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"A 4-year-old girl, in the dramatic play area of her preschool, begins swaying her hips & singing, “Baby, I’m your slave. I’ll let you whip me if I misbehave.” When her teacher goes over to talk to her about it,she volunteers that she learned the song from her 8-year-old sister."
"After doing a bit of research, the teacher discovers that the words are from a highly popular Justin Timberlake song."
"A six-year-old casually asks at dinner, “What’s a blow job?” Before his parents can respond, his ten-year-old sister knowingly screeches, “Oh my God, I can’t believe he asked that!”
"Both boys and girls are routinely exposed to images of sexual behavior devoid of emotions, attachment, or consequences. They learn that sex is the defining activity in relationships, to the exclusion of love and friendship. They learn that sex is often linked to violence."
"And they learn to associate physical appearance and buying the right products not only with being sexy but also with being successful as a person."
"Such lessons will shape their gender identity, sexual attitudes, and values, and their capacity for relationships, for love and connection, that they take into adulthood."
"The 4th-grade girl who wrote this letter is struggling with her inability to meet the standard. She's learned to talk about herself as if she were an object,judged solely by her looks. She has learned to be grown up beyond her years & yearn for a romantic relationship with a boy
"He, as many boys his age do, has to figure out how to deal with the sexy and provocative behavior of many of the girls in his life. The boy in the story above was fortunate to have a trusting relationship with his mother, so he could talk with her about his confusion."
"Both girls and boys, but especially girls, are pushed into precocious sexuality in appearance and behavior long before they understand the deeper meaning of relationships or of the sexual behavior they’re imitating."
"According to the Report of the APA Task Force on the Sexualization of Girls published by the American Psychological Association in 2007, sexualization has to do with treating other people (and sometimes one-self) as “objects of sexual desire . . ."
"sexualization has to do with treating other people as “objects of sexual desire . . ." as things rather than as people...” When people are sexualized, their value comes primarily from their sex appeal, which is equated with physical attractiveness."
"In the most extreme cases, the media’s incessant sexualization of childhood can contribute to pathological sexual behavior, including sexual abuse, pedophilia, and prostitution."
"But sex in commercial culture has far more to do with trivializing and objectifying sex than with promoting it, more to do with consuming than with connecting. The problem is not that sex as portrayed in the media is sinful, but that it is synthetic and cynical."
"The exploitation of our children’s sexuality is in many ways designed to promote consumerism, not just in childhood but throughout their lives."
"Bratz dolls—by their name, their anorexic-looking bodies, their overt sexuality and hookerlike wardrobe, as well as by the focus on shopping and appearance as the point of the play."
"She had heard news reports about incidents of oral sex in high schools. She had read that several boys at a private school near Boston were expelled because a girl had performed oral sex on all of them in the locker room."
Tessa's eighth birthday: "About a half hour later Tessa’s mother, Kate, quietly went into the hallway to see how they were doing. Through the bedroom door, left slightly ajar, she overheard a conversation that took her breath away."
"The girls were talking about what Cassie, a girl in their class who was not at the party, had worn to school that day—a midriff shirt that exposed her belly button. Kendra said, “My mom says I can’t have one. I keep telling her it’s not fair.”"
"MacKenzie said without hesitation that her mom let her choose the clothes she wanted and Kendra’s mom was really mean for not letting Kendra choose her clothes. Emily agreed. Tessa seemed not to be participating much."
"As Kate continued to eavesdrop, she learned that “the boys like Cassie.” They chase her on the playground, and one of the boys actually ran up to her and kissed her! Kate also learned that the boy is Cassie’s “boyfriend” now, and he likes her because she’s “sexy.”"
"When a 1978 Federal Trade Commission report concluded that children under age seven do not possess the cognitive ability to evaluate child-oriented television advertising (a conclusion that the American Psychological Association reiterated in 2004), Congress began to consider.."
"legislation to give the FTC more regulatory power over advertising to children. But the tide began to turn on the possibility of the FTC’s playing a regulatory role when the entertainment & mktg industries launched a powerful lobbying effort in Congress against the new effort."
"This successful campaign not only stopped Congress from passing the new legislation, it also stripped the FTC of the limited powers it already had to oversee children’s advertising."
"Until the mid-1980s, children’s television was regulated by the Federal Communications Commission. The regulations placed limitations on marketers’ access to children by specifying the number of advertising minutes allowed per hour during children’s programming."
"But the floodgates truly opened with the FCC’s deregulation of children’s television during the Reagan administration in the mid-1980s, when pressure mounted to get government to deregulate all aspects of industry."
"Deregulation made it possible for marketers to develop products for children directly linked to children’s television programs. And the program-length commercial, a program made for the sole purpose of selling products, was born."
"...programs were now used to market toys to children that replicated everything they saw on the program. The first blockbuster show after deregulation was Masters of the Universe (He-Man), which took over the young boy culture like a storm and had the number-one-selling toys"
"Two monumental things happened after deregulation of children’s television that point the way to where we are today. First, children became a separate marketing group, with corporations treating children as consumers for the very first time."
"Second, and more alarmingly in terms of exposing kids to concepts beyond their ability to understand, sex and violence became primary marketing tools to capture children’s attention and create voracious consumers."
"This meant that children’s television programs quickly became much more gender-divided."
"sexiness and mean-spirited behavior crept into shows like Powerpuff Girls
And violence became the defining feature of programming for boys, with such highly successful shows as Masters of the Universe, Transformers, GI Joe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"
"when Mattel, Barbie’s manufacturer, realized that play with Barbie dolls (and other dolls too) was ending at younger ages than in the past (a phenomenon known as “age compression” by the industry), it responded by introducing the Lingerie Barbie line for older girls..."
