Basically US/EU Globalists, CIA/State & MI6/FSO forced regime change in Ukraine. They planned on EU/NATO incorporation under HRC while the Russian military was still actively engaged.

They never thought she'd lose.

They really wanted WW3.

The main hub for these propaganda operations is the Atlantic Council.

At a recent Ukraine House Davos meeting (Sponsored by Viktor Pinchuck) they discussed how important Ukraine is to the future of Europe.

Read this for more insight.…
Here we have the UK pol Damon Wilson telling us that Trump can't really pull us out of NATO because he'd face a revolt from the Senate.

Then we have UK mil Vershbow telling us Pompeo & Bolton are fellow Atlanticists. 🙄

Then "Muh Ukraine."…
Ian's a chip of the old bloc.
One of the biggest mouthpieces for the Atlantic Council is propaganda journalist Anne Applebaum.
She's been pushing for war with Putin for decades.

She started her own anti-disinformation Initiative with a British Russian.

She was one of the first US journo to claim Trump was compromised by Russia.…
You can find her name at the top of this list with many other key names involved with Regime change propaganda.

This group gets together for many high level meetings such as this one held by the Institute of Modern Russia at the London US Embassy.

Legatum + Atlantic Council
More regarding Legatum.

This is all Bill Browder country by the way.

Omidyar et al.

Michael Weiss is another key propagandist for this group.
Weiss is most likely behind the anonymously ran "PropOrNot" project which provided it's data to the Washington Post regarding alleged Russian propaganda efforts during the 2016 elections.

All of the projects listed on the site are linked to Weiss & Applebaum.
Must read article regarding these clowns.…
Here we go.

You can see the links to StopFake which brings the Chalupa sisters into the propaganda circle of filth.

Other notable connections.
Proof the CIA is involved and working with Ukrainian Intelligence groups to use these meetings and orgs for Propaganda dissemination?

Broadcasting Board of Governors.

Wait, is that the guy from Crowdstrike?

Oh. 🤔
Here is Michael Weiss on a panel with Mouaz Moustafa being moderated by Andrea Chalupa.

Just a reminder..
Who is funding the Atlantic Council's anti Putin propaganda?

Victor Pinchuk

This is the guy Mueller was after when he investigated Skadden and Manafort.…
From the V. Pinchuk foundation.
His "friends" include the Clintons and Blairs.
Another reminder regarding Chalupa.

She helped create the dirty dossier with Cody Shearer.…
Read this for more context.…
Also if you want the full background on this from my perspective.

Recall that we just found out that Nellie outed a Ukrainian spook as one the dossier sources.

I'd bet my paycheck that the source for the CIA agent Nellie is connected to the above group.…
Let's see..

Let's look at Nellie's network..

I wonder if she knows Anne Applebaum?
Well we have pretty good odds already.

Nellie Ohr is a Russian expert at the Wilson Center and Anne is a Russian expert who publishes articles for the Wilson Center.

So yeah.

They definitely know each other.
So that's pretty neat. Considering the Wilson Center is really an arm of the CIA.
Also just to go a little deeper I'll mention this...

Wilson Center...
Also I want to point out that the Wilson Center & the Atlantic Council are partners so this is still replated to the original theme of the thread, I swear.

See below for example:
Not only are they related but the Kennan Institute specifically focuses on Russia & Ukraine.

Just for example I'll show you some major overlap along with Applebaum.

This guy covers all the bases.
Sort of reminds me of a Swedish Toomas Ilves.
Another easy example.

Two experts from two think tanks discuss the details of Russia's attack on Ukrainian ships broadcasted on a State Sponsored US Propaganda platform "VOA."

This is why @carterwpage is suing the Broadcasting Board of Governors.

This one is almost better. She is 100% CIA.

She then names all the MSM puppets involved in the Integrity Initiative as her faves.

Btw, just to add to the intrigue...

Did you know Christopher Steele was supposed to make a public appearance recently but cancelled due to "cold feet."

It was a panal w/ propagandists Anne Applebaum and Ed Lucas both listed one tweet above.…
That meeting was likely cancelled due to the truth coming out ever so slowly.

Guess who was sponsoring it?

That's right it was Applebaum, Max Boot and other resistance uniparty clowns.

Oh hey look now it's Bill Kristol joining in!

The bands all here.
Bill is up to his eyeballs in swamp sludge.

Significant overlap with all of the above.

Here take a look.

Dear @realDonaldTrump,

Meet your enemies.

Not even kidding.

These people are sick.
The "deepstate" is indeed deep.

Whoa. Larry David? 🤔

Hold up.

I joked about Toomas above and bam here is in the same list as Anders. That's a coinc...





No wonder I was attacked by those ShareBlue shills this week after this.

Hi again ShareBlue.
The list is pretty long so I'll just share a few more. The link is above if you want to dig deeper.

Massive network at work.
CEPA was mentioned a few times above being connected to this same network.

If you look at the CEPA board you'll find many of the above listed names along with David Kramer (McCain sent him to Steele).
Keep in mind that I mentioned above that Crowdstrike founder Dimitry Alperovich is part of the Atlantic Council along with James Clapper.

Which also means you should read through this..

Pretty wild stuff that is all tied directly to this network.
Alt-lantic (new term) Council is also funded by Burisma Group.

That's Joe Biden & John Kerry.

It's all about making money for these guys.…
Okay so back to the guy who Nellie named as a source to the dossier

Serhiy Leshchenko

Investigative journalist who was a key Ukrainian propagandist.

Actually interned for "NED" @Avery1776 😄
This guy is already in trouble for taking advantage of the EuroMaidan protests...

Nellie's fake Russian source bought an apartment from Firtash while being funded by none other than Viktor Pinchuk.
Interesting update from Kramer's testimony.

Big Update to this thread starts here.

Viktor Pinchuk linked Ukrainian Politician and author was named by Jack P as a dossier source.

He's in this network as well!!

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