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1) Until last year I never knew anything about this magical, wonderful place called New Zealand.

Now I'm learning all about it.
2) This tweet got a lot of attention yesterday. At first blush we don't know if it's true or not.

If it were, nobody would tell us, of course.
3) "NZ ANON HERE...it is obvious to me here in NZ that ARDERN is positioning the nz govt and nz public...comey is here now in the queenstown area...he is making sure all preparations are in place...the prince is also on his way here...THEY ARE PLANNING TO FLEE HERE" /1
4) "...TO THERE BUNKERS AND HOMES...ARDERN WILL BREAK EXTRADITION TREATY WITH THE US...she will do this on the basis of trumps treatment of muslims or some other lame excuse of the like....it is alot more obvious what is going on from a perspective over here....WATCH AND SEE" /2
5) "...WHO ELSE quietly is making there way to NEW ZEALAND" /3
6) Later on you may want to read this thread about the guy who claims he "orchestrated" the New Zealand mosque attack.

He comes across as somewhat "off his meds" at first, but I ultimately found him credible.

7) We note the tragic massacre at the New Zealand mosques that recently occurred. I join in the sorrow of the afflicted families and ask God to make justice for them speedily.
8) But you knew that they were going to blame the Mossad, right?

9) I don't have a source for this, but an Israeli leader once said that they like to keep the world on their toes. It's good for national security.

Sad that anyone should have to think like this.
10) Wouldn't you know it.
Just yesterday this is announced!
Just like the anon said.

11) The last documented visit for Comey in NZ happened about 2 years ago:

"FBI director James Comey arrives in Queenstown for 'Government conference'" said the skeptical NZ Herald.

12) We know John Podesta was there just before the mosque attack.
13) We know Barack Obama was there in March 2018.
14) After the attack someone circulated a picture of a bloody Qur'an supposedly from the scene of the shootings. Snopes debunked that.

15) So Obama left New Zealand in March 2018, and Hillary showed up two months later.

16) Hillary admitted that she's considered moving to New Zealand after losing the election.
17) The Clinton camp really likes Ardern. John Podesta: she's a "superstar."
18) After the attack, Ardern put on a hijab in solidarity with the victims.
19) In fact, to memorialize the tragic nature of the attack on Musliims, a minority group, New Zealand declared March 22 "National Hijab Day."

20) The non-Muslims got really into this, as clueless, bleeding-heart Leftists tend to do.

We Jews have a saying --

21) It's from the Gemara, which is part of the Talmud, which is the Oral Law: "Mitoch Shelo Lishma Ba Lishma"

"If one performs positive actions, albeit for the wrong reasons, he will ultimately be influenced to perform those actions altruistically."

22) The flipside of this, the negative side, is this, as @SaRaAshcraft states:

"Deny consent, make no agreement w/ these "master-minds" or they will OWN YOU.

23) Be very wary of people actively trying to draw you into their religion, their ideology, their anything.
24) For example, Facebook survey: "In thinking about an ideal world where you could set Facebook’s policies, how would you handle the following: a private message in which an adult man asks a 14 year old girl for sexual pictures."

25) When people got angry FB "VP Product" backtracked, fast: "We run surveys to understand how the community thinks about how we set policies. But this kind of activity is and will always be completely unacceptable on FB....That was a mistake."

— Guy Rosen (@guyro) March 4, 2018
26) Just like the Satanic Temple got itself a spot in the Illinois Capitol last holiday season for a statue showing "Satan as a hero."

But look away, right?

It's how they NORMALIZE.

27) I guess it's common to think of NZ as a place to start over.

@sibeledmonds talks in her 2012 memoir about considering moving to NZ for this reason, after being hassled by FBI, for discovering all the "stuff" that went on internally.
28) New Zealanders are known as very nice, very friendly, very...is lax the word? Maybe reasonable.

