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1 #Knapp tonight: "The government programs...recognized - along the way, about 10 or 12 years ago - that if u only study flying saucers & objects in the sky & nuts & bolts flying craft, you're not gonna really get to the heart of this mystery." @g_knapp at #UFO MegaCon #AAWSAP
2 St. Patty's Day, 2018, #Knapp invited to DC by #Reid. On way there, he thought he knew a