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ALERT: Horna, a neo-Nazi black metal band from Finland is attempting to tour the US starting 3/28 including Los Angeles, Oakland, Portland, Austin, Houston, Denver, Chicago, Brooklyn, Maryland, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania #FuckNSBM #ShutDownNaziMetal
Horna members Shatraug & Spellgoth have strong ties to the NSBM (National Socialist Black Metal) scene. Shatraug (also in Sargeist) promotes Nazi "blood and soil" ideology and writes lyrics about 'white genocide'. Spellgoth is also in the fascist black metal band Peste Noire
Horna's Oakland show has been cancelled. It appears those who book shows at @oaklandmetro have learned their lesson from the fallout when Marduk tried to play there 2 years ago when they refused to cancel the show despite being provided with thorough information months in advance
Horna's US tour is being promoted by 'Hate War Productions' which is run by an ass clown named Chris Wood from Downey, CA who likes to talk about "subhumans" and point out that he's "not anti-war", and openly advocates "massive thinning of the population". facebook.com/events/2681551…
Orange County and Los Angeles: Stop Nazi metal band Horna from playing in your area. Contact The Karman Bar in Laguna Nigel at (949) 582-5909 for the show on March 28th, and the 5 Star Bar in downtown LA at (323) 428-4492 for the show on March 30th
Denver, y'all seem to have a lot of metalheads who are, quite curiously, being extremely angry about a Nazi band and a promoter with known right-wing ties getting shut down: facebook.com/events/5090236…
Singer of @ATRhq who's booked w/ Horna at Club Red in Mesa, AZ on 3/29, believes feminism uses women as political prop & was harassing @chick_in_kiev while she's being targeted by Fox News when he was told Horna is Nazi. He claims Horna is now off the bill
Austin's @catilive has stated they're in the process of cancelling the show
And the Arizona show is cancelled! Who's next?
The 2007 UK indymedia article referenced here shows Shatraug's history of using the '88/Heil Hitler' code, his statements from as far back as 2003 where he openly supports NSBM/National Socialism and them being against "turkish scum" & "circumcized mice".
Metal Mafia Records, the promoter for the Brooklyn show, claim it's not cancelled & "just moved". It's run by Yamileth Guevara and Eduardo MacLeod (whose band Azanigin is booked for Horna's NY and NH shows). MacLeod shares anti-semitic memes on his FB facebook.com/events/4655255…
Horna's promoters still think they can save this tour. One of their emails from a few hours ago that was just posted reveals their desperate attempt to move the Portland show to @CrystalPortland and trying to find another venue for Oakland
Houston, we have a problem. @whiteswanlive has responded saying they couldn't care less about the Nazi band Horna playing at their venue on 4/3 and that calling it out is "absurd". "All I know is we're gonna sell a lot of beer and stay open". You can call them at 713-923-2837
Latest update on the Arizona show: After Club Red cancelled, the local promoter called some guy in Phoenix and asked if Horna could play at his house but his housemate said no.
Oh, they wrote about this thread haha metalsucks.net/2019/03/23/hor…
It will probably come as no surprise that this Nazi band Horna has anti-semitic lyrics too. "herramme saa vihdoin todistaa Juudean kansan tuhoa ja kuolemaa" for example, roughly translates to "our Lord will show proof of the destruction and death of the Jewish people" #FuckNSBM
Chicago promoter Marcel Marcellus (Sound Zero Productions) is having a meltdown w/ the predictable "how can a band be racist w/ a non-white member" excuse mentioning Alcest (whose member Neige was in fascist band Peste Noire and a band w/ members of Drudkh who have neo-Nazi ties)
This just in: Apparently Austin's @catiproductions / @catilive is still in the process of cancelling the Horna show, which they've been in the process of since at least yesterday morning...
Even the mayor of Hyattsville, Maryland has gotten involved in shutting down the Horna show there. She's calling her friends about it and wondering what kind of venue would possibly welcome neo-Nazis in their town.