"...it responded by introducing the Lingerie Barbie line for older girls—dolls wearing see-through lingerie. Brazenly, the Barbie . com website describes one new doll in the Lingerie series this way:"
"• “So Many Boys, So Little Time” is the slogan on one fitted T-shirt sold in a size made for six-year-old girls.
• A T-shirt for four-year-old girls says “Scratch and Sniff” across the chest."
"A recent development to sexualize girls even further is the all-in-one fashion boutiques for girls like Club Libby Lu, a chain of stores owned by Saks Fifth Avenue and rapidly appearing at shopping malls across the country."
"Here young girls can have makeover birthday parties that include dressing up like sexy grown-ups with clothes for the part, makeup, and fancy hairstyles."
"Marketers know about young children’s vulnerabilities, and they exploit them. They work very hard to create a strong childhood culture that divides children from adults."
"They deliberately create peer pressure to attract children to products that their parents don’t want them to have, products that are generally not good for them and sometimes can be extremely harmful."
"“Teach seven-year-olds that sexual expression is a matter of accessorizing and you’ve secured a lifetime of purchases in the lingerie department."
"Disassociate sex from non-market feelings (pleasure, desire, intimacy) and associate it instead with consumable superficialities, and you’ll not only keep the rabble in line, you’ll have them lined up at the mall.”
"• Sexual development does not occur in isolation; it is connected to other lessons children are learning at the same time about themselves, others, and how to function in their world."
"• Young children are drawn to information that is visible and concrete, unfamiliar, dramatic, or even scary. This helps explain why they are so easily seduced by violent actions and sexy physical appearance (large breasts, scanty clothing), as well as actual sexy behavior"
"Big breasts on view, scantily clad bodies, and sexy body movements are not part of the everyday life experiences of most children. That’s why they grab a child’s attention when they do occur."
"• Young children’s thinking tends to focus only on what they can see. They don’t look at what lies beneath the surface of objects, images, and actions—such as the motives, intentions, and feelings underlying sexual behavior."
"• Young children tend to focus on one thing at a time, not on multiple aspects of a situation and the relationships between those aspects."
"Instead of being encouraged to work on their own internal needs and get satisfaction from what they actually accomplish, children learn to associate happiness and a sense of well-being with getting the material things they want."
"This process of equating acquiring objects with happiness could be considered a child’s first drug."
"schools in a wealthy suburban community reports that middle school officials have had to cancel school dances because of sexual activity such as lap and sandwich dancing, where a girl dances between two boys who press up against her in front and in back."
"They are also having problems at dances these days with “freaking,” a kind of dancing in which a boy and girl grind against each other in a simulation of sexual intercourse."
"The most popular girl in the class had gone down on three of the football players. Lizzie thought it sounded gross, but Rachel said it was cool. Lizzie didn’t think she’d know how to do it & she didn’t want to ask Rachel, but she’d found the answer in Cosmo. It did sound gross"
"An international clothing chain store popular with young people is called f.c.u.k. “You can learn more about anatomy after school,”says an ad featuring a young couple embracing in a school yard, an ad that manages to trivialize sex,relationships, & education all in one sentence"
"The point is not to arouse desire for the person, but to arouse desire for the product.

Far from being considered shameful or embarrassing, porn has become cool, edgy."
"“The Internet gives teen boys the idea that girls are interchangeable sexual objects at their disposal,” saysLynn Ponton, author of The Sex Lives of Teenagers. “So how can they ever be developmentally ready for a real-life relationship?”"
"“If you believe Sesame Street taught your four-year-old something, then you better believe MTV is teaching your fourteen-year-old something, because the influence doesn’t stop when we come to a certain age.”"
"Another study found that young black girls who frequently watched rap music videos were more likely to binge drink, have sex with multiple partners
The real obscenity is the reduction of people to objects. Our culture is sex-crazed & sex-saturated, but strangely not erotic."
"Females have long been categorized as either virgins or whores,of course.What is new is that girls are now supposed to embody both within themselves—& that even very little girls are encouraged to look sexy long before they have any real understanding of what this actually means
"You may be surprised to hear this, but the model in the popular culture of desirable female sexuality today comes straight from pornography. Paris Hilton’s sex video makes her famous. Porn stars and call girls write bestsellers."
"From a young age, girls are encouraged to dress and act like hookers and strippers—to remove all or almost all of their pubic hair (via “Brazilian” waxes),to wear G-strings (now called “thongs”), to pole-dance at parties and make out with other girls in order to titillate boys."
"National research suggests that one in five high school girls is physically or sexually abused by a dating partner and nearly one in three experiences some type of abuse (physical, sexual, or psychological) in her dating relationships."
"Images of young girls who are made to look like adult women (such as many of the models in the fashion magazines) may evoke similar responses. These images may also contribute to the trafficking and prostitution of girls by helping to create a market for sex with children..."
"“For the first time in human history, most of the stories about people, life, and values are told not by parents, schools, churches, or others in the community who have something to tell, but by a group of distant conglomerates that have something to sell.”"
"the sexualization of childhood is being normalized in our culture & throughout the developed world now
“By gazing at these images, adult consumers are forced to engage in cultural pedophilia: ie, to view under-age girls & boys as sexualized objects whether we want to or not."
These excerpts were from "So Sexy So Soon: The New Sexualized Childhood and What Parents Can Do to Protect Their Kids", by by Diane Levin, Jean Kilbourne
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