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I'm a "cuck" because I've created two companies from scratch, have written novels (from scratch), own a 50 acre farm (debt free...after starting with a net worth of $0)...and criticize people who would rather bitch and moan than work to create?



so apparently the two states of existence are

(a) have complete control over 100% of USG policy and the entire economy

(b) cucked



I'm going to go with "fallacy of the excluded middle" here and suggest that there is some path other than "if you disagree w @Logo_Daedalus that all the earth, money & machines have been stolen from you by a cabal, you're a cuck" and "if you don't control USG you're a cuck"
@Logo_Daedalus 5/

Both @Logo_Daedalus and @TabulaFour create these insane dichotomies where either you're a cuck or you're the supreme dictator of the planet.

This is ... um ... crazy?
@Logo_Daedalus @TabulaFour 6/

One can accomplish a ton in life (a) without permission from a ruling cabal, (b) even if one does not become dictator of the planet.

Sad sack ideologies like this exist to create excuses for failure / for not even trying.
@Logo_Daedalus @TabulaFour 7/

Hey Anon, why are you 27 and living in your mom's basement?

A1: I'm lazy, I give up too easily, I'm afraid of hard work.


A2 feels good.

A1 helps you.

@Logo_Daedalus @TabulaFour 8/

Also, just because the system is rigged a bit in a way that it wasn't in 1950, doesn't mean that (a) it's harder than it ever was, (b) it's even slightly hard, compared to other times / other places, (c) one should give up.

@Logo_Daedalus @TabulaFour 9/

Yes, in 1950 it was possible to trip over a turd and end up in a decent paying union job.

...which would let you own a very small 2 bedroom cape on a 1/20th acre lot in a Levittown, and share 1 small often-breaking car with your wife.

People confuse Brady Bunch w reality.
@Logo_Daedalus @TabulaFour 10/

@Logo_Daedalus @TabulaFour 11/

muh justifications for failure

@Logo_Daedalus @TabulaFour 12/

It's still possible.

Folks just don't want to make the sacrifices.

Your grand dad worked long hours at a hard job.

Become a plumber, or a garbage man. Buy a house 90 minutes outside the cool places. Where I live 3 bedrooms cost ~ $200k.


@Logo_Daedalus @TabulaFour 14/

You just made up some words and pretended I said them.

I did not.

My actual words are these: if you want better results, complain less and work harder.

Worked for me.

It'll work for you too.

@Logo_Daedalus @TabulaFour 15/

Yeah, I'm going to have to go with the awards committee that named it "best novel of the year" over <checks notes> some rando who never read it.

@Logo_Daedalus @TabulaFour 16/


But complaining about the quality of the bread that someone else puts on the table remains super easy.

@Logo_Daedalus @TabulaFour 17/

me: "hard work has benefits"

you: "your book sucks"

me: "people say it's good"

you: "haha you're not rich and/or you are rich and paid off the judges"

Who do you think you're convincing? I've got a farm, a hot wife, a good life. Bc I work hard.

@Logo_Daedalus @TabulaFour 18/

So go get a job as a garbageman and live 90 minutes outside the city. Job pays $50k - 100k/yr, and houses cost $200k.

What's stopping you ... other than your own aversion to hard work?

@Logo_Daedalus @TabulaFour 19/

Already did, on 1 Jan.

Down 40 pounds so far.

So today I'm just hard working, married, successful in two different careers, and competent.

...but in a a year or so I'll be trim too.

@Logo_Daedalus @TabulaFour 20/

"get your story straight"

I haven't changed my position at all.

"garbageman doesn't pay well"

Burea of Labor Statistics stats say otherwise.

@Logo_Daedalus @TabulaFour 21/

It's quite impressive how people who won't lift a finger to better their lot in life have a TON of energy when it comes to defending the thesis that their failure is someone else's fault.
@Logo_Daedalus @TabulaFour 23/

Many such cases!

@SaucercrabZero also does well in the biz, IIRC.
@Logo_Daedalus @TabulaFour @SaucercrabZero 24/

Actually, I'm quite good at this, and you're just upset because I've got your number, and I'm not buying into your pity party /excuse factory.

