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1. New #Qanon. Strzok testimony is here 👉dougcollins.house.gov/strzok. Mueller’s “pit bull” is leaving his team signaling its over. End is near. Happy digging. #wwg1wga
2. Q thanks a baker for his service/research after baker requests handoff. Q thanking bakers/anons for their commitment and service which is "incalculable" #qanon
3. A traitor's justice. The Pain Has Arrived. Is Q hinting a cabal member was just executed? a traitor's justice is death. #qanon
4. Rosenstein debrief of AG Barr is now complete. AG Barr was disgusted by what he discovered (so-far)...meaning there's more he will be filled in on. Q quotes Barr: "in all my years, in all my life, I never would have thought [ ] (brackets have a lot of blanks...probably
5...something about an attempted coup or treason by the senior admin of DOJ/FBI....Q saying AG Barr will likely hold a press conference. This will be huge. The Dems of course will claim political attack and the subpoena Barr as Q told us in the Feb 9 post. #qanon
6. Someone in the comments asked what a "Baker" is...in summary, an 8chan researcher compiling evidence to "bake a bread" relating to a particular topic. Next, Q says the insurance indictments re Ivanka, Jared, Jr all were removed, but we knew that from Q's previous drop #qanon
7. Q uses the word "removed" when referring to the indictments against @Potus kids. This leads me to believe they were based on false pretenses and either were never validly obtained via legit grand jury or the grand jury indicted based on fabricated evidence or fraud. #qanon
8. Q posts @GeorgePapa19 tweet in which he says "I will be droppign big news about Mifsud today". Mifsud was a UK professor who worked as a spy for the Deep State basically. Mifsud allegedly introduced George to a Russian contact and the FBI then attempted to use this to say
9. @potus colluded with Russians via George. Mifsud is trying to hide from the US right now. Q next cites to an article from The Hill reiterating that Lisa Page testified the FBI couldn't prove Trump/Russia collusion before Mueller was appointed. There was zero evidence of a
10. crime when Mueller was appointed by DAG Rosenstein to investigate the President of the United States. If no evidence of a crime, this is highly treasonous and means there was an ulterior motive for the appointment of Mueller (the Deep State's "insurance policy").
11. RR was willing to wear a wire to try and catch @Potus lying about Russia or to try and capture some type of evidence that the Dems could point back to and say that @Potus colluded with Russia. Basically Mueller was willing to set @Potus up. Q is asking whether RR really
12...did this to invoke the 25th Amendment and have @potus removed.
13. New Q. Adam Schiff is part of the Gang of Eight (intel). Q wants us to remember this important fact. Gang of Eigh material is about to be declassified and this will become important to remember. Now that Qanon is letting us know this, watch out for False Flags!
14. Anytime something is disclosed that puts negative light on Liddle Adam, it seems like bad things start happening (mass shootings, plane crashes, helicopter crashes, etc.). Just saying, keep your eyes open. Gang of 8 are top congressmen who are briefed on sensitive intel
15. I get sick to my stomach with I think of how evil Adam Schiff is. I can't wait to see him in cuffs. Q is saying Monster Adam Schiff was the one responsible for the "insurance" of getting @Potus kids indicted to use as leverage over @POTUS ! This is outrageous! Schiff knows
16. I want Schiff to SUFFER for all the people he has made suffer over the years! this man is filled with Satan himself! How dare he try leverage indicting our @POTUS kids who have done nothing wrong to keep @potus from declassifying the Gang of 8 material! This is SICK #qanon
17. Schiff literally thought his insurance policy would work and he could strong arm @Potus by threatening his children! Think of the gravity of this!! Schiff knows once @Potus declassifies FISA and OIG and other docs/emails, the American Public will be outraged at the treason
18. Schiff knows this investigation into @Potus and Russian collusion has been false from the beginning and he has been promulgating disinfo to the American people. He is terrified of what will happen if this declass occurs and he was willing to go to the level of these threats
19. Were there other threats involving @potus children that Schiff and the deep state monsters tried to hold over @Potus head? were there threats of death? The evil of these people is unimaginable. I'm tired of waiting for justice
20. The heat is on...Just as Q said; Ohr, Strzok, Page, Priestap, Lortan are all cooperating witnesses...with who? They are cooperating with DOJ IG Horowitz and US AAG Huber of course...Sperry posts that Horowitz investigating who in Sr ranks of FBI/DOJ (including Yates and RR)
21. knew that Bruce Ohr was back-channeling anti-Trump dirt from Steele to FBI after Steele was terminated by FBI as confidential source. Let's see, McCabe, RR, Yates, Comey, Lynch all knew what was going on...#qanon
22. New Q. Epoch times article confirms the lovely Nellie Ohr was CIA. She was hired by Fusion GPS to investigate Trump campaign, but we know Fusion is MI-6 and CIA owned. it's all coming out theepochtimes.com/nellie-ohr-tes… Q told us this back in August. #qanon
23. Are you kidding me! HA! Wow... Look at how Facebook listed on the ticker... "Facebook Inc. CI A"....can't make this up! Q just posted this link and the NY Times article re Exec Chris Cook stepping down; Chris Daniels also departing - head of WhatsAp...BYE Felicia! #qanon
24. Yes Q, We see it!!! I was cracking up when I saw it a few minutes ago! They think they're so slick!! HAAAAA! Joke is on them! Clowns in America! #qanon #wwg1wga truth is right in front of our eyes!
25. Class A shares...just a little nod from FB to their "daddy" CIA...
26. You don't have to pay for NY Times subscription to read the article online - just clear your cookies and history. Q says Hackers is a good movie - based on Crichton's novel "Zerocool". Hack the Gibson...FB went back to erase their "garbage file". #qanon
27. The only play of the Democrats is to try and stay in power no matter what. They see their only path to the 2020 presidential election through illegals and voter fraud. That's the Democrat party. They have no winning ideas, no winning legislation. No wall all welcome; #qanon
28. They must cover their crimes; they have no other options; they can only hope to steal the elections via fraud. this explains the attacks via Media Matters on Tucker Carlson this week...they are trying to destroy competiion as they always do
29. So obvious. FB admits down time caused by server change.
30. New Q drop from Q+ aka @potus. Agree with you Mr President. I feel for the patriots in the UK who want to be free of Europe’s claws. It seems like an impossible task. Maybe it’s time to dump the “Merkel is Hitler’s daughter” file on Germany. #qanon.
31. Q+ tells patriots in the UK (and implicitly around the world) to stand strong The US stands with them. And that we do Patriots! We pray for you and think about you and once we’ve cleaned the crap out of our swamp we will help you clean the crap out of your swamp! #qanon
32. What John Solomon said is what Q told us. The Mueller report must be finished first and then @potus orders the declass. @potus must first be exonerated by Mueller report. That’s about to happen. #qanon
33. Q giving us heads up to be vigilant if u Live in US, Italy, UK or France. Be on guard patriots. Going for narrative change. Washington Post trying to rebrand harmful testimony. No surprise. #qanon
34. Anon asks about NZ and whether it was the false flag q referring to. Q said not big enough, think days. Meaning deep state wants a major catastrophe that will be in the headlines for days. Sick #qanon
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