Here is a tweet storm with the main distilled points from @ScottAdamsSays and @naval talk on periscope here…

Economics is a study of opportunity costs
@ScottAdamsSays @naval 2/88
Pascal's wager is instead Pascal's scam.

Know the difference since in that wager you are missing many opportunities by taking it.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval 3/88

The history of the human race is a history of extracting energy and resources from nature.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval 4/88

Eventually we will reach the solution that nature reached: Use nuclear energy generation in the form of fusion.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval 5/88

Everything that works started out as something that doesn't work.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval 6/88

Technology development is done through iteration.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval 7/88

Regulation can shut down iteration and experimentation, and nuclear tech is definitely the case.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval 8/88

Bitcoin is political insurance. A universal Swiss account that anyone can use.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval 9/88

If socialist policies are created, bitcoin will skyrocket as a result.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval 10/88

Crypto is money you can use without permissions.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval 10/88

If a country will start accepting crypto in taxes, then that will legitimize the value of the coin (just like how the dollar is legitimized by the US)
@ScottAdamsSays @naval 11/88

If the citizens of a country create a new coin and buy initial stock of it, they will be able to retire after, since they basically denoted a new US dollar that the world will use.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval 12/88

Crypto is basically money you can use without permissions.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval 13/88

A solution for immigration:

Give extra "Blank passports" to each American citizen which can then be used as tokens to give to other people to become American citizens.

Effectively, citizens can sell America through them.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval 14/88

AGI is more probable to be an emergent property of the internet and the world, than to be centralized.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval 15/88

An AGI could use crypto to acquire resources.

Like @singularity_net is intending to create.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net 16/88

Politicians have to do what people ask them, otherwise they get voted out.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net 17/88

The chain of power traditionally, was controlled by mass media and money.

Now, those are ineffective and social media took over.

An organic influence engine spreads through the mediums people frequent and pay attention to.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net 18/88

The greatest power that exists today, are in the hands of the people with their thumbs on the scale.

Those that create and maintain algorithms that influence and nudge people in known or unknown directions.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net 19/88

Twitter can become a powerful entity if it becomes a protocol, and not an app.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net 20/88

Twitter is 3 different things:

Protocol for messages,
App for your devices,
Medium for the media company

These 3 things should be separate, open and distributed. You cannot have monopoly on news.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net 21/88

You can solve fake news by having public and subscribed block/white lists, if twitter ends up decentralized.

You need to put tools to the people to make sure they are in control of what they consume.

We already do that now by choosing which newspaper to buy.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net 22/88

Blockchain will eventually become efficient enough to replace mediums like Twiter and Facebook, without a doubt.

It's not there currently.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net 23/88

Credibility is your ability to predict the future and your track record of doing so, combined with your influence, reach and persuasion.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net 24/88

Technology can create massive abundance.

We are only limited by our education.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net 25/88

UBI is a slippery slide into socialism.

99% percent can vote to take all the money from 1%.
Then 95% from the 5%.
Then 80% from the 20%.
Until 51% take from the 49%.

And the economic fabric of society collapses.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net 26/88

Technology is exacerbating inequality.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net 27/88

It's not the rich are getting richer, it's also the smart that are getting richer.

With probably a faster pace than the rich.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net 28/88

Education should be free.
@LambdaSchool pays you to go to school.
@ycombinator pays you to start companies.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator 29/88

The real UBI will come when things get so cheap you can't even meter them.
Companies like Google will give you phones.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator 30/88

Knowing how to manipulate computers and robots is the modern equivalent of reading, writing and arithmetic.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator 31/88

Every effect will continue to operate, until reasons to do so cease.

Can take some time, but that will happen.

That is inertia.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator 32/88

The US was intended to be a Republic, not a direct Democracy, but with the internet and the power of presidency the scales have tipped toward populism and direct-democracy.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator 33/88

Online and future education will be 10x more efficient and cheaper than the current system.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator 34/88

The best teacher in the world can teach online the topic he is an expert at teaching.

You can do the same for any subject, and only learn from the #1 teacher in each.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator 35/88

Kids are learning so much from Youtube.

For instance, @naval's cousin is going to school to watch a teacher in person, then going home and searching on @khanacademy to properly learn the subject after.

That is their method for successful learning.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 36/88

After the Youtube stage there will be a Netflix stage for education.

Some platforms are already there, for computer science for instance.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 37/88

In teaching, there will be a few main gigantic "schools" that will put out content and testing, and then a long tail of teachers.

That's what the internet does to all businesses.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 38/88

Information is fractal, it goes all the way down. The long-tail is enormous.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 39/88

Largest illusion people are under today is the illusion of meaning.

There is no end-meaning, we will all die.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 40/88

Second illusion is the illusion of free will.

There is no you, there is just a long stream of particle collisions from the big bang to now, where your DNA is manifested in the environment.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 41/88

Third illusion is the illusion of reality.

Reality is not what we think at all.

Not to mention the reality is a simulation argument.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 42/88

As buddhists say "You are made of the stuff of the world. There is no separate you."
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 43/88

On top of simulation, you have the rendering problem, if you are considering aliens.

Maybe the universe is not rendering other life forms.

This is just an argument.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 44/88

Every formal system like science and math, ultimately rests on belief.

Down at the quantum level, it's not certainty, it's probability.

