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A comparative approach to SWM privilege and for those who've not actually compared resumes...
For fairness, I used same source for all candidates I profiled (VoteSmart)
IMO, one candidate is far above the others (@CoryBooker), but definitely @KamalaHarris makes the cut.
Here is @CoryBooker's bio page
And here is Cory's political experience:
And here's more of Cory's political experience:
Here's @KamalaHarris' bio:

Oh yeah, she works for me, too.
And here's her political experience:
And more for Kamala:
Here's Andrew Gillum. Now I personally love the guy, and the Harvard class, well, I know a guy who knows a guy... I hear Andrew is awesome. But I do not think he is ready for POTUS (VP, yes, POTUS, no)

Here's his bio: (no legislative committees and political exp fit on shot)
Stacey Abrams' bio:
And Stacey Abrams' experience:
And here we have a comparative example: Beto O'Rourke.
Compare this to the other bios.
Beto's political and professional experience.

Important: Notice the 1999 date for his company.
Beto graduated in 1995.

So where was he for five years? Being a nanny, moving art, lost about his purpose (kind of in a funk from what I read).
Sorry, make that 4 years-ish.

Very Bernard-esque is the point. And very not doing anything for anyone else is the other point. And very entitled is the other point. And very low standard is the other point.
"Instead of joining protests and writing op-eds, O’Rourke, an English major, rowed his way to captain of the heavyweight crew team, played in various punk rock bands, and passed time at campus haunts including the West End Lounge."

So, yeah.…
"Under-the-radar student". And this is his alma mater talking.
So do you really think this guy is up to what 2020 will require?
Complex international economic policy?
Nuanced foreign policy?
Fixing everything Donald broke?
And if so, I'd love to know why b/c IDGI
And why do I care?
Because 2020 is the most important election of our lives, and I am concerned that the Dem field w/b split & we'll end up w/BS or something like him, and the sooner we vet our candidates, the better for Dems.
But it's also just an objective comparison of what the expectations are for 4 PoC (all of whom have been critiqued for being a little lacking in some area.. just not ready "yet") and the obvious SWM-so-go-to-the-front-of-the-line that is Beto.

And that's wrong.
"I think it's just so important that those who would comprise my team looked like this country."


"I'll hire good help"

He knows he isn't qualified, but you know, he'll hire good help because he was born to do this

Haven't women & PoC been "the help" long enough?
And I'm adding @HillaryClinton's bio & a short version of her experience just to remind all of us how much we lost in 2016 and why we should all be demanding the Hillary be the only candidate for Dem's 2020. I know she won't run & I don't blame her, but our loss, in a big way.
A short summary of her professional and political experience. There's much more and her list of awards is extensive, but to compare to the others, I only included the same info.
I'll put this here for convenience in case anyone actually cares about Beto's lack of experience and questionable but entitled bio…
Think of if Cory Booker or Kamala Harris had done the same thing. What would've happened to them from the police, and how about their political careers?…
It's hypocrisy to be appalled when @GOP brushes off their candidates' and nominees' horrid behavior only to accept it w/your own candidate. And it would be one thing if Beto had owned it, but he lied. SO not okay.
This is everything Dems have said for two years now that they didn't want. And yes, now Dems want it? Family money laundering (that's what structuring is) and entitlement like this? REALLY?…
This is Bernard & Jane type BS all over again. Beto's lost years. His lack of ambition, accomplishment, education. It's all so similar to Bernard's but Beto is young-ish and not the walking dead.…
He does prep up well, though, I'll say that. Khakis and starched white button down, so prep school boy. Gotta love it. (Same prep school in VA that Marvin Bush attended)
Mayor Pete's bio:
Pete Buttigieg's experience.

