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Story Time: I Smashed A Group Of Sisters & They Found Out And Jumped Me 😭😒
Hold on let me make sure all these girls are blocked before I tell this story....
Alright guys this a LONGGGGG WILD ONE... I really didn’t want to tell it.. but y’all backed me into a corner.. so to hell with it.
1. To the people who have been following me for awhile... I know y’all been waiting for a Nine Tailed Fuck Boy Story for a min.. congrats. The wait is over. Get your popcorn 🍿
2. So 2 years ago I moved out to California to play football at a Junior College. I was really excited and was having a great time.
3. I was staying with some other Florida boys at the time but One of them mfs ate my food.. at first I recorded it thinking it was a joke but they really did.. so I beat they ass and left. I don’t play about my food.
4. No job. No Car. No friends or family, but I’ll be homeless before I’m disrespected. So I slept in the back of the school the entire season.
5. I didn’t tell my coach or the other players. I gave no signs of how I was living. I was always cracking jokes and always had a smile on my face so you would never know how I was really living unless I told you.
6. I have been told I have a personality that makes people gravitate towards me. So while I was in California I was still going on adventures with people I met and having a BLAST.
7. So one night I ended up going to downtown San Diego. I seen this girl that had a GEORGIA PEACH on her back!! I’m never the type to shoot.. but I was feeling like Curry no chicken.
8. I approached her we laughed and talked and before you know it we was back at her place.
9. I’m not big on flings but I honestly didn’t want to go back to the school to sleep on a baseball field that night. If you want to be completely honest I wanted to hit.. I felt like I deserved it in a way.. but I was more interested in just having a warm bed to sleep on
10. I strapped up.. Took her soul. Next morning she dropped me off at my 7:00 class... we didn’t exchange numbers or anything. It was a fling. Nothing more.
11. So 2 weeks go by.. classes going great. Footballs great I’m balling on niggas and shit.. it’s lit.
12. So I’m in sociology class and I start talking to this girl.. we will call her hmm... Kyra. she was mad cool.
13. One day we walk out of one of my night classes and she asks me where I stay, I told her I stay around the corner but i could sense that she knew I was lying.
14. We departed and I went to the football locker room to shower.. I left and crept to the back of the school ducking and dodging security.
16. I got to my stuff and laid down my blanket and turned around to see her right there...
15. she packed my stuff and threw it into her car. She said “you are coming to live with me and my family and that’s that”
16. So I stayed with her. Her mom, her brother and her pops. They were VERY cool people.. I was so grateful... they treated me like family. Like a son.. but y’all know what happened with Krystal Family so I wasn’t falling for that shit again
17. But I’m gullible.. me and her dad hit it off HEAVY.. we start hanging out he start teaching me about cars.. he was an ex military so he was also teaching me how to fight. Taught me this deadly round house kick it was awesome. I got attached.. I never had a father figure
18. So one day.. I’m sitting chilling and kyra annoying me like usual
19. her mom came home. She walked into the kitchen and introduced to me her other daughters.. they didn’t stay there they had their own place I guess.. I shook the younger ones hand we will call her Brittany.. then I looked at the older one.. and my heart fucking dropped.
20. It was the fling.... from the club..
21. I’m in SHOCK... I’m just starring and she look back at me like..
22. When I tell she AINT EVEN BLINK. She walked right over and shook my hand and said “its nice to meet you I’ve heard great things”

23. Dawg.. guess who walk in behind her? Her fiancé and 4 year old son
24. Friendly ass Jitt run up on me and start reaching for me to pick him up.. bra I couldnt tell him no I would look like an ass.. I picked her son up bra.. he smiling & shit
25. He gonna say “you’re strong” and the Fling gonna say “yeah he’s strong right!”
26. So they leave and Brittany the little sister starts talking to me about job opportunities and asked if I was staying in California after the football season. I told her maybe and she said okay I’ll come pick you up and drive you around so we can find you one
27. that night everyone is sleep.. I’m laying down watching TV and kyra walk in and lays on me.. she always does that so I wasn’t alarmed at first
28. Then she started feeling on me and I ask her what she’s doing? She says “cmon don’t play dumb you know how I feel about you”