Maryland: Local promoter Templo de Lucifer Prods (run by Juan Luis Cruz) is now trying to move the Horna show to El Gran Chaparral, 8307 Annapolis Road, New Carrollton, MD 20784 after being kicked out of Hyattsville. Call the venue at (301) 306-4284 about them hosting a Nazi band
Horna show in NH is hosted by NSBM band NortherN/Cold Northern Vengeance who use Nazi-associated symbols such as Wolfsangel & Sonnenrad black sun used on weapons/manifesto of white supremacist who killed 50 at mosques in NZ. Call @chopshopnh (603) 760-7706
Brooklyn update: Metal Mafia Records is now saying the new location of the Horna show for 4/7 will be emailed if you bought a ticket. One ticketholder claims they got an email saying the venue will be announced 3 days from showtime.
Horna's shows that keeps getting booked at different venues one after another like one big Nazi whack-a-mole across the country made the local news
Denver update: This Nazi who goes by "Minerva Arkhon" on FB claims to be in the know about Horna's cancelled Denver show being moved to a different venue: "it's being worked on"
Los Angeles: @fivestarbardtla is choosing to host the Nazi band Horna who calls for "death and destruction of the Jewish people" in their lyrics & have numerous close ties to other NSBM bands/labels, on March 30th. You can call 5 Star Bar at (323) 428-4492
Austin: @catiproductions @catilive @_Minotauries_ claimed they were in the process of canceling the 4/2 show for Nazi band Horna whose lyrics call for "death and destruction of the Jewish people" and have numerous ties to NSBM bands/labels. Now they're back to promoting the show.
The Karman Bar In Laguna Niguel, CA is refusing to cancel the Nazi band Horna they booked for this Thursday and says to “keep your politics in your fucking pants”
Arizona: We've received a tip that Horna's cancelled AZ show has a new venue in Glendale, AZ. A local metal promoter Thee Arcane Agency run by Xena Fuertes has a new event page that links to their site that says "TXT 480-560-3229 Day of for venue location" facebook.com/events/3402480…
Along with Xena Fuertes, one of the people behind Arcane Agency (which is also behind Arizona Deathfest) promoting the previously canceled Horna show in Arizona is "Kris Kros", a Trump supporter and singer of some band called Zeohn in Phoenix, AZ
Austin: While @catiproductions finally canceled their Horna show after being in the process of doing so for several days, they also say to look for "updated venue information". The original event page now says LOCATION: TBD. Event page calling for action: facebook.com/events/2279398…
ATTN Virginia: After being kicked out of venues in Maryland including Oxon Hill, Hyattsville, and New Carrollton, the promoter Templo de Lucifer Prods is now saying the Horna show has been moved to an undisclosed location in Ashburn, Virginia, about 100 miles from Charlottesville
ATTN Houston: There's a demo called by Houston United Front Against Fascism for Wednesday, April 3 starting 6:30 pm at White Swan who are choosing to host the neo-Nazi band Horna. Address: 4419 Navigation Blvd
More info: facebook.com/events/3894126…
More on Horna ties to neo-Nazi NSBM labels like World Terror Committee and bands like Grand Belial's Key and Absurd:
Erinn Karman, the owner of The Karman Bar in Laguna Niguel, CA, chooses to platform Nazi bands like Horna at her bar despite being informed of their anti-semitic lyrics that call for "death and destruction of the Jewish people" & close ties to neo-Nazi black metal bands/labels.
