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#Exvangelical voices are affecting Evangelical communties and mainline Christian communities. People do not want to treat family members as traitors so they listen. Let me tell you how Chris Stroop is making a difference.
My family is torn apart from people leaving Evangelicalism. My cousin Molly, from Korea, was treated racist, rebelled, had a baby as a teenager. We don't talk anymore. This is one of many stories in how #ReligiousAbuse affects families.
One of the main things tearing apart famiiles in Evangelical communities is exclusion of LGBTQ family members. It's not the same being queer in an evangelical community. For me, it could mean violence from my step-father who is rabidly homophobic and threatened to kill me.
The #Exvangelical movement has allowed all of us to speak our truth.
For me, I also have to respect an LGBTQ subset from my Christian School and community that lives in Indianapolis but are not exactly out. They are also not thriving.
I also grew up in two worlds:
My adoptive mother, the typical evangelical world. My adoptive father, liberal AF. He was a Democratic strategist. He was also queer and my mom blames him for 'turning me that way.'
So what if he did. He was a great dad. the fucking best.
My father who was an Adlerian psychologist, but also went to Calvin taught me no one is gay or straight or totally male or female. We are all on a spectrum. Adler came up with that spectrum which is widely accepted today.
My adoptive father was also the bad ass motherfucker who led the integration of Christian Reformed Communities during the civil rights era before I was born. He is called, by many who moved away "The man who brought n***ers to South Holland." Isn't that special?
My dad also left the church for all the same reasons other #Exvangelical people leave the church. Evangelicals pushed out anyone who did not conform to their program and that INCLUDES voting Democrat which is why it is fucked up Chicago Dems triangulate with New Life.
I have been a part of Interfaith anti-homeless efforts so I retained ties to churches.
All that nonsense in Oly is my crew, the OGs - mostly Christian Anarchists - from Emma Goldman. Seeing people take their psychological mess into a whole town is why I left churches for good
I have not believed in a God since I was 8. Naturally, with the concept of predestination, I felt bad about this. It fit into the idea I was not chosen. It also made David Bazan type people seem like they needed therapy not another ideology.
Interfaith's homeless efforts are based on Calvinist principles of letting the damned be the damned. Instead of church, they are Christian all the time, basically taking over social services. It's problematic. People don't get help.
People are afraid to abandon religion because they feel it is abandoning family.
It was hard for me to distance myself from my adoptive family for my own not just self-care, mental health.
What has come out of @C_Stroop's writing in our communities is family members who are still 'churched' being able to understand where #Exvangelical people are coming from in leaving. Hence, I know the effects of what he has done.
I am very aware that part of inclusion and affirmation for churches is also to bring us back to the fold. Hence, when churches in the larger Interfaith anti-homeless network started reaching out to me I had to take a pause.
What changed for me is Secretary of Education DeVos began to listen. She even launched a civil rights investigation into my undergradate school after the admissions scandal. I have the emails. I am sure a lot of it is to make peace w/ my family. I am fine with that.
I was also adopted out by Bethany. They are horrible. I am glad @GovWhitmer is defunding them. However, the majority of migrant children have been sent to adoption or fostering by Bethany. I have a responsibility to make sure that they don't have the same experience.
I won't lie, in the investigation, there are also some personal scores being settled. People are going to lose jobs. I sort of like the idea that with the arrogance of white privlege I can destroy arrogant white progressives' lives.
We have a TON of adopted brown kids in our larger family now 'cause of me. Most of them are fucked up and have serious behavioral problems. I don't because I am competitive, like to win. It's not a trait that is popular with the left. I do not care.
Winniing for people of color and white people means different things. When we get access, many of us want to do for others. Granted, the Democratic party has preverted this but things are changing because there are so many spoiled white kids who can't make anything.
Democrats have not done anything meaningful about migrant kids being taken away from dentention centers. There are two reasons for this:
1) white males on the left and angry nerd syndrome.
2) All white upper class families beneift from the human trafficking of Bethany.
What we need to do now is put out a beacon for those families so they do not think indoctrinating these brown kids into hating other brown people is the way to raise them properly. That's what happens with evangelical adoptions.
