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WV State Police have ordered Interstate 68, both east and west-bound lanes to be shut down, as part of an in-depth investigation "that could require some time." Thousands of vehicles are backed up. Secret Service allegedly involved. wvnews.com/news/wvnews/al… via @WVNews247
‘Investigational traffic stop’ shuts down I-68 at WV/MD state line wajr.com/i-68-entirely-…
Update: All lanes of I-68 closed in Preston County; detours set up for drivers wdtv.com/content/news/A…
I just heard dispatchers say something about a Sean or Shawn Spencer, male, whoever that is.
Related tweet from official Twitter for WV Interstate 68?
Confirmed: Shaun Spencer of Kingwood named. Is this the guy? ca.gofundme.com/6qohhao
"Help me get to NY so I can fuck shit up nuff said"??? Not suspicious at all.
Just heard dispatchers say that "these people have arrived on scene." Not sure if related or who said people may be.
Not sure if this Shaun Spencer person has anything to do with the I-86 closure or if he is just involved on a domestic disturbance dispatchers have been referring to, but here is his apparent Facebook page. The guy is a little strange. m.facebook.com/shaun.spencer.…
Don't be confused. Listening to the scanner, there was recently another unrelated call about a domestic violence incident. Not everything on the scanner is going to be about this bigger incident; there are still regular local shenanigans to handle at the same time.
"I can confirm the FBI is currently assisting our law enforcement partners on this incident. I do not have any other information to release," said Catherine Policicchio, spokeswoman for the FBI's Pittsburgh Field Office. wvnews.com/news/wvnews/al…
Scanner reports indicate Secret Service personnel arrived on the scene, an agent from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was en route and "apparatus" from Hagerstown, Maryland has been dispatched.
Maryland State Police would not confirm if anything from the Hagerstown command is being dispatched to West Virginia because it is a "West Virginia State Police" matter.
The 911 official confirmed the situation does not involve the federal prison at Hazelton despite rumors running rampant on social media.
State Police, Preston Sheriff's deputies, fire department personnel and Division of Highways employees were scrambling to handle the situation along the interstate, according to scanner traffic.
Traffic was being held in place or diverted where alternative routes were available. That included routing traffic across the medium to the opposite lanes and then to the nearest exit.
At least one accident has happened in the vicinity of the shutdown but does not seem to have been serious. West Virginia reported a minor vehicle accident at mile marker 23 eastbound.
Captain Oglesby said the ongoing investigation could be lengthy, but the State Police would provide updates when possible.
Dispatch is now saying that the traffic situation appears to be resolved and that they are "just looking at tumbleweeds now." Not sure if referring to I-86.
Dispatch says they are expecting "a resolution" to the situation that caused the traffic issues soon.
My apologies. I have been calling the highway I-86 when it is I-68.
I could've sworn I just heard the dispatcher spell the name Hafiz Salman. Strange name. Not sure if related. Now they're talking about a Chevy with plate # BYND312.
I hear on dispatch that westbound (I-68?) can now be opened up. Dispatch was asking if "State" was still there.
Westbound traffic now being opened up, or so I hear.
"Now receiving reports - as yet UNCONFIRMED - that the device(s) found in the motor vehicle " may be a dirty bomb."   Not certain if "dirty" by radiation or by Biological component, but that is the "skuttlebutt" at this time."
I hear a firetruck is now traveling the wrong way on the highway. Weird.
Police on dispatch say "everything is clear here" now.
From someone on GLP who, like me, was listening to dispatch for names and what-not: "Picked up a DOB 12/19/87 on scanner. Also the name Soloman a code obg400, 1980 chevy with expired tag 10/1989??? 28 (tag#)? on vehicle bynd312. 12/23/19 current DL of someone..." I heard Salman.
Another GLPer says "I heard Solomon too, and I believe the first name was Hafiz. I heard Hotel Alpha Foxtrot India Zulu." I heard that phonetic as well for first name. Last name I heard sounded like "Solomon" but was spelled Salman. Very middle eastern/Arab sounding name.
Another GLPer: "Hearing some scanner traffic about some suspects out of Canada. One of the names was Hafiz Solomon, if I heard that correctly."
Another GLPer says: "Either the car was speeding with the INTENTION of getting pulled over or the authorities made that part up and were following this guy as a suspect." 1/2
Continued: "You don’t speed with your car packed full of heat. So either this is a diversion, which would be real bad, the guy’s cover was blown and the authorities were following him, or this guy fucked up bigly." 2/2 He makes some very valid points.
As I was listening to dispatch earlier, I distinctly heard a THIRD part to Hafiz Salman's name that started with a Q. Could this be the guy, from Toronto? m.facebook.com/HafizSalmanQad…
HafizSalmanQad1 on Twitter? I heard the cops who seller the name only give a three letter last name. Sounded like Qad spelled phonetically, now that I recall. Could this man be involved?
