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Brexit, but in gifs.

The Leave Campaign prior to the referendum:
The Remain Campaign prior to the referendum:
The referendum is held:
Voters choose to leave the EU:
The UK negotiates with the EU:
A withdrawal deal was agreed to by the EU and UK:
No one is happy. Not the Leavers, not the Remainers, definitely not anyone in Ireland or Northern Ireland.
Theresa May puts her deal to a vote in Parliament:
UK says they want to renegotiate deal with EU to fix Irish backstop:
Meanwhile, the Labour Party
Theresa May goes back to Parliament:
And Parliament says no.
Meanwhile, Brexit day is a little more than two weeks away.
And there's still no plan:
And the pro-Leave group doesn't care:
Now Parliament will vote on a Hard (no-deal) Brexit:
Which will probably also fail.
And the UK will be stuck right where they started. With no deal and no path forward, but now with almost no time to do anything else.
And maybe they'll call for a new election or a second referendum?
And the UK votes to delay
And now the EU gets to decide whether to grant a delay or not and how long it should be if granted.
90% of the UK to the leaders of the UK.
EU when the UK comes begging for an extension
The 27 EU Members deciding what to do with an extension for the UK
Theresa May saying she might try to ask for a 3rd vote on her plan even though there's a rule older than America saying otherwise
Revocation of Article 50 is out there like
Petition to Cancel Brexit explodes in popularity
May and her Cabinet deciding next steps.
May responds to the petition with over a million signatures asking to cancel Brexit.
Live check-in at the Palace as they prepare for a No Deal Brexit:
The rest of the UK also prepares for a No Deal Brexit:
Shorter UK
EU grants UK request for a delay
But the April deadline for coming up with a direction could have some dire consequences
The UK has to come up with a plan by April 12th
Here are the options for the UK:
Adopt the plan that May negotiated with the EU which has already failed 2 votes in Parliament and remains unchanged, but would result in leaving the EU in May:
Go forward with a no-deal plan.
Push for a longer delay far in the future
Revocation of Article 50 (cancelling Brexit):
Plan another referendum (the plan has to be in place by April 12th, but the vote itself doesn't have to take place by then):
Regardless of what the UK chooses, the EU has accepted that the UK should go.
And Theresa May has now decided to place blame for the entire thing on... Parliament.
But the next step is for May to try and get a 3rd vote on her plan.
The people take to the streets to demand another vote
And Jeremy Corbyn ignores the protests
Petition to cancel Brexit hits 5m UK signatures
May may get sacked by her own party.
Parliament decides to take control on Brexit
Parliament to May
And Parliament begins to fight amongst themselves over the indicative votes
May offers to resign before next round of negotiations if her deal is accepted
May: I'll resign when Brexit is complete, which is never. Fools!
Boris Johnson sitting there like
And Parliament votes down all 8 indicative options
And May is going to try to bring her plan to another vote
And that will probably fail
And if that does fail, then what?
If it fails, then there will probably be a need for a longer extension so that a general election could be held
On the off chance it does pass, then the UK will leave the EU on May 22nd
Otherwise, Parliament could try to come to an agreement on a soft Brexit (customs union) or could come to agreement on holding a second referendum, which were the two options with the most supports during the indicative votes.
If a general election is held, May will be gone, but whomever takes her place will be in the same terrible spot with likely no support and no path forward.
And the clock continues to tick away the minutes until the deadline.
Theresa May is set to bring her plan to a third vote after the debate ends today
Theresa May's speech today
Oh yeah, and today was the original Brexit deadline day, so there's that...
Now they vote:
This vote is taking too long
Once again, May's deal is defeated.
Now we go back to the Government's original plan of not having any idea of what to do.
How many times is May going to lose a crucial vote before something changes?
Now that May's plan has failed a third time, the UK has to choose a new path forward
The UK could ask the EU for an additional, much longer delay to hold a general election.
Or they could consider cancelling Article 50 (revocation)
Or ask for a long delay from the EU in order to hold a second referendum, pitting three or four options against each other for the public's support
Or who the heck knows what will happen next. The leadership in the UK surely doesn't.
May still believes her deal is the only option for the UK at this point.
Rumor is that May is considering bringing her plan back for a 4th vote...

You know, the one that's already failed three times.
Today of all days the Leave Campaign finally admits it broke the law.
Now May might consider a customs union.
Brexit hardliners will not like that one bit
It probably won’t even work.
On Monday, Parliament will once again hold non-binding votes to see if any proposal gets a majority of support.
Most of the proposals (9) are similar to the 8 they voted on last week.
And none likely to get a majority of support
Now Parliament begins it's debate about how to have the debate.
Parliament might later vote on how to hold a vote.
You can't make this up.
Parliament is trying to find agreement on a path forward and if one presents itself, will try and turn that into a binding deal.
May's government is not happy about this whole mess and is trying to stop the indicative votes from happening in order to push everyone into only having two options; May's Deal or No-Deal.
Parliament comes back from their vote.
May suffers another embarrassing defeat and Parliament will likely move forward to a series of indicative votes.
Parliament will now move forward voting on four different options:
Customs union with the EU post-Brexit.
Norway Plus, or a quasi relationship with the EU post-Brexit that is probably the softest exit possible.
Second Referendum, which would let the people vote again, this time on the various options.
Revoke Article 50 (cancelling Brexit).
Now the debate in Parliament continues and continues. Will this ever end?
Parliament rejects all four options.
Conservatives just refuse to compromise on anything.
Theresa May is spending today meeting with her cabinet to come up with a strategy to proceed.
They're now entering hour 7 of being in the cabinet meeting and based on how swimmingly they've handled everything so far, I'm guessing they haven't even decided who sits where yet.
Apparently May is not allowing the cabinet ministers to have their phones during this meeting.
The new strategy appears to be to sit down with from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.
It will likely not go well. They haven’t spoken much and will almost definitely be unable to find common ground.
Which will mean that May will probably try to push a scenario where it’s her plan or a no deal Hard Brexit.
Live look at the House of Commons:
It seems that there are reports that the leaks are actually sewage and no you can't write a better metaphor go ahead and try.
Theresa May has now sent a letter to the EU requesting a new deadline day of June 30, so that the UK can participate in the EU elections.
The European Council's President, Donald Tusk, has proposed a year long "flextension" that would allow the UK to leave earlier if they can agree on a deal.
Yes, he's really calling it a "flextension"
The UK hardliners are not thrilled with either extension plan and want to keep the original deadline.
But the EU is unlikely to accept May's request for June 30th and will only offer the flextension, which the UK will have to accept, or likely fall out of the EU without a deal on April 12th.
May is flying to Berlin and Paris to talk with the EU about granting an Article 50 extension.
May claims discussions with Labour leader Corbyn are bearing fruit and there's potential for a deal.
If the EU refuses to grant an extension to the UK, then the UK will crash out of the EU with a no-deal Brexit on Friday.
Parliament has passed a bill, without the May Government's blessing, that requires an extension of the Brexit deadline and makes clear that a No-Deal scenario is unacceptable.
May is in EU begging for an extension, but it's not going terribly well so far.
Merkel has already slighted May with skipping a bit of standard diplomatic protocol.
The EU 27 has decided to ignore May’s request of a 2 month delay and instead delay Brexit 6 months.
When’s the new deadline?
So what happens now? The UK continues to beat themselves up on next steps.
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