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THREAD on what’s happening in France (#GiletsJaunes/#YellowVests):

Disclaimer: if you think that Soros/Russia/Illuminati is behind the Yellow Vests or some other batsh*t nonsense, then please stop here. This thread isn’t for you. Cat videos on YouTube are maybe more appropriate.
1. While the YV protests actually began on 17.11.18, I think most are aware that frustration with the government has been building for many many years. Sarkozy certainly played a big role in this. Deep-rooted contractions have been left unaddressed; offshore accounts were filled.
2. Without wanting to dedicated a lot of space to the details of each French government since the last massive riots in 1968, I think it is easier to proceed from the fact that France has been essentially occupied by America for decades. For me, this helps to explain a lot.
3. In Russia there is the word “народ”. The closest translation of this into English is “nation”, but actually it doesn’t really convey the sense. We’re talking about fraternal relations amongst peoples that are indistinguishable from kindred ones.
4. And it’s understandable why this concept doesn’t exist in the West. Or at least, I’ve never seen it. When America landed on Omaha beach in 1944 it sure didn’t have the best interests of France at heart. And the quick formation of NATO in 1949 testifies to this.
5. America succeeded to create a loyal bloc in synchronisation with the USSR’s withdrawal from Europe (talk about “Soviet occupation" = NATO propaganda). Normandy was bombarded by US aviation in an act of national subjugation. This is also psychological warfare.
6. After all, it’s no coincidence that as of this very moment Japan - nuked by America - is the No. 1 most indebted country in the world. Africa is another story, the people were stripped of their identity and turned into automated plantation workers for the “civilised” West.
7. This helps to explain why French TV broadcasts American movies, American series, American music, etc on a loop. Or at least until recently. I have noticed that there has been a slight reduction in the last year, but there is still a predominance all the same.
8. On TV there is a focus on violence. Children’s cartoons consist of almost endless aggression. Everything is done to create lines of division and pit X against Y. This doesn’t benefit France or Europe, but it does benefit the USA and its EU project.
9. Why? Because how else can American… sorry… NATO military objects be planted on European soil and aimed at Russia? Most French people believe that the USA was a liberator in WW2, and that nuking Japan was justified. The TV reinforces these ideas also on a loop.
10. If you try to challenge someone who thinks such things, you will be on the receiving end of the 3 stages of denial. The creeping annexation of French sovereignty reached its peak in 1999, when the € replaced the franc. The standard of living has worsened ever since.
11. After this, French agro produce lost its place in its own country to Spanish agro (Spain = IMF slave), which is ridiculed with pesticides. As a result, French produce is now much more expensive. Fruit and Veg? Extortionate. Sadly, French produce is also a victim of Monsanto.
12. I will come back to this later, but I have given one early example of the consequences of US occupation. Has it brought anything good? In my opinion, no. Living became dependent on credit. Car adverts on TV infinitely promote debt and unaffordable lifestyles.
13. Part of the parcel of US occupation is being dragged into violations of int. law. France played a major role in bombing Yugoslavia and trafficking organs (Bernard Kouchner was heavily involved). It helped to carve the region up and illegally create Kosovo's “independence".
14. France helped America invade Afghanistan (invading Iraq didn’t receive enough public support) in Operation Enduring Freedom (nice name, lol). France (Sarkozy) helped America use Georgia as a battering ram against Russia. France was the ringleader in the evaporation of Libya.
15. France helped arm terrorists in Iraq and feed Al Qaeda, which later resulted in the birth of ISIL/ISIS. France helped AFRICOM send weapons from Libya to Syria. France is permanently in Africa, helping the IMF pillage sovereign nations like Mali.
16. France helped Al Qaeda/ISIS in Sy-Raq unconditionally in the media space and with financing. France helped Riyadh send Yemen back to the Stone Age. France helps Israel massacre Palestinians. France helped America overthrow Yanukovych in Ukraine and unleash civil war.
17. France has consistently parroted America’s anti-Russia propaganda on Skripal, MH-17, Crimea, Trump “collusion”, etc. And now France helps America bring Venezuela to its knees. Does absolutely any of this benefit France or the French people? Non.
18. Who does it benefit? The IMF. NATO. Jacob Rothschild (I am “anti-semitic", yes). Apartheid Israel. Lockheed Martin. Raytheon. Boeing. Goldman Sachs. JP Morgan. Disney. Kellogg’s. Qatar. Saudi Arabia. Banderists. Wall Street. Soros. Clinton. AMERICA.
19. Now with this important background information on the table, we will move on to the topic of the Yellow Vests. The initial spark of the protests is the El Khomri law, which essentially robbed employees of their rights. Read more about it here:

20. And guess what? Yes, 48 hours ago the EU condemned this law.


I.e., 18 weeks of protests could’ve been avoided long before this dumb globalist law was adopted. But nope, giving workers a fair exchange for their labour doesn’t fill offshores.
21. The next scandal that incensed people is the Benalla affair from July 2018. Summary: Macron’s best buddy Alexandre Benalla (some say he’s his boyfriend) violated the law and assaulted a May Day protestor. He then broke the law on diplomatic passports.

