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Exclusive report.

Nirav Modi was setup by London based auction houses of Christie & Sotheby involved in auction of our ancient idols & manuscripts stolen by East India Company spies & hoarded in warehouses of British Empire's officers.

Nirav Modi’s meteoric rise begins with world famous auction houses of #Christie’s & #Sotheby’s who sold his #Golconda diamonds to unknown buyers. This trick was punctured by cases of inflated invoices, diamond smuggling, market manipulations, money laundering by Indian agencies.
What most people fail to grasp is that this is not just one fraud, its a web of multiple scams – it’s a way of life. To better illustrate this point we mention below briefly about one of their adventures in Zimbabwe in 2012 & encourage our readers to checkout the rest.
In 2012 Tendai Biti then Finance Minister of Zimbabwe disclosed that $300 million collected by their mineral development agencies had not been handed over to the state. Meanwhile a stockpile of 2.5 million carats of diamonds valued at $200 million, simply went missing. #NiravModi
In all some $2 billion has been lost to the state since 2008. This amazing feat was achieved by the Indian diamond traders in collaboration with their Zimbabwean allies, the proceeds of which were channeled into the ‘parallel government’ loyal to famous dictator Robert Mugabe.
Such looted stuff, in this case #BloodDiamonds frm Zimbabwe mined by an army of brainwashed child slaves & procured by Indian diamond traders usually end up at world famous auction houses like #Christie’s & #Sotheby’s via India where rare diamonds cut by #NiravModi were auctioned
What is not known to most Indians because media never care to report it (even now) is that these auction houses #Christie's #Sotheby's that sold #NiravModi's stuff were setup by #EastIndiaCompany officers to sell looted heritage from British colonies like India to European elites
James Christie conducted his first auction in 1766 in London where relics, rare diamonds, stolen antiques, temple idols, manuscripts & other such artifacts from India China Japan & Turkey were auctioned off. Christie also made a fortune selling English women on streets of India.
Heres caricaturist #JamesGillray's work showing “Sale of English-beauties in East Indies” on streets of Calcutta by an auctioneer & papers projecting from his pocket are inscribed ‘Instructions for Governor General’ This is how #JamesChristie build the world famous auction house.
After #RobertClive tookover Plassey #JamesChristie made fortune selling plunder of Bengal by #EastIndiaCompany officers that laid foundation of todays world famous auction house of #Christie’s which propelled #NiravModi's career by selling his #Golconda diamonds to unknown buyers
Plassey plunder depleted state exchequer to an extent that Bengal economy was completely shattered. Colonised territories were than used as experiments to understand impacts of #freemarket economics resulting in #BengalFamine of 1770 where third of population starved to death.
Did you know few of these items looted by #RobertClive from India were very recently auctioned at #Christie’s (who also propped up #NiravModi) in London for £4 million when his grandchildren were short of money? Still they have warehouses full of same Indian treasure.
These looted items by #RobertClive frm India were bought by Sheikh Saud bin Mohammed Al-Thani Cultural Minister of Qatar. British authorities angered by the sale kept him under house-arrest in London where he died as a result these are still up for auction independent.co.uk/arts-entertain…
Above is a story of just one such #EastIndiaCompany clerk #RobertClive. What about other high-ranking officers? Do GoI know amount of treasure taken out by colonists? If not did any Govt after independence commissioned such a study to compile a catalogue of looted items? Why not?
#Christie’s & #Sotheby’s are actively engaged in smuggling Indian antiques & artifacts even today. Some years back investigations had exposed a high-profile network between these auction houses & antique smuggler #VamanGhiya part of global smuggling racket newyorker.com/magazine/2007/…
In 2001 US Justice indicted ex chairmen of #Sotheby’s & #Christie’s in an international price-fixing conspiracy. We are yet to see any such conclusive efforts by GoI for rampant wholesale smuggling of our entire civilization going on since centuries which is now $5bn #blackmarket
Like India these auction houses of #Christie's & #Sotheby's have been selling plundered wealth from China as well. “They remain looted items no matter whom they were sold to. Whoever took it out (of China) is a thief. It was looting yesterday. It is still looting today.” -JC
Once #RobertClive tookover Bengal, British forced Indian farmers to cultivate only Opium in their fields which was ferried to China in collaboration with certain Indian businessmen who made their empires peddling drugs for #EastIndiaCompany who are respected household names today
Produced by #Bose’s INA this leaflet shows British soldier burning cotton fields of Indian farmer without any fingers with his equipment destroyed. This was to remind Indians once again how British destroyed Indian cotton industry to force them to buy cheap British products.
Indian farmers were forced to grow only Opium in their fields which was used to drug generations of Chinese culminating in #OpiumWars as a result #HongKong was taken by British where they setup structures like #Christie's & #Sotheby's for smooth division of looted wealth.
Did you know India's heritage including antiques & temple idols which is being smuggled out funds the terror activities of ISIS? Did you know these #BloodBuddhas are being sold at world famous auction houses of #Christie's & #Sotheby's behind #NiravModi? gginews.in/blood-buddhas-…
Hong Kong branch of Christie’s & Sotheby’s that setup #NiravModi are part of these elaborate enterprise for division of plundered Indian & Chinese wealth setup by East India Company after Opium Wars. They provided stolen Golconda diamonds to Nirav Modi.

