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1. #QAnon What is Ruth Bader Ginsburg's current state of health?
Are pictures of her being avoided for a reason?

2. #QAnon It is easy enough to get pics of RBG in and out of home, in and out of cars, where we only see that much...
3. #QAnon Rep Collins has just released the transcript of George Papadopoulos's interview before the Judiciary Committee. Quite something: Details Mifsud working w FBI to set him up with Roman wine store manager touted fraudulently as "Putin's niece". #Q
4. #QAnon Both Olga Polanskaya (fake #PutinsNiece) and Joeseph #Mifsud have disappeared, but I'd written about this to some significant extent from #Q's clues last June. Now it's just starting to come out much more publicly: #SpyGate
5. #QAnon Any surprise #JussieSmollett's charges're dropped? #Q told us Feb 17 that Kamala Harris & Cory Booker're applying pressure on #Smollett false flag case. They authored Senate lynching Bill. FF event involving a 'noose' took place just prior to the passing of the Bill.
6. #QAnon #JussieSmollett's case being dropped illustrates the current [D] corruption in our 2-tiered system of justice in our country. The AG needs to get involved. #Q
7. #QAnon Who is pulling Kim Foxx's strings? Foxx has ties to Hussein's staff, & Kamala Harris & has received $408,000 from Soros. Former CoS to Michele Obama, requested #kimfoxx refer #Smollett case to FBI.
8. #QAnon Federal Investigation shall be done: "These people are stupid."
1, 2, 3, or even 4 bigger fish to snag: Booker, Harris, Foxx, Tchen?

9. #QAnon "The eunuch" admits he does no investigative journalism. He only states what he's paid to say. And we are foolish enough to listen? #Q
10. #QAnon With intervention through #MichelleObama's Chief of Staff #Tchen, #Smollett reached a deferred prosecution deal and the judge sealed his case!
Worth remembering
11. #QAnon told us about the political forces at work #Smollett's false flag apprehension. Too bad #MichelleObama's Chief of Staff's phone records leaked. #Q on Feb 21: "Now what if the phone records of #JussieSmolett leak?"
12. Which begs the question, how did #QAnon know on Feb 21 that #JussieSmollett's phone records would leak now on March 26, the same day his charges are dropped? 🤔
Future proves past
News unlocks.
13. With drops like these, and now that the #TheStormHasArrived, we can expect the usual round of ridiculously #FakeNews about #QAnon, e.g., past 7 days.
#Q bing.com/news/search?q=…
14. #QAnon Will @seanhannity ask our President of the United States about his allegations of TREASON!? Ya' think? #Q
15. #Q reposts an anon's image of all the Bing "#Qanon" search results for the past 7 days. media.8ch.net/file_store/8ee…
16. #QAnon The Anti-American party of hate & crime is exposited by an anon finding the connection #Q had w "antifa" culprit of Marine Assaults last year being connected to MAXINE WATERS, the culprit being one of the Ted Cruz harassment perps. foxnews.com/politics/antif…
17. #QAnon [D] @Sabokitty "hates our country. It isn't half bad, it's all bad", advocates for violent overthrow of the government and for the MURDER of "the rich". [D] has relished the mainstreaming of Antifa’s militant tactics in the Trump era." dailycaller.com/2018/12/18/ant… #Q
18. #QAnon " The Deputy Atty General [Rosenstein] inquired about the plan to FISA target (Flynn?) if he mobilizes, GIVEN THE PHYSICAL ACCESS HE HAS."
DAG & McCabe discussed 'wearing a wire' in attempt to entrap POTUS w 25th amendment coup plan.
foxnews.com/politics/mccab… #Q
19. #QAnon Admiral Rogers' NSA had access to the criminal actions of the Hussein FBI & their #Spygate contractors. That's why he met with President-elect Trump in T-Tower (right after SCIF set up there) & POTUS campaign left T-Tower (base of operations) THE VERY NEXT DAY.
21. #QAnon affirms that Hussein had him bugged in Trump Tower.
22. #QAnon
Knowing what you know now, replay the story.
Start late 2015.
23. #QAnon Correction to (18.), above (#3210): "DAG" in McCabe-Lisa Page texts would refer to Sally Yates at that time (11/2016) since [RR] was not DAG till following 4/2017. "He" is referring to FISA target. #Q's 2nd "DAG" ref re 'wire' is [RR]. (A real noodle baker that one.)
24. #QAnon 14 mos ago: #Loop a gigantic slush fund for foreign $ to influence Hussein, McCain, Clintons, Pelosi, and more. Now we learn that Kim Foxx who dropped #JussieSmollett's charges upon call from Moochie's Chief of Staff, #Tchen, is on Loop dole. #Q
25. #QAnon President-elect Trump tweeted this days after he had vacated Trump Tower in response to Adm Rogers' admonition the day before the move (19., above). #Q affirms an anon's consideration that POTUS-elect was by then simply baiting Hussein's spooks.
26. The attacks on #QAnon are becoming more and more dishonest, ignorant, wrong, and ridiculous.
27. Anon:
"Does their stupidity ever stop being so amusing?
Hasn't for me".
"Badge of Honor, Patriot.
Over the TARGET.
28. More "noodle baking" re #QAnon's drops #3210-3215 (18.-23., above):
L. Page alerts McCabe about Flynn being named Trump's national security advisor same day Adm Rogers clued Trump on #Spygate. DAG Yates worried about plans if FISA target "mobilizes" given "physical proximity"
29. "Noodle baking" cont. re #QAnon's drops #3210-3215 (18.-23., above): Andy McCabe (like Julian Assange) seems to have no idea what the "story" about Russians stealing the e-mails to WikiLeaks referred to. #Q
30. #QAnon
"Sometimes it's good to go back, once you've gone forward."
31. More "noodle baking" re #QAnon's drops #3210-3215 (18.-23., above):
12/12/16 L. Page txts McCabe: "Btw, Clapper told Pete that he was meeting with Brennan and Cohen for dinner tonight. Just for your situational awareness." David Cohen = Deputy ClA Dir.; Pete = Strzok. #Q
32. #QAnon "former official said the “bottom line” is that Clapper “does not know Peter Strzok beyond possibly receiving a briefing from him years ago, and he certainly never kept him in the loop about anything.” #Q foxnews.com/politics/mccab…
33. #QAnon However, Strzok, in his own words, "I'm managing (for the case) a ton of people in various divisions and multiple agencies and foreign governments. Not to mention the issues I've briefed you on and am managing for cd3, etc. #Q fbi.gov/about/leadersh…
34. #QAnon Plus, Strzok got a signed gold CIA coin from John Brennan mid 2017. #Q
35. #QAnon Sometimes it's good to go back, once you've gone forward.
'Knowingly' pushing a 'narrative' that is FALSE/FAKE…..
This. Is. CNN.
Media-arm of the [D] party.

37. Please unroll this latest #QAnon thread here:
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