@Logo_Daedalus @TabulaFour @SaucercrabZero 25/

average garbageman salary in LA: $54k

NJ: $57k


@Logo_Daedalus @TabulaFour @SaucercrabZero 27/

I have read the whole thread. I'm the one who started it and I've been CC-ed the whole time.

I'm sorry your dad and all his siblings failed to save for retirement. I guess the Jews and the globalists are to blame for that somehow? Terrible!

@Logo_Daedalus @TabulaFour @SaucercrabZero 28/

I'm not Boomer, I'm gen X.

I don't want or care what people who disagree with me do, but it is my observation that most of them are ~ 20 year old NEETs.

> frankly you're not honest


@Logo_Daedalus @TabulaFour @SaucercrabZero 30/

I don't think that 100% of people who succeed do so by hard work.

I don't think 100% of people who fail do so because of laziness.

But it is ALWAYS the case that, given a set of circumstances, hard work does better than laziness.

Yeah, the SJW globhomo thing sucks. But read up ; I never said "everything is absolutely perfect". I'm merely disagreeing with the hard line fatalist "everything is terrible and hard work doesn't matter".


Yep. I attack @CatoInstitute and @AlexNowrasteh more than anyone else.

Two distinct topics.

@CatoInstitute @AlexNowrasteh 38/

Nothing I've said above speaks to this - I'm arguing AGAINST "it's impossible to do well", NOT in favor of "it's exactly as easy to do well now as in 1950".

@CatoInstitute @AlexNowrasteh 39/

The problem with intertemporal comparisons is that EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT.

In 1950, there was a big central hump inthe bell curve. In 2019, there's not.

In 1950 college cost X ... but wasn't necessary. In 2019 it costs 10 x ... but still isn't really necessary.
@CatoInstitute @AlexNowrasteh 40/

In 1950 it was almost impossible to set up your own publishing / programming / whatever business.

In 2019 it's trivial.

So I'm suspicious of "it was easier then", and ALSO of "it was harder then"

For who? With what assumptions?

Let's agree on this: it was DIFFERENT then
@CatoInstitute @AlexNowrasteh 41/

Exactly how am I out of touch? Be telling NEETS who just want UBI that they can actually be quite successful and own their own homes if they just stop bitching about the Boomers and instead become garbagemen or welders?

How is that out of touch?

@CatoInstitute @AlexNowrasteh 42/


Today you can't get a factory job with a pension (although, honestly, I bet most NEETs couldn't do 1 week of standing at a drill press for a 9 hour shift), but you can work from home editing ebooks for your friend in Chile.



let's be honest with each other:

(1) you couldn't rebut my argument re whiny NEETs so you changed the topic
(2) it's bigger than most family farms during America's frontier period
(3) I get more than half my family's food from it, so it's big enough


circling back to this:

In 1850 we had pioneers moving west, owning just a hatchet, a knife, one set of clothing, and maybe a whetstone. Find some land, spend all summer working 20 hrs/week on a neighboring farm for food, another 40 hrs girdling trees on your own land.

All winter long you're splitting wood for your neighbor, 20+ hours per week, in return for corn mush with an occassional bit of bacon, and cutting down the dead trees on your own land. Big fires, night and day, to clear the wood. Next spring, keep working for neighbors >

in return for borrowing their ox and plow. Plow your land, between and around the tree stumps. Use some of your carefully horded coins to buy seed corn. Plant it.

Move out of neighbor's barn and build a sod hut. Weed the corn by hand, with a hoe, for 60 hrs/week.

Start digging a well. By hand.

...But keep working at neighbor's farm in payment for the use of his pick and shovel, and his occasional help.

Haul stones on a travois to line the well you're digging.

You collapse into your sod hut every night after 12+ hours of hard work.

You're 18 months in. Corn is coming up. Corn worms got half of it, but you still clear $20 selling it to the general store - and keep enough to get you through the winter, and plant in spring.

Teeth are getting a bit loose bc of nutritional problems. Blacksmith pulls 2.

Another winter spent splitting wood for neighbors for pay, and sawing wood to make your own house. That $20 is mostly gone: bought a saw, a pail, a froe, some candles, 10 lbs of nails.

Spring comes. Rent the ox and plow again. $20 all gone. Plant your seed corn.

Lather, rinse, repeat. After 5 years of 60 hour work weeks, you have 15 acres, a well, a 1 room house, and three pigs.

