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After Mexico top authorities and experts conclude that the flow of CAmerican refugees could be halted by implementing larger investements and aid to Central America, Trump cuts off aid to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. hill.cm/vRFkCcU
The flow of refugees to the United States is good income for the Trump administration and friends, stopping the flow is not a real priority and it is detrimental to the earnings of private internment camp corporations, real-estate firms involved with "the wall", and Republicans.
To add further injury by the overwhelming profit the refugee crisis in Central America is creating for certain individuals and corporations in the United States, they are also being weaponized against Mexico and its new Leftist government, who have to foot the bill of the crisis.
The refugee crisis in Central America is a manufactured crisis implemented by the United States, through decades of backing authoritarian regimes, illegal and legal arms trade protected by the NRA, and the mass deportation of US criminals into the region with no oversight.
State-sponsored human trafficking and slavery is real, and very public, with the United States holding the largest population of prisoners globally, it is no secret that private prison corporations have human quotas to meet to retain hefty government contracts.
During the 2015 US election campaign, the Trump administration and associates received multimillion incentives and (very likely bribes) from private prison corporations and lobbyists. This money does not go into a void.
Lost in the sea of noise, one of the first things the Trump administration did was expand US contracts of private prisons and fire AG Sally Yates (@SallyQYates ) who had successfully rolled back the expansion of private prison government contracts.
Not only had former AG Sally Yates (@SallyQYates) rolled back the expansion of private prison corporations she was also working towards ending their use in the United States.
The Trump administration removed AG Sally Yates and replaced her with Jeff Sessions, who coincidently has stocks in one or more private prison corporations. Within a month he renewed all contracts and expanded their use onto refugee internment camps.
Here are the receipts on former AG Jeff Sessions stocks in the same private prison corporations who paid Trump millions and in return were granted multi-billion government contracts to run refugee internment camps. Sessions wasn't alone either.
Even though the new refugee internment camp contracts were given, the benefactor private prison corporations all need to meet a quota in order to justify the contracts & profit stockholders (possibly Trump & friends through shell corporations/ tax havens.)
Slavery in US internment camps (and prisons) it is not hyperbole. People across the United States are being rounded up and disappeared; forced to labor for private prison corporations, refugees are most vulnerable - they lack support.
Furthermore, as early as 2016-2017 it was revealed that at least 60,000 refugees were forced into slavery by private prison corporations. Under Trump's massive raids, it is safe to say these numbers have skyrocketed since.
In 2012 it was estimated that for every person captured and sent to an internment camp it was a $122 daily profit. In 2019, this has more than likely increased. With hundreds of thousands rounded up into US internment camps. This is exponential.
People who demand basic human rights, and/or speak out are often made examples of through beatings, torture, and/or sexually assaulted by private prison corporations.
Refugee mothers and children being held at US internment camps are routinely targeted for abuse if they protest or complain. They are often tortured and separated in order to be made examples of in front of other slaves and enforce submission.
Under the Trump administration, there has been a steady uptick of suspicious refugee deaths at internment camps which are often ruled as "suicides" by private prison operators.
Prior to Trump, in 2014 a mysterious mass grave containing almost 200 refugees was accidentally uncovered in Texas. However, authorities quickly ruled that there was "no evidence of wrongdoing" and the investigation ended.
As the Trump administration continues to expand the authority of the ICE agency and its raids, it is important to note that the largest private prison corporation Trump donor and government contract benefactor, GEO, is run by former ICE agency heads.
Even though the Trump administration has signed off on billion dollar contracts for private prison corporations and diverted FEMA, Coast Guard, and DHS funds directly to ICE, migration to the US is too low to justify the costs of operations & expansion.

In order to inflate the numbers of refugees enslaved in for-profit internment camps, the Trump administration has used ICE to capture and raid as many people as possible throughout the United States to keep private prison corporations profitable.
Tech companies like Facebook (who actively assisted Trump to get elected), for example, have also been secretly helping identify and round up people to be sent to internment camps run by private prison corporations.