@jasontyler_85 of Long Beach, CA, singer of All Gods Kill/Lazarus Casket who runs @ADHDent562, knowingly promotes neo-Nazi bands like Horna with anti-semitic lyrics & close ties to NSBM bands/labels. Jason Tyler cares more about the "careers" of Nazis & says it's "weak" to cancel
Ask @SomethingGoodLA, a Gourmet Brunch Truck based in Los Angeles, why they're providing food for the neo-Nazi band Horna's show tonight at The Karman Bar. Call them at (213) 446-1344
The event page of the Horna show that was booked at @fivestarbardtla in Los Angeles now says that it's at a venue called "Anti-antifa" and lists the address of "Anne Frank’s house" in Paris
Hate War Productions claims "Horna will perform in LA on Saturday" on the event page for Horna's Los Angeles show, which is followed by comments from metal fans threatening to "take care of any protesters" and "antifa cocksuckers" with "a good ass beating" facebook.com/events/2084557…
One possible clue for the location of Horna's LA show is offered by Frank Salatino of Sucka Punch Productions who posts racist memes & follows Trump/Fox News. Salatino offered to help w/ a venue "60 miles N of Los Angeles". Sucka Punch is based in Lancaster about 60 miles from LA
Arizona: The scumbags at Thee Arcane Agency promoting the neo-Nazi band Horna have announced that the new location of the previously canceled show is the Starlite Lounge at 4346 W. Olive Ave in Glendale, Arizona. You can call the venue at (623) 934-1913
@TheStarliteAZ Why are you hosting the neo-Nazi band Horna tonight who calls for "death and destruction of the Jewish people" in their lyrics and whose members have numerous Nazi connections?
Adonis Bracamonte who incited fans of Nazi band Horna to shut down @NDeathcamp's AZ show ("new zealand part 2 anyone?") identified as Jesus Adan Bracamonte of Mesa, AZ, of Genocide Beast ("Genocide Upon The Children of Nazarene") & fascist band Odium Totus archive.fo/wcyvH
Los Angeles: Those who have pre-sale tickets to Nazi band Horna's show tonight in Los Angeles are being directed to the parking lot of Bob's Big Boy, 7447 Firestone Blvd, in Downey, CA for the venue's address, which will be made public "shortly after 7pm" facebook.com/events/2084557…
Chris Wood/Hate War Productions of Downey, CA claims the venue hosting Nazi band Horna's LA show tonight is "in the vicinity" of the parking lot of Bob's Big Boy, 7447 Firestone Blvd, in Downey, CA where he is currently directing pre-sale ticket holder to: facebook.com/events/2084557…
Bricks Restaurant & Sports Bar at 3626 Fruitland Ave in Maywood, CA is hosting the neo-Nazi band Horna tonight. Call them at (323) 553-9677
None of the phone numbers listed for Bricks Restaurant & Sports Bar in Maywood, CA that is hosting the neo-Nazi band Horna tonight seem to be working. Here's their yelp listing: yelp.com/biz/bricks-res…
This fan of Tucker Carlson, Lauren Southern, Ben Shapiro & the band Satanic Warmaster (whose singer was in Horna) w/ lyrics like "Sieg Heil!" "Enthroned Aryan spirit the resurrection of our Reich" "semite creation in ashes" wants Horna fans to know that Horna "aren't a Nazi band"
Satanic Warmaster, a Finnish Nazi black metal project of Lauri Penttilä (aka Werwolf/Nazgul) who was in Horna until 2001, collabs w/ NSBM bands like Aryan Blood & Gestapo 666, has lyrics glorifying the Third Reich & anti-semitism, album titled "Gas Chamber" & samples Nazi rallies
ALERT: The punk club @ExitChicago_ at 1315 W. North Ave is doing raffles tonight for tickets to see neo-Nazi band Horna with anti-semitic lyrics and NSBM ties at Horna's Friday 4/5 Chicago show (location TBA). Call Exit at (312) 788-7040 Tonight's event: facebook.com/events/5677504…
Oiram Gutierrez, a fan of Nazi metal and Trump supporter who likes Nazi symbols like the Totenkopf, is inciting fans of neo-Nazi band Horna to shut down @NDeathcamp's LA show. Oiram is behind Sexsect, a Los Angeles promoter who's known to book punk/metal shows at @fivestarbardtla
"Horna is apolitical and centrist and totally not Nazi, you posers!" "Fuck Antifa!" "muh free speech!" "Let's shut down anti-fascist metal shows!"
