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#QAnon Thread/ #WarGames, #NSA, Past Drops Comms Clues- Shall We Play a Game?

As things speed up, I wanted to briefly slow down and take some time to expand my thinking. May lead to nothing but hey, no one ever discovered electricity without keying up a kite in the rain.
Q drop 3019 (3/10/19) has been fairly overlooked. Q links to an @NSAGov page providing monthly math and logic puzzles. This one was from May 15, 2016.
#QAnon 3019 is a ‘Shall We Play A Game?’ drop. This movie quote comes from #WarGames, and NSA’s puzzle of 5/15/2018 Q points to is dedicated to its 35th anniv. As you probly know, in it a teen hacker averts nuclear war by getting a supercomputer to play itself in tic-tac-toe.
There’s a neat thread about Q’s tweet meaning below- I wanted to discuss but no space in current thread as #Brackets and #MarchMadness would lead me into #GameTheory and cyberwar, Probability Theory and a new tangent. Next time.
More later on #WarGames film- first, consider this. #QAnon refs NSA puzzle page, so could it be a comms backchannel/(plain sight) signal point?
If so, that’s in the past- I noticed their last monthly puzzle was Oct. 2018.
But to be sure, I decided to… ask the NSA!
I said I’m doing #QAnon research. Maybe Q was the magic word- an @NSAGov spokesman replied quickly. He confirmed Puzzle Periodicals ended after 10/18: “we’re evaluating how we might resume in some fashion in the future.”
Whether or not I’m ‘right,’ asking keeps it interesting.
Think context.

Both above (3/10/19) and below #QAnon (drop 1380 of 5/16/18) point to NSA vs C_A (general and re #NorthKorea).
1380 came out when NSA #WarGames puzzle did. Actual puzzle not important.

The movie ref IS, tho, as Trump-Kim summit 1 was weeks away. Because…
WashTimes 6/5/18, Reagan spokesman Mark Weinberg advises Trump to show Kim #WarGames film, which “impacted” Ronny’s concerns on hacking/nuclear war. He notes Reagan ‘wisely decided to walk away.’ from 1986 Gorbachev summit as deal wasn’t good enough.
Article was out shortly before Trump-Kim Summit 1.
@realDonaldTrump used phrase ‘war games’ (canceling) in media after 6/16 summit, AND after he ‘walked away’ from a bad deal in Vietnam Summit 2. Q’s 3/10 drop ref NSA was days after latter.

As Q says: we are watching a movie.
You say: ‘Oh, Weinberg was just hawking his new book pre-summit.’

But what are odds that Trump, an avowed Reagan fan, did NOT study RR’s policy and comms in detail? (Zero).

+at time of puzzle, who was busy? See drop, mocking Obama’s failed attempt 2 call Kim.
NSA vs. C_A.
#QAnon went dark from 5/23-6/3 as last summit plans made. Former NK spychief Kim Yong-chol visited US w/ final summit intel on 5/30. MSM notes Trump goes 2 Summit w/o Sec Council meeting. To keep any bad actors in dark? (Q only says Blackout necessary).
Back to @NSAGov Puzzle Periodicals (Comms general).


Q darkness of 10/2018, a puzzle on WORD SPELLING (add/delete letter double meanings.

I don’t think this requires further explanation, but good to see they’re having fun.
It’s hilarious to see @NSAGov explain @RealDonaldTrump comms method DIRECTLY, through a game.

But MSM can keep mocking DJT’s tweets.

These people ARE stupid.
full puzzle:

Similarly, Puzzle 4/17/18 (‘April is Math Month’) asked:

‘Can you replace each letter with its place in the alphabet (A=1, P=16, R=18, I=9, L=12, M=13, T=20, H=8), and insert a plus or minus sign (etc)
The 9/2018 puzzle really expanded my thinking. It uses punctuation marks to represent numbers in complex math. The idea that parentheses etc might be math TOO- well, wow. If true, it indicates QTeam has more math/NSA than I thought.
More coincidence?
NSA Puzzle Periodical 12/19/17 (Christmas): ‘Reindeer Games’ (which one would win the race, as ‘Santa was busy supervising the elves.’) Using logic

12/14, Q drop 350 gave early ‘shall we play a game’ (#WarGames line on game theory).
One more.

Drop 1380 of 5/16/18 (date of Puzzle refd on 3/10/18 re #WarGames), which discusses NSA vs C_A, asks about Adm. Rogers. On a hunch, I went back in the Puzzles archive.

Now, this might be crazy, but if true, it shows comms in the PRE #QAnon part of The Plan…
Question: WHEN & HOW did The Plan begin? Media sez Clapper and Ash Carter wanted Rodgers fired before the 2016 elections. He was their Achilles’ Heel in a hypothetical Trump admin.

Was there open comms between 11/8 (election) and Trump Tower meeting? Reverse engineering…
11/22: NPR interviews James Bamford noting Rogers visited Trump Tower w/o telling Obama. Calls it ‘unethical’ and is clearly in the DARK about why Rodgers would go- not to inform Trump Obama has his ‘wires tapped,’ but just to save his job
11/19: NYT reports on WaPo story citing ‘intel sources’ that Obama might remove Mike Rogers AFTER Trump Tower visit for (yeah right) ‘unrelated’ reasons. Moment when panic began? I think definitely yes. Obama trapped by bad optics of decision A or B.
Nov 18: Rogers reported likely for Trump to head intel. Was it disinfo rumor from DJT 2 spread panic, day after TT meet?

