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I hadn’t dated in 2 years, so a week ago I decided to download Tinder. I matched with a cute redhead who we will call “C.” We talked for a little bit and then he told me that he was going to school in Utah, and came back to help his 16yo cousin support her baby.
After that, I told him that I had a baby of my own, and he told me that he ALSO has a baby (an 8 month old).
He said that his baby mama, (let’s call her “O”) lives in Utah where he went to school, but his daughter “B” lives with him here bc he has full custody.
He said he just left Utah 2 weeks ago, because O was on drugs and is a stripper and he’s just tired of her lying to him. So he took the baby and came to stay with his family in Texas for a while to get away.
The same day we matched on Tinder, he called me and we talked on the phone for an hour and a half. He was so sweet. He said all the right things and acted very genuine.
So we made lunch plans for the next day. I was meeting him at his parent’s house and we were going to go eat.
I drove to his house to find out that he lived on the SAME STREET I grew up on. We got in his car and I noticed there wasn’t a car seat in the back. He said it was bc his aunt was watching B for the day and the seat was in her car. Ok fine.
We went to iHop and ate and had a really great time! He opened all of the doors for me, paid, and was extremely respectful.
We decided to hangout again 2 days later with my best friend and her family and go get crawfish!
We went out to eat Monday night. He was showing my best friend and her hubby pics of his baby at dinner, and my bff’s hubby recognized the baby. He later realized that he went to high school with O (C’s baby mama). They are even friends on snap.
C told me that when B was born, O didn’t even hold her and didn’t want her. He said that left the hospital the same day that she gave birth. I know this is a lie bc there is LITERALLY A PICTURE ON O’s INSTA OF HER HOLDING B!!!!!!
So that was lie #1 of many.
So after we ate that night with my friends, we were supposed to go pick up B from his aunt’s house. Well, he went to go get her and he said his aunt was being weird and not letting him take B. Like, if that’s your own baby then just TAKE HER! Super sus.
So I started to get suspicious.
I went on his Instagram and FB and there aren’t ANY pictures of B. ANYWHERE. Suspect.
He went to try again to get her in the morning and guess who was at his aunt’s when he got there? HIS BABY MAMA!!!
His cousin (we will call her J, and she becomes way more important later in the story), went behind his back and flew O down to TX from Utah because they are friends. Ok. Weird.
Well it gets worse.
Later, J texts me telling me C got in a car crash and was t-boned by a mini van on his way to my house.
He later called me and told me he went to urgent care and he has 4 fractured ribs but is on his way to my house to hangout.... ¿?
Still doesn’t bring the baby because “she is with her grandma.” Ok.

At this point, I’m like ok. What kind of alternate ass universe am I in right now...
Then C comes over and I ask him about his kidney issues. He isn’t on a diuretic, has no special diet, nothing. I’m like ok... how are you alive with no symptoms of kidney failure 🙃
I ask him if he’s on the transplant list and he says no bc he also has a BRAIN TUMOR! 🤯
When someone tells you they have a brain tumor you don’t doubt them. Until you ask more questions.... and nothing makes sense.
I asked if it was benign. He said “no, it’s the other kind.” So I’m like “ok so you have brain cancer?” And he said no. It’s just a tumor 🤔
Well that makes no god damn sense. Then I ask what part of the brain it’s in... he has NO IDEA.
....”i think it’s in the middle” 🙃🧠🤯
So we are hanging out at my house watching bob’s burgers ok? 👍🏻
THEN he gets a call from his mom who is supposed to be bringing B over, and she says she needs him to come outside and talk to her real quick.
30 minutes later, he still hadn’t come back inside so I texted him.
Supposedly O (his baby mama) took off with B and was on her way to fly back to UTAH with the baby!!!!
She didn’t even have a car seat or anything so it’s pretty freaking wild.
So I don’t hear from him until 6 AM the following day. HE FLEW ALL THE WAY TO SALT LAKE AND FOLLOWED O BC SHE HOPPED ON THE PLANE WITH THE BABY!!!!
So I offer to pick him up from the airport when he gets in and he agrees to let me!
THEN J texts me saying that she wants to pick him up from the airport bc he won’t talk to her bc he’s mad she flew his baby mama down to TX behind his back.
I’m like uh SWERVE.
THEN he literally wouldn’t let me pick him up at the airport. I wanted to just go so I could catch him in a lie. Because who even knows if he was ever really there? 🙃
He took an Uber to my place instead.
Also: notice how both J and C kind of text the same. They both use “your” instead of “you’re.” Also, J never answers the phone. Never. I tried to call her multiple times. And C can only call with FaceTime audio. 🤔
So he gets to my place and explains that O got on the plane before he could get to the airport... and so he had to follow her to Utah to get B back. ALSO HE TOOK AN UBER BACK FROM THE AIRPORT WITH THE BABY. Which means he did NOT have a car seat for her. Nothing lines up, y’all.
And he said his brother flew back with him from Salt Lake and has the baby which is why he didn’t have B when he showed up at my house. 🤔 OKURRRRRR.
He was supposed to come over later that night to hangout and then I got this text from his phone...
There is no way his brother knew to text me from his phone. There is no way his brother knew the password to his phone. His brother and him DON’T TALK and he lives in UTAH. Y’ALL. I am smart. But I totally bought it!!!!! 😅 This man was doing some SKETCHY SHIT.
