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Will live tweet unelected #cpsboard in this thread. Pres Frank Clark just reminded us that courteous behavior is expected. 🙄Variety of school here and on the speaker's list. Seems to be a lot of thank you speakers.
Debate Coach of the Year: Coach from #nhoodhs @SolorioHS part of #cpsboard Honoring Excellence portion of #cpsboard!
Now honoring @audubonschool student who won CPS Spelling Bee! #cpsboard #cpsuccess Great story & video on Bee here: news.wttw.com/2019/03/14/new…
Great speech here at the BOE from Aaron!
Sisters & @LakeViewHS Students & IL Tennis Champs honored by #cpsboard! #cpsuccess #nhoodhs
#cpsboard honoring TWO basketball state champ teams: Marshall HS Lady Commandos and Orr HS. Took some video but can't tweet so will get to that later. Congrats @MARSHALLHSCHI & @ Orr HS! #nhoodhs #cpsuccess
Marshall HS Lady Commandos- IL State Champs! #cpsboard Honoring Excellence, #cpsuccess! #nhoodhs @MarshallHSChi
On to Reports... Basically reading a comms from a well funded Comms Dept linked to the Mayor's Office no doubt: B/c of CPS improved financial situation (which they fought for) CPS is able to "invest $55M" in ac programming. B.c Rahm is great (paraphrasing) #cpsboard
News! Title IX Officer announced by J Jackson. #cpsboard
Orr HS basketball as part of Honoring Excellence! State champs! #cpsboard #cpsuccess #nhoodhs
J Jackson going over the 5 Year Vision. You can find it online or in this fancy colorful 45 page book that was distributed at events yesterday. (I have 3 kids in 3 diff schools w/ little or no paper right now. Sigh...) #cpsboard
Pres Clark encouraging people to sign up for #cpsboard Office Hours. You can find that option online: cpsboe.org We actually recommend this as an avenue for advocacy but bring 1 -3 other people with. You get 15 min. Have a plan walking in and implement it.
Public comment about to start BUT elected officials (but not LSC members) get to go first. I saw Ald Cardenas here & Ald Arena should be here too. Union leadership may speak now too. #cpsboard
Ald Cardenas w/ about 10 parents. #cpsboard GIves COO Rivera a shout out & says he's been very accessible on facilities issues. Says this is the calmest BOE meeting he's been to in 10 years. Tells Clark & Jackson to "keep up the good work"
Parents w/ Ald Cardenas are from Calmeca ES. Says there is a serious situation w/ school leadership, specifically the ppal. Have met w/ LSC Relations. #cpsboard Calls it "chaotic environment." Says parents are coming to his office w/ many stories.
Ald Cardenas says he supports the name change of Kelly HS to Kelly College Prep HS. He says this is fair- their academics are strong. #cpsboard
Ald Arena is joined by about 11 parents of Schurz HS, a #nhoodhs. Lots of facilities concerns going unaddressed. Giving materials. #cpsboard
Ald Arena listing all the facility needs including 3 engineers needed not 2. #cpsboard When he talks to Ps he hears- how can we make Schurz HS ready for all kids? No one is saying they won't go to this schl but facility issues are great
COO Rivera addressing the Schurz folks: "We're going to get them resolved." #cpsboard
Ald Sawyer also here. Thx #cpsboard for new Englewood HS. Thx J Jackson for her advocacy.
Brunson from CTU giving a summary of the parent press conference before #cpsboard- parents sharing CPS vision of wrap around services,sanctuary schls, bilingual programs & services, etc. Now he is speaking in support of vocational ed. Says he hears Prosser HS auto shop is closing
Brunson reads a policy in CTU contract that says in order to close a CTE program LSC must approve. Prosser LSC voted to keep auto shop open. PPLC (staff) also met w/ ppal & were told it was not going to be closed. If closing, you're not going thru proper process. Valuable program
Brunson: You should be listening to the Prosser HS students, the staff, the parents. People are getting riled up. #cpsboard
McDade says she knows of no decision on Prosser auto lab. Asks if he has something in writing? Brunson says he received an email from a CPS lawyer that CPS received a request to close it. McDade says she will look into this & see where the request came from, etc #cpsboard
CTU-ACTS Baehrend says they are doing some of the accountability work on charters that CPS as the overseeing district is supposed to be doing. #cpsboard
Public participation is so very close to starting we hope... 12:07 now. #cpsboard started around 10:35ish.
RYH = Speaker #1 today ay #cpsboard. Here's our prepared statement: ilraiseyourhand.org/mar_2019_boe
Next 3 speakers speak in support & in appreciation of J Jackson. 2nd is ppal of Bronzeville Classical ES, a new school. #cpsboard 3rd is from Drake ES. (I missed the 1st speaker's name b/c I was speaking.)
Sullivan HS ppal says we need consistent, clear leadership like that provided by J Jackson. #cpsboard Roosevelt HS ppal thanking J Jackson & her team.
So we are now witnessing a J Jackson love fest. 14 ppals standing together, most seem to have speaking spots.
Fairfield ES, Till ES Eberhart ES, Chase ES, Faraday ES ppals thank CPS for the academic programming investment in their schools. #cpsboard
.@DwayneTruss Thx #cpsboard for adding IB to Clark HS in Austin. But has problem w/ the process and the competition access to the whole thing. Also, why only academic programs? Invest in vocational ed.
Kelly HS ppal also compliments J Jackson then cedes his speaking time to a student. We're all about #studentvoice but typically this is never allowed- cdeing time to someone not on speaker's list- at the #cpsboard. I guess they're lame ducks so...
