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From @IvanThrone

the Dark Triad Man

on #MonkMode and #Warriors

This is an excerpt from THE NINE LAWS.

Do you know how to apply "tumble and turn"?

Read this carefully, my lords.

It is crucially important.

#InternationalDayOfHappiness #WednesdayWisdom


Ten thousand books on swordsmanship and strategy cannot replace the thousand daily cuts of the practitioner who is determined to master the riddle of steel.

Discipline, consistency, focus, determination.

Every day!

Endless talks of military strategy are nothing in comparison to the grim and unforgiving reality of human war, of fire teams engaging in confusion, ferocity, overthrow and killing.

Never mistake the difference!

Infinite spinning of business processes and complicated service models, grand architectures of product and organization and testing are pointless if the enterprise cannot achieve sales.

A theorist is not a realist. The dark world does not preserve theorists.

I will tell you something here that most refuse to appreciate:


This has been true of humanity since time immemorial.

This is the truth of the dark world.

Forget this and you will fail horribly and die.

The Dark Triad Man is an operator. That is what you must become.
The operator is cognizant of reality and of the difference between theory and practice. He follows the path of both of the warrior and the monk. He puts one foot in each realm.

Understand how important this is!

The Dark Triad Man disappears into the holy sanctuary and manifests from the power of the battlefield, as demanded by his purpose.

It is important to define and contrast these ways of the warrior and the monk.

Both are useful and both have their risks.

Consider well!

Let us examine our pinnacles of archetype for these two roads of life that, together form the great Way that you will walk in your training.

We will begin with the Monk.

The Monk is an extreme figure, just as the Warrior is extreme.

Complementary polarities!

Both matter.

The monk withdraws from all things.

The monk secludes himself from the tumult and chaos of the dark world and finds calm and contemplation in a highly ordered and artificial existence...

There are long years of cultivated study, a ceaseless and disciplined focus on truth and the attrition of error and illusion, until age and training finally focus into the singularity of enlightenment.

The monk reaches heights of wisdom and advanced understanding.

Worldly concerns and fears slowly drop away over the years, and the patient array of his thought, word and deed becomes at last a clear and shining path of alignment, unstained and untroubled.

There is wisdom and gentle, calming fulfillment in the path of the monk.

The practice of the monk is repetitive attrition. The scholarship of the monk is the carving away of the inessential. The mastery of the monk is the seamless contemplation of the unfettered mind.

But this is only half of the Way.

You must grasp the importance of this.

The warrior engages with all things.

The warrior throws himself into the roaring maelstrom of the dark world and finds strife and collision, danger and death, horror and joy, hate and love, passion and despair.

The Warrior is conscious and direct.

There are long years of misery, exultation, suffering and ecstasy in an unpredictable existence of upheaval. With time the warrior forges his edged spirit, incisive mind and unstoppable deed into a singular weapon of skill...

...that roams the dark world as the most dread manifestation of predatorial human power.

The warrior reaches the satisfaction of advanced achievement.

This is a deep satisfaction!

Very important!

The trials and tribulations of the world cease to shock and scare, and over the years the array of his thought, word and deed becomes a piercing, penetrating lance of competence that has survived all, overcome all, and won all.

There is reality and fierce, demanding aliveness in the way of the warrior.
The practice of the warrior is repetitive cultivation. The scholarship of the warrior is the layering of the essential, over and over, on top of itself.

The mastery of the warrior is the seamless dominance of the unhesitating spirit.

Now that we have examined the two paths of the Monk and the Warrior, let us talk about how they work together in the real world.

You cannot fixate on one, my lords.

Each approach is valid. And each approach has its costs and dangers. The monk pays the cost of disengagement from life, disengagement from love and family and children and the wonder of what comes next in the world.

The enlightenment of the monk is real, yet the severe and ever-present danger that is faced by the monk is that his advanced spiritual state and practice are only valid within the confines of his holy and sterile surroundings.

When warriors enter the monastery, the slaughter is terrible.

What about the risks of the Warrior?

The warrior pays the price of peace and calm, predictability and comfort. Love is passionately sought, but yet inevitably torn away and the sorrow of loss is savage.

Predictability is absent, and the warrior ages through his cultivation of hypervigilant awareness and loneliness in the singular, unaccompanied stride of the apex predator.

And the warrior faces the risk of not theoretical but actual death, sudden and painful and permanent.

The dominant lion watches his domain aloof and alone, knowing death comes.

