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I feel like now, in a post- #eggboy world is a good time to push my ideas regarding how effective public humiliation/mockery can be, and I’m going to in Discordian terms. The Principia Discordia has the Law of Eristic Escalation: imposition of order= escalation of disorder.
Basically the harder you crack down on people the worse the backlash is when it comes, more or less. Thing is, you can apply this on a small scale too. So, for example, the more stern and seriously someone takes themselves, the more damaging it is to make them look foolish.
Largely because they just don’t know how to deal with it. Take #eggboy as an example. Someone once egged Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was running for office. He took his jacket off and asked “Where’s the bacon? Can’t have eggs without bacon!” Fuckin owned.
Compare that to the fascist in AUS. He and his completely lost it. Their rally was cut short by 2 hours, the facade was broken for a bit, and some of those folks may well be looking at criminal charges for their treatment of a minor.
Authoritarian types MUST protect their image, it’s where all their power lies. They have to be the hardest, strongest, smartest, most cunning. Of course, they never are. Another good one is the recent brexit rally where Farage was and they paraded his own tweets around the crowd.
Seriously. Watch his face fall. Watch all the energy just get sucked right out of him. The ridiculousness and hypocrisy is right on display and he knows there’s nothing he can do.
Spencer is another minor example though it was much less of a heckle. Let’s be real, he was never in very serious danger and was never injured significantly enough to notice. But the second that became a meme, you KNEW “oh this dude is done now. Its all over but the crying.”
If every fascist bigot knew, KNEW, that any time they tried to give a speech in public they would take a cream pie to the face, it would without hyperbole be the end of their movement as a significant political force. Yes, for real.
If they laugh WITH you they’ll follow you anywhere. If they laugh AT you, they won’t follow at all. Fascists only know how to laugh at the suffering of others. They EXPECT to be hated. To be feared. To be met with violence. They cannot deal effectively with being mocked, at scale
You cannot project a strongman image with lemon meringue all over your suit. Fraser didn’t just lose his cool, he reacted in the only possible way he could. In his position, it is IMPOSSIBLE to laugh it off, play along, make a bacon joke.
And if #eggboy had just run up and donkey punched him we would not be having this conversation we’ve had the last few days at all. The derision and mockery of the egg makes it work. He didn’t treat the man like a terror or even an enemy. He treated him like a bad comedian.
He also quite likely would have been stomped out. Humiliation backs them into a box. The only thing they CAN do is overreact, which compounds their loss of gravitas and credibility with all but the most hardcore of us. They add their own injury to insult.
Get creative out there. Eggs. Stink bombs. Silly string. Rotten fruit. Paint. Urine. Drown them out with rubber chickens and clown horns. With a touch of imagination it is possible to BOTH deplatform fascists AND send the message that they are not to be taken seriously.
Because make no mistake, they should NOT be taken seriously. FASCISM is a serious threat. BIGOTRY is a serious threat. But the actual people? Are utter fucking JOKES. So let’s treat them like jokes. The damage inflicted is ultimately longer lasting.
Another good example they did to themselves was the Night of Wrong Wives. An entire neonazi organization fell apart because their leaders got in a spat over a cuck fetish three way. The embarrassment caused by that destroyed the group literally overnight.
Look at the differing reaction from “normies” also, in the wake of Spencer and #eggboy. Sure, there’s SOME saying “wah wah it’s assault” but the VAST majority of folks are just like “dude. It’s an egg. One egg. Are you serious right now? Grow UP.”
Fascists are growing much too comfortable hiding behind “irony” and “memes”. Make them the butt of the joke. You just cannot fear or follow someone you end up laughing at. Hairline wanna say deplatforming gives them “bad boy” mystique? Where’s Fraser’s “mystique” right now?
Treat fascism seriously. Treat fascists like the walking jokes they are. Pr*ud Boys have been deplatformed by people with silly string before, as ridiculous as they are even to begin with. You can’t be the “proud protector of western civilization” when you’re covered in smurf cum
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