This man is also on Instagram instagram.com/hafiz.salman.q…
When I heard police on dispatch spell out Hafiz Salman, I thought that was strange enough and a weird name for someone in West Virginia. But when I heard the police only spell a 3-letter last name starting with a Q, I thought that was even more odd.
Now to see that this guy has the last name "Qadri" but that he shortens it to "Qad" on his Twitter, it seems just a little too coincidental. I mean...how many other Hafiz Salman Q's are there in Canada? Were the police reading his name from Twitter on dispatch??
Now police on dispatch just said "3043795001", something about the Federal penitentiary" and "resume normal function," & "thank them for their cooperation." Hard to catch everything.
From halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/n…: "UPDATE 2:23 PM EDT: A total of SIXTEEN (16) MILES of Interstate 68 is presently closed by law enforcment & a traffic nightmare is unfolding in both WV and MD as evidenced by Google Traffic map showing dotted, red, dashed lines on the map below."
The site goes on: "Why close 16 MILES of Interstate?????  Even if a vehicle had explosives, they wouldn't need to close 16 MILES. . . unless there is another component to the "explosive" --- like a "Dirty Bomb" perhaps?"
Continued: "Whatever this is, must be HUGE in importance.  The federal government has multiple AIRCRAFT engaged in a search pattern in that area of West Virginia/Maryland as shown by the radar tracking patters below:"

My former intel colleagues now tell me the feds are bringing in "Apparatus from Hagerstown."   When I asked what type of "apparatus" Hagerstown might have that West Virginia does not have, they responded "What's in Hagerstown?  Fort Deitrich.""
Continued: "WHOA! Fort Deitrich, MD, is the United States BIO-WEAPONS LAB. "Hundreds" of fire trucks and ambulances are being called-up in both WV & MD & are being pre-positioned. There is no fire. And even if a vehicle w/ a bomb exploded, you don't need HUNDREDS of fire trucks."
Lastly: "Whatever this is, is big."
So I'm confused...is this highway open or not? I see reports that it is open, but then I hear about hundreds of firetrucks on the scene and traffic still snarled. 🤔
It is now being reported by @WBOY12News that a 12 News reporter arrived on the scene and was turned back by law enforcement, without releasing further details.
State Police: I-68 shutdown was result of threat to kill President Trump, blow up Pentagon
From the above article: "West Virginia State Police said Interstate 68 was shut down temporarily Wednesday near the border with Maryland after threats were made to kill President Donald Trump and to blow up the Pentagon."
Continued: "A 42-year-old male has been detained for questioning after a search of the vehicle revealed a fiream and explosive powder, State Police said.

State Police, the FBI and Secret Service are continuing to investigate.

The interstate reopened about 2:30 p.m."
UPDATE from @WTRF7News: Man detained after I-68 traffic stop reveals threats against President Trump & the Pentagon google.com/amp/s/www.wtrf…
From the above article: "The closure on I-68 in Preston County Wednesday was due to threats that were made to kill President Donald Trump and to blow up the Pentagon, according to Captain Shallon Oglesby of the West Virginia State Police."
Continued: "Oglesby said a search of the vehicle revealed a firearm and an explosive powder. A 42-year-old man has been detained for questionin. WV State Police, in conjunction with the FBI and Secret Service, is continuing to investigate this incident, according to Oglesby."
From WVAH/Fox 11 Eyewitness News: State Police: I-68 shutdown was result of threat to kill President Trump, blow up Pentagon wvah.com/news/local/i-6…
From the @DominionPostWV: One in custody after threats against President, Pentagon closes I-68 dominionpost.com/2019/03/27/inv…
From the above article: "A 42-year-old man is in custody following the lengthy shutdown of I-68, a West Virginia State Police spokesperson confirmed."
Continued: "“As a result of the investigation based on a traffic stop that occurred earlier this morning, it had been discovered that threats were made to kill the President of the United States and to blow up the Pentagon..."
Continued: "... A search of the vehicle revealed a firearm and an explosive powder. A 42-year-old male has been detained for questioning. WVSP in conjunction with the FBI and Secret Service are continuing to investigate. The interstate has been reopened.”"
Continued: "The spokesperson did not identify the man in custody."
"Interstate 68 closed at 11 a.m. Wednesday, only re-opening after a three-and-a-half hour shut down at the West Virginia-Maryland state line as a result of an “investigational traffic stop,” according to Trooper T. Nestor of the West Virginia State Police."