10 years younger than Beto, still more experience, plus active military duty.
Julián Castro's bio:
Julián Castro's experience:
We're interviewing for a job here, not electing Homecoming King.
If you want to elect Beto for Homecoming King, Class Favorite, etc., no argument from me
But this is POTUS, and involves deep and diverse knowledge of global politics and markets, plus political savvy
@CoryBooker has most experience & biggest heart
@KamalaHarris close second
@JoeBiden obvs, we know the up & down of him
@staceyabrams @JulianCastro impressive education & experience
@PeteButtigieg & @AndrewGillum less experience, still great choices
Beto does not compare
Beto has an unimpressive college record
Four yr undergrad, nothing else

THIS MATTERS: Four lost years after college where he was in a funk & floated around (trust fund kid, must be nice)

Six-ish years in the House
El Paso City Council & a rank real estate deal
Compared to
The ONLY thing Beto has more of is White & Straight. That's it.
So, if that's the priority, Beto is your guy. Otherwise, check the list of actually qualified candidates & choose
Even Beto thinks it takes more than looks to do a good job
And I'm not doing this to be mean to Beto
I'm not going after him. I'm doing this b/c this election matters SO MUCH &
Implicit bias is so strong and it's easy to mistake lust for love or in the case of Beto, charisma for quality
Beto's mother was fined for structuring transactions to hide money & got caught - that's a FINCEN violation
Remember how outraged we were w/Donald for that?
& no, Beto isn't his mother, but read his lame response
Here is Amy Klobuchar, by special request, and for those of you who follow me and actually read my tweets, you know I'm not a fan because of the wolves. BUT that said, Amy certainly has the experience & education to wipe the floor with Beto.
Second of Amy Klobuchar's education/experience
And, if we're just looking for a handsome SWM, then let's pick one with education and experience. Want an unknown, but someone w/proven heart, soul, brains, and ability. My personal favorite: Andrew @Romanoff2020 and he was a huge Hillary supporter
Andrew's bio:
Andrew's education and experience:
Because it matters
I am SWSF & grew up Southern & I know how many times I was told that I wasn't ladylike enough, argued w/boys, etc.

SWM are strong & brave
The rest of us are just bitchy or uppity or not nice...

(fuck nice, oh wait! did I say that? that's not nice!)
Cory & even PBO at times can't be angry black men. ICYMI, angry & black = bad. Angry woman gets you the bitch card (trust me, I have a few). Angry Latino, see black man above. We already have a different standard, so next time you think "why didn't he...?" think of this
Elizabeth Warren bio
Elizabeth Warren experience.

Still, you know her voice, I don't really like her voice (<<just kidding 2016-style)
Also, I want to respond to a couple of points:

1. I've been told, "I don't understand what Beto's like, what it was like to be in the room with him."

Um, yes, I do. I got to meet PBO briefly, I know that electric feeling, that powerful hold, that charisma.
But I'm not 16 & PBO wasn't my boyfriend (dammit, if only he'd been single...)

When someone tells me that I just don't understand how it feels to love someone, well, for everyone who's uttered those words, we know how old we were & the name of the object of our teen affection
But we're not teenagers and this isn't about foregoing curfew on prom night (I won that argument BTW)

This is about choosing a POTUS & we need someone extremely well-qualified & able to lead from day one. Lead, not charm - LEAD.
If you are refusing to evaluate objectively, minimizing flaws, personalizing criticism of him/her, doing leaps in logic for them, magically thinking they'll just be able to do it, &worst of all, abandoning your formerly strongly held beliefs
Danger zone.
Time for Objectivity.
2) I'm just tearing down Beto for Cory.

Yeah, no. I love @CoryBooker, but i'm not tearing down anyone. I'm sharing background info on all of the candidates & asking people to compare objectively, not thru rose-colored myopic lenses.
3) I'm a plant for Cruz, BS, etc. FFS, go thru my TL. That's assinine.

I was accused by Berners of being a shillbot, too, and of tearing down Bernie for Hillary. See the similarity? I do, and that's the concern.
There are a number of comparisons to be made between Bernie & Beto & their supporters. I won't bother with the list. But I will share one more overlap I found this a.m. and I swear, if I find out Beto wrote porn, too... SMH
And because we all know it's coming, Joe.

I feel like Joe is a known quantity and I'm pretty sure he'll have the PBO & MO support early on, but still, objectivity.

