Anytime planets are placed in #Aquarius 🛸 the expression is unusual, erratic and unexpected
When Venus the planet of love and beauty is placed in Aquarius the value system of the individual may in some way be different. The things they like and enjoy may be unusual in some capacity
Also when Venus is in Aquarius relationships can have many starts and stops or inconsistent. Remember Aquarius is ruled by Uranus
You often see when someone has Venus in Aquarius and Venus in hard aspect to Uranus they like some distance-even long distance relationships- remember Aquarius is an air sign they don’t do suffocation. They need room to breathe and circulate
I had a client this weekend I told her I would quote her. Her partner lives in another state but she needed space lol Uranus opposite Venus. This can also be said for Venus in Aquarius
I always know astrology is real when I read a story and I can pick out what aspect a person has. Actress Judith Light married 32 years ....She lives in NYC and her husband lives in California. I knew she would have Venus in Aquarius or something similar
Aside from distance Venus in Aquarius people also like love that is like friendship. Not everyone thinks this way! But I have known many that have an almost platonic vibe with the person they consider a partner
Love is freedom

-Venus in Aquarius
Love is also unusual/unconventional when Venus is in Aquarius. Some people may have open relationships if not they certainly do not want to feel tied down and burdened
Because Aquarius is associated with Uranus affairs can be short lived -intense interest followed by none at all. They may have some issues allowing others to really get close to them and find that they lose interest easily
It is possible for a woman to be a romantic, but also to be single and to be happy
Venus in Aquarius -Taylor Swift
“You are cool, calm, collected, friendly, unpopular and unselfish. You prefer liking many to loving one. You live by your own rules and regulations regardless of how unacceptable these may be to society” -Venus in Aquarius
To me any planets that are personal & placed in Aquarius are:

“you had me at fuck the system”
“your partner must be a friend as well as a lover from whom you seek mental stimulation and plenty of variety” -Venus in Aquarius
Aquarius represents the unusual the things that don’t fit in, the black sheep of the family... so when the planet Venus is placed in Aquarius that’s what we find attractive 😍
I love Sharon Stone 😍😍🤩😍🤩
She has Venus in Aquarius
Some quotes

“i’m ready for love but I’m not desperately seeking it”

“sex is so much more in the mind than in the body”
“With the difficult aspects you may be aloof, cold, stubborn and may crave eccentric sexual experiences”
I was personally wondering about Venus and mars in Aquarius and group sex being that Aquarius rules groups 🤔
“Their attitude toward love is thus also very open, liberal & unconventional” -Stephen Arroyo
“They often don’t even realize that their individualistic statements, beliefs, and behavior may offend others or emotionally repel them”
“Folks with Venus in this sign can’t stand jealousy, and exercising their intellectual freedom and excitedly communicating what they are learning or observing are paramount in their lives”
I generally don’t believe anyone with a Venus in an air sign wants to date someone that’s stupid I’m just throwing it out there
“ they feel instinctively that the best way to show affection and appreciation to another is to give that person space and personal freedom”
”Expresses affection freely, unconventionally, flirtatiously, often humorously and experimentally”
“men and women born with Venus in Aquarius feel rather uncomfortable with emotional intensity. A far greater pleasure for them is a cool detached objective exchange of ideas on the mental level”
Naturally we always have to look at the entire chart
“ they revel in demonstrating how unpossessive, broad minded, and understanding they are about human nature and human behavior”
#Venus in #Aquarius
“The only rule is don’t be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in”
Venus in Aquarius ✨Paris Hilton
“ Venus in Aquarius is not high on affection and warmth however there is no lack of kindness”
“ as a pre-existing pattern Venus in Aquarius individuals are rebelling against or liberating themselves from common value systems and relationships formed as defined by the consensus of the society they live in”
Anytime I do a thread about people with personal placements in Aquarius I always remind you it is important for you to be true to yourself because Aquarius can be a sign that’s ahead of society or rebels against society & sometimes you can feel alone. “To thy self be true”
“there is an emphasized feeling within the psychology of Venus in Aquarius people of being different a sense of cultural alienation or estrangement”
For me, getting married doesn't mean we should limit ourselves to some pre-defined idea. Rather, it's an opportunity to explore new things in life -Venus in Aquarius Jessica Biel
(She is so boring I can’t believe she has this placement)
It’s important that we are aware of what we seek in relationships otherwise we keep attracting the same relationships and breaking up & getting in a similar one so if you are in need of space, or dont mind long distance honor that
The Venus in Aquarius persons love life can be unusual but that’s nobody’s business that’s between you and your partner
The major keyword for Venus in Aquarius is detachment
”For Venus in Aquarius to have a sense of meaning and purpose in their lives it becomes necessary to form social groups with people of like mind. The commonality of shared values that this creates sustains their own individual values”
Notice no place on this thread does it say conform to another persons value system. That would be like dying a slow death to Venus in Aquarius
“ The vibration of rebellion is extremely intense in these people and this vibration will permeate their entire way of being, how they dress, appear, think and relate themselves to others” - Jeffrey Wolf Green
“ such a person is intimately attracted to those that are radically different. The sense or experience of passion is linked with intimacy being ignited because of the fact of being different which ignites the natural curiosity of Venus in Aquarius”
“ I think people should be free to engage in any sexual practices they choose they should draw the line at goats thought” Venus in Aquarius
Elton John
“ once the curiosity function has been satisfied the passion may dissipate almost overnight. this type of Venus in Aquarius person typically goes through various intimate relationships that can only be sustained for small lengths of time”
“there is a rebellion against the idea of commitment in a relationship which leads to a rebellion against the values associated with monogamy”
“ in their intimate relationships the Venus Aquarius person is generally a good friend above all else. Most have the intrinsic ability to understand objectively the reality and individuality of their partner”
Yoko Ono has Venus in Aquarius
John Lennon had Moon in Aquarius
“ they can be exceptional at keeping the conversation moving forward in an ever evolving away that leads to sudden insights and resolutions”
“ they are attracted to that which stirs their curiosity to that which appears different and unique. Thus their attraction function can occur suddenly and unexpectedly”
“ The Venus in Aquarius person needs freedom to engage and create many different kinds of social networks with different kinds of people because of this the Venus in Aquarius person needs a partner who is very secure within themselves”
I just want to be known for things other than my sexuality.
-Eva Mendes Venus in Aquarius
I'm not anti-fashion, but I've always had a bit of a punk attitude. That's important, I think. I do my own thing. -Sade 👸🏽
If you notice a lot of my quotes from Venus in Aquarius women are about being unique about being authentic Independent and wanting to be known for something other than how they look
“They require a partner that is intellectually sophisticated and who can match or keep up with their own thinking process”
“It can be very difficult for the Venus in Aquarius person to truly love or respect another if they do not intellectually respect them”
Aquarius represents higher consciousness & flashes of insight

Jeff Bezos

“What’s dangerous is not to evolve”
Some other famous Venus in Aquarius Kelly Rowland ♥️ Christine Brinkley, Chris Rock, Sheryl Crow, Nina Simone, Sienna Miller 💖 , Mischa Barton, Paris Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Lauren Conrad, Patrick Dempsy, Vanessa Williams, Kristin Davis
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