"There were a number of law enforcement agencies on the scene including the FBI. That agency was called in to assist by the WVSP, Cathrine Policicchio, public affairs specialist, with the Pittsburgh Field Office, said.​"
"The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms “lent their expertise” to the investigation, according to a rep from the agency. He referred additional inquiries back to the West Virginia State Police."
"A representative from the WVSP barracks in Kingwood expected the highway to be closed for at least two hours. It re-opened at 2:30 p.m.

Kendra Born, Preston County 911 supervisor, confirmed both lanes east and west bound were shut down during the course of the investigation."
Mainstream news outlets only began to pick up on this situation am hour ago. @washingtonpost: google.com/amp/s/www.wash…
Great question! You would think an assassination attempt on our President would get too priority. How about it, @dbongino @seanhannity @TuckerCarlson @marklevinshow @IngrahamAngle @JesseBWatters @DanaPerino @TheFive?
@WVStatePolice, @FBI, @ATFPhiladelphia, will you be doing a press conference on this today? We demand to know the identity of the man who wanted to assassinate our beloved @POTUS and to get as much detail as possible on him and his wicked plans!
Everyone, please pray for the safety of @POTUS @realDonaldTrump (and our people at the Pentagon as well)! 🙏
"The Preston County Office of Emergency Management confirmed the interstate's reopening but had advised motorists to still expect delays until the heavy traffic clears. Witness reports indicate the collection of law enforcement vehicles at the scene...appears to be dissipating."
From @WDTV5News: "According to West Virginia State Police captain Shallon Oglesby, troopers have detained a man who was threatening to kill President Trump & blow up the Pentagon. Oglesby says a search of the vehicle turned up a firearm and black powder."
From @WVVA (an @AP affiliate) about 18 minutes ago: Police: W. Va. driver had explosive powder, threatened Trump
We are still waiting for @WVStatePolice to identify this would-be assassin. I want to know how police knew he wanted to kill Trump. Did he tell them on the scene after he was detained or did authorities know in advance of his arrest? I'm going to guess the latter.
This is completely unrelated to this situation, but since this is the most popular thread I've ever had, I wanted everyone know that I wrote a success-oriented, inspirational children's book for ages 9-12 recentl. You can check it out here if you like! amzn.to/2Otfmfm
This is key: "Police say [they] discovered after stopping him that he made made threats to kill President Donald Trump and to blow up the Pentagon." It makes it sound like they found information on his assassination plot inside the vehicle, on social media, or elsewhere.
Brian makes some excellent points. However, the WV State Police, FBI, ATF, & Secret Service were ALL involved, plus, from what I heard, HUNDREDS of firetrucks. And for what? Your average nutjob with a little black powder? I doubt it. This was SERIOUS.
We will probably hear tomorrow that this guy wrote a manifesto and blamed #Trump for #ClimateChange and felt that he had to assassinate him to save the planet. 🙄
Deception of the Ages News just did a YouTube video about this situation. Check it out!
For the record, what I heard on the police scanner was the name Hafiz Salman spelled out phonetically, w/ a third name that started with a Q. If what the user below says is true, then the man named sounds like the person I've ID'ed in this thread.
The man I ID'ed earlier is HafizSalmanQad1 on Twitter. He is of Pakistani descent and from Toronto. He certainly sounds like the same person. That said, I am not saying he has done anything wrong or illegal. We need to wait for police confirmation. Same goes for Shaun Spencer.
I say this because some people are claiming that I reported that either Hafiz Salman Q. or Shaun Spencer are suspects or that they've been detained/taken into custody, and this is not true. I have no idea who has been detained or was involved in this attempted assassination yet.
All the names I have tweeted as being potentially connected to this situation were names I heard from police on the Preston County police scanner while this situation was developing. To be clear, ALL people I have named or identified in this thread are presumed innocent!
THIS 👇 Unlike liberals, we are not out to destroy the lives of innocent people for no good reason. Let's wait until the @WVStatePolice tell us more about what happened here.
This is now starting to (finally) hit more mainstream and nightly news! Here is @CBSNews out of Pittsburgh, complete with video! "Man Detained In West Virginia, Accused Of Threatening To Kill President Trump" google.com/url?sa=i&sourc…
Here is the video from @KDKA
Another copy of the CBS Pittsburgh video, found on YouTube:
@WTAE downplaying the situation big-time with this headline: "Police: West Virginia driver stopped for speeding threatened Trump" wtae.com/article/police…
We have updates! "Presidential, Pentagon threats prompt shutdown of I-68; suspect clocked driving 130 mph" wvnews.com/news/wvnews/pr…
From the above article: "A man driving his car 130 mph on I-68 in Preston County allegedly made threats to kill the president & blow up the Pentagon... The possible danger was reinforced by three police dogs indicating the presence of explosives in the car, but none were found."
