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In my latest thread on #LabourAntisemitism I wanted to look at the personal impact of it.

We concentrate on the statistics, how the Jewish community overall feels, the processes and the challenges.

This is worthy, but let's remember the impact on so many Jewish individuals. /1
I am going to tell the story about my personal heartbreak over #LabourAntisemitism through the story of my life. The story of a proud Brit and a proud Jew, who has friends in all communities and does his best to contribute to this country. /2
We start at the beginning. I was born on May 6th 1990 in Jersey Farm, St Albans. I am the son of a Solicitor and Pharmacist who were active in St Albans Masorti Synagogue.

We were typical middle class family. /3

My first memory of being Jewish was when aged 5 I heard the story of how our next door's neighbour worried when I had my Brit Milah and tried to run away from home as he heard the willy chopper was coming.

This may have been the fault of my 2 sisters prank!/4
At first being Jewish was great.

I got days off school for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, took part in numerous festivals eating my favourite foods and living in St Albans I had lots of non-Jewish friends.

These friends thought it was cool to be Jewish. /5
However at the age of 7 it started to change. Kids were bullying me for simply being Jewish.

At times this led me to not want to be Jewish, because it seemed being Jewish was a bad thing.

At 10 it all got too much and I punched my antisemitic tormentor. /6
There were good times though, such as my Bahmitsvah, when at age 13 a Jewish man comes of age.

I felt the presence of God reading from the Torah at St Albans Masorti Synagogue. I was blessed to be Jewish.

Receiving loads of presents helped too!/7
At aged 14 I was confronted with what antisemitism leads to.

In our school's history class we watched Schindler's list.

From the moment the film began I bawled my eyes out.

6 million people killed for being Jewish, I couldn't get my head around it. /8
From aged 14 to 16, I tried to hide at my non-Jewish school how important my Judaism was to my identity.

I was fed up of all the jokes about being Jewish, particularly around money, being greedy and selfish. So I convinced myself it was just banter. /9

I have family in Israel and love visiting.

What's not to like about a country where you can wear swimshorts all year round!

Then the 2nd intifada occured and my Gran's city of Netanya was hit by attacks. People killed for being Jewish.

It tore me up. /10
At 6th form the building blocks of my current life started.

I moved school and nobody cared about me being Jewish so I became the proud Jew I now am.

I became politically active in the Conservative Party and the seeds of my activism were were laid. /11
Aged 18 I went to Leeds Uni. Uni was both the best and worst moments of my life.

It's where I had my first girlfriend, realised what I cared about and learnt more about what Judaism meant to me.

It was also however when antisemitism really hit home. /12
Two incidents at uni stand out.

The first was a drinks event for those doing my course, including those the year ahead of me.

I was having a chat with one guy and mentioned my Israeli family.

The atmosphere changed. I was a child killer in his eyes. /13

The second incident came during heavy fighing in Gaza.

A Victory to the Intifada sign was held over a lecture building. People at my uni were celebrating the deaths of Jews.

From that moment on, I scrutinised antisemitism in the anti-Israel movement. /14
Unlike with @UKLabour antisemitism was challenged at Leeds Uni and it was thanks to this person that during my time at Leeds Uni, Jews still felt safe and welcome.

So a special than you to a true mensch @MarkJSewards for standing up against antisemitism. /15
It was at uni I became aware of antisemitism rearing its ugly head in the Labour Party.

From my experience it was a battle between the sensible left and the hard left.

The hard left never seemed to tire of treating Israel as the Jews of the global community of nations. /16
Now I am 22 and off to work. My first job was at the @ZionistFed.

It felt like a target on my back. I was hated by people including some fake friends for being a 'Zionist Shill', 'Disloyal' and a ZioNazi.

Most of these came from backers of @UKLabour. /17
I am 23 and off to work for @DavidTCDavies in Parliament.

I started reading statements from the likes of Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell, Diane Abbot and Martin Linton.

I thought if these people ever got to power, the Jewish community would have a problem. /18
Aged 26 I take on my favourite job working for the ginger Pep Guardiola of campaigns, @lukeakehurst at @WeBelieveIsrael.