Even if we are in a simulation, there might be no way to find that out for sure.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 45/88

The only 3 ways you can get to the bottom of a question:

1. Circular logic.
2. Axiomatic principles.
3. Infinite Regression.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 46/88

@naval: God is a fancy word for existence.

A personification of the universe.

Existence itself is IT.

We are just subroutines part of the greater reality.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 47/88

Reality, Truth, God and Perfection are all the same thing.

They just exist.

If your prediction turns out to be different, then you were wrong and that other thing that simply exists is the Truth.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 48/88

Truth with capital T, by definition, is what exists, has existed and what will exist.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 49/88

The universe might not be perfect from our judgements and illusions and ideas of right and wrong, but it is by definition Perfection.

Because it is what it is.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 50/88

Living things are biased from this effect, because we are biological and we keep a border around ourselves.

We try to keep optimal conditions inside our border to the detriment of everything else outside our border.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 51/88

We will always judge the "external" world as imperfect, because that's how we got here.

We survived until now.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 52/88

God came to be because people got tired of answering "Why?"

In the end they settled on "Because God did it".

God in that sense is THE axiom.

But it's just an axiom, and it is not in any sense objective.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 53/88

The meaning of life for most people, are evolutionary by nature.

Making kids, being productive, experiencing pleasure.

These are all meanings derived from our inner biological mechanisms.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 54/88

If you are finding yourself describing human nature without including evolution, then you are falling down a trap.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 55/88

Much of the unhappiness today is the difference between what society wants and what the individual wants.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 56/88

Society is optimizing for different things, that are different from the biological self of the individual.

That's an advantage of humans, since we can solve complex problems in the future, by predicting and sacrificing the present.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 57/88

Society can hack and reprogram individual biological systems, us, and tell you what to do.

For better or for worse.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 58/88

We have a world of too much abundance.

Too many news,
too much porn,
too much food,
too many options.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 59/88

You almost have to be a modern ascetic to survive as an individual in the world today.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 60/88

All of that is overloading your biological underpinnings.

That's why meditation and retreats are important.

To rediscover your original program and understand it better, by slowing down.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 61/88

@naval introduced the idea of a dopamine fast:
One day each month you only drink water.
You don't use technology.
You don't read.
You don't talk.
You don't listen.
You only exist and meditate, and journal.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 62/88

This dopamine fasting can help you rediscover meaning and fulfillment in the base reality you are living in, without the sea of stimulus.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 63/88

A practical day-to-day definition of freedom:

You're not free when you have to wake up on someone else's schedule.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 64/88

If you have to wear a tie to work you're not really free.

If you have to be at work by a given time, you are not really free.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 65/88

Another level of freedom above that is the freedom of choice.

Having options to create the life you want through self-actualization.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 66/88

A third level of freedom is the freedom from your thoughts, freedom from your self.

By not having to listen to your thoughts each day.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 67/88

The real UBI is cannabis and video games.
(spoken tongue in cheek by @naval)

Dopamine is basically free.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 68/88

The next generation will have to learn how to conquer the next levels of addiction.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 69/88

Historically, humanity had problems with scarcity.

The modern world has problems with abundance.

The problem is how to stop, and how to say no to the things that are damaging to you.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 70/88

Success nowadays is more closely tied to how you break and manage addictions, even more than going out and doing something.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 71/88

Historically, pessimists survived more than optimists.

But in modern society, optimists do a lot better.

They have less loss aversion and a higher creative force.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 72/88

The future will favor those people that don't have addictive personalities in their DNA.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 73/88

@naval mentioned his personality is quite addictive, and he said he needs to be careful of that.

On the flipside, he also has an obsessive personality, which he channels to his advantage.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 74/88

Addiction as an ability seems to be related to how deep you can get focused and lost in something.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 75/88

Obsess over constructive things.
Choose positive addictions.

That's a survival strategy if your personality is a bit obsessive.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 76/88

There is a difference between responsibility and risk management.

If you are wearing a MAGA hat, and someone attacks you, of course the fault lies with the attacker.

But it is true that that wouldn't have happened without the hat.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 77/88

Politics is the domain that exercises power without merit.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 78/88

Naval has a hard time picking top 20 books.

Even top 50 books.

He doesn't keep a list of recommended books, and his interests in reading waivers a lot.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 79/88

Besides, reading books is a lot about timing.

Some books might not apply to you now, but they might have been applicable 5 years ago or apply 5 years in the future.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 80/88

Book recommendations from Naval pt1 (sci-fi): Snow Crash, Matt Ridley, Genome, The Red Queen, Origins of Virtue, The Rational Optimist, The Evolution of Everything.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 81/88

Book recommendations from Naval pt 2 (timeless): Sapiens, The Lessons of History, Senecca the Stoic, Carlo Rovelli
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 82/88

Book recommendations from Naval pt 3 (originals): 8th day of Creation, Origin of Species, The Wealth of Nations
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 83/88

You don't have to read a interpretations of an interpretations like in a game of telephone.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 85/88

When building your foundational knowledge, it's really important to read the basics and the originals.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 86/88

It's far more important in life to know the basics really well for many domains than to know deeply one domain.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 87/88

For example, in math class:

The moment math turned from logic to memorization you lost the ability to do maths.

It happens when you fall behind on your understanding.
@ScottAdamsSays @naval @singularity_net @LambdaSchool @ycombinator @khanacademy 88/88

Always build a very solid foundation.

If you find yourself resorting to memorization, and following other people's opinions, you need to stop and backtrack to the latest checkpoint where things made sense.
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