I’m like
29. Shit was out of NO WHERE... to this day I think she was jealous of how me and Brittany were going to hang out so she wanted to make sure she secured my dick before that happened...
29. I’m like huhhhhh??? Wym? She catches an attitude and tells me to stop playing dumb and tugs for my pants again 🤨 I’m like aye bro hold up your POPS up stairs G... your BROTHER in the other room.. NO
30. I’m like huhhhhh??? Wym? She catches an attitude and tells me to stop playing dumb and tugs for my pants again 🤨 I’m like aye bro hold up your POPS up stairs G... your BROTHER in the other room.. NO
31. Even if they wasn’t I’m not disrespecting they house like that.. I can hear my morals applauding but my hormones WERE LIKE
32. She dead ass gets mad bro.. she starts calls me a little bitch and then stomps off.. She ain’t talk to me for DAYS except hi and bye Her mom and pops kept asking me what was going on between us I would say “I don’t know” because I honestly DIDNT KNOW...
33. Why can’t people just be friends? That shit piss me off. I’ve had a lot of female friends were that’s all it was... FRIENDSHIP. it wasn’t something I wasn’t used to.. and I’m not smashing you under your PARENTS roof after they took me in off the streets..
34. So I have a game that weekend and earlier that week I invite donnell and the rest of my friends to come watch me play. I gave them the address to the game and where I was staying so they could chill with me after since they flew all the way out.. they said they would try..
35. Sooooo it’s the day before the game and I’m riding around with Brittany. She’s showing me some jobs in San Diego because that’s were she stay.. She asked me about kyra and what we were to each other and I TOLD HER THE TRUTH. We are friends. Or at least we were...
36. While job hunting she was telling me about her boyfriend and how she knows he messing around with someone else because he doesn’t pay her attention or go out with her to have fun anymore. Yeah yeah I know stfu I should of seen the Red Flag 🚩
37. The only advice I could give was

“you should Love the of person you are.. because others don’t know what you had to go they to become that person”

She smiled and asked if I wanted to hang out with her for the rest of the day... ?
38. I said idk.. then she said..
“I’m mean I’m not gonna let you starve cooking 😊”
39. So we at her house.. i ate and we played uno.. she asked if I wanted to just sleep here tonight instead of having to drive all the way back to Temecula. I agreed and slept on the couch. She went to her room.
40. So I’m sleep right? yall know when you can FEEL someone watching you?? Yup. I peek thru my eyes and she walking towards the coach
41. She kneels down and starts pulling down my pants... my morals tried to come stop her but as soon as they did the NINE TAILED FUCK BOY ERUPTED FROM HIS SLUMBER AND SAID NAW NIGGA YOU DESERVE THIS!!!!
42. Before she even gets my sword out I pull it out for her and grab her by the back of her neck and start THRUST IT INTO THE BACK OF HER JAW 😭😭😭😭😭💦💦 🤦🏾‍♂️
43. My Morales: Dawg you really gonna fuck her sister?

44. I bend her over the head of the couch and start splashing her 🛋 then the floor... then I bend her into the couch again.. idk where I got these moves from.. then I remembered the video I saw with my ex.. this EXACTLY how they was fucking
45. I flip her around and As I bust in her mouth her nigga bust threw the door....
47. A BITCH WTF YOU DOIN OHH FUCK NO” I’m like dawg this man about to shoot me with my dick out...
48. Nigga ran towards me like..
49. Maybe under different circumstances he would of beat my ass but I just busted my kids in his girl face which made me lighter on my feet so I had the advantage. I start BOXING buddy up.
50. He falls then runs towards the kitchen for a knife then runs at me!! But Brittany grabs this nigga and tell me take her car and RUN
51. They was blocking the door so I snatch her keys and run out the back and Jump out the window NO HESITATION..
52. Whole time I’m Airborne I’m thinking damm... I stay jumping out windows i should of did gymnastics
53. I get in the car and speed off !!! .. On the way home my phone blowing up, from multiple numbers. I really gotta start saving numbers
54. My phone keeps going off so I finally answer.. It’s Kyra and she starts screaming in my ear
56. I said chill it’s not as big as you making it... she said “STFU YOU A DOG!!! I OPEN UP MY HONE TO YOU BECAUSE I FELT FOR YOU!! AND THIS IS HOW TOU REPAY ME??