They sure didn't hassle Peter Thiel about citizenship.
29) New Zealand is also an intelligence community partner. You can see how formerly trusted intelligence community members with former clearances in legal trouble might try to disappear there.
30) "The 'Five Eyes' (FVEY)...Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the US....bound by the multilateral UKUSA Agreement for joint cooperation in signals intelligence, military intelligence, and human intelligence."

31) We also know that the "super-rich" have been eyeing NZ for a long time.

32) But why are these people so afraid?

"...stocking up on canned goods. Investing in solid gold currency. Keeping helicopters fuelled up. Purchasing apartments in nuclear bomb-proof bunkers....south, south, all the way to New Zealand."
33) What is the nature of the "apocalypse" they fear?

“If that f - - - ing bastard wins, we all hang from nooses!” -- Hillary Clinton
34) "They never thought she would lose."
35) They also never thought that @POTUS would stay in power.
36) Now, ask yourself the million-dollar question: What does "elite escape to New Zealand" have to do with "National Hijab Day?"
37) Because #QAnon has been very clear: The desire to run away to New Zealand has EVERYTHING to do with escaping the law.
38) We're talking about money changing hands here.
39) $13.7 million alone from New Zealand to the "Clinton Health Access Initiative" between 2010-2016.

Who was buying what for who, exactly?

40) Who bought what for who?

After the 2011 Christchurch (!) NZ earthquake, what did Jake Sullivan mean when he stated to Hillary, Huma, Philippe Reines and Cheryl Mills -- in response to a State Dept. email noting "no injuries or damage" - "And on cue"?

41) Why did the students of Parkland "choose" to visit Christchurch, NZ after the massacre that led to a heavily Dem-engineered campaign for gun control?

42) Why -- if murderers can get guns to commit massacres from other criminals -- why did the Prime Minister of New Zealand jump to call for gun control after the mosque shooting?

43) Why is the faulty logic of America's criminal "Fast and Furious" gun walking scheme being applied to a completely different country, New Zealand, in exactly the same rushed manner?

44) Ask yourself something else, too: Why, if you search the #QAnon posts for "Islam," do you only get results for "ISIS?"

Try it.
45) Are we in a war with Islam?
Or are we in a war with a terrorist construction called "ISIS," long-built and sustained by the hard-earned money of the American taxpayer?
46) Why does it seem that everywhere the lunatic losers of the Deep State show up, radical Islamic terrorists follow in their wake?
47) How was President Trump -- in just two years and under unbelievable pressure and opposition -- able to obliterate a cancer that Obama could not touch for his entire Presidency?

48) When you talk about extremists, paytriots and paid hands -- who is actually funding Linda Sarsour, anyway?

Why has she been so moved as to do a complete 180 on her views?
(Or as Ilhan Shmilhan would say, "a 360?")

49) What is it about *some* people, some causes and some countries that makes them an appealing place to hatch Deep State plots and let Deep State people enter?

Could it be a striking tilt toward Leftism, a propensity toward illogical Open Borders rhetoric, laid-back corruption?
50) Speaking of corruption, ask New Zealand about their human trafficking record.

As of 2009 (Obama time), this was their response:
51) "There is no credible statistical information or survey data relating to the nature and amount of transnational and domestic trafficking in New Zealand. HOWEVER, ALL AGREE THE INCIDENCE RATE IS NOT HIGH." (emphasis added)

52) "Police inspections of brothels occasionally identify illegal sex workers, but none has been identified as a trafficking victim in recent times. The last confirmed case and prosecution for transnational trafficking occurred in 2002."(that would be 7 years back)
53) "The only attempt to quantify the number of underage prostitutes in New Zealand was conducted by the Prostitution Law Review Committee (PLRC), which is reported in the response to "23-B" below. However,
the PLRC estimate of underage prostitution is far from exact"
54) "as it relied on studies using anecdotal information from interviewees and
because the study was not conducted nationwide (it only examined
larger communities)."
55) How different things looked in 2018...after @POTUS took office.
Per @StateDept:
"The government initiated a review of its 2009 anti-trafficking action plan in early 2018; the lack of an updated plan reportedly impeded governmental efforts throughout the reporting period."
56) Still not there yet - a lot of damage to undo.
What isn't measured, isn't managed.
What has no penalties, proliferates.