Your standard of living is objectively 2% of what a modern bus driver has.

FAST FORWARD 170 years.

@Logo_Daedalus uses his pocket supercomputer to bitch and moan that "the boomers stole all the land and machines and jobs from us - every other generation had it so easy. We've got it so hard."

22 NEETs hit the "like" button.

@Logo_Daedalus 52/

For folks who want to see how their lot in life compares to previous generations, I recommend picking up the Little House on the Prairie books. (a) they're an awesome read, (b) if you strip away the rose-tinted glasses, you realize that life was HARD.
@Logo_Daedalus 53/

And, recall, this is a true story set in the most prosperous nation in the history of mankind.

People were doing everything they could to get the opportunity to work 60 hrs/week to clear fields, raise corn with their own hands, etc.

...because every other option was worse.
@Logo_Daedalus 55/

This is EXACTLY the problem. These "everything was stolen from us" folks use screencaps of 1950s advertising to show how things "were" and what was "taken" from them.

You think every single guy in 1950 had a hot blond wife, a red corvette, a ....?

@Logo_Daedalus 56/

Hard work and long hours are part of the secret.

Two years ago I worked for 6 months on a gig. 12 hour days + 3 hour commute. Alarm clock at 4:10 am, back home at 7:30pm. Every Sunday I worked a side job for 8-10 hours.

85 hour weeks.

@Logo_Daedalus 57/

And in those 6 months I paid off half of my remaining mortgage.

I hated every minute of that commute and that job.

But I did it.

@Logo_Daedalus 58/

If you want to get ahead in life, you work hard.

You think a hard STEM major was fun?

You think grinding at hard jobs was fun?

You think saving much of my salary was fun?

Everything has tradeoffs. You want to play 30 hours of WoW or whatever per week, go ahead.
@Logo_Daedalus 59/

....but don't do that and then bitch and moan that the Jews / the boomers / globohomo / the corporations stole from you.

There's only one resource you're born with: time.

There's only one person that steals it from you: YOU.
@Logo_Daedalus 60/

And has feminism convinced a lot of women to be whores and sleep around? Yes.

Does automation make it hard to earn a living bolting wheels onto cars? Yes.

Are you the first generation in the history of the world to have it hard? No.
@Logo_Daedalus 62/

"Boomers had it easy"

yeah, ok.

Hey, what's your draft number, NEET ?

Congrats, you're comparing a picture of an 18 yo midshipman to a 47 yo me.

I am, in fact, ~30 years older than Heinlein was at the time of that picture.

You have absolutely DESTROYED my point that hard work pays benefits. Listen to the applause.


But enough about me, @Logo_Daedalus , let's talk about YOU.

Upload pix plz (no dik pix; this is a family friendly account).

Also, please tell us who your role models are, and how well you have achieved similar levels of success.

We want to judge you using your own process
@Logo_Daedalus @J34512063 66/

No, actually, older Heinlein was a bit of a weirdo perv. I'm just pointing out that if you want to say "lol you look stupid", you should use a good calibration standard.

@Logo_Daedalus @J34512063 67/

You also seem to be under the mistaken belief that I get my sense of self worth from the fact that I wrote two books.

I don't.

Writing is a minor sideline for me. I'm an engineer, a husband, a hobby farmer, and a Catholic. Writing is a $7.50/hour hobby.
@Logo_Daedalus @J34512063 68/

holy crap, this is actually you?

and YOU are calling ME a cuck and ugly?


my dude
@Logo_Daedalus @J34512063 69/

have you-

have you-
@Logo_Daedalus @J34512063 70/

have you ever * touched * a girl?
@Logo_Daedalus @J34512063 71/

I was in the military at the time. I looked decent. Upload pix plz. We'll compare.

@Logo_Daedalus @J34512063 74/

When I was working 60 hours + 15 hour commute + 8-10 hour side gig, I was also serving on my town's finance committee.

Just do it.

@Logo_Daedalus @J34512063 75/

I'm listening to these NEETs bitch and moan about hard work.

I'm a pansy compared to my dad.

He's a pansy compared to HIS dad.

That guy fought his way through the Pacific Campaign as a USMC grunt, in a unit that took over 100% casualties, then returned home to work >
@Logo_Daedalus @J34512063 76/

as an iron worker. Climbing high steel every day, 12 months a year, riveting and bolting. Building bridges, building NYC. Bought a house for his wife and his 4 kids.

