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Where do I begin with Child Trafficking. Let me say this>To Know or not to know-The choice will always be yours. This story is one that begs to be told and yet no one will want to read it. It is an ugly rabbit hole once you jump into the research of it and truly dig the dirt.
There's aplenty to see, that is for sure, as the participants are proud of what they do and proud to show it off by putting it online for the world to see. It EXCITES THEM. This is just the beginning of the rabbit hole. Come on it if you dare.
Truth is hard to look at sometimes.
It's complicated on how to even begin this thread. It is so hard to do because I am conflicted being that my intense hatred of these people is a hard truth for ME to see in ME.
Hatred does not fully explain what I feel after what I have seen with my own 2 eyes through constant tears while researching and digging for the Truth. Just the Truth.
I know I am suppose to 'hate the sin but love the sinner' as a Christian, but I fall short with witnessing the ability of MANKIND to do what these evil vile creatures that look like MANKIND-but have a black heart-are capable of doing.
They have a black heart because NO LIGHT can shine in the dark evil soul they have. Light dispels darkness, but these particular "people" REPEL all light. (I am hesitating on calling them "people" because in my eyes they are not human)
There is NO GOOD in them. NONE. Now this is where it gets really complicated-Their own innocence was stolen from them when they were babies. Horrors that a fellow normal human mind cannot comprehend. Cannot comprehend.
Ready to go into a rabbit hole with me? The Truth is hard to look at here. The choice to know will always be yours. Stop reading here if you do not want to go "there". It is shocking what I have learned. I feel that this story-the kids story- MUST BE TOLD.
Okay, here we go. I warned you… seriously, if you are faint of heart, stop and please feel free to stop at any point you can't handle. I understand. We all understand. Most importantly-God Understands.
The first entry into the rabbit hole of horror begins as a newborn baby being born into an "elite" family. Once that tiny life is here, the " elite parents" begin a series of RITUAL abuse during the life of that child.
Abuse can and does come in many forms. Some "elites" give their child a pet and they get that child to love and care for the animal. Once the child is 'of age' they FORCE the child to KILL the pet. Kill their pet. This sets the stage for FRACTURING their MINDS.
A variety of horror is done to these children over and over and over……. Til their minds are shattered beyond repair. As the child is losing their innocence the only way a child's mind can survive is to create ALTER personalities.
A place of disassociation in their mind. Mind splits. These mind splits will be just called Alters from this point forward.
Some of the elite's children are water tortured and have portraits done as a historical remembrance marker to remind them year after year how they held a Ritual, and for the next Alter, and the next and the next.

It never ends.
Sorry-I had to back off from continuing for a bit... I am sure you understand, but The Kids story must be told! BUT Rejoice! God WINS! These people WILL GET JUSTICE! So, here we go.........Remember-STOP READING if this rabbit hole gets TOO DEEP for you. Retweet where possible.
By the time the child goes off to college, the secret societies start to play a role in continuing the Rituals that they adhere to. Symbols Will be their downfall.
The "elites" also use the children they traffic as targets for their hunting pleasure. So you are probably thinking, 'I think that I have seen a movie about this, but with adults'. Well, yes, they hunt adults also. They make MOVIES about their exploits and get us to buy tickets.
They brag about their current, past, present exploits in the movies they produce & sell us tickets 2. These people are EVIL & SICK across the board. They FLAUNT IT. They REVEL IN IT. They make YOU pay to watch what they are doing to you & THEN they give awards out 2 each other.
Sometimes, before they hunt them and kill them, [each death is different] they use the trafficked children & adults for their perverted sexual "pleasure". The Truth is that these are Satanic Rituals. More info is from overseas, but do not doubt-it happens here as well.
They RAPE BABIES. They RAPE little toddlers; Boys & Girls, Men & Women. Some of the "elites" drink the blood and the adrenochrome just before the victim dies.
Then they RAPE and abuse the dead bodies. Then their "chefs" COOK these victims for the "elites" and they EAT them as part of their RITUALS. These people are SICK & EVIL. Feel free to stop reading anytime. I refuse to showcase the Cannibal Dinner photos that I have found.
There IS proof or I would NOT be telling you what I have found in my research. You DO NOT want to see it. The "elites" call this fine dining. There are Chefs that specialize. There are restaurants. Someone PROCURES HUMAN MEAT to COOK & Sell to be eaten by modern day cannibals.
They MOCK what they do in REAL LIFE through ART such as Marina Abromovich's life long work. They have artists PAINT art to portray such moments. You pay to go to the Gallery shows, etc. They receive awards, ribbons, etc. They are celebrated. EVIL & SICK.
That art is hard to look at also, but they hold gallery viewings for the public & people actually attend and gawk over this art. How perverted the artist must also be to recreate someone's torture and death. Do a search if you dare.
They hang this art in their homes, to remind them of a memory…Sick & EVIL rituals.
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Q has drawn attention to the red shoes as well as mentioning Rome. Vatican. No surprises there with all the news we have had lately about the Catholic hierarchy. Symbolism WILL be THEIR downfall!!! It is believed that the red shoes are made from HUMAN skin. EVIL & SICK. SYMBOLISM
Symbolism in their so called ART- [I will be doing another thread dedicated to ALL the Symbols that the elite just cannot stop using! Stay tuned.] Recognize any of the pedophile symbols from the FBI?
Art by Gloria Vanderbilt, Anderson Cooper is her son. Not the GLASS SKULL in lower right hand corner. There is an arrow with 15 on it. Symbology? Do a search for GV Dream Boxes. What a shattered child she must have been. It is obvious in her so called ART. There are other artists
Red Shoes. There are several theory's on meaning. Please do some of your own research. Ask yourself- WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE WHY & HOW. Answer those questions and things will start to make sense-because you FIND THE TRUTH. Archive it OFFLINE. SHARE IT. #BeLoud #BeProud #BeHeard
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This is a heavy dig on Child Protection Services here in the USA and over the world. The information may be older-but it is solid proof of what has been happening and is still happening to this day! See something-SAY something!
Here is ANOTHER huge amount of of info currently trying to NORMALIZE Pedophilia.. these people are EVIL!
So GOOD to see this really starting to go mainstream. Just not enough! SHARE-for the little ones that no longer can. #FactsMatter #SavetheChildren @POTUS @GenFlynn
At times I wish that I had never gone down this rabbit hole as there is no light in it at all. THAT reason is WHY I am documenting this here. The story NEEDS to be TOLD. Their story needs to be heard. The Future NEEDS to be different. IT HAS TO BE HEARD before it can END.
When we share truth-it is the LIGHT that shines thru and dispels ALL darkness. THAT is the ONLY WAY that we can END HUMAN TRAFFICKING of ALL KINDS. Sharing ones own research is amazing! Truth needs to be out in the open to DISPEL the Dark!!
EVIL cannot remain where TRUTH/LIGHT shines! ASK- WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY & HOW! Answer those on any question/situation TRUTH is revealed. Archive offline. Their story NEEDS to be TOLD. Their story needs to be heard. The Future NEEDS to be different. IT HAS TO BE HEARD!
#BeLoud #BeProud #BeHeard #SavetheChildren @POTUS @GenFlynn About the movies Hollyweird produces for the sheeple, I believe with everything in me, that those movies by the film makers are documentations of past history and future events that they have planned for US-the sheep.
Soon I will be starting a MOVIE Thread that will explain Mind Control more. But first, my next thread is going to be SYMBOLS & what they represent, because SYMBOLS will be THEIR DOWNFALL and I am oh so ready for this nightmare to end!
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