory council in its traditional sense,
this rule could be relaxed to allow non-Muslims to be members provided it’s been fully ensured in the constitution that no law repugnant to Qur'an & Sunna be enacted, that Qur'an & Sunna be the chief source of public law, & the head of the state should necessarily be a Muslim."
Under these circumstances, non-Muslim minority influence is limited to matters relating to gen probs of country or interest of minorities. Participation shouldnt damage fundamental requirements of Islam.
Mawdudi adds,
"It’s possible to form separate representative assembly for all non-Muslim groups in the capacity of a central agency. Membership & voting rights of such assembly will be confined to non-Muslims & they would be given the fullest freedom within its frame-work."
These views dont receive approval of most other schools of Shari`a which hold non-Muslims arent allowed to assume ANY position bestowing authority over ANY Muslim. Position of sovereignty demands implementation of Islamic ideology.
It’s alleged a non-Muslim (regardless of ability/sincerity/loyalty to his country) can’t & won’t work faithfully to achieve ideological & political goals of Islam.
Politics/official public sectors aren’t only area non-Muslims arent allowed authority positions. Muslim employee working inquires "if it’s permissible for Muslim comp owner to confer authority on Christian over other Muslims? Al-Muslim WeeklyVol 8No. 418; Friday 2, 5, 1993
3 eminent Muslim scholars issued legal opinions:
Sheikh Manna` K. Al-Qubtan, professor Higher studies School of Islamic Law Riyadh:
“Basically, the command of non-Muslims over Muslims is not admissible bc God Almighty said: 'Allah won’t give access to infidels(i.e. Christians)
to have authority over believers (Muslims) {Qur'an 4:141}. For God-Glory be to Him-has elevated Muslims to the highest rank(over all men)& foreordained to them the might by virtue of Qurtanic text in which God Almighty said: 'Might and strength be to Allah, the Prophet (Muhammad)
& the believers (Muslims) {Qur'an 63:8}.
Thus authority of non-Muslim over Muslim is incompatible w/these 2 verses, since the Muslim has to submit to & obey whoever’s in charge over him. The Muslim, therefore becomes inferior to him & this shouldn’t be the case w/the Muslim.
Dr. Salih Al-Sadlan professor of Shari`a at School of Islamic Law Riyadh cites same verses & asserts it’s not permissible an infidel(in this case a Christian)to be in charge over Muslims whether in private or public sector.
Such an act:
“entails humiliation of Muslim & exaltation of the infidel(Christian). This infidel may exploit his position to humiliate & insult the Muslims who work under his admin. It’s advisable to the company owner to fear God Almighty & authorize only a Muslim over Muslims...
...Also, the injunctions issued by the ruler, provides that an infidel shouldn’t be in charge when there is a Muslim available to assume the command. Our advice to the company owner is to remove this infidel and to replace him with a Muslim."
Dr. Fahd Al-`Usaymi professor Islamic studies at Teachers' College Riyadh remarks the Muslim owner of the company should seek Muslim employee who’s better than the Christian (manager), or equal or less qualified but has ability to train to obtain same skill enjoyed by Christian.
Christian can’t be over Muslims by virtue of gen evidences denoting superiority of Muslims quoting Qur'an 63:8 & cites 58:22
Thou wilt not find any ppl who believe in Allah &the Last Day loving those who resist Allah & His Apostle, even tho they were their fathers/sons/brothers..
Usaymi claims being under authority of Christian may force Muslims to flatter him/humiliate themselves to infidels on hope to obtain what he has-against confirmed evidences-alludes to Umar Ibn Al-Khattab 2nd Caliph who was displeased w/1 of his governors who appointed a Zimmi as
treasurer: "Have wombs of women become sterile that they gave birth only to this man?" ‘Usaymi adds
Muslims should fear God in Muslim brothers &train them... for honesty & fear of God are orig in the Muslim contrary to infidel(Christian) who orig is dishonest& doesnt fear God.
Does this mean a Christian business owner can’t employ a Muslim to work for him? Even worse, does this mean that a Zimmi, regardless of his unequal qualification, can’t be appointed to the right position where he’d serve his country the best? This question demands an answer.
In Mawdudi’s homeland, Pakistan, criticizing government/head of state=illegal-Political prisoners are jailed in most Islamic states-not even Muslims have freedom to criticize Islam w/out persecution/sentenced to death. It’s far less likely Zimmi gets away w/criticizing Islam.
How can Zimmis express positive aspects of their religion when not allowed to use media/advertise on radio/TV w/out subject to penalty?Yet, Muslims are allowed, according to Shari`a (law) to propagate their faith among all religious sects without any limitations.
Muslims/Zimmis relationships classified 2 categories:
forbidden & allowable
The Forbidden:
Muslim NOT allowed to:
emulate Zimmis in dress/behavior
attend Zimmi festivals/support them any way which may give any power over Muslims
Lease house/sell land for construction of church/temple/liquor store/anything benefiting Zimmi faith
Work for Zimmis in job promoting faith ex church construction
Make endowment to churches/temples
Carry vessel w/wine(production of)/transport pigs
Address w/title “my master/lord”
Muslim is allowed to:
Financially assist Zimmis if 💰 isnt used violating Islamic law ie buying wine/pork
Give right of pre-emption(priority buying property)to Zimmi neighbor-Hanbilites disapprove
Eat food prepared by People of the Book
Console Zimmis in illness/lost loved one
Permissible for Muslims to escort funeral to cemetery but must walk in front of coffin NOT behind & must depart before deceased is buried
Congratulate Zimmis for wedding/birth/return from long trip/recovery from illness
However, Muslims are warned NOT to utter any word which may suggest approval of Zimmis' faith like "May Allah exalt you," "May Allah honor you," or "May Allah give your religion victory."
Non-Muslims aren’t regarded citizens by ANY Islamic state, even if they’re original natives of the land. Saying otherwise conceals truth. Justice/equality require everyone be treated as any other citizen of his own country deserving citizen privileges religious affiliation aside
To claim Islam is the true religion & accuse other religions of infidelity is a social, religious & legal offense against People of the Book. Why do Muslims in West enjoy all freedoms allotted to all citizens, while Muslim countries don’t allow native Christians same freedom?
Muslims in West build mosques/schools/educational centers w/access to media w/out restriction-publicly advertise activities & distribute Islamic materials freely while native Christians of any Islamic country arent allowed to do so.
Why are Christians in the West allowed to embrace any religion they wish w/out persecution while a person who converts to another religion in an Islamic country is considered an apostate & must be killed if he persists apostasy?
If we allow Sharia to be implemented in this country, that territory becomes a Sharia territory-conquered by submission on our part. How long before We too are subjected to Sharia law? Are you content living life as Zimmis subject to Jizya humiliation & persecution?
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