1/ Sometimes we just need to take a step back in order to look around and move forward. What do you see?

Can you not see the turmoil in geopolitics right now? Doesn't this make you really wonder what is going on?

Every single nation on Earth that has a cabal controlled
2/ puppet at the helm is in complete disarray, or should I say their respective establishments are.

France, Germany, Italy, Hungary, UK and many other European nations are now undergoing the beginnings of a revolution, whether it be politically based or just people on the
3/ streets calling for the end to this nightmare. Anti corruption protests are happening all over the globe not just Europe. The people have endured enough of this misery and suffering. Normal citizens from across the globe are coming together like never before to stand in
4/ solidarity against the greatest evil the world has ever known.

The yellow vests go much further than just anti corruption, this is about so much more than just the yellow vests, it is a symbol against the sick and twisted crimes of pedophilia, satanic rituals, fraud,
5/ bribery, murder, treason sedition and many other corrupt practices.

Every aspect of your lives whether you believe this to be true or not is manipulated at every level of society, and has been happening every single day for your entire lives. Relentlessly.

The food you
6/ eat gives you cancer through poisons designed to weaken and dumb down a global population, these are industrially produced on a global scale. The bright colours and sweet tastes are all designed to trick your brain into wanting them. When you are sick you go to THEIR
7/ hospitals to take BIG PHARMA'S drugs which in turn only make you more Ill. It's all about the money, it always has been but not only that, it is a secret ancient plan to rid the world of a large percent of its population. - You are but sheep to them!

What does Q say?
8/ They call us FEEDERS!

For the last 50 years or more we have been in endless wars, in fact I don't think we have ever stopped since WW2. Countless deaths of men, women and children across the world, for what? Because our governements and their cabal masters told us we
9/ hated them for a specific reason? We were filled with lies about patriotism and glory when all that occurred was needless suffering and pain, decimated countries and financial ruin.

Do you know these corporate entities fund both sides of the wars? Look at the corporations
10/ and the selling of arms. The connections are everywhere. The spider web is big. The rabbit hole goes deep. They funded both sides of WW2 this is FACT! When you really understand the gravity of the betrayal against humanity and the unfathomable evil in our midst you will
11/ undoubtedly begin to wake up and start to take the fight to them and bring about a new world like we are all doing right now.

24 hours a day.
7 days a week.


When you are awake you can see clearly.

This evil has been in your
12/ face all along, it's just a matter of perception and consciousness. Once it changes and you begin to look at the world differently it becomes an accelerating process of discovery and truth, all you want is truth. You begin to see symbolism everywhere you look!


Now look around you at this very moment in time, look at each country what do you see?
What do you see in the news?

All i see is chaos, panic and fear but not from us oh no!

- From ((THEM))

Q Anon the military intelligence operation, the
14/ greatest of all time has been bypassing the FAKE NEWS media and has been directly speaking to the people of the world through the image board 8chan. They are heavily connected to President Trump and his fight to take down this global evil. The complex planning and codes
15/ nature of the posts along with all the proofs they have given us would blow your mind.

They can not be debunked and they never will be. We are speaking directly with a military alliance of white hats who are helping to take down this global evil. You should be blessed and
16/ very proud we have been able to be a part of this. Anyone calling out Q at this point is either a Paid/controlled shill or is shockingly misinformed.

Here is the site with all the posts for you to view if you want to see them: qmap.pub

17/ the use of coordinated politics and the might of the now thoroughly funded U.S military the Alliance is now fully in control of this planet. The cabal has already lost, it's a matter of optics and justice now!

You can see it everywhere. The media is in full on LIE mode,
18/ every thing they say is deceitful and designed to induce fear and change the truth narrative that is to come! They are more erratic and treasonous than has ever been seen in history before. This is END GAME!

The Mueller report showing the vindication of President Trump in
19/ this pathetic Russia probe is soon to be released. Will we find out if he has been investigating REAL Russian collision I.e Hillary Clinton and URANIUM 1? We shall soon see if the theories are correct and he has been indeed working alongside Rod Rosenstein to save their
20/ arses and take down the Clinton Crime Mafia and their puppets in Washington DC.

After that we should see the OIG report, this will entail all things to do with pedophilia at the highest levels to human trafficking, murders fraud and many, many other heinous crimes. Most
21/ of which will involve the CLINTON FOUNDATION.

I really can't tell you what order or when these things will happen to be honest, but I know they are indeed imminent. FISA will show all the treasonous behaviour and attempted coup that was being run out of Washington,
22/ London, Italy and the UK. This is going to bring down several governments including our own.

What countries have extradition treaties with the U.S? ;)

Q said that #Spygate is the LEAD-IN!


This is a vast and complex, ancient network of
23/ evil that has its tentacles in every single system on earth. Not anymore though because patriots are in control! Everything you have witnessed from North Korea to the end of ISIS. The trade wars and the absolute chaos coming out of the [D]emocrat party, Westminster and
24/ Brussels are all part of SETTING THE STAGE!

Why is BREXIT and DECLAS intertwined?
Could Trump be waiting so as not to interfere with the Brexit process?

NO DEAL is happening! Believe it!
It breaks the back of the EU and will accelerate their demise, as will the tsunami
25/ of truth that is about to ensue. I guarantee you one thing, they wont survive the exposure of the Iran deal and the politicians who had their parts to play in secretly arming a state sponsor of terrorism with the capability to build nuclear weapons and covertly work with
North Korea!!



A truly awakened planet is becoming ever closer! STAY THE COURSE! #2Q19 - The Year Of The Boomerang! ;)

#WAKEUPWORLD #QAnon #Worldwide
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