Joe's bio (his isn't as complete as others, so I'm going to share additional links, too)
Joe's short list of experience.
I thought these might be handy, too.…
For those who've not seen @CoryBooker in his mayoral campaign, this is a must watch because it gives insight into younger Cory, what matters to him, and what he's made of (steel, wrapped in sweet).
It's sad to me (and quite the statement re implicit bias and downright racism sometimes) that in our country a SWM w/charisma "trumps" (yes, intentional choice) an accomplished Rhodes scholar, Stanford/Yale law grad, young mayor, Senator, but then again...
It's Cory's same accomplishments that are intimidating to a lot of people, same was true with PBO, so the safe SWM is the less accomplished and less intimidating choice, I guess.
I had someone take offense that I didn't consider Irish Catholics part of the Dem base.


So, I'm just going to cite some Pew Research re religious demographics.
White Catholics supported Trump, therefore, not the Dem base, IMO.…
More 2016
More Dem base demographics. Black women, Poc in general, LGBTQ are the Dem base. White women (and I am one of those) - we're not the Dem base overall. White men are not the Dem base at all. Catholics have not proven to be the Dem base either.…
So, point of this: if you want to come and tell me why Beto is our man for 2020 & you've got some solid support for that argument, I'm in, I want to hear. But "Irish Catholic is the Dem base" really isn't going to work. "Charisma" is also not on the table. Otherwise, convince me.
Because I'd love to think that BetoMania isn't the same as BernieMania 2016 but younger & with better hair

I'd like to think it's a decision based on fact, substance, careful consideration & not just a subliminal draw to the white male leader drummed into our reptilian brains
Request for Jay Inslee, so here we go:

Jay's Bio.
Jay's Experience.
And while I'm updating this, I want to call attention to this FINCEN fine / Beto's mother admitting to structuring transactions - that's money-laundering people, and you might say "oh, that's Beto's mom!", not Beto (swoon), but guess again...
A $630,000 tax fraud case involving his mother.

This reminding you of anyone? Or rather two anyones?
And - ONCE AGAIN - Beto minimized it

"O’Rourke said he had no involvement in his mother’s furniture story"

Only he owns half of it and cash flows to him from it.

Hmmmm... where have we seen benefitting from and distancing from illegal activity before???
And here is how it cash flows to him - his mother gave him half the shopping center and it was the anchor store.

So I know that BetoMania brings on massive rationalization, but can we all have enough integrity to agree that if he profited from money-laundering, that's bad?
His minimization of his behavior concerns me
The DUI -running from it and lying about it - concerns me.
Rich entitlement concerns me
Money-laundering in the family concerns me. The lost years. The Bernard-esque parallels. And this.

He's paying his own media company...
Let me repeat: Beto is paying his own money to his media company.
How is this different from Old Towne Media/Bernard/Tad Devine?
How is this different from Donald?
And how much more of it is Beto going to funnel to himself thru his business?
FEC filings will tell...
Beto talks pretty, and he can even do it while squatting on a bar or tabletop. I mean, come on, that was at the list of my 2020 candidate wish list, but I'm haunted by @HillaryClinton's reminder:

When someone shows you who they are, believe them...
And now, a break for racism, because I just can't get enough of it. Here @liberalinohio calls it out wonderfully! (And Debi, bless her heart, did say she'd vote for another Black woman, just not Kamala... it is *so* embarrassing to be white)
This says it all.
This is not a diss to @PeteButtigieg but an observation on the difference between WM candidates and PoC.

I've been called a "snob", a "Cruz mole", and worse for suggesting that Beto's lack of higher education & competitive experience matters. Beto has charisma, after all...
So @CoryBooker/@KamalaHarris - their education & experience were minimized when compared to Beto's appeal, but now that a white man has the credentials, they seem to be important again! What happens when Multilingual Mayor Pete meets the Table-walking Talent of Charismatic Beto?
So, to recap: @CoryBooker - Stanford grad - BA in Political Science and Masters in Sociology! Modern HIstory - Oxford! JD - YALE Law! City Council! Mayor! Senator! Saved a dog! Saved a woman from a fire!

What does he have to do to be charismatic and a challenge to Donald?
And @KamalaHarris - Howard BA - UC Hastings Law; AG State of CA; Senator

And @Staceyabrams - BA, Political Science/Economics - Spellman; Masters of Public Policy - UT; Yale Law!
Also @staceyabrams Minority Leader & State Rep GA State House

Then there's @JulianCastro who needs our support to get on the debate stage - and he deserves that!