Died on the job around age 50.

If he heard this NEET bitching, he'd slap that attitude off their faces.
@Logo_Daedalus @J34512063 77/

If you want to put in average (or sub average) work, then content yourself with average (or sub average) results.

No skin off my nose.

@Logo_Daedalus @J34512063 77/

Yes, I think it is good and honorable to raise a family, provide for them, and take risks to do so.

Was it GOOD that he died? No. It'd be better if he lived to 80. But he worked hard and he was rightfully proud of that.

@Logo_Daedalus @J34512063 78/

A dollar buys less, and jobs pay more.

It's called inflation.

All in all, it's easier to earn a decent living now than 50 years ago.

@Logo_Daedalus @J34512063 79/

Grandfather, not father.

And I'm not worshiping risk. I'm just saying that there are men who see risk, and then deal with it, if they have to.

@Logo_Daedalus @J34512063 81/

> You shouldn't have to throw away your 20s digging ditches to buy a bungalow with 2 feet of space from your neighbour's

says who?

in what world do you get a house WITHOUT working hard?

who is supposed to build that house for you? me?

If you want something, work for it.
@Logo_Daedalus @J34512063 82/

Yeah, these NEETs are hilarious.

"Wait, you want me to WORK HARD so that I can have NICE THINGS and relax and enjoy life?

!@# that noise; I'm just going to be poor and miserable!!!"

Really showed me, dude. Ouch. I lose.

@Logo_Daedalus @J34512063 83/

"productivity" is an economics terms that describes to sum of productivity from tools and from skilled labor

If you're a carpenter and your boss buys you a pneumatic nail gun instead of a hammer, do you deserve a 500% raise?

@Logo_Daedalus @J34512063 83/

lolol that mindset that thinks an AR-15 is something you see in a video game, and not something I've got leaning against my desk right this second

@Logo_Daedalus @J34512063 84/

yeah, except that's not remotely my position.

The only thing I'm saying in this thread is: if you want success, work hard.

The end.


Houses are affordable.

Get a second job, live cheap, save your money, buy one.

Create solutions, don't fall in love with problems.


Oh, you can barely afford a halfway decent car.


I'm 47. My wife and I share one used car. I do repairs on it (like replacing the starter a few months ago).


Oh, I guess being a garbageman is "beneath" you?



I bought a small house when I was 25 and moved a college friend in as a rent-paying room mate.

Everyone is saying "I deserve a house, I deserve a car... LOL, work two jobs? Have a room mate? What are you, joking!??!?!"


Not a boomer. Gen X.

Hustle is real. If you think you can't create your own opportunities by cold-calling, showing up, talking to people...well, you're wrong.

Success requires effort.


I WISH the judges of the Prometheus award hated poor people.

That would be AWESOME, and so based.

But, no, that's not what the award is about



Per capita electricity consumption is not a metric of standard of living - it's a metric of waste.

70" LCDs use less electricity than the old 18" CRTs I grew up with.

"Cars are humbler"


Cars today are SO MUCH BETTER than 50 yrs ago.


House cost $130k in 1995. I was earning $37k at the time.

Current dollars: house was $217k vs salary of $61,000.

A 25yo welder could've done it then.
A 25yo welder still can today.


Just because YOU can't imagine working a 85 hour week for 6 months doesn't mean that other''s (like me) didn't do it.

If you want above average results, do above-average work.


My college debt was about $40k. That's $66,743.90 in current dollars.


Oh, yes, of course you should pick EXACTLY the neighborhood you want to live in, and shouldn't have to make any compromises like moving out 20 or 30 minutes further.

My bad.





...but I don't want to move, or work hard

ok, bro


yeah but I wasn't saying "big TVs are good" (I've got a 20 year old CRT I almost never turn on).

I was rebutting "declining electricity usage is proof life is getting worse".


Man, NEETs get REALLY upset when you tell them that they've got to apply themselves.


That's possible today.

Literally read the previous tweet in this sequence to see an HVAC dude who's doing EXACTLY that.

When you work a job, you work for someone else?
I've worked corp jobs, I've been self employed.
You're ALWAYS delivering value for someone else.
Because if you're not, no one is going to give you money.
There's no shame in that.
Quite the reverse


A blue collar job where "every day is humiliation"?

