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Notes for my next column after going over the Kramer deposition:

1. The Steele dossier was *never* supposed to become a public document.

It was meant to be a 'deep background' source for strategic leaks by the media reporters Kramer/Steele/Simpson leaked it to.
2. Before the election, the Steele dossier was a deep background source shown to media reporters so they could engage in a series of strategic leaks alleging Russian collusion targeting Trump & his campaign team.

Resulting media frenzy would discredit Trump's campaign.
3. Once the media frenzy was underway and enough media reports were alleging 'evidence' of Trump campaign/Russia collusion, the Clinton/Obama Machine partisans inside the federal agencies would USE these media stories based on the Steele dossier to launch investigations of Trump.
4. This symbiotic relationship of strategic leaks based on Steele's dossier that targeted Trump & associates that then led to investigations being started at the DOJ/FBI was supposed to damage Trump's campaign & render him impotent.

It didn't work.

Trump won anyway.
5. During the transition phase from Nov. to late January, the strategy of the SpyGate plotters changed to using the Steele Dossier as an 'insurance policy' they could 'cash in' to drive Trump from office, or at the very least handicap his adminsitration until he lost in 2020.
6. To make this new strategy work, the SpyGate plotters fully intended to continue escalating the symbiotic relationship already established:

Strategic leaks using the Steele dossier as a background source coupled with escalating investigations from federal agencies.
7. As long as the Steele Dossier was kept back and hidden from sight, media reporters could continue launching vague leaks of it's allegations that targeted Trump & associates. Fed. agencies in the hands of Clinton/Obama partisans could use these escalating leaks to drive probes.
8. This is why Steele & Kramer & Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS insisted to the reporters that they shared the dossier allegations with that they DO NOT PUBLISH THE DOSSIER ITSELF.

They were only to LEAK from the dossier, make allegations, keep it vague, stretch it out, drip drip.
9. The hope of the SpyGate plotters was that throughout the remainder of 2017, using the targeted strategic leaks & investigations firmly in the hands of people like Andrew McCabe & Peter Strzok, Trump could be forced from office.
10. Then two things happened that blew this strategy up.

First, Buzzfeed published the ENTIRE STEELE DOSSIER on January 10, 2017.

CNN actually did it *right* according to the strategy, launching a story based on allegations from the dossier but keeping it VAGUE.
11. This is why Jake Tapper was so PISSED at Buzzfeed. Apparently, the Buzzfeed people were too stupid to figure out the plan was to spend MONTHS, if not a year, leaking various allegations from the dossier while holding it back.
12. Once the entire dossier was outed to the public view, the strategy of spending months strategically leaking from it was dead.

This is why both Steele and Kramer were *horrified* and in *shock* that Buzzfeed was dumb enough to publish all of it.

13. The SpyGate plotters, both in the fed. agencies and in the DNC Media Complex, had hoped to get much, much more mileage out of a shadowy, anonymous document that was held back.

Now that Buzzfeed blew the game, they were caught flat footed.
14. Then a second disaster struck.

THIS guy was dropped right into the middle of the SpyGate plot on April 25, 2017 when the US Senate finally confirmed him as the new Deputy Attorney General.
15. Immediatley the SpyGate plotters panicked on hearing new DAG Rod Rosenstein MIGHT take control of the FBI's Trump/Russia investigation from Andrew McCabe and give it to Special Counsel.

Strzok & Page texted about this, anxiously wanting to know if 'Rod' was going with 'Andy'

Andy did not pass go.

Andy did not collect $200.

Instead, Rod brutally RIPPED control of the Trump/Russia investigation from Andy, sidelined, then had him investigated for leaking and tossed ass-first out of the agency.
17. Side note: within 4 weeks of being dropped into the middle of the SpyGage plot, Rosenstein had

1. Gotten Comey fired
2. Taken the FBI's Trump investigation away from McCabe
3. Appointed Bob Mueller to lead the Special Counsel.
18. So. They lost their leaking strategy with the Steele dossier, and then by May that didn't matter any way because Rosenstein had taken control of the Trump investigation away from McCabe & sidelined while he was being investigated.
19. Mueller's about to close shop not even having come within YODELING DISTANCE of any Trump/Russia collusion or any other Trump crime.

This plot never had a chance thanks to Buzzfeed blowing the leaking strategy & Rosenstein firing Comey & taking control from McCabe.
20. The guy who's about to show there is NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that Trump cheated with Russian help or any other kind of foreign help to win that 2016 election is:


Ponder that.
21. Kramer revealed in his deposition that he was HANDPICKED to receive the Steele Dossier [ 2 versions of it!] *because* he and the man he worked for, John McCain, were REPUBLICANS.
22. Kramer was even TOLD by the Fusion GPS boys that he and McCain were picked to pass the dossier to the FBI so the FBI would be getting it from REPUBLICANS, because if the FBI got it from PAID DEMOCRATIC OPERATIVES, why, it'd be politically tainted and stuff!
23. Kramer knows where the dossier came from, it came straight from Dem political propagandists at Fusion GPS being paid by the Hillary Clinton campaign & the DNC.

But there had to be *deniability* that this was the case.

McCain & Kramer were used as cutouts.
24. Everybody in their testimony that's public thus far, Comey, Ohr, Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, James Baker, they all PRETEND to be kind of hazy on how the dossier got to the FBI. "I'm not sure, don't recall..." etc.

This is why Kramer's under oath deposition is so important.
25. Kramer admits in his deposition he passed on to the FBI what *he was told*/what he believes were 'raw intelligence reports' that were unverified.

And he very *carefully* states he has NO IDEA what Sen. McCain told the FBI when he handed off the dossier to the agency.
26. Here's why that's important. Here's next piece of the puzzle that's yet to be filled in, but I suspect soon will be:

McCain & Kramer were telling media people & the FBI/DOJ that Steele's allegations WERE FROM OUR ALLIES INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES OVERSEAS.
26. McCain/Kramer/Steele made a pitch to the DNC Media reporters *and* the DOJ/FBI that "Hey our allies intelligence agencies overseas, they got some amazing raw data here you gotta see about Trump and his being compromised by the Russians! You need to INVESTIGATE THIS!"
27. Now, that pitch is a FAR CRY from the reality, which would have been:

"Hey here's some propaganda we got from paid political operatives getting money from both the Clinton campaign & the DNC where anonymous sources make unverified allegations Trump is a Russian stooge!"
28. By LYING THEIR ASSES OFF and claiming this 'raw unverified intelligence' came from our allies intelligence agencies overseas, the idea was to get the US federal agencies to launch investigations of the Trump campaign.

Which is exactly what happened.
/end notes!
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