BA - Standord, Harvard Law! Mayor - San Antonio & City Council; Sect of HUD.
It's amazing to me that these extraordinary leaders who've accomplished so much, are so educated and experienced, that we aren't in awe.

Of course, @HillaryClinton is the best candidate Dems ever had, and look at what we, as a party, allowed to happen to her, just sayin'
But we're hiring for the highest level Govt position in the US. Don't qualifications and experience matter? (I know, I know, Donald, etc. but that's not a valid
argument, that's just clammering for the lowest rung & being happy w/ it)
Still, compare the resumes above to these...
First, @BetoORourke - BA, English, Columbia; El Paso City Council; US House.

That's it tweeps. And he took four years off after college, just like Bernard.

Bernard managed - BA, University of Chicago; Mayor of Burlington (w/NRA's help), House, Senate

But "charisma" - right?
Whoops, I forgot, @CoryBooker is a Rhodes Scholar, too.

Just like Pete.

@PeteButtigieg - BA, History & Literature - Harvard; BA, Philosophy Oxford; Mayor - South Bend, Indiana. Speaks 7 languages (that is impressive).

But it's not Harvard or Yale Law.
It's not US Senate.
So, am I the only one to think that different standards based on skin color, implicit bias and the early socialization/reptilian brain imprints draw us to white male leaders and make them more "charismatic" even though they're definitely NOT the most qualified?
As far as I can tell, our whole country is in violation of Title VII and 2020 Dem primary is a great example of it.
"Listen, man, we're used to working." Andrew Gillum said that and it makes me sick that we can all just carry on, let PoC keep doing the work so that we can laud our "charismatic" candidates.
Andrew Gillum also said this. And he still carries on.
And then I got this insight from a Beto supporter:
No, no one is stopping them. But our collective obtuseness means that we won't help them, either. It means that some tweeps will make insipid and dismissive remarks instead of looking at their own bullshit behavior. And that's why it's important.
But I always appreciate it when a tweep really puts some thoughtful analysis into their response instead of resorting to one of the Top 10 Logical Fallacies.
Unfortunately, this wasn't one of those times.
FTR, I am not attacking Democrats. I have been a Dem for a long time, and an active one since 2000. Very active, local & national elections. But if we don't vet them now, what will happen when GOP gets to them.

And the irony, this came from a BetoMania tweep. SMH. Just SMH
Also, I want to share information about @JulianCastro & his life story & understanding of immigration issues. Although Beto is the only candidate from a border town, Castro is from San Antonio, 150 miles from Laredo TX Border, plus this:…
It's also important to point out that Beto can see Mexico from his front porch.

(Of course, that firsthand perspective & experience might be a stretch - see @JulianCastro above)
And I'm a huge animal lover, so the fact that Mayor Pete speaks Maltese does make me happy.
but I've had several tweeps tell me that I cannot choose a candidate based on animals.
Note that furniture is mentioned. No one buys $630K of furniture in cash and asks to pay in $9,999 increments unless they're hiding something ultra-sleazy.

Another hint: political campaigns are easy ways to layer the money in. They're always good for extra due diligence.
Important to think about re @JulianCastro

Maybe Booker/Castro? Just sayin'
Also, this.
I'm putting Kirsten Gillibrand's bio out here, too. I don't think she has a chance, and I have mixed feelings about her, but to be fair, here she is.

Kirsten Gillibrand again
Adding @RepAdamSchiff's bio b/c even though he's not running, this is the kind of bio that we need in ALL of our candidates, regardless of color.

Also, he's just awesome. A man w/brains, courage, and the willingness to act on it. Rare, very rare.
And more of @RepAdamSchiff's bio
Also, I will no longer support any version of Pete b/c of his BS-like behavior. That is my one retraction from this thread. He's not qualified IMO and not what we need. I was supportive until. But still better than BOR or BS. At least. he's intelligent & smart matters to me
And sadly, Stacey Abrams, not so much now either. But that was never going to happen anyway.
So if you simply must have a White Male Savior, at least pick one who is qualified-ish, and has the education and some good experience. Law school matters tweeps, esp when lacking deep experience.

Here's @ericswalwell's bio
More on @ericswalwell - experience
And I personally like that he's not from an entitled background. When you've never had to work and haven't really ever had a real day job, it's hard to relate IMO.
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