I said listen kyra we are friends.. I never led you on.. never promised you anything I don’t owe you anything
57. I said if I knew that you only helped me out not because you were kind but ONLY because you thought it would lead to a relationship later down the line then you should of just left me homeless.

Me: wait when did I hold Brittany’s kid??

Her: huh what are you talking about Brittany doesn’t have a k-.. WAIT YOU FUCKED MY BABY SISTER TOO??
60. So I from what I could gather in between her yelling The Fling had I guess “felt guilty” and confessed that we slept together to her fiancé.. and that he was waiting at the house for me..
61. Listen I just boxed.. I wasn’t about to Box again... I start debating about not going back.. but I had Brittany’s car... and I had to get my stuff
62. So I stop.. get something to drink.. and then pull up at the house.. everyone outside arguing.. Kyra.. The Fiancé.. The Fling.. Mom & Dad.. The brother.. And Brittany and her bf managed to beat me back..
63. Soon as I pull up her mom starts crying and yells “so you think that’s okay??? How could you do that to me???!!!”

Her brother run up and say

“ word nigga we supposed to be cool but you fucking on 3 muh sisters I’ll kill you nigga!!”
64. I said hold up... 3????
65. So her dad pulls back her son and says to me “listen.. idc what happened.. but now you have responsibilities as a father”
66. Dawg tell me how KYRA told them that we had sex that night she got mad and how she’s pregnant and that that’s why she wasn’t talking to me because I ain’t want a baby with her ....
67. I said BRO WHAT?? You know what bro this is to much.. I didn’t do any of that and honestly idc anymore I’m getting my stuff and leaving.. everyone’s screaming and the dads holding people back from running up on me.. I go inside and grab my bags
68. As I come out the Fiancé runs up and hits me with a brick... 🧱 A FULL BRICK BRO.. on some Friday shit..
69. I go down and the BF, fiancé and the brother start stomping on me.. if I think hard enough I can still feel the pain... I was helpless blood oozing from my face.. covering my face leaving my ribs vulnerable.. and they kept kicking.. I didn’t know how much more I could take..
70. More kicking I started feeling my bones about to snap.. I was like that’s it.. this is how I die.. over nothing..
71. Next thing I hear is 3 LOUD gun shots CRACK the air.. and the kicking stopped.. I’m thinking the dad must’ve went and got his gun and let some off..
72. “GET THE FUCK OFF MY DAWG!!!!!” I know that voice...

I look up and thru the blood...

I see him...
73. Donnell.
74. Donnell.. Tez.. Willie.. Rich.. Wayne.. and my other friend Khalil.. Ran up on em!!!!!!!!!! Niggas looked like the damm Avengers..
75. Tez, Willie And Donnell start BOXING up the Fiancé, Brother and BF.. Rich, Wayne, and Khalil picked me up, grabbed my stuff and carried me to the SUV.. these broke ass niggas gotta rental.. I forgot all about the game and how they were coming to support me..
76. I thought I was alone... about to die.. but even when I was all the way on the west coast far from home my niggas always had my back.. even Donnell.. that’s why no matter how many mistakes they made in the past I know that they would ride for me..
77. We drove off and stayed in a hotel that night. Kyra.. Her family.. a lot of them tried to reach out with apologies but I wasn’t hearing it.. I dropped out and moved back to FL.. and moved in with Tez.
78. Moral of the story: would I do it again? Hell yea nigga and next time I’d get BOFFUM pregnant and let they niggas raise my baby!!! Heard me?? YALL KNOW I LOVE TO LIVE LIFE ON THE EDGE 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Thank you guys for listening to my stories.. I took me up until a couple of months ago for me to start telling them and y’all gave me the courage to be able to laugh at all of them including this one. Y’all the shit. And I love every single one of y’all ✊🏾😁
I still got ALOT of stories to tell!! So If you haven’t read I would catch up on some reading I’ll drop the link below!! I’m trying to find an animator as well so I can animate the stories guys so if you know anyone send em my way ✊🏾😁😁✊🏾😁✊🏾
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Oh I told the story about how my car stolen and its still affecting me.. I’m not THAT GUY trust me.. but I Lyft to work or take the train everyday. So if y’all could help out just a little I’d appreciate it so much ❤️✊🏾

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