#poll If there was a Snap General Election, who would you vote for?

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1997: Blair 13.5mn votes
1997-2015: Blairites/ Others lost 180 seats & 5mn voters
2017: Corbyn 12.8mn votes/ Gained 32


add first time voters (75% of those who vote, vote for Labour)

Subtract 2% of the population, 80% of whom vote Tories!

Labour Landslide on the cards!
Lab’s share of vote could be 14.5+mn

Once we take into account first time voters- 16 or under at 2017

first time voters -never voted before, disenchanted by Blair years whilst

removing Tory support -loss of voters due to old age

=> Lab will gain 100+ seats from Tories alone
I’ll just leave this here...

UK Adults: 55mn
Not on Register: 8.16mn
Registered to vote: 46.84mn

Votes Cast: 32.10mn
Did not vote: 14.74mn

Tory Vote share: 13.64mn
Labour Vote share: 12.88mn

Helping people to get registered & get them to vote will ensure Labour victory!
Just leave this here....

Whether we have a Hard Brexit or Soft Brexit,

Whether we exit on the 29th Mar, in June or in 2 years,

Whether we have a PeoplesVote with or without Remain option,

Tories will be for the few, Labour will always strive for the many

Parliament voted out:

-May’s Bad Deal Twice
-No Deal
-People’s Vote
-Custom’s Union (narrowly)
-Extending Leave date

Parliament wants backstop renegotiated but EU will not negotiate without CU on the table!

Options to break this dead-lock:

Labour’s bespoke CU
General Election
What’s Corbyn been upto?

-Challenging Austerity, Neoliberalism & Neoconservatism
-Forcing Tory govt backed by LibDems & now DUP to do 40 U-Turns
-Inflicted heavy defeats on May’s plan for her deal or No deal
-Building Consensus around a softer Brexit that will heal divisions
Original Tweet: @ToryFibs

We’ve had indicative votes already

• Jeremy’s plan got 303 MPs
• No Deal got 200+ MPs
• May’s plan got 242 MPs
• 2nd Ref got your man & his dog backing

It’s quite clear, route to a majority support for a deal in HoC involves a Jeremy style deal
Labour has been consistent since Sept ‘17 LabConf & followed an agreed plan with discipline:

-Securing Meaningful Vote
-A bespoke Customs Union
-Call for a General Election
-Consider a Second Vote (with/without a Remain option)

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#NoPVYesGE #GeneralElectionNow #JC4PM2019
Orignial Tweet @mac123_m

-41 of 54 marginal Tory seats (Eng+Wales) voted Leave

-36 of 48 marginal Lab seats in England+Wales voted Leave

-70% of LAB constituencies voted to Leave

-LABs 2017 manifesto was to respect EU ref

-LAB policy to exit SM & secure a bespoke CU deal
Tory Lies about Labour Economic Competence exposed!

UK economy was forecasted to growth strongly pre Tory Austerity -

OBR 2010 budgetresponsibility.org.uk/docs/junebudge

The Deficit Myth!

Pls RT
#ChangeIsComing #ForTheMany #Labourdoorstep
According to OBR REPORT 2010, #Economy was set to grow upto 6% (high chance of a 2-4% growth) thanks to the handling of the outgoing Labour govt!

Tory govt propped by the LibDems screwed up big time!

Lab Moderate’s appeasement to RW media ensured a false narrative was created
How will Lab pay for its #Manifesto?

1) Extending Stamp Duty: £5bn p.a.
2) FTT on Forex Market: £100bn p.a.
3) Removal of Corporate Subsidy: equivalent to £93bn (2012/13)
4) Corp Tax back to 26% : many billions p.a.
5) Close loop holes: £40-120bn p.a

#ChangeIsComing #ForTheMany
Currently govt pays £30bn in the form of Tax Credits which subsidies poverty pay & pays nearly £10 billion in form of social housing rents if I am not mistaken

£12 per hour wage & 1mn council homes will save govt billions each year!

#aspiration4all #commonsense #forthemany
Original tweet: @mac123_m

- If you work an hour every two weeks you are classed as employed
- If you are a family carer you are classed as employed
- There are nearly 2m on zero hrs contracts
- There are 4.7m in working poverty
- Wages are lower now than in 2008

Also see below
How will Labour pay for renationalising rails & utilities?

Simply do not renew the contracts that lapse during the next Labour term in office!