22. This particular scandal is never-ending, and, predictably, no punishment has yet arrived. The media even tried to link it to Russia. However, when a Yellow Vest (boxer) acts in self-defence against over-aggressive riot police, he is instantly given a jail sentence.
23. The tipping point was Macron’s 23% diesel fuel tax, which he wanted to implement at the very beginning of 2019. This resulted in 300,000+ protestors mobilising in November 2018 - also known as Act 1 of the Yellow Vests. The government did not respond.

24. Thus, Act 2 was called, which was even more violent. But again, no reaction from Macron followed. Act 3 happened, and then Macron bluffed - he claimed that the fuel tax hike would be postponed. Then a bit later he announced it had be fully scrapped (a ploy).
25. It was only after act 4 that Macron did something. But all he did was increase the minimum wage by a measly €100. Ironically, it became the most-viewed political speech in France's history. The YVs collectively shook their heads & continued protests.

26. Before Act 5 there was the Strasbourg “terrorist attack”. I use inverted commas because I believe it was government orchestrated to try to end the protests. Macron let the perpetrator - who was known to police - walk around a free man when there were chances to detain him.
27. Act 6 and 7 were pretty calm and by this point Macron felt like he had managed to quell the movement. Then there was the boxer scandal of Act 8, which the media milked dry. After Act 9 Macron announced the start of the pathetic “grand debate”.

28. The “grand debate”, which has now ended, was being sold by propaganda TV channels as “a new stage of democracy”. In reality, it was a re-run of Macron’s electoral campaign + his campaign for May's EU elections. A fake debate; a monologue.

29. Act 10 took place relatively calmly. Then during Act 11 Macron’s goons fired a “flashball” at the face of a prominent YV - Jérôme Rodrigues. All testimonies & proof show that it was a deliberate act. As a result, Jérôme lost the use of his right eye.

30. Act 12 was mostly about condemning police violence & was dedicated to Jérôme. Act 13 involved a Yellow Vest’s hand being blown off by a grenade. The media never told people that these grenades are loaded with TNT. They never showed the footage.

31. Act 14 is when the Zionist rat Alain Finkielkraut was “greeted” by the YVs, after which the media started screaming “anti-semitism” non-stop. I couldn’t watch the TV for days after this, the level of social engineering was vomit inducing.

32. After this Macron decided to register in law the concept that criticism of Zionism is the same as “anti-semitism”. During act 14 Jewish & Muslim Yellow Vests marched together and showed that Macron's slurs/tropes won’t work.

33. Act 15 & 16 were different in the sense that the YVs decided to stop declaring their protests and instead did unsanctioned marches. Sadly, this tactic didn’t have much success since the police set up wedges and managed to squeeze and paralyze the YV.

34. Act 17 was supposed to be a 3-day sit-in in Paris. Sadly, on the Friday the police already thwarted the plans & prevented the creation of a tent camp under the Eiffel Tower. The march on Saturday was halted quite easily by the police. This was actually good, because...
35. It made the Yellow Vests twice as angry. It was understood that the format of protests had to change since it had become stale & easy for the police to stop. The initial plan for Act 18 was to encircle the Elysees Palace from 4 directions with mass mobilisation.
36. At the last minute (10am on Saturday morning) a curveball was thrown at Macron and all the Yellow Vests gathered on the Champs Elysees. You know the rest: the most violent protest since Act 1 & 2. See below for more:

37. Now that I have done a basic chronology (I only mentioned the most important events, most of which happened in Paris), I will now answer some questions posed to me and then speak my mind about all of this.

Q: “How many people showed up for Act 18 in Paris?"
38. I don’t know exactly, but it was similar to Acts 1 & 2, so at least 10,000. The Police syndicate says 290,000 protested across the country, while the Interior Ministry says 14,000 😂. The riot police (CRS) stood no chance, the YV’s anger was like an erupting volcano.
39. Q: "To your knowledge, did this occur in other French cities?”