Continued: "Police have not released the name of the 42-year-old man whose car had Missouri license plates, nor have they listed any charges pending against him."
Continued: "According to a release from State Police 1st Sgt. Geoffrey Petsko in Morgantown, a trooper was traveling on I-68 when a car traveling in excess of 130 mph approached from behind and passed the trooper’s vehicle."
Continued: "The trooper, D.W. Satterfield of the Bridgeport detachment, stopped the vehicle near the eastbound 30-mile marker, and said the driver “appeared to be confused and stressed, and made statements that were concerning.”"
Continued: "“Threats were made to kill the President of the United States and to blow up the Pentagon. A search of the vehicle revealed a firearm and an explosive powder,” media outlets report other State Police officials said, but Petsko did not confirm the presence of a gun."
Continued: "Petsko said the statements, “along with other factors, led TFC Satterfield to believe in the possibility that there was an explosive device present inside the vehicle.”"
Continued: "While Satterfield removed the man and took him into custody without incident, the decision was made around 11 a.m. to close both sides of I-68 while the vehicle was searched further."
Continued: "Explosives teams from the West Virginia State Police, Maryland State Police and the West Virginia University Police Department responded to the scene."
Continued: "“WVU Police Department K-9 handlers Lt. Josh Cook and Sgt. Zack Camden arrived with three explosives-detecting K-9s,” Petsko said. “All three K-9s indicated the presence of explosive materials inside the vehicle.”"
Continued: "State Police Explosive Response Team members Sgt. M.G. Fordyce and Sgt. A.W. Webb then arrived to search the vehicle.

“No explosive devices were found,” Petsko said. “However, the incident remains under investigation.”"
Continued: "The car in question was loaded onto a truck and taken under police escort to the Kingwood detachment. That brought an end to the interstate shutdown at about 2:30 p.m."
@guccifer4 appears to have a thread with some pictures of the vehicle that the perpetrator was driving. Cannot confirm the validity of these pictures or his video.
Fresh from TORESays: "Breaking: Assassination Attempt on President Trump Thwarted"
UPDATE: "Eric Leonardo Charron of Kansas City, Missouri, was arraigned in Preston County Magistrate Court on Thursday in Kingwood on charges of reckless driving and being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm." amp.washingtontimes.com/news/2019/mar/…
From the above article: "State police said Charron was going 130 mph (209 kph) - nearly twice the speed limit - on Interstate 68 when he was pulled over near Bruceton Mills. The incident prompted the interstate to be closed for nearly four hours."
"Trooper D.W. Satterfield said in a criminal complaint that Charron, 42, indicated he was traveling to the White House and that he was running late to a dinner he was invited to by Trump."
"The suspect also said he had to travel to the Pentagon “to meet with the leader of the Army to return a phone,” according to the complaint."
"Charron later said he had “special hearing” that “would tell him to do bad things once he arrived at the White House or The Pentagon,” Satterfield said, adding...
...the “special hearing” also told Charron to remove Satterfield’s gun from its holster while being transported from the traffic stop."
"Satterfield said a vehicle search turned up a handgun, 300 rounds of ammunition and gunpowder. In addition, manuscripts written by Charron contained “subjects ranging from time travel, levitating watercraft, and mythical creatures such as the ‘Chupacubra.’”"
"The trooper said Charron admitted using methamphetamine recently and his pupils were dilated despite bright conditions outside. Charron had driven through the night from his hometown, authorities said. The trooper didn’t notice any luggage in the vehicle."
"Satterfield asked Charron why the vehicle’s remote key would not open the trunk, and Charron stated he had tampered with the fuses in an effort to “keep the CIA from listening to him through the radio.”"
"According to the court, Charron was ordered held either on $10,000 cash bond or upon Trump’s signature. Charron was remanded to the Tygart Valley Regional Jail.

It wasn’t immediately known whether Charron has an attorney who could comment on the charges."
This guy definitely sounds like he is an MK-Ultra/Monarch mind-controlled CIA asset. history.com/mkultra-operat…
From the article above: "...MK-Ultra’s programs often preyed on the most vulnerable members of society. The CIA considered prisoners especially good subjects, as they were willing to give consent in exchange for extra recreation time or commuted sentences."
Project MKUltra: The CIA Used Mind Control to Turn Children into “Sex Kittens” rebelcircus.com/blog/the-cia-h…
MK Ultra – What They Didn’t Tell You About The Mind-Control Program That’s Probably Still Operational collective-evolution.com/2018/02/14/mk-…
From March 21: Man who said he heard voices to kill Trump is found guilty of weapons charge pennlive.com/news/2019/03/m…
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