#ChangeIsComing #ForTheMany

(Click & Zoom Rail Franchise Schedule below)
Youth Vote & Labour

Original Tweet: @LeftieStats

Party Vote Share 18-24

Lib Dem vote share amongst 18-24s (data from Ipsos MORI):

2010 ~ 30%
2015 ~ 5%
2017 ~ 5%

Labour vote share amongst 18-24s (data from Ipsos MORI):

2010 ~ 31%
2015 ~ 43%
2017 ~ 62%
Labour as an Effective Opposition

Tory U turns from the time @jeremycorbyn became Labour leader but before GE 2017 -

Detailed list compiled with @ToryFibs
With regards to #yougov & other #polls, I wouldn’t worry about it.

For instance, Tory co-founded YouGov polls - purely pseudoscientific & propaganda poll imho -are timed to help Tories in trouble!

YouGov was co-founded by Stephan Shakespeare & Nadhim Zahawi! Look it up

If you wish to check up on actual/ potential conflicts of interest involving a MP start here ...

Scroll down to the MP & see gifts they receive, rental they receive, foreign trips, etc -publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm/cmregmem…

All becomes clear!

#ChangeIsComing #ForTheMany
I recommend theyworkforyou.co.uk - this is a great website to check any MP’s voting record for free!

Compare their voting record against what they say in TV studios, interviews or in articles.

Two-faced politicians won’t have any place to hide!

#ChangeIsComing #ForTheMany
Why did MPs leave parties at such a time of National Crisis?

Is @TheIndGroup even a political party?

Can we see your company accounts?

Who is your main donor?

Do you even have a mandate without by-elections held in the respective constituencies?

#ChangeIsComing #ForTheMany
A Private Member’s bill should be introduced in Parliament to legislate the following:

By-Election must be triggered automatically in the event an MP defects from any party on whose manifesto they stood at election & won that seat!

#ChangeIsComing #ByElectionNow #JC4PM2019
Scottish Nationalism
(SNP vote):

IndyRef 2014: 1.60mn
GE 2015: 1.42mn
GE 2017: 0.97mn

Change: 🔻39%

Labour vote share was up from about 9mn to 12.8mn

SNP will continue to lose Socialists amongst its rank to the home of Socialism... Labour, Corbyn’s Labour!

BBC Projections based on Local Election 2018:

If this was a GE, Tories would’ve lost 38 seats.

Lab would’ve won 21 taking its tally to 283.

Lab would be the largest party in parliament & perhaps have come to power leading a coalition govt!

Reminder of #localelections2018

Excellent snapshot by @ToryFibs
Equivalent of 40k lives in years lost due to pollution in UK (Oct17 Independent)

120,000 ‘excess’ deaths in 2015 alone due to austerity
(Nov17 Independent)

DWP admitted to 100 benefit claimants dying on its watch per day between Mar 2014 to Feb 2017 @TheCanaryUK


Self-employed: 80% deemed poor

17mn with less than £100 in their bank account

Pound down against other major currencies

Worst State Pension in OECD

Real income fallen by 10% since 2010

Home Ownership at just 63% low

Not meeting NATO defence spend of 2% of GDP
Questions for May govt

-LycaMobile Money Laundering
-Cambridge Analytica
-Skripla Salisbury Attack
-Panama & Paradise Papers
-Brexit & GE15 result?
-Jeremy Hunt's 7 flats
-Oligarchs/Powerful Lobby influencing our Defence & Foreign Policy
-Missing Child abuse files

Cambridge Analytica saga allegedly involves link between SCL, AIQ, #CambridgeAnalytica, Israeli private intelligence co BlackCube, Trump, Robert Mercer, UKIP, VoteLeave, DUP & Tory ministers.

Allegedly money laundering, data breach, & subversion too.

If we assume post Brexit will be bad, a Lab govt ready to invest in housing, energy self-sufficiency, skills, education, innovation, ports, communications -coupled with strong regulatory framework to safeguard consumer, worker, security & environment- will help UK economy grow!
Corbyn’s way of politics has, in 3 years, challenged 4 decades of neoliberalism & neoconservatism, has led to 40 Tory U-Turns, inflicted large defeats for the govt, stayed steadfastly consistent on EU policy agreed at Lab Conf back in Sept 2017 & strengthened the Left! #JC4PM2019
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