It happens in all the major cities. Toulouse always has a big attendance, as does Nantes. There is the blocking of toll roads, roundabouts, airports, etc too.
40. Q: "Why is there almost zero coverage of this across all US news outlets?”

Because it exposes the “democracy” scam and makes “partners” like Ukraine sh*t their pants, since they realise that it is their throat that the Anglo-Saxons will cut next.
41. Q: "Do you experience any degree of organisation among protesters or is it still merely people gathering, walking around and going home again?”

There is central organisation, yes. The police try their best to set up traps, but the YV communicate all observations internally.
42. I'll give an example: On the night of March 15th the police were patrolling all the highways that lead into Paris. So, a large communique was distributed among YVs informing what routes they are on & at what times. The same for the metro station closures.
43. Q: "Do you believe there are other groups among protesters who bring more violence into protests than there has been before? Or in other words, have protesters been infiltrated in order to discredit them?”

For Act 18 there was solidarity. But for the early acts the YVs...
44. …weren’t too comfortable with the “black block” being present, because they didn’t want to be labelled by the media as demolishers/hooligans. But the YV soon learnt that the media will demonise them if they are peaceful all the same, so it’s better to not play Macron's game.
45. There are times when the police have worn a Yellow Vest and pretended to be protesters. There are also plain clothes cops walking around too. Also, there are cops who pretend to be “black block”. So yes, there is infiltration. But nothing could stop what happened on the 16th.
46. Q: "What is your estimate of % backing in the french population towards the GJ.”

The media/entertainment brainwashing machine has done a lot of damage over the years. I’d say for every 3 people there is 1 supporter. This is still good considering the circumstances.
47. Q: "Are law enforcement, police & institutions follow or is there dissent also among them?”

The YVs are rather perplexed as to why the police don’t defect more. There is a problem with suicide among officers, and they are under funded. Some syndicates are pro-YV.
48. Now I will speak my mind. Let’s speak about what happened on the 16th (act 18) in more detail. I arrived at the Champs-Élysées at around 10:15. I immediately noticed how the riot police (CRS) had cut the avenue in half with a row of trucks.
49. But about 10 minutes later they moved the trucks and the water cannon into the side streets so that they were facing the avenue, as opposed to being in it. This was odd. It was as if they had handed the avenue to the YV on a silver platter without resistance.
50. The first clashes happened near the Arc d’Triomphe. Paving stones/rocks were being thrown at the trucks and EU tanks that were parked there. There was an endless screen of tear gas. No shop smashing had happened yet. The response from CRS was rather docile.
51. It must be understood that after the first few acts, Macron gave the order to use a stronger formula of tear gas. But normally there are mobile anti-terrorism units (BAC) on standby ready to chase the YVs and detain them. There was no BAC at all on the Champs-Élysées.
52. After an attempt to go down one of the streets perpendicular to the AdT failed (police blocked it), everyone returned back to the AdT and then headed down the Champs-Élysées. It was here that the smashing began. There were police blocking every side street.
53. In one of the videos I filmed you can see why CRS preferred to stand at a distance. They stood no chance. I am confident that a cop could’ve died at this moment if they hadn’t retreated. The rocks were coming down on them like artillery.

54. It reminded me a lot like Maidan in the sense that the cops were sitting ducks, and it felt like nothing could disperse the protestors. The YV took the Champs-Élysées and all the police could do was to try to herd people around like sheep via tear gas.
55. The saving grace for the police was that the YV managed to break free down a side road and thus left the Champs-Élysées. The 2 hour riot across 2km began, through street after street. The Black Block were smashing things left, right, and centre.
56. There were many things I didn’t film because I didn’t want to get on the wrong side of them. Last thing I needed was a smashed phone cos they suspected I was an undercover cop (like Benalla). Shoppers and tourists simply watched with their jaw on the floor.
57. The police car incident was pretty crazy. They found an abandoned police car in the street, smashed it and torched it. Then within seconds the police helicopter above gave a tip off and cops on bikes arrived. The mad scramble to escape was frantic.
58. When I went into a regular shop to buy food, the Black Block arrived & started to smash the one next door. The shop owner closed the shutters in a hurry & didn’t let me leave for 5 minutes. Finding the column again wasn’t hard - I just followed the trail of smashed glass.
59. Now I will speak about the “Black Block”. They are just the typical urban types who are impoverished, have poor education, and are maximally frustrated. I sympathise with them, since France’s record of colonisation is appalling, and Macron does nothing to give them hope.
60. There are some districts of Paris that not even the police dare go to. The gangs there throw Molotov cocktails at cop cars even when the cops are inside. "No-go zone" is an understatement. There are places where the use of assault rifles to settle scores is normal.
61. A key thing that happened in the buildup to act 18 is the following:


The streets of Grenoble were a war zone for 3 consecutive nights because of this instance of police brutality.

