I am so glad and proud that you started this conversation! I have SO MANY points! Firstly GHANTA MUMBAI SPIRIT which is nothing but the fight for survival, to get food on the table, to make ends meet! Your fuckall spirit is what the BMC/Govt cashes on for their incompetencies
Whether its the yearly monsoon floods, or collapsing of bridges, lack of proper infrastructure, potholes on every fucking road, to people traveling worse than cattle public transportation especially trains. I have lived here 14 years & absolutely nothing has improved
We should've learnt our lesson in 2005 floods, the BMC should've worked on the drainage system so as to prevent such a calamity again. But now its a running joke all over India that Mumbai is flooded every monsoon. It's so normal that no one gives a fuck anymore, esp the govt
People travel from Virar to Churchgate drenched to their skin because work is more important than falling sick because of course we can't afford to take a leave for something like monsoon which happens every year. Who cares if a few 100s die in the floods or suffer accidents
SO much for Trains being the lifeline of Mumbai, the maintenance is PATHETIC to say the least. They've had open doors forever. We still don't have an automatic door closing system. DAILY people are literally hanging on the door for dear life because how many trains will you miss?
We HAVE to travel in trains because most firms are located Andheri and beyond and a normal middle class person can't afford a house anywhere close to it. Acc to a report I'd read a while ago an average Mumbaikar spends 1.5 hours in travelling ONE WAY to work. 3 HRS COMMUTE DAILY!
IMAGINE 3hrs+ a minimum of 9 hours of work hours(on a good day. lol). 12 hours. You get paid for what? ONLY 8 Hours a day. Also our work culture toh is MashaAllah! Aane ka time hai, jaane ka koi time nai hai! Around 12-15 hours of a day goes in relation to work,
leaving no time for family, friends or a personal life as such! Whether its MNC, Banks, Indian Corporates or Private Agencies, Start up, etc. there is NO concept of work-life balance. Do we like it? No. Do we have a choice? LOL. Absolutely not! Why? Paapi pet ka sawaal hai
Trains- The amount of people that travel via it, & the profits it must be earning must be tremendous but has there been any improvement? People still hang for life daily. We Mumbaikars give a literal meaning to "jaan hatheli pe leke chalna". Do we get travel compensation? LOL
Do companies pay commute allowances/reimbursement? LMAO. You can't get late coz obviously there are limited strikes you can do or else either your salary gets deducted or worse - you get fired. What choice does an average Mumbaikar have then? Hustle till you die of course! YAY!
Housing- is a fucking joke in Mumbai. Only the rich/family money owns Mumbai houses Lets not even talk about the town, the fucking suburbs are so expensive. Anything beyond Borivali costs nothing less than 80L-1cr. Can an average Mumbaikar even afford a decent house? LOL
The rich can buy the house & then give it on rent to the poor who can't afford a property, thereby spending his earnings in paying the rent. The rich gets richer. The poor remains hustling. Lets talk about loans. Have you even seen the price of a normal 1 bhk in.. say Malad? 80L
An avg grad doesn't even start with 5Lac. If a family man earns 8 lac a year even with the household, food, children's education, rent, etc can he ever buy house worth 80L? No. If he takes a loan against the house, he can't afford to lose his job & if he does, he loses everything
Owning a house in a city like Mumbai is a dream as far fetched as another galaxy unless he wins some sort of lottery. Unless your parents own a house & they will it to you is the only way a normal young person can OWN a house in their life time
Starting salary of a grad say 20 yr old isn't even 20k per month. And if they're the sole breadwinner of the home, they've got little to no savings. If the person marries by 28 and wants their own place.They got 2 options Rent or Home Loan. The interest on HL>Yrly increment, lol
Let's talk about infrastructure- half the roads are filled with potholes, the other half have been dug up causing traffic and inconvenience to the pedestrians. No cleanliness (for which we're also to be blamed mostly coz Indians don't have concept of cleanliness)
No proper sanitation facilities, No support from government for underprivileged/poor people. The city has areas that are known for their slums! No special subsidies for poor people. Rich people aren't paying taxes & running away, the poor person is paying for it.
With not many options they resort to hawking & roadside stalls, which they have to bribe to officials. Food- keeps getting expensive. A vada pav that cost ₹5 is now for ₹15. The rate of inflation>> salary increment. Once the rate of ration increases, it doesn't reduce.
The railway lines are the same that were installed by the Britishers, the bridges are easily 40-50 yrs old. And the govt has the fucking audacity to blame the pedestrians!Too much crowd!You know maximum people travel in trains use the bridges, maintain them!Where do our taxes go?
5 people died & 15+ injured/trapped. Compensation by the govt for the deceased - 5L per person. LOL. A year's expenses are more than 5L a year for a family of 4. Imagine if the family had a sole bread earner who died. This is the failure of the govt, the system as a whole.
Does this incident mean we won't leave out houses? We'll protest? We'll not travel via train or use bridges? NO. Why? Because we don't have a choice. We have to keep hustling to survive. Tomorrow everyone will go back to work in the same way. In 2 days we'll forget about it.
Govt will praise SPIRIT OF MUMBAI and show us the middle finger. And we? Well, we'll go about our lives as always till another mishap like this happens, till another incident where people will die because of how fucked up our system is. And the cycle will go on.
Mumbai - City of Dreams.
I disagree. People come here to achieve their dreams, to have a better life, to survive. The ones already here are also trying to survive. Mumbai isn't a city of dreams. It's a city of harsh realities. Mumbai is a city of SHATTERED DREAMS.
Also I missed one more important point-Education. Educational institutions are mostly for privileged. Poor either has to work for a good education or get no education at all. The quality of govt schools isn't great where we can't even blame the teachers coz they're paid peanuts.
Colleges- a bad college effects your education/job prospects/salary, etc. A good college grants you admission a. If you have good grades or if you have the 💰. As very aptly said in song Azadi- achi Vidya chahiye acha khaasa maal dena. The donation system has ruined colleges.
One has got to understand that when it comes to marks more often than not the privileged people have higher chances of getting into good colleges also because of the resources at their disposal. Coaching Classes business is thriving on the privileged class only.
The poor doesn't have those facilities at their disposal, leading to them trying in colleges on purely their merit without any coaching & depending on college education. Often college professor himself has his own coaching centre which he urges students to join to get good marks.
As much as the people of the city are great & mostly you won't get judged for your financial status(unless they're Lokhandwala-ite, Bandra-ite, townie). The life of the majority of the city's population i.e. the middle class person, is very difficult.
Only privileged have a good life. Or more like, can AFFORD a good life. So I don't know what Mumbai spirit people keep talking about but if I am going to work the next day after any incident knowing I could be next, it isn't coz of my "spirit", it's coz I don't have a choice!!!
NEVER in all my time on Twitter have I got 99+ notifications and this is from today morning... I'm not even counting the 100s of notifications I've been receiving since this thread! Thank you for this response and taking the time to read this. I don't know what else to say!
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