So. Next day. He apologized for sleeping through our plans. Whatever, I don’t really care because he’s been up all night at the airport chasing his baby mama right? Y’all. I’m trying to give him the benefit of the doubt.
He had to work all day that day, so we made plans for that night. He was closing at work at 9:30 and was going to grab B and come over right after 👍🏻 I was gonna watch the babies the next day because he had work at 3AM. It gets really fun now.
While C is at work, his cousin J starts texting me all of these weird things... read for yourself.
She is acting SO POSSESSIVE OF HIM. IN A CREEPY WAY! Like bitch why are you involved whatsoever?
Well he gets off work at about 9:30PM and heads home to get his stuff and pick up B. He texted me that he is on his way!!!!! Finally. At this point I STILL HAVEN’T LAID EYES ON HIS DAUGHTER 👀 Is she real? Does she exist? I am ready to find out ☕️
Ok so he is on his way to my house with the baby I shit you not. HE TEXTS ME THIS SHIT.
So J texts me and says C got arrested for weed and they are taking him to be detained and J is picking up the baby 🙃
So J tells me that C used to be involved with some really bad people back in HS (like big drug dudes), and still owes them favors. J said that they tell him to do stuff and threaten to hurt B if he doesn’t move dope for them. He was supposedly doing a quick drop off job.
The next day when I texted him, my messages kept getting read. I was like hmmmm that’s interesting...
So I made a few phone calls to the local jails and downtown and everywhere basically. Nobody had him in custody. 🤯
So J texted me and said he was getting out at midnight last night and so I was like oh perfect. Come pick me up and I’ll go with you to get him!! 😂(Because I already knew this was bullshit and they were lying out of their ASSES!!!)
So J told me at 9:30 that she would pick me up around midnight to go get C. I blew up her phone and guess who never showed 🤔 WE BEEN KNEW SHE WOULDN’T!!!!!!!!!!
I got a text from C around 1am and all it said was “Hey, I’m out :)” LIKE OH SO FKN CASUAL HUH
And then it gets freaky.
I said oh ok well call me! (Like plz try and explain yourself so I can catch you in this mf lie!!!!!!!!!!!!)
He wouldn’t call. He said that the people he owed favors to would hurt him or B or ME unless he finished the job so he couldn’t talk to me until the dope was moved 🙃
So now I’m like wait no don’t bring me into this like I’m really not trying to die today ya feel me...
He told me that he gets followed a lot and that they would hurt me if they found out he was seeing me without getting the job done 🤯
Hold on y’all ava just woke up let me get her dinner for her!
Give me like 5 minutes y’all I promise I’ll finish this off hahaha
Mk. So today he casually texts me and says he lost custody of B. Ok obviously... you can’t move OUNCES of marijuana in your car especially with the baby ALSO in the car 💀
THEN. He accepted my FB request finally. I went to go look what was up on there... and this is what I saw. FROM FEBRUARY 23 OF THIS YEAR!!!!! A freaking month ago friends.
THE DUDE IS MARRIED TO O, his baby mama. But when I confronted him about it he said they aren’t actually married... he just posted that because they were “working on things”
I don’t believe B is his daughter because I never laid eyes on her and she is nowhere on his fb.
I don’t think J is anyone. I think he has a text app on his phone pretending to be her to mess with me, because she NEVER answers the phone & texts exactly like him.
He never went to jail, he probably NEVER flew to Utah, I’m almost POSITIVE the brain tumor & kidney failure was a fluke, and he is MARRIED 🤯
AND THAT............

As fun as having 7+ panic attacks in a week was.... 10/10 don’t recommend. This thread is sponsored by @Xanax
I blocked him on EVERYTHING 👍🏻
So I found his wife on Facebook and decided to message her.... we just got off of a 45 minute phone call.
So this is the conversation I had with O. He is married but has NO KIDS. He made literally everything up that he told me about himself!!!!!!!!
His cousin is apparently the one who has a tumor, NOT HIM!
He was sending me pics of a baby that WASN’T HIS!!!!! Pics that she said he got off of her FB account! 🤯
She said this isn’t the first time he’s done this, either.
Who lies about being terminally ill? I am almost positive this dude has multiple personality disorder or schizophrenia.
I unblocked C & confronted him about the lies last night while I was on the phone with O.
We both are super concerned because something is obviously very very wrong with this man 👀
Turns out, O and I talked on the phone for 3.5 HOURS last night and she is literally the nicest human being ever. We have so much in common! 💃🏼 So that’s amazing. We were comparing stories, and HOLY CRAP.
Y’all love to say “wow I totally would’ve seen the red flags and moved on,” ok, well that’s easy to say in hindsight.
In the moment, he was SO charming and kind and just had the sweetest soul. He was so convincing. He looked me in the eye and lie to my face w/ no hesitation.
The craziest part is.... I was falling for him. I was falling for who I thought he was, and that person doesn’t exist 💀
Ok I wasn’t gonna do this...
but I’ve been reached out to by MULTIPLE girls that he has been talking to them too and telling them THE SAME LIES.
Here is his Tinder profile.
Peep my new location in the bio 👀
Also- to those of y’all saying “I can’t believe you let him meet your kid!”
She only met him once for like 2 hours and we were at dinner with a huge group of people eating crawfish. She didn’t even sit by him 😂 It wasn’t like she was calling him dad and shit smh
More tea is about to be spilled by YET ANOTHER one of his victims...
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