Pretty sure that's now how my blue collar relatives see it.
They are competent, skilled, well paid, and NEEDED.


Everyone wants to be big, but no one wants to lift the weights...


NEET argues that he should be paid more when his boss takes a second mortgage on his house to buy better tools, bc "muh internet".


"Boomers are wrong about everything"

"Boomers told me that blue collar work is demeaning, and that's why its beneath me"


fighting your boomer / cathedral training is hard.

I know.

I've been there.

...but this entire thread is about how hard work is required.


Related: you know how I got my current gig? Cold-emailing the founder and asking if there were any bugs in the codebase he needed someone to fix, open-source style, for free.

(Yes, this was a ploy to get paying work.
Yes, it succeeded.)

You know how I got my weekend gig?

Cold-emailing the author of a blog I read, asking him in I could help him solve a problem he'd mentioned in his blog.

You NEETs want to mock as "Boomer" the idea that guts and a cold call can get you a job?


Hustle, or don't.

...but don't lie to me (or yourself) and say that hustling doesn't work.

Me: <looks around at 5,000 square foot house on 56 acre farm, great wife, history of starting companies...all based on EXACTLY this strategy>

Yeah, ok, dude.


I mean, is it LITERALLY guaranteed?


But 99,999 out of 100,00 cases, having hustle is going to outperform not having hustle.

So...choose wisely.

Also, lads, there's this: even if your hustle doesn't put more dollars in your pocket, it LOOKS AWESOME .

Who do you think women prefer? A mopey sad sack, or someone who makes shit happen?



Cold calling, looking for work, ASKING ... it's painful.

But - as the Chinese say - you've gotta eat bitterness to get ahead.


I'm reminded of this quote from The Last Days of Disco:

Jimmy : women prefer "bad" over weak and indecisive... and unemployed

Josh Neff : I don't know about that.

Jimmy : You think they do prefer weak, indecisive, and unemployed?
Everyone should dig a ditch, once.

When I was 29 or so, I needed to reroute the sewer line on my house. Dug a 5' deep x 30' long ditch with pick and shovel, then laid a new sewer line.

I never bitch (much) about my desk job.


I talk up blue collar work as honorable, and as a decent option.


But anyone is going to take better paying / physically easier work, if it's an option, right?

So what - if anything - Is the disagreement here?


This keeps happening. I'm saying "hard work and hustle are good", and people act as if I'm defending social atomization, tindr hookup culture, and the trilateral commission.

I dunno, man, I'm just defending a very narrow thesis.


"I refuse to do things that bore me"

Prima donna mindset.



You utter the limp-wristed hi-curious words "work life balance, and you accuse ME of backing globohomo?

Look, this is simple.

You work hard. You advance your career. You save.

And THEN you enjoy the fruits of your labor.


NEETs are using any excuse to pick apart my thesis "hard work and hustle is better than lack of hard work and hustle".

"Oh no @MorlockP , you made a lot of money. That's not possible for normal people. Your ideas are bad."

OK....topic switch...


Themodel for this criticism is "you succeeded, so you're not a good model for people who are failing".

First off, that's retarded.

Who is a BETTER model for someone who is failing than someone who succeeded? Another failure?

That's not a role model. That's a pity party.

Let's talk about me 5 yrs ago

* ran my own firm for 15 years.
* average maybe $40k/yr
* is that $20/hr? Not, it's less, because I worked > 50 hours/week.
* firm shut down, I declared bankruptcy
* in legal trouble for dank tweeting
* massive legal bills
* forced to move

So, me at age 40:

* bankrupt
* jobless
* history of earning $20k
* forced to sell my house and move out of state
* single for most of my 30s

"Oh, @MorlockP , you're such a success, you don't know what it feels like to earn crap money and have no goth gf and be broke"


I was in EXACTLY the same place that these 22 year old NEETs are in ... except I was about 20 years older.

I differed from the NEET path in one single way: I decided to make a change.

I made two resolutions:

* I would work at WHATEVER job paid me the most. I'd spent 15 years running my own firm bc I wanted autonomy and decision making authority and and and and

* I would work HOWEVER MANY HOURS the job wanted to pay me.

These implied a third:


Time to give up on leisure, hobbies, and working for fulfillment.