San Antonio: Horna's cancelled Austin show for Tuesday, April 2nd is being moved to San Antonio according to a now-deleted post by "Alexandra Nicole", a Libertarian Trump supporter in Houston who's into the history of WWII and Rhodesia, a common obsession among white nationalists
ALERT: Nazi band Horna is booked in Bend, Oregon tonight at 3rd Street Pub at 314 SE 3rd St. Call them at (541) 306-3017
Event page: facebook.com/events/3974711…
3rd Street Pub in Bend, Oregon is now threatening people who are calling them at (541) 306-3017 with concerns about the venue hosting the neo-Nazi band Horna tonight. Here’s their Yelp listing: yelp.com/biz/third-stre…
Apparently the person taking calls at 3rd Street Pub in Bend, Oregon is sharing phone numbers. Dial *67 before the phone number so that your number isn't displayed.
People calling to stop Nazi band Horna's show received threatening calls after Nichole Northcraft shared their numbers. She's connected to Mike Self (Coma Booking) who promoted the show. She follows Heathen Coalition which promotes white supremacist pagans like Stephen McNallen.
According to our antifa supersoldier spies on the ground, Nazi band Horna's Tuesday April 2 show might have moved to The Guillotine at 1816 N. Main Ave in San Antonio. Another possible venue might be the Limelight that just hosted Black Jackal who are also booked to play w/ Horna
Austin: Nazi band Horna might still be trying to invade Austin today (April 2nd)! Although gathered intel had indicated that the Austin show was moving to San Antonio, they might be pulling the old bait-and-switch as the event page has now changed to specify "Horna in Austin".
Seeing more reports from people who called 3rd St Pub in Bend,OR about them hosting the Nazi band Horna that they’re getting “a constant stream of revenge calls” from different parts of the country after the promoter Nichole Northcraft shared their numbers
ALERT: Nazi band Horna is booked in Austin tonight at Texas Mist at 1115 Old Bastrop Hwy. Call them at *67 (512) 385-3553 (Make sure to use *67 before the phone number you're calling to hide your number, or use encrypted VoIP service like Silent Phone) facebook.com/events/1145212…
Getting reports that while Horna was advertised for Texas Mist in Austin tonight on the show's event page, the venue is now claiming they have no show there. The event page is also gone. We also just received leaked insider info that Horna's definitely playing in Houston tomorrow
Austin: It sounds like Texas Mist has been lying and Horna might actually be playing there tonight after all
Denver: Horna has a new venue for Thursday April 4th. Locals are trying to narrow down the venue. It's looking like 3 Kings Tavern might be a strong possibility as they have history w/ the promoter, that date is open, and they're not answering their phone.
Austin: The scumbags at Texas Mist bar are choosing to host Horna, who call for "death and destruction of the Jewish people" in their lyrics and have numerous Nazi ties, and lied about it when people called to complain, even claiming it was a McDonald's: yelp.com/biz/texas-mist…
Denver: Reports coming in that Herman's Hideaway (and not 3 Kings Tavern as previously speculated) looks to be the "secret" venue of Horna's Denver show on Thursday April 4th. The opening band Morgue Whore is listed as having a show at Herman's Hideaway at 1578 S Broadway, Denver
This just in: Nazi platforming promoter Metal DP just admitted that their Horna show in Denver for Thursday April 4th got cancelled on again at the other venue so it has now been moved to a "private property".
Juan Pablo, the drummer of the opening band @Sar_Isatum claims to know which "private property" in Denver is hosting the secret underground show of the totally apolitical and centrist Nazi black metal band Horna on Thursday April 4th
ALERT: Nazi band Horna is booked in Houston tonight at The Hellcat Cafe at 306 W. Hedrick St.

Call them at *67 (713) 483-8275 (Make sure to use *67 before the phone number you're calling to hide your number, or use encrypted VoIP service like Silent Phone)
Houston: There's a demo called by Houston United Front Against Fascism tonight starting 6:30 pm at The Hellcat Cafe who are choosing to host the neo-Nazi band Horna. Address: 306 W. Hedrick St./306 N. 72nd St.


More info: facebook.com/events/3894126…
Horna's Houston show was first booked at @whiteswanlive. Manager John Kingston aka GoreTooth was pressured to cancel when Texas Patriot Network were coming to support Horna. He shares racist memes, jokes about NZ shooting & says Nazis are trolls to be ignored & "muh free speech".