Pres Clark after student speaker: Well, we don't allow the ceding of time but you did such an outstanding job! #cpsboard #lameduck #franksplaining
Next speakers: Change Columbus Day to Indigenous People's Day- Sounds like it's happening in CPS! #cpsboard
It will be on the April #cpsboard agenda for approval of the name change from Columbus Day to Indigenous People's Day. Then there are more steps after like developing curriculum. 2 students spoke after 1st speaker. Crowd applauds as they leave.
Washington ES mom & LSC member joined by about 12 parents. Wants timeline for removal of carpet & other facility promises made last month at #cpsboard. Lots of illness including pink eye. They need a new school, she says. Band aid fixes are costly & don't get to root of prob.
Another Washington ES speaker says #cpsboard is not being financial responsible. Wasting $ w/ band aid fixes. Facility is a structural hazard. Says it is 1 electrical short of burning down. Demands time, resources, commitment to deliver a new school.
Clark throws it to COO Rivera: Lots of work this summer on Washington ES. Obligated to start work this summer. New school would take years. #cpsboard
Special ed aide here again speaking of an unjust dismissal. CPS lawyer says an investigation took place. Speaker says- False. No one contacted me about an investigation. #cpsboard
I think I missed that it will be on agenda to be called Columbus AND Indigenous People's Day? 😕 
Schurz HS speakers are up. First speaker asks to cede time from speaker who left to an unregistered student speaker? Clark says he;ll decide at the end. Hmmm... #cpsboard
Schurz speaker 1: Need investment in playing field. As a #nhoodhs this will benefit whole community. Saddled by CPS. Construction deadlines on timeline were missed several times. Construction company questionable. #cpsboard Coom & Schl worked hard for this project
Schurz speaker 2, CPS ES mom &Friends of Schurz: have been working w/ school closely for a few years. Bubbling, crumbling paint on walls & on historic murals, Water leaks, Mold. Only 2 building engineers.Tchrs & students sick. #cpsboard should be Ashamed schl is in this condition
Schurz 3, parent & LSNA: Reads letter from LSC Chair. Great school that deserve better. Capital issues ongoing for years and been ignored. Student athletes have terrible facilities. 500K square feet = Best practice says 20 FT janitors. Currently have 9, 1/3 are subs. #cpsboard
All Schurz speakers demanding more building engineers, only have 2 dor 500K square foot building. Give a shout out to the 2 current engineers & want them to stay but they need at least 1 more engineer. #cpsboard
Schurz speaker 4: 1) Capital Improvements needed (roof & tuck pointing) 2) Field- hold contractors responsible. 3) More janitorial staff needed #cpsboard
#cpsboard Secretary asks Pres Clark about that ceding of time to unregistered student- he says I'll decide at end of speakers. Schurz speaker pushes back at Clark- needs to get student back to school. Clatk allows student to speak. #cpsboard
Schurz student: The worst part of all this is that it was allowed. Tired. Tired of pleading and yelling. Come see the harsh reality we face and address these issues. #cspboard It is morally right to do this. (An amazing speech by that student! #cpsuccess #studentvoice)
Belmont Cragin ES speaker thanks #cpsboard for new school. About 10 parents. Next speaker from Schurz says that she's joined by BC ES, Northwest MS (maybe others?)- says great things about Schurz HS, #nhoodhs. Then she thanks a bunch of CPS Central Office staffers by name
Cuffe ES mom & LSC member thanks #cpsboard & J Jackson for academic investment. Says attending CPS BOE meeting was a good experience- gets a little laugh.
Hancock HS PAC member: thanks for the new building. Want a great facility. One that lives up to our student's potential. Recent meetings lead us to believe that we'll be missing classrooms, an auditorium, etc. Our kids deserve a quality building. #cpsboard
Grissom ES mom: overcrowded. Lack of resources. 42 students in her daughter’s classroom. Hurts academic progress. Fine arts magnet but arts & music taught off a cart.
Grissom student: 43 students in my classroom. Not enuf physical space. #cpsboard Describing trying to get to garbage can...
Grissom student: if there was a fire I worry about not being able to get out safely w/ 43 kids in the room w/ me. #cpsboard
#cpsboard member Ward says she is coming for a visit. Kirby says they’ve been in meetings w/ ppal. Ppal will bring ideas to LSC & Comm. Space it analysis. Additional Funding for additional tchrs. #cpsboard
Grissom says they’ve heard Art teacher will be kicked out of her room & converted to classrooms. This is a arts magnet school, Grissom. CPS: short term solution for now #cpsboard
N Lawndale CAC members thanks J Jackson for listening & showing love. #CPSboard Calling out CPS Central Office staff by name for help in developing a parent & child engagement center.
Hirsch HS LSC member: No capital funds coming to Hirsch. Applied for ac programming, struck down. Inaction by #cpsboard to address Hirsch needs result in less enrollment which means less money. Calls SBB “immoral”. Give our students what they need.
Public participation done. Ward #cpsboard member: a personal joy to hear the acknowledgment of J Jackson.
#cpsboard Guzman commends team for so much public engagement in developing the CPS 5 year vision.
The unelected Rahm appointed #cpsboard moves to close session. Have a good day, everyone!
Hancock HS speaker 2, LSC member: Thanks for approval of new building. We deserve the same high quality campus as other SEHS like Jones, Young, Payton. Campus proposed is not big enough, no sports facility, not enough classrooms. #cpsboard
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