Time to get serious about debt reduction, savings, and progress in life.

And ... that's what I did.

I took ANY job that would pay me. If two jobs wanted to pay me at the same time, I'd take BOTH.

Any time I thought that there was room to negotiate the wage up, I'd do so.

"Oh @MorlockP , that sounds like hard work. That doesn't sound rewarding. You - and by that, I mean 'I' - shouldn't HAVE To do that. I should get yangbucks!!!!1!"


Do whatever you want.

This thread is not aimed at the people who are so dead set on "I'll only cash welfare checks because working is beneath my dignity" thought leaders.

This thread is aimed at those that I can reach. The wavering middle who have kinda bought into the NEET / Yangbucks meme...

...but wonder, in the back of their minds, if the "stupid boomers" with their "stupid boomer memes" might actually know a thing or two.

Do you wonder if MAYBE hard work and hustle actually is sometimes rewarded?

I'm here from down town.

I'm here from Mitch and Murray.

I'm here to tell you that the mindset of free-will, creating your own success, hustle, hard work

(a) works. By that I mean "dollars in your pocket" works
(b) it makes you feel better
(c) it makes your look better


About 15 yrs ago I was laid off from my coding job.

Couldn't get another job for a month or so.

You know what I did for those weeks?

☐ bitched & moaned about how there are no jobs
☐ played MMORPGS
☑ got a gig doing construction (framing)


So, anyway, 5 years ago I was bankrupt, forced to leave my home, unemployed.

Then I hustled. HARD. For 5 years. Cold-called. Upselled. Asked my friends for leads.

Five years later I'm married, own a 5,000 ft^2 house on 56 acres (debt free), have a small pile of savings.

Is this EXACTLY the path you'll take? No. I knew how to code, maybe you don't (tho I've learned several new languages over 5 yrs, and you can too).

Will you make EXACTLY the same cash I did? No. Maybe more, maybe less.

Is this GUARANTEED to work?

Well, it's not guaranteed to make you exactly $x dollars.

...but it IS guaranteed to make you FEEL like you are master of your own life.

(Secret: you already are. ...but, if this thread is aimed at you, you're squandering it.)

This thread is not said out of bragging, or out of lack of sympathy.


The secrets of life are not hidden. They're right out in the open.

They're just hard work.

Pledge to any NEET reading this and wondering if it will work for them:

(a) it will
(b) DM me, ask me questions, tell me your woes, bounce some ideas off of me. I'll give you my feedback and my support.

Life is out there.

Seize it!

Make a success out of yourself!

Yep! Rehabbing a house is a second job that almost any able bodied man can do. Learn on the job, acquire skills and tools as you do it.

And the sense of pride? Incalculable.


If you want to get psyched up for reducing debt, reducing spending, increasing earnings, and taking control of your life, Dave Ramsey is always inspiring.


Got my first DM. Young guy asking for advice on how, specifically, to hustle in his career field.

I generated some ideas. Good ones, I think.

DMs are open 24x7 ...


If you're a NEET starting from 0, you've got a 5 / 10 / 20 year hill to climb.


Had someone in my DMs say "your thread doesn't address the systemic problems with student loans / it acts as if student loan situation is acceptable".

1) No, college /student loans are terrible
2) but...you can't fix that. My thread is about what YOU can do with YOUR life

It's useless to bitch and moan about how the system is rigged.

(Is it rigged? YES! But is bitching about that going to help? NO!)

I don't give "advice" about globohomo, the Cathedral, student loans, etc., bc there is no advice other than "accept reality as it is".

cc @random_eddie

If someone tells you "yeah, there's a lot of national debt, and the frogs are gay, and the women are all whores" ... well ... what exactly are you supposed to DO with that?

If someone tells you "if you work a side gig you can buy a house", we both know EXACTLY what you do.

Also, if you want someone to tell you those things, there are many channels that will do so.

I'm not saying that globohomo doesn't exist, that the Cathedral is good, or whatever.

I'm just saying "GIVEN THE WORLD AS IT IS (which is the only scenario you get), DO X NOT Y".

OK, guys. Enough tweetering. I've got to head to the workshop to fix a thing.


If your life is on the path you want, keep at it.

If it isn't, brainstorm your NEXT STEP and do it today.

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