After Opium Wars, East India Company plundered Chinese Summer Palace just like Robert Clive did in Arcot, Plassey. These smuggled treasures are regularly being sold infront of the whole world by British auction houses one of which was given to #NiravModi gginews.in/nirav-modi-smu…
Read this exclusive report in Hindi.

नीरव मोदी और राष्ट्रीय खजाने की तस्करी

#NiravModi #NiravArrested gginews.in/nirav-modi-the…
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The same British auction houses of Sotheby’s & Christie’s detailed in this report are also involved in smuggling/auction of the treasures of Tirumala Tirupati temples – the issue now raised by the head priest of Tirumala on the basis of our report here gginews.in/robbing-god-sm…
This is the condition with one of the greatest ancient centers of learning where for the first time massive bodies of knowledge were committed to writing. What abt others? Read all about it in @GreatGameIndia's exclusive book India in Cognitive Dissonance notionpress.com/read/india-in-…
China has created a strong intelligence sharing and joint investigation cooperation network with other countries to fight rampant cross-border trafficking of cultural relics and smash major transnational cultural heritage trafficking rings. english.gov.cn/state_council/…
As a direct result of these policies, Christie’s was recently exposed as a front for CIA by Chinese spy Jerry Chun Shing who penetrated CIA & was deputed at Christie's whose intel helped systematically dismantle entie CIA spying operations in China.
To bring point home to sleeping Indians, as an open signal for collaboration an intriguing film was produced by Jackie Chan himself the plot involving mystery to locate lost Magadha treasure in Tibet known as the “Eye of Shiva” popping up in Dubai for auctions at the black market
Same Indian media that is today hounding #NiravModi used to write puff-piece success stories failing to ask the fundamental question of the source of his diamonds. A diamond dealer approached him in 2009 with 12.29 carat Golconda diamond which was first sold in the 1960s.
How did those diamonds ended up in this unknown dealers possession from the Golconda mines which were sold off to Nirav Modi? How many of such diamonds are still in Christie’s, Sotheby’s, foreign government or private collectors possession? How did these diamonds reach there?
In 2010 Golconda diamond Graff Pink was sold in Geneva by Sotheby’s for $44m in 2013 34.65 carat Prince Diamond was sold in New York for $39.3m by Christie’s. Is it co-incidence same Golconda diamonds were auctioned off by NM at Christie’s Sotheby’s to an unknown buyer? MEDIA?
The story of Thomas Pitt, East India Company officer born to a priest of Church of England would be a good point to start an investigation in this aspect. Pitt as President of Madras spawned an illicit diamond trade and made a fortune smuggling diamonds from the Golconda mines.
Pitt smuggled out 140.5 carat uncut Golconda diamond to London in heel of his son's shoe. Sold to Regent of France for 135,000 pounds now known as “Le Regent” or the “Regent’s Diamond.” Napoleon Bonaparte himself wore this diamond and had it embedded onto the pommel of his sword.
The secondary stones made from leftovers of this stolen Golconda “Pitt” Diamond were sold to Peter the Great joining the Russian crown jewels. By 18th century Golconda diamonds had adorned crown jewels of Russia, Iran, Britain, France, Austria and Bavaria!
Read this entire story of how London based auction houses of Christie's & Sotheby's established by East India Company spies played a major role in setting up Nirav Modi's career involved in a systemic plunder of our national resources since centuries gginews.in/nirav-modi-smu…
JUST-IN TODAY London museum has handed back locks of hair cut from the corpse of an Ethiopian emperor during a British invasion 150 years ago, after a campaign by activists seeking the return of hundreds of pieces of colonial plunder. reuters.com/article/us-eth…
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