Shane Wilson, of Saw Photography who works with @metalgeeks & plays in Wülfskol/To Scale The Throne, is promoting the Houston show of Nazi band Horna who call for "destruction and death of the Jewish people" & is a fan of a book by Jack Donovan of fascist group Wolves of Vinland.
Joshua James Merritt aka Cryptos Grimm, drummer of Spectral Manifest & radio DJ at @NuclearRocRadio who runs Ossuary Industries label, is promoting the Houston show of neo-Nazi band Horna who call for "destruction and death of the Jewish people" in their lyrics & have NSBM ties.
Joshua James Merritt, who is promoting the neo-Nazi band Horna who have anti-semitic lyrics and have numerous Nazi ties, works for @PockettoMe food truck in Houston, Texas.

Ask POCKet to me why their employee platforms Nazis. Call *67 (832) 429-7677 Yelp: yelp.com/biz/pocket-to-…
ALERT: Atomwaffen Division members including its leader John Cameron Denton aka "Rape" were seen doing the Nazi salute at the Horna show tonight at The Hellcat Cafe in Houston. Atomwaffen Division is a network of Satanic Nazi terror cells linked to at least 5 murders in the U.S.
Virginia: Local promoter Templo de Lucifer Prods (run by Juan Luis Cruz) is now trying to move the Horna show for Saturday April 6th to somewhere "close to Alexandria VA"
New Hampshire: Horna is booked at @chopshopnh in Seabrook for Tuesday April 9th. Chop Shop Pub owner Bill Niland is refusing to cancel the show claiming he doesn't support "censorship" called by "Antifa propaganda"
Juan Pablo, the drummer of @Sar_Isatum & @extremelyrotten of Show No Mercy Records, along with "Metal DP", promoted & hosted the anti-semitic Nazi metal band Horna which attracts murderous Nazis in Denver last night w/ Sar Isatum, Weapönizer of @20buckspinlabel & @morguewhoreband
ALERT: Templo de Lucifer Prods /Juan Luis Cruz is sending people to Rose Hill Shopping Center at 6116 Rose Hill Dr. in Alexandria, Virginia to get the location of tonight's show for Horna whose last 2 shows were attended by fascist groups Atomwaffen Division & Operation Werewolf.
Brooklyn: Metal Mafia Records (Yamileth Guevara/Eduardo MacLeod of Azanigin from Long Island, NY) has been emailing the location of Nazi band Horna's show in Brooklyn tomorrow night April 7th to those who bought tickets.

Event page for the Brooklyn show: facebook.com/events/4655255…
ALERT: Nazi band Horna has announced their show tonight is at Filipino Multicultural Center, 7500 Livingston Rd, Oxon Hill in Maryland, one of the previous venues that had cancelled. Call 301-567-2286 & let them know the band they're hosting tonight are a danger to the community.
Brooklyn: Horna's show for Saturday April 7 is booked at @SLloungeNY 40-15 Warren St in Elmhurst, NY (718) 576-1260 FB page also lists the number for Sabor Latino Restaurant (718) 457-3966

Ask them why they're hosting an anti-semitic Nazi band whose shows bring violent fascists
Las Catrinas Bar in Corona, New York is choosing to host the anti-semitic Nazi band Horna tonight whose recent shows were attended by fascist groups like Operation Werewolf & murderous Nazi group Atomwaffen Division. Let them know this is not acceptable: facebook.com/pg/Las-Catrina…
Adding this about the guy in a band called Desolator who went to Horna's LA show since it wasn't in this thread. Sad reminder that the metal scene is full of people like this who regurgitate NSBM bullshit while demanding to "keep politics out" of the scene
ALERT: Jesus Adan Bracamonte of Mesa AZ, of Genocide Beast ("Genocide Upon The Children of Nazarene") & fascist band Odium Totus who incited fans of Nazi band Horna to violently shutdown @NDeathcamp (More info: archive.fo/wcyvH), is now threatening to stab anti-fascists.