I sympathised with the Palestinians and this organisations showed me it was OK to be a Zionist, who was pro-peace and pro-Palestinian./19
My time with @WeBelieveIsrael coincided with when the shit really hit the fan with @UKLabour.

Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the party and with his cadre of Stalinists and cult fans at Momentum, antisemitism in Labour was the calling card of Corbynites. /20
The problem reached a crescendo when the Chakrabarti Whitewash came out.

@lukeakehurst attended the event where Mark Wadsworth attacked @RuthSmeeth antisemitically.

It was also where Jeremy Corbyn compared supporters of Israel to supporters of ISIS. /21
We then reach the last 2 years of my life, where I've been working for myself.

Every day @UKLabour sinks further in to the sewers of antisemitism. Just some examples;

a) A leader who can't see why a clearly a antisemitic mural was antisemitic/22
b) A leader who in a comment at an event treats British Zionists as if they are a disloyal scum. This is antisemitic as there have been aged old tropes about Jews being disloyal and working against the nations they are born in /23
c) A party where the Jew baiter in Chief, Chris Williamson MP is one of the most popular MPs for activists and continues to remain so despite suspension /24
d) A party whose official youth's wing on Twitter @YoungLabourUK is a hot mess of antisemitism /25.
e) A party full of activists and supporters of Corbyn who for 3 years pursued a relentless campaign against @lucianaberger. Thanks to this campaign of antisemitism and misogyny, Luciana was chased out of the party. /26
f) A social media cesspit of Corbyn activists where I screenshot antisemitic statements and pictures in their numerous pro-Corbyn groups.

We Jews have become the hunted.

We're Zios, Nazis, smear merchants and liars. /27
Nearly a year ago during Passover, the Jewish community came together in #London and #Manchester to say #EnoughIsEnough.

Rather than listen, @UKLabour is now being investigated for institutional antisemitism. /28
I an so many others fighting antisemitism such as @RachelRileyRR are attacked often with some of the worst abuse you can imagine.

The one good thing that has come from it is many people who were quiet now speaking out. /29
How did we come to a stage 74 years after the Holocaust, where a major political party is riddled with antisemitism?

How did we reach a stage where my Mum will leave the country if Corbyn is elected? /30
How did we reach a stage where for many, people like me fighting antisemitism are liars, smear merchants and part of the ZioLobby.

How have we reached a situation antisemites and their enablers are celebrated? /31
My heart breaks having to write this.

I am someone who is active in human rights and interfaith work.

I am no longer a member of any party.

I speak out against the Israeli Government and hate Netanyahu.

I condemn all forms of hate. /32
I won life's lucky dip being born British.

I live in a country where I can safely be Jewish, where I get to support the greatest football team the world has ever known in @WatfordFC.

So why do I now feel so morose living in Britain. /33
I feel so morose because for the first time in my life I feel like a stranger in my own country, where I feel unwanted and hated. /34
I am also furious.

Furious with so many people.

With @jeremycorbyn for causing an avalanche of antisemitism.

At countless activists for being made to feel like my own country.

At fake friends who tell me to shut up about it. /35
The worst thing is I'm not the only one.

Look at how @BoardofDeputies is treated with total disrepect by @UKLabour.

Look at how so many Jews have been ignored and attacked.

Just look at how many individual Jews are going through the same torment as me. /36
The antisemites will never defeat me though.

I will continue to speak up and stand out, but I can't do it on my own, I need all those who oppose antisemitism to #BeLouder. /37

Read my story, share my story, listen to my story and act on my story.

Don't turn a blind eye to what is going on @UKLabour.

Work with me to expose the cancer in @UKLabour.

Work with me to make UK Jews feel back at home in the UK again. /38
I've written this with tears in my eyes, with the attempt to personalise what antisemitism in @UKLabour means to me.

I shouldn't have to write this, I shouldn't have to fight for the right to not be attacked for being Jewish. /39
Help me stop this awful state of affairs.

Then in a few years time I can look back and say we came to together as a country and the Jewish community's cries of #EnoughIsEnough was acted on by Brits up and down the country. /40
At countless activists who make me feel the UK is not home anymore.
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