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Story Time: I got adopted by a white family for a weekend and almost murdered everyone in that bitch
1. So a lot of you are aware that I was born into foster care. I spent my youth growing up in a group home going house from house 🏡
2. A lot of times my case worker would ask me if I wanted to be adopted and I would always say “nah” the group home I was in wasn’t bad It was one of the few decent ones. I was actually very fortunate and on top of that I was already 17 so I was close to aging out.
3. Families looking to adopt would check out a list of kids that were looking to be adopted, and after spending some time with the kids over the course of some months they were allowed to take them on trips.
4. These trips is where a family would come and kidna-.. I mean take you to spend a weekend with them and it would usually be in some tropical paradise, a cruise, or a Disney resort or something because the parents are trying to impress you
5. My caseworker always pushed me to sign up. “you might actually like the family. They are usually loving people who just want to give a kid the world” is what she would say..
6. But she wasn’t slick I knew she just wanted to get me out the house. She found out about My Gf smashing her stepdad.. then me fucking his wife.. then the sextape on Snapchat which caused me getting jumpe-.. listen y’all have read the stories she was CONCERNED
7. She always asked me who the people were but I never spoke on it, and eventually put my name on the list to keep her off my ass. I figured if anything I would at least get a vacation out of it
8. The “Smith” family started visiting me every other day over the course of a couple months. They were cool as hell And always fed me. They didn’t push the whole “You’re our kid now” thing on me either. They even helped me get a job so I started making my own money
9. So after some months they show up and ask me if I want to go on vacation with them. I already KNOW we going somewhere CRAZY so I pack my shit quick af and dip
10. So we driving and I start noticing we not going towards the direction of where Disney world, resorts, and cruises would be in
11. I say where we going and they turn around and say “we can’t hold our excitement in enough! We are going to Arkansas to our family reunion “
12. Arkansas... DRIVING to Arkansas... to a family reunion.. I knew it was gonna be some farm.. secluded somewhere.. man Smh I knew what time it was..
13. But no we stayed at some big hotel, big pool, the families was amazing and welcoming. they also had kids my age and we would race thru the hotel hallways, kick doors and run.. we was bad as hell but I was with nun but white kids so I knew I wasn’t going to jail
14. all in all it was fun and everyone one treated me great and no one made me feel out of place. I honestly considered letting them adopt me.. and then they had to go FUCK IT UP.
15. So we takin that 17 HOUR drive back home to Orlando. We were in this big ass RV so I went to the back and went to sleep.
16. We ate before we left so before I went to sleep I asked when we would be stopping for food again. The dad said not until we hit Florida because we all want to get home as fast as possible and don’t want to make unnecessary stops.
17. Foods a necessary stop but ok.. I went to sleep. I woke up 2 hours later and asked again.. I SPOKE IT INTO EXISTENCE.. “are we waiting all the way until we get to Florida to get food? They said “yes” I said okay and KNOCKED OUT.
18. So you know when you been sleeping for a long time but you know it’s still awhile to go before you arrive to your destination so in your sleep you make the decision to sleep some more? That’s what I did.
19. I was DEEP INTO MY SLUMBER WHEN IT HAPPENED.. the smell of Arby’s grazed one of my nostril hairs.. and I awoke.
20. I emerge from the back of the RV to see everyone eating.
21. Everyone looked at me and said hi and I was like hey where’s mine? No one said anything...
22. I knew I was hanging around them way to much because the nigga in me would have said “AYE BRO ILL AIR THIS BITCH OUT ON ME!!” But instead I just repeated myself “Where’s mine?”
23. Guess what these CRAC-.. I mean what these mfs said?
24. “You was sleep.”
25. I ain’t never killed no one before I don’t know what it’s like.. but that day I was close.. y’all know how I feel about food bro..
26. I said “oh okay well can we stop now.. I’m kind of hungry (I was STARVING)
27. The dad say “we cant make anymore detours from the destination we are Almost home”
28. Now if I come up there to the front and swerve this bitch off the into an 18 WHEELER WHOS FAULT THAT GONNA BE???
29. I thought they was joking bro they was dead ass... they really stopped and got food and didn’t even get me anything!!
30. The mom says “Avery are you seriously that upset over food” I SAID BITCH ARE YOU HUMAN?
31. The big sister say “we got you a job you could of easily bought yourself snacks for the trip back”

32. I said I don’t need y’all money you could of fucking woke me up and I would of bought me something YALL BROUGHT ME HERE!!

“She said yeah we also got you that job that you would of used the money from so that’s our money in a way”

I slapped her food out her hand
33. Everyone like “woahhh Avery you need to calm down it’s just food” I said ILL SLAP EVERYONE IN THIS BITCH IDGAF”
34. The dad turns around and says “you calm down NOW before I pull this over” I said Alan if you pull this RV into anything except a chic fil a on everything I Love ima beat you and your wife ass on GOD
35. They all looking back at me like
36. He pulls over the RV and while he doing it everyone like “Alan stop” “daddy don’t please he’s sorry”

I said no I’m not bring that ass back here so I can repay them 400 years in full
37. He stands up and he got take off his belt I said bro.. you got me FUCKED UP this ain’t about to be no spanking I’m about to slide your shit
39. he dropped the belt too I picked that shit up and started whipping spanking his ass !!! YOU FIGHT ON A DIFFERENT TYPE OF LEVEL WHEN YOU HUNGRY.
40. They finally pull me off him I say “fuck y’all crackas” got off the RV and called my case worker
41. The dad tried to press charges but the other daughter heaven wrote a statement about what really happened. She contacted me on Facebook and apologized about the whole thing but I ain’t reply because that bitch ain’t wake me up either.
42. 4 years after that I actually met her at beachum and she was like averreyyyy and we went back to her folks house where my dick ended up in her mouth and I busted on her face and I used her dads t shirt to clean her face off and hung it back up in his closet. I hold grudges.
43. Moral of the story: Kirby is my spirit animal. I don’t play about my food.
Y’all know the drill. Follow me I follow everyone back! You can read my other stories as well I’ll link it. Also have Animations to my stories coming soon just be patient with me ✊🏾🙏🏾

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