A reminder that 2 months after Nazi metal band Marduk's show was canceled in 2017, Portland metalhead Jeremy Christian threatened to stab those "protesting black metal shows". A month later, he stabbed & killed people defending the black girls he assaulted
Bill Niland, owner of @chopshopnh in Seabrook, NH who is choosing host Horna on Tues April 9, tells @wbznewsradio & @carlwbz he did "extensive research" and "found no evidence of any ties to white supremacy" despite the band's anti-semitic lyrics & numerous documented Nazi ties.
It's no surprise that the clientele of @chopshopnh, the biker bar in Seabrook, NH whose owner Bill Niland is choosing to host the neo-Nazi band Horna on Tues April 9 while ignoring their well-documented anti-semitic and neo-Nazi ties, are Trump supporters.
Neo-folk band Wardruna, founded by members of black metal band Gorgoroth, is known to attract Nazi heathens of Asatru Folk Assembly/Wotan Network to their shows. Gaahl (formerly of Gorgoroth & Wardruna) has called to "remove every trace" of "semitic roots"
Morgan Steinmeyer, the founder of Swedish Nazi black metal band Marduk, is a former housemate of Varg Vikernes (the white supremacist murderer/hate crime convict of Burzum). Leaked documents from 2017 exposed members of Marduk's ties to a neo-Nazi group. etc.se/kultur-noje/ma…
Horna's NH show is hosted by Nazi heathen metal band NortherN/Cold Northern Vengeance. Its founder "Paul Heathen" has been identified as Paul Hamblet of Seabrook, NH, charged in 2003 with assault & battery for kicking a black man in the face several times. archive.fo/Eoptf
More info shared with us on the Nazi metal bands playing w/ Horna tonight at the Chop Shop Pub in Seabrook, NH including NortherN/Cold Northern Vengeance, Paul Hamblet aka Paul Heathen, Moribund Records, Amanda McPherson, Azanigin, Bane, Ancestral Shadows archive.fo/IxFkB
Manager Scott Banks of Jabber Jaws Bar in Allentown, PA is hosting the neo-Nazi band Horna tonight claiming they're not "openly fascist", even though known fascists are attending. Promoter BizR Entertainment (Marvin F. Horn aka "Skip") says "Metal haters" should "go to a rally".
A demo has been called to counter the neo-Nazi band Horna's show tonight at Jabber Jaws Bar, 1327 W. Chew St in Allentown, Pennsylvania starting 7pm
Holden Matthews, who set fires to historically black churches in Louisiana, is in a black metal band Vodka Vultures & followed Nazi "Asatru" Odinist paganism & Varg Vikernes, the white supremacist murderer/hate crime convict of Burzum, who burned down historic churches in Norway.
The news of Holden Matthews’ arrest for burning down historically black churches comes one week after Jacob Lowenstein, drummer of the black metal band Igni in Christchurch, New Zealand was charged with setting two churches on fire. Matthews & Lowenstein were influenced by Burzum
As if to further illustrate how pervasive black metal’s Nazi problem is, this article on Holden Matthews & church burnings ends by recommending ongoing tours of Uada and Deafheaven. Both Uada & Deafheaven have ties to NSBM (National Socialist Black Metal)
Jake Superchi of Uada runs "Dark Forest Productions, a label which put out Nazi metal band (and fellow Oregonians) Immortal Pride's split with Femegericht called "Vinlandic German Friendship" (both bands worked with the label) and released Polish NSBM band Golfaron's second demo"
Deafheaven's George Clarke has called Burzum a "blueprint" & the band has recorded with Neige of Alcest who was in fascist band Peste Noire (which shares a band member with Horna) for the "Aryan Supremacy" demo w/ Famine (also in Alcest) & Drudkh (w/ neo-Nazis of Azov Battalion).
Deafheaven cite NSBM bands like Drudkh and Hate Forest as influences. Singer George Clarke has been reported doing what appeared to be Nazi salutes on stage while sporting the "Hitler Youth" haircut. Guitarist Kerry McCoy has been called out for repeatedly using homophobic slurs.
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