What is the correct way? Is it to be a monk or a warrior? Which approach is best? How does a man today identify what is necessary for his development and advancement?

The answer from the Dark Triad Man is simple and yet profound.


Each in turn, each in complementary and alternating fashion!

For the Way is living, and not static; engaging and not slothful, and the dark world rewards those who straddle the realms of light and dark with the most brilliant experiences of engagement possible to human beings.

Did I not tell you that the dark world delights in paradox and contradiction?

Know that this is a beloved feature of existence, and not a chastising exasperation.

To understand how this works, you must learn to turn things inside out, and see that contradiction itself is merely the laughter of the dark world at your puzzlement and amazement.

The highest and most sublime forms of martial skill have always come from temples. This is true of the ninja and of the famed shaolin monks of China. The greatest acquisition of worldly wealth comes from the “quants”...

......esoteric traders who cocoon deep in the mysterious and impenetrable bowels of hedge funds and live within an obsessive singularity of infinitely complex calculations and models.

Do you begin to understand?

Tumble and turn!

The most profound understandings of discipline and nobility have always come from the warrior.

This is true of the soldier and the officer, the men who run to the sound of the guns, who race to the heart of explosions and screams, and in that horror of utter chaos and blood and insanity...

...they embody the most sublime and honest expressions of brotherhood, of love, and of sincere connection with their fellow men.


There is no way around this.

Not if you seek completion as a human being,

And fulfillment in this life!

The entwined path of the Dark Triad Man takes place along an inverted model within the dark world. As the world condenses, as his experience grows, as his outcomes are delivered with greater and greater impact and accuracy...

...he rises from the ranks of practitioners, flowers from the ranks of the scholar and ultimately ascends to the states of the master.

This is the outcome of survival and success in the dark world.

It is ascendance from it, through diving into it. Such a paradox! Yet instinctively you know this is the Way, and the purpose of Heaven’s plan for our race of sacred beings.

In your ascendance through cultivation and growth, through enlightenment and wisdom...

...you expand and grow and blossom closer to the potential of a being formed in the shape of God.

Thus the Dark Triad Man is a warrior-priest, a holy swordsman, a killer and lover and father and son. He is a brother to his own, and with sacred purpose.

Understand the Way that is presented here. It is not spurning of the world, but carving away within it. It is not attacking the world, but layering its roars and charges.

This Way is not without risks, and you are responsible for seeing, perceiving, assessing, adapting, and surmounting them as a human being. This cannot be stressed enough.

You as the reader are responsible for your own experimentation, study and exploration.

You are responsible for your own life and you will fully own your inevitable death.

Deferral of your death is not possible in the dark world.

Delegation of responsibility for your life is ridiculous in the dark world.

You own your life and you will die.

Own your outcomes, and seize your deserved rewards.

In the opening chapters of this book I spoke to you of danger and risk within this material.

I warned you that the content of this book is powerful, that it is severe, and that to proceed with full absorption of the content and exercises will cause profound and permanent changes.

I repeat that warning here:


Be careful!

If your interests in the Laws and the living power of the Dark Triad Man are merely intellectual and you do not have intention of self-transformation, put this book down and walk away.

Shelve it before you cause yourself harm.

I tell you now that the training within this manual is not pleasant, fun, simple, easy and soothing.

Practice and performance of the training in this book will cause the death of your current self.

If you are here to learn and not walk away from knowledge and power, skill and fulfillment – but to slay your complacent weakness and take a proud and shuddering step into the horror of growth - then let us begin.

Watch the blade that I take up, and turn upon you and cut with remorseless and pitiless experience.

Your complacency must die. Sloth of heart must be put to death. They are your weaknesses.

I am here to kill them as your brother, to push challenge and advancement and comradeship to you. Not to play and dance with you in the footwork of silly dilettantes who accord no seriousness to power and performance.

This book of The Nine Laws is a living blade of intelligence to cut brightly through your confusion. Its work is to unblind your eyes to the reality of the dark world, to its nature, and its spiraling concentration.

It is the mirror of chaos that ceaselessly laughs as it burns through you.

This book of The Nine Laws is a grave and resonant communication of power, from my heart and voice and memory to you.

It is the distillation of forty years of tumble and turn, life and death in the dark world, the lessons of my own engagement and survival, contemplation and application.


The Preface to THE NINE LAWS tells the Origin Story of @IvanThrone.

Death came and sat with me for a long while as a toddler.

"Come," he said, and beckoned into the dark.

"Fuck you," I replied, and punched him in the balls.

Read it here:


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