So many people don't know what Q is or even understand how to read it, so I will try to help you all. Q is NOT the news, not some crazy person who has a tin foil hat or conspiracy theorist, Q is TRUTH. It's FACTS presented to anonymous computer geeks who love to look through the
available government documents known as FOIA documents that are based in 100% FACTUAL data. Anons is a term used to describe the people searching and posting supporting DATA on the 'drops' of information known as 'CRUMBS' to those who 'BAKE' these crumbs into 'BREAD' or real time
headline information everyone can use to make up their OWN minds. Nobody who is a REAL anon will fault you or call you names for believing or not believing any of it because all true anons enjoy a debate on the facts and love to hear opinions. Sure, you may experience a shill or
two that calls you names and trashes Q but in the end you have to do the thinking for yourself. They call Q a cult but no cult would tell you to read the facts and think for yourself, would they? Sure they say Q is a bunch of conspiracy nuts because THEY are who is being exposed
as the liars & co-conspirators of an ACTUAL plan to destroy America and freedom around the globe. THEY are the GLOBALISTS who want you to sit down and shut up and think what THEY want you to think. They say ORANGE MAN BAD and get everyone to march to their orders of 'TAKE TO THE
STREETS AND PROTEST BAD ORANGE MAN!' So who do you believe? Fake news has been exposed time and again, yet we have billions who still believe the crap. So, let's dig a little deeper here so you understand who 'ORANGE MAN' really is... Trump was raised in a family who had a sort
of special government relationship to information deeper than any public source. See, John Trump was Donald's uncle and he was in charge of some very top secret info at one time and privy to a LOT of deep state info as well. He understood the way things worked and used that to
his advantage. DJT is a unique character in that he is always accused by the corruptible of BEING corrupt. He's accused by sicko pedos of being one and he's accused by the mentally ill of the same. Look at this for a second. Saul Alinsky was Hillary and Barack's mentor and HRC
even wrote her thesis on him, but the point here is they BOTH use Saul's tactic of blaming OTHERS for THEIR crimes. When HRC said 'Russian Collusion' well, it clued thinkers into checking for her connections and well, here we are, she's being investigated and they'll find 100%
evidence to convict her of it. So, look past the surface on everything, dig deeper, think longer and harder before coming to the conclusion Q is a fake a larp or a conspiracy freaks wet dream. Q is simply a group of individuals who state facts, nothing more nothing less. The Q
MOVEMENT is something totally separate from Q team themselves. The MOVEMENT has become a GLOBAL PHENOMENON and I mean GLOBAL. If you doubt me, check out how many countries have posted Q marches Q tags, Q WWG1WGA info etc. There are now HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS involved in this effort
and I know this for a fact. I started out as an anon just poking around in 1993 on the internet and I grew a worldwide group of online friends, of which I've been to visit some and we heard about all of this 'plan' coming to 'save the world' and laughed at first but then we did
our own research and found it to be interesting and possible that it was true. I knew who Trump was from growing up in NYC as a young adult until I was 33 and I thought NO WAY is this guy going to be trusted with this sort of intel. Then I realized it was HIS uncle who was part
of a MUCH bigger plan. His uncle was entrusted with the Tesla documents the government thought were deadly dangerous and possibly world changing. Once you delve deeper, you'll discover some very interesting things going on in the undercurrent. I won't bore you with more, look for
yourself if you don't believe me. If you have the time, you can get deep down the rabbit hole, but skim across a few of the great digs on and then check the supporting links on 8chan. Only lurk to read, don't post. If you deny that request, then at least
stay anonymous and keep yourself safe online because there are CIA scum and all sorts of traitors on 8ch who lurk to find a sucker who posts their real name and email and your bank account will be emptied tomorrow. Just lurk and you'll not be taken advantage of. Once you see what
I say is true, you'll say #QsentMeToo

#WeAreOne and we will always have to deal with evil, but together, in the end, we will WIN! God bless you and best of luck lurking and auditing the truth!
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