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1/ Questions the media should be asking:

- What is Tarrant's real background?
- Why did he travel to both NK and Pakistan recently?
- How did he get hold of so many restricted weapons?
- Why does his "manifesto" not ring true for a real 8chan denizen?
2/ Of course they'll be all over this like real journalists.


No, they'll be pushing the supplied story that this was the usual lone white guy gone nuts, a favourite narrative of the Clownstream media.
3/ Calls from @CNN to "shut down the hate-infested message boards like 8chan" in 3...2...1...
4/ More questions:

- How and why did he exercise such extreme shooting discipline?
- Why is he so cold and professional throughout? The videos clearly show a trained expert killer.
- Why is 4chan now banned in NZ when the guy posted on 8chan?
- What was Podesta doing in NZ?
- What were his full movements leading up to the massacre?
- How was he apprehended? Any footage of that?
- Any CCTV footage going to be released? Or were cameras "turned off" that day as per usual?
- Why is his manifesto a crock of shit from beginning to end?

- Can we get a full timeline of all emergency calls on the day please?
- Does the shooter have friends and family who have known him for years? Why not?
- If it turns out the NZ PM is lying about his gender, why should we believe him about anything else?
- What reasons did he give for being let in to New Zealand?
- Will the media call for Twitter and Facebook to be shut down as well? Why not?
- Why did Twitter censor people like @nickmon1112 who were just reporting on this?
- Seriously, what the fuck was Podesta there for?
@nickmon1112 8/ It turns out Skippy was there for some Global Luciferians event.

Thanks to @FitzpatriotBrad for the pic.
@nickmon1112 @FitzpatriotBrad 9/
- Why does Tarrant have the thousand yard stare BEFORE he starts murdering innocent people? I know what I'm looking at in this picture: a trained professional who's done this before.

Regular white guy my ass.
@nickmon1112 @FitzpatriotBrad 10/ Why is a professional crisis actor being interviewed on NZ TV about the arrest of Tarrant? She just happened to be there on scene, did she? Right.

h/t @QellyAnon
11/ Just watched the full video again. I have more q's:

- how is it possible that Tarrant is so CASUAL? He's practically ambling around.
- Is it because he knew he had a free hand?
- Can we see details of all police movements that day?

- Was the mosque Sunni with Salafi connections?
- Did Tarrant just stay in a hotel in Pakistan connected to the Nizari Ismaili Shia?
- Why would this be relevant?
13/ Teh Grauniad calls him a right-wing extremist despite his manifesto supporting pretty much every leaning under the sun - and then some.

14/ Why is there a very serious time discrepancy on Tarrant's Twitter timeline? His status was archived at 01:26 UTC on the 15th only an hour after he posted links to his manifesto - see the "1h" link next to his status here:

15/ But NZ time is 13 hours AHEAD of UTC. This page implies Tarrant posted at 00:26 UTC on the 15th which is NEARLY A FULL DAY after he went on his killing spree.

- Did the authorities just let him post a quick status update?
- Did someone else post it for him?
16/ Tarrant's father died aged 49 (yeah hello, another mention of 7x7). He apparently has a sister. His mother has "changed her name" because of all the attention.

- Are there any interviews out there with people who knew him at all?
- Did this happen to distract us all from this utter bombshell: that the dossier was delivered to the FBI via John McCain and President Obama was briefed on it?

- Did you know that this exact timeline was leaked to 8chan in Dec 2017 by #qanon?

- Why did Tarrant just flash the Eye hand signal in court?

- Are these EVIL SICK BASTARDS STUPID or what?

- Was this perhaps to distract us from another bombshell, namely that RM is going after Tony Podesta?


- Or maybe this:

"...a former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) officer, pleaded guilty today to ... attempted transmission of national defense information to China.

U.S. Attorney John Huber for the District of Utah ... announced the charges."


- Why are media outlets claiming the 666 hand sign from Tarrantino is a "white power" signal? Is it because they don't want to you research it for yourself?


(Hint: the answer's yes)

- Why is the NZ government using this incident to take away guns from law-abiding citizens?
- Was this the intended purpose all along?

- Why is the NZ PM lying about key details? The full video shows the attacker pulling up, shooting dozens of people, packing up and driving away. And I count at least FIVE weapons in his vehicle, none which seem to need a full-auto mod.

"Officers who arrested perpetrator were rural community officers from Lincoln (pop 6000)."

- Is this even remotely likely?
- Does the phrase "Lincoln (pop 6000)" have a possible double meaning in this context?

- Why are people openly lying about the details of the incident? The video clearly shows this poor bastard being gunned down from ten yards away as he stood in the doorway. None of what he or the victim standing next to him are audible.
26/ The man pretending to be a woman pretending to be NZ's PM said Tarrant was captured by two policemen from Lincoln. So why does Tarrant turn left up Deans Ave, get on to Fendalton and then continue along memorial Ave?

Not the way to go to Lincoln.
27/ Lincoln is way to the SW of this area. I followed the video along in StreetView to confirm but would appreciate any locals chiming in.

My guess is Lincoln is a symbolic name that had fuck all to do with the incident and instead is some sort of warning to @realDonaldTrump.
@realDonaldTrump 28/ Anon notes connections between Tarrant, the mosque, Pakistan, Yemen, the Mossad and Christchurch.

Just a regular white guy who snapped? I think not.

h/t @birdona64702725 for the catch!

The manager of the gym Tarrant worked at is quoted in several stories: Tracey Gray. See if you can 'trace' her on social media - or anywhere else for that matter. Is she real? Or a gray ghost?

- Why is there the typical elite signalling in the news coverage of this incident?
Fireworks, violent, fall, left and right mentioned in a 100% bullshit eyewitness account. Watch the video for yourself here:


- Could this woman have seen the massacre while driving past the mosque?
- Does anyone escape Tarrant and run across the road?
- Did you know that some key terms used to signal to other elites that 'we did this' are mentions of 33, 77 and fireworks?

- Why would @guardiannews interview residents of Grafton in the local hotel?
- Is the mention of Clocktower a reference to Charles Whitman?
- What is he infamous for?

- Who are the Knights Templar?
- Did Tarrant mention them?
- Did you know the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service has officially confirmed Tarrant visited the Knights Templar in London?


- Does Russia despise the NWO? Why?

- Does his car display any damage from being rammed off the road - in either picture? Why not?
- Does the resolution and codec of the arrest video seem to match Tarrant's own video? Why?
- Can you find these locations on Brougham St using Street View? Why not?

"The car was weaving in and out of lanes with its hazard lights on."


Tarrant's own video shows him driving expertly towards Burnside.

- Why did he then come all the way back down to Brougham, turn his hazards on and start weaving?
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