62. I don’t agree with giving them a label either. At the end of the day, they are French citizens who are victims of the government’s social genocide policy. They are the lost generation who can only expect to be slaves for the elite. They are human beings too.
63. The YVs have not declared a unification with the Black Block, and they probably won’t, since the media will milk it, but it’s clear now that the YVs need a power wing (силовое крыло). On the 16th the BB and YV worked together because they are both in survival mode.
64. They both are against Macron/ the system and they both understand that being “peaceful” whilst the government continues to pillage, physiologically torment, and liberalise/globalise the “plebs" is like grabbing your ankles and handing Macron the vaseline.
65. The adoption of the “anti-casseur” law (read more here: connexionfrance.com/French-news/Am…) was a pathetic attempt to indirectly ban protests. The media likes to label all YVs as “hooligans”, so that the ultra-liberal Macron voters make more noise against the YVs.
66. As I said, the YVs tried the peaceful route, and it was like pissing in the wind. Ironically, Macron cancelled the fuel tax hike and increased the minimum wage when the YVs were violent back in November/December. He thought that the YV’s had ran out of steam. He was wrong.
67. Is violence “correct”? The problem is that the media uses images to evoke emotional reactions. Does the media ever show the Macron regime looting peoples taxes and pensions? No. Do they show French weapons being used to massacre Syrian children? No.
68. Macron and his neoliberal predecessors created “violence” as a rule of engagement, and not the YVs. Do the YVs have any other choice now? The cost of living gets worse and worse, so what should they do, bearing in mind that ISIS repatriated children receive better care?
69. So what will now happen? In the near future: more large protests are in the works (expect a biggie in 2-3 weeks); May Day is coming up, so expect something big planned for this day; mass walk outs are possible; other effective acts of disruption that I will keep secret.
70. The media will continue to brand the YVs as hooligans who are bad for business. Thus, the YVs will become more and more militant. Macron might try a weak tax cut as a “concession”, but he might as well not bother, since it won’t change anything.
71. There are EU elections in May too, which the YVs want to sabotage and prevent Macron’s party from gaining votes. It hasn’t yet been decided what the best course of action is here, but it’s agreed that blank ballot papers is a bad idea.
72. In the more longer term: if things remain on the current trajectory, then civil war. This is not a conflict on ethnic grounds. This clash concerns the system of governance. What the YVs want is so radically different from neoliberalism and the EU.
73. Perhaps at first the YVs thought that a few violent protests would achieve the goals, but over time they started to realise the severity of the situation. Act 18 testifies to this - a sudden release of energy in order to keep the movement alive.
74. Things like “RIC” (telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/12/1…) and “Frexit” are merely concepts at the moment. Implementing the former is difficult since the parliament is designed in such a way to prevent the decentralisation of power. The latter depends on the implementation of the former.
75. Ultimately, this is an example of fourth generation warfare. In principle, it is a civil war already - in the framework of late-capitalism/liberalism. And events in Syria-Ukraine-Venezuela-Iraq-Yemen-etc act as an added boomerang that is returning back to France rapidly.
76. The YVs represent this loss of synchronicity within the EU engine. When Trump was elected the rolling back of globalism started to increase its speed. Macron is trying to reverse this process. For example, he is about to privatise the airports (lemonde.fr/politique/arti…).
77. An added complication is that the YVs don’t like party politics & thus will not vote for Le Pen, who they consider to be a product of the system. So we have an impasse like the one in the UK, where the will of the people counts for nothing, and society is hyper fragmented.
78. This is the consequence of the S-400 deployment in Syria. It caused the Western bloc to fragment (since the survival of the capitalism depends on looting the wealth of other nations), and thus the ship is now taking on water. But should the YV try to take the helm & save it?
79. My answer: one cannot build a new system without completely demolishing the old one. France failed to do this in the previous revolutions. Feudalism persisted. Thus, the contradictions rise to the surface again. However, back then they didn’t have the EU to deal with.
80. My conclusion is that most French people are completely unaware of the reality that the country now exists in, and think that they can continue their lives as normal. They consider that the YVs are terrorists, and have already subconsciously dehumanised them.
81. With the national/global (Western) economic situation becoming more & more dire, more & more migrants adding weight on the tax payer’s shoulders, and poor education producing zombie youth, the situation is going to explode sooner or later. How badly? The million $ question.
82. End of thread.


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