The Trump administration spent $1.7 billion on close to 5,000 contractors in 2017, including Peter Thiel's data-mining firm Plantir, in order to hunt down people and place them inside for-profit internment camps. inthesetimes.com/features/ice-a…
Since unauthorized border crossings are at the lowest in almost two decades the Trump administration, tech firms, & private prison corporations are looking at the range of who they can legally keep in internment camps by targeting valid visa holders.
The Trump administration and private prison corporations (which the DeVos family also have stocks and contracts with) are also attempting to boost numbers in internment camps by targeting school children at U.S. public schools.
Children captured at U.S. public schools or seeking refuge at the border are used as bait in order to also capture their parents and other family members, where they are often separated into different internment camps to meet quotas at different locations.
Children & women who have been captured are often submitted to abuse, that can range from human experimentation, beatings, torture, rape, and death by dehydration or lack of medical care by ICE agents, CBP agents or internment camp staff.
ICE agents and for-profit internment camp staff understand and know that they are given impunity to do what they please with the women and children inside the US internment camps in order to avoid disrupting the multi-billon dollar business.
In some cases, Internment Camp Staff, & ICE officials have been exposed by other agencies as participants in child trafficking and paedosadism. These are the people in charge of thousands of refugee children with no oversight. As shown by #OpDeathEaters.
It was previously revealed that at least 3,000 captured school-aged children went missing. The US government refused to look for them or fully investigate further. Unofficially the number of missing children may be higher.
Note, child trafficking rakes in 3-20 billion dollars in profits yearly. While adult refugees are forced into slave labor, the extreme focus on rounding up children for pro-profit internment camps needs further scrutiny.
In order to grant further impunity to ICE personnel and maximize private prison corporation profits, the Trump administration is actively undercutting human trafficking victims protection for refugees. msnbc.com/the-beat-with-…
ICE and private prison corporations are also actively targeting and spying on activists, journalists, and possibly political opposition members that want to report or investigate their abuses and likely RICO violations.
In order to meet quotas for private prison corporations, ICE is also routinely capturing and 'indefinitely detaining' U.S. citizens nationwide.
The Trump administration is also working towards stripping naturalized USians of their citizenship, which would render them legal targets for pro-profit internment camp detention and enslavement.
Top ICE official threatens USians and politicians who seek to protect refugees from being rounded up by ICE and thrown into pro-profit internment camps.

(note: Top private prison corporation GEO is run by former ICE officials.)
From what we have gathered we must conclude that it is not in the best interest of the Trump administration and associates to slow down or end illegal border crossings. The cut in funding for Central America is a clear attempt to create an even larger exodus to the United States.
While the racist and xenophobic base for the Trump administration may want to keep refugees out and close the border, doing so would endanger government contracts in place for GEO and other private prison corporations managing US internment camps.
The Trump administration's goals and by extension GOP, is to keep pro-profit internment camps active & filled. To build more private detention structures and secure contracts for the "Wall" (which they know won't work) in order to launder tax money to their own real-estate firms.
Mexico is also growing and exponentially gaining wealth, therefore, becoming more economically stable and producing fewer refugees, stronger border enforcement, and significant refugee aid. This is a problem for an industry that profits off it in the United States.
The Trump administration and the Republican parties aggression against the new leftist Mexican government comes in light of its success at diverting refugees and push for social programs to replace hard border enforcement, which undercuts US profits in exporting weapons and gear.
The destabilization of Mexico is necessary for many contractors to maintain the facade that they are needed & therefore granted bloated multi-million dollar contracts revolving around border enforcement, weapons distribution, and internment camps. A stable Mexico = less profits.
By denying aid to Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, the United States (Trump Administration) is actively pushing for destabilization in the region and to provoke a humanitarian crisis on Mexico's doorstep, which its growing economy will have to shoulder the brunt of.
In the effort to bring Mexico into an economic crisis and secure US dependence, the US-backed parties of PRI and PAN will see a boost of US aid to fund propaganda against the current ruling party of Moreno, which is implementing policies that are detrimental to US interests.
In conclusion, the Trump administration & associate's goal is simple: Create more refugees for pro-profit U.S. internment camps, destabilize Mexico and thwart economic independence, launder 'Wall' money through real-estate, and secure the survival of bloated government contracts.
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