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So, a bunch of folks want your kids to walk out of school tomorrow. To protest for a #GreenNewDeal

They are using #ClimateStrike #FridaysForFuture #YouthStrike4Climate . This is going to be a long thread, but before your kids skip school tomorrow, you might what to tell them /1
what they are actually marching for. First and foremost they are marching for a bunch of folks whose livelihood depends on not-for-profits. I have researched some of these orgs, and there are board members clear a $500K a year. For example one board member from /2
Climate Works, a major bundler in the space whose funds flow through hundreds of local and national activist organizations, made $485,673 on the last tax filing we found. The organization's total comp was $2,828,022 for 10 board members. Not bad for selling something no one /3
wants. Which is the definition of a not-for-profit. So how do you make them want it? Create a crisis. Unlike Samaritan's Purse or other charities that deal with real current crises, the climate cabal has always placed its crisis in the future. /4
Starting in 1922. Follow it forward through:
1. Acid Rain
2. Ozone depletion
3. An Inconvenient Truth, which grossed $84M on $1M in production costs and earned Gore a Nobel Prize
4. And these: /5…
It appears they've never been right. Now we only have 12 years until a climate apocalypse according to a bartender from Queens. Whose handler's ripped off a policy platform from Dr. Jill Stein, 2012 Candidate for President with the Green Party. /6
A kooky Kremlin loving Leftist. Here is Stein talking about her central policy in 2012: /7
And here is her Green New Deal policy page from 2016. /8
Do you see any Daylight between her ideas and those touted by Cortez and nearly every Democrat Presidential nominee? Just to be sure, here are AOC's missing FAQ's. /9…
So The Democrats have adopted the central platform of the Green party. Which is all for collectivism. But other organizations have similar thought leaders. For example, anti-capitalist Naomi Klein is on the board of /10… is one of the drivers of the #ClimateStrike tomorrow. Their founder Bill McKibben has written extensively about returning to a near agrarian society and founded on the premise of fossil fuel divestment. /11…
McKibben was a big fan of Bernie in 2016. Another Kremlin loving leftist who caucuses with Democrats /12…
And Bernie refers to McKibben as a dear friend in 2017 in discussing the People's March on Climate. /13

McKibben was also with Bernie when Sanders and Senator Boxer proposed Climate change legislation in 2013. /14…
If you need to understand the money tied up in this, I'll give you one example. Here is Next Generation Investments. It is focused on investments in "sustainable" companies. /15
Here's who founded it. The fact that their names are Blood & Gore might be the best bit of irony I have come across on this. /16…
The real way you make money in this space is to force government investment in products nobody wants to buy and limit or eliminate those people do want to buy through a heavy regulatory hand. Here's how they do on their own. Buffalo NY: /17…
So how do you get someone to buy a solar roof that costs twice as much as regular solar? Which is already more expensive than traditional roofing? YOU MAKE THEM. Enter, the Green New Deal. /18
Now after Stein lost in 2012, a clinical psychologist, Margaret Klein Salamon got motivated. She's not the only one, but she is a great example. in 2014 her group Climate Mobilization put together an intelligent and realistic view of what a WWII mobilazation regarding climate /19
would look like. I strongly suggest you read it, but will highlight some things that should make you think twice about whether this is about clean air, water, and climate or power and control. /20…
Massive government intervention in the economy: /21
Everybody works for the government: /22
For those unwilling or unable to work: /23
"Shared sacrifice" and rationing: /24
They weren't lying. And this is likely why the FAQ's were scuttled. Severe rationing of meat, airplanes are bad and a shuttering of the energy economy as we know it. /25
Just print more money! /26
And China, Russia, and India will be all in! 🙄
China's one kid policy for everyone!
I guess this explains HR-1
"Civilizational transformation" /30
Seriously read the whole thing. Then ask your kids if they want no more vacations, cheeseburgers, & tell them the whole Instagram crash was just a precursor.
The good Dr. was also nice enough to write a brainwashing manual. If you read it, it explains the terror on the face /31
of the little redhead in Diane Feinstein's office. Garbage organizations like, Sunrise, and others are putting CHILDREN into "emergency mode". Seriously, screw these people. Here are the brainwashing techniques. /32…
And you will see this kid all over the place on those hashtags tomorrow. Keep in mind she is the marketing creation of a for-profit company in Sweden, whose founder raised $100M off her. He graduated from Gore's Climate Reality school. Literally. /33…
And if all of this isn't enough to infuriate you, make you blink, or at least make sure your kid's butts stay in their chairs tomorrow, here's my last bit. /34
One of the original founders of what is now Sunrise is Dr. Michael K. Dorsey. He is a full member of The Club of Rome. /35…
He was the youngest member at UNCED in Brazil in 1992 when the U.N. came up with Agenda 21. I used to think that was sheer tinfoil nuttery. Then I read it. /36…
The first Club of Rome publication. Was The Limits to Growth in 1972. It argued for population control.

The First Global Revolution was published in 1991. It contains this passage: /37
If you ever want to know more do a Google search. Might not surprise you to find that nearly every wildly Left world leader and high profile figure is among its membership at some point. Even Al Gore. /38
That's it for me. Going back to writing snark and commentary. There's so much more out on the nets it is mind-boggling. But here is what I learned. The Left has a machine that you can't even contemplate to put feet on the ground /39
It includes incubators whose sole purpose is supporting new grassroots organizations with policy, legal, marketing, and PR support. Even workspace. Here's one: /40
Here's another: /41
Even the Justice Democrats were set up to be a one-stop shop for progressive political campaigns: /42
There is nothing comparable to this type of organization on the right, with the possible exception of @AFP. But we are missing the administrative expertise groups that get smaller, local groups off the ground. /43
And the LEFT puts ALLL OF THIS OUT IN PUBLIC. Why aren't donors on the right and the @GOP figuring how to counter this with boots on the ground? Not sure. But someone needs to. /44
I have no desire to wage war on the planet. But I have a strong to desire to figure out how to more effectively wage war on these horrible ideas. Anyone interested? I could assemble a team of administrative support professionals in about a week. This needs to happen. NOW. /end
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