In college, I was on a board for approving inter-racial and inter-cultural adoptions via the drug rehab I worked for and so I can replicate that. Parents were required to go to classes and they had to live in an integrated area.
The halfway house I worked for was run by...you can probably guess...
Hence, they paid for training in counseling mixed race kids, (who had an addiction rate of 64% in the 1990s) and mixed cultural adoptions.
When I left this work study job the former priest told me "You'll be back." Statistically most people choose a career based on their first job in college.

So here I am starting an org and a group home based on THAT group home. Truth is, I missed that job.
Here is @C_Stroop's article on Bethany.
I have been vocal about their practices in the wilderness. I have broken relationships with mixed raced adoptees who work for them, because they have so much reliigous trauma they can't get another job.
My adoptive dad told me when he was rejected by The Cradle he went to Bethany becuase they did no real home visit. He also made sure I could meet my bio mom who had her rights terminated by a doctor at @NorthwesternU who wanted to adopt me. She did not want to give me up.
Bethany is also the main adoption service in the Midwest and even their pregnancy crisis centers are endorsed by Chicago Democrats who do not get called out by bullshit Chicago media. @emrazz
Since my Section 8 voucher I am getting is tied to Chicago I have to be careful about going balls out with stuff like showing where the apartments are where Bethany leaves poor white mothers to fail and then convinces them to give up their children.
The DeVos family are big donors to Bethany. Hence, via the Department of Education, programs can be put in place by @BetsyDeVosED for foster and adoptive children. They can be tied to longitudinal studies. I can use my personal experience.
I disagree with destroying public schools. I also disagree with progressive petty infighting over things. I am also running a non-profit which is not political so I will do things to get things DONE. My ex worked for Arne Duncan in Chicago and he also was for school choice.
So I am getting back in the fight. I will post more aobut this on thisishome.site and at @FosterTeensAZ. Part of the org will be doing policy, like I did at ASPIRA on access to higher education.
The main reason I am going back to graduate school is because studies are needed to show positive longitudinal outcomes in LGBTQ homes. Hence, the collaborative efforts.
Part of the non-profit will be virtual, supporting other efforts, nationwide via techonology. The beginning will be finding host homes for LGBTQ kids kicked out of evangelical homes and also addressing religous trauma via materials to replicate programs.
This is the end of the thread. I will post more on thisishome.site in April. After the May meeting, info on host families will be posted.
We also cannot change Bethany or stop poorly planned adoptions through Christian agencies. We can, via our school system, put programs in place to help those children who are basically victims of an inperfect system.
I could not live with myself knowing that 14 years from now, one of these migrant kids would evidence being LGBTQ and would be getting kicked out on the street as a form of therapy to make them 'not gay.'
I spent most of my teen years bouncing around friends homes until my dad moved back to Chicago because on the radio, Focus on the Family recommeded kicking boys out who 'might turn gay' to show them it was not acceptable in your Christian household.
When people adopt, people get a child that is not their DNA. Anything could happen. It's important to be prepared to accept that child. Bethany does adoptions as a form of Evangelcial conversion. We can find solutions in our schools.
I would recommend everyone read @fakedansavage's book about adopting. It's one of the main reasons I wanted to be an advocate for LGBTQ adoption and fostering. It's also why I got involved with throwaways around Seattle.
Without the writing of @C_Stroop there would be no supporting materials.
It may be problematic his writing is affecting Christian communites more in that #Exvangelical people are an empty chair at holidays.
For me, it's about LGBTQ teens, not politics not my atheist cred.
I also thought releasing an album called Unsaved would get the re-Christianizing folks off my back.
Nope, they think it's awesome. They see all this stuff as the reason for #EmptyThePews; they look at it as a critique.
The only thing that ever wins in life is irony.
Many of us have been battling the toxicity of Evangelicalism in our own ways, mostly tilting windmills. @C_Stroop has made those ghosts material. We all have to thank him.
And all the years of not being able to say, "I was told in school dinosaur bones were put in the ground by Satan" becuase it sounds crazy AF.
And in this I have been able to talk to Christians about why you don't try to bring people back to church. You respect their beliefs, not try to repair their perceptive brokenness. That's it. Have a nice Saturday or Sunday in the UK.
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