57) "NZers have been charged w sexually exploiting children abroad, such as in India, Fiji, Thailand and Cambodia."

"Traffickers are often part of an organised criminal network that ‘recruits’ children and supplies them with fake ID and transportation"

58) It's nice to run away, right?
59) Because of its leftist, lax, ignorant, laid-back tolerance of corruption, New Zealand has another problem: gangs.

Sort of like how MS-13 does "wet work."
60) The Economist (2010): "New Zealand has more gangsters than soldiers - A mob of mobsters" -- "For a sleepy country...a peculiar problem with gangs."

61) A place safe for elites, a place with overwhelming tolerance and love in its heart: What more could you want?
62) “These [refugees] are the people fleeing terrorism. If you have this insane idea you should ban Muslim immigration, you’re going to generate an intense division and isolate them. Then that will create the very thing you’re scared of.”noted.co.nz/currently/soci…
63) But in a tolerant, diverse, welcoming society -- why would you want to enshrine religious law into civil law, such as with halal food?

Let every religion do its own inspections.

64) And now we get to it.

Why would you seek to integrate the law of New Zealand (secular law) w/ the religious laws required to inspect food?

Why would you go so overboard as to wear another religion's head covering and institute "National Hijab Day" in response to a massacre?
65) Why would you use the taxpayer's money to fund a shady politician overseas?

Why would you welcome shady characters from overseas AFTER they are known suspects of serious crimes, including treason?
66) Read @EllaaaCruzzz - who posted a document that is allegedly fake, but which is consistent with the only answer to this question.

The answer is, briefly: good cop, bad cop.

67) "Bad cop" = make people afraid of Muslims.

"Obligatory Terror Event, Islamic State
We have worked with the Western Operations Arm of the Islamic State (ISIL) to assist an operation within the US. The leading scenario is a dirty bomb in a liberal city (Target: Seattle)."
68) Remember this?
"We created Al-Qaeda" - Hillary Clinton

69) Remember this from the Defense Intelligence Agency? (Aug. 2012)

“there is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist Principality in eastern Syria (Hasaka and Der Zor)...to isolate the Syrian regime”

70) Now, couple it with this:

"Neo-Islam: We believe that we can replace most entrenched traditional religions with an altered form of “Islam” that will be built on the idea of revanchist philosophy towards Christianity."/1
"The new generations will find the terminology appealing and have been indoctrinated to believe that Christianity is (somehow) responsible for the world’s ills."/2
71) @EllaaaCruzzz and I tried to warn the world, but unfortunately on my side, @Medium banned my account for unexplained reasons, and that article came down with it.

You can get the PDF here.
Keep it offline.

72) Who would be so disgustingly demented, so twisted, that they would hijack one of the world's major religions and try to brand it as "religion-lite," while at the SAME TIME spinning off a sub-brand that generates nonstop fear and anger and hate?

Who, indeed?
73) Would it maybe be the same kind of guy who bets large-scale AGAINST a currency, to provoke a currency crisis, which results in a country's economy tanking?
74) Maybe the same guy who brags @WSJ how he's investing $500 million in the migrant community, while at the same time using his charity (which receives American taxpayer @USAID funds!) to provoke a MASSIVE CRISIS through open borders agitation? georgesoros.com/2016/09/20/why…
75) Yes, this guy has a mental disease, but what is wrong with us that we let him get away with it for so long, to the point where he nearly tanked and sank our Nation -- along with his co-conspirators?
76) Sure, New Zealand may be beautiful and romantic and remote -- but every country in this world is really a gateway to another.
77) When bad people screw with the rest of us, they belong in jail.
There ought to be no escape for them.
78) Because when and if New Zealand blows, it's all of the world that pays.

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