Nov 17 Rogers visits Trump Tower, w/o informing Obama, to tell him the place is bugged. Trump moves transition location.

Coincidence Theory.
1 week after @RealDonaldTrump’s election (and, 2 days before TT meeting) on 11/15, NSA's Puzzle Periodical has a detective use logic to sort liars from truth-tellers 2 solve a ‘heist.’
Was this preQ comms that The Plan was starting?
NSA possibly providing public comms channel before and during #QAnon op is intriguing. Let’s get back to #WarGames the movie, which also includes NSA history...
US Signals intel date goes way back. @NSAGov as we know it was founded on 24 Oct. 1952 by Truman.

This 2/2016 NYT piece is very informative on #WarGames. Who knows? Perhaps they were preparing us for HRC’s world annihilation. nytimes.com/2016/02/21/mov…
The NYT article mentions Dr Willis Ware. He’d worked on mil computing since the 40’s, When ARPAnet started in 1967 (for mil networks) he wrote a RAND Corp April paper on privacy/security risks to (networked) computer systems. Paper is here.
In 1980, young screenwriters Lawrence Lasker and Walter Parkes sought a scenario for the script of what would b #WarGames. Lasker lived in Santa Monica, near RAND, where they met Dr Ware. He confirmed their hacker-friend’s claim that it was possible to hack closed mil systems.
The script had a young genius and an older one (modified on Steven Hawking). Lennon was interested in that role. But then he was shot.
One can only imagine how public perception/activity of IT wouldve been had John freaking Lennon played that role.
Side note. Unlikely, but since Q loves movie refs, if you ever see quips from the Lasker/Parkes 1992 hacker comedy ‘Sneakers,’ it would be meaningful. Haven’t seen any. They devised it in 1981, while working on #WarGames.
#WarGames. David Lightman unwittingly contacts NORAD’s ‘WOPR’. It’s programmed 2 predict outcomes of nuclear war.
WOPR asks ‘shall we play a game’, suggests chess. David asks for nuclear war. WOPR agrees but can’t tell simulation from reality. #QAnon
Even tho NORAD learns there’s no threat, WOPR ‘feeds false data’ on a Soviet attack. DEFCON level is raised, WW3 looms. At NORAD, Lightman & Falken make WOPR play tic-tac-toe until it learns nuclear war is no-win & offers 2 play ‘a nice game of chess.’
6/4/1983, Reagan saw #WarGames. He tasked top brass to learn if such a disaster. “The problem is much worse than you think” (-Gen. Vessey)
18 months later: NSDD-145, 1st Pres. directive on computer security. Now declassified fas.org/irp/offdocs/ns…
As Weinberg wrote, USSR instability slowed progress: when #WarGames appeared, 'Andropov was in charge in Moscow, having recently succeeded Leonid Brezhnev, who had died the previous year. Mr. Andropov died in 1984, and was replaced by Konstantin Chernenko.' he died 2.
Vid: 9/26/86 Reagan at @NSAGov, gives very Q-like thanks to the NSA folk who know they’ll never get public fame for their work. Sound like anons?
It was 2 weeks before #WarGames Summit with Gorby, where Reagan walked away- as Trump did 33 years later.
#QAnon uses the #WarGames lines often. Why is ‘this is not a game’ (op) being played as, well, a game?
I believe it’s Psyops. Q mocks Cabal’s inability to predict moves in ‘The Plan.’ Because ‘we have it all’ +NSA implies omniscience they can’t match. This saps enemy morale.

But, #QAnon comms are to both (them) and (us). So not only psyops/attacks.

Here is an early drop with both #WarGames ref (1/19/18), correcting Anon, reffing movie (fake missile threat), and ‘we know all’ concept.
Over time, this strategy exhausts the enemy.
Their moves becomes more illogical and erratic.
This has always been #WarGames plan- for ex. (1/21/18) Q implies NSA could release ALL (including supposedly ‘deleted’ items. Says ‘ Shall we play a game?’ and closes with ‘your move.
After Trump ‘walked away’ from 3/2019 summit w Kim, he again canceled ‘war games’ with S Korea and reminds that he’d long before decided this. Anon seemed to get it. Double meanings.
6 days later, Q dropped the ref to NSA #WarGames puzzle of 5/15/2018 that started this thread.
Finally, this.
MSM 6/2018 Summit refs the big 2017 war game w/ SK. Ppl forget how DJT got Kim to negotiate: show of strength.

The 2017 exercise used ‘COMPUTER-SIMULATIONS to defend against a North Korean attack’.
(Caps mine)
A bit like #WarGames. :)
And that’s a wrap. As said, I wanted to also cover #GameTheory, #MarchMadness, #brackets etc relating to #WarGames, but this is already 2 long. Next time.
If you found this thread useful, please share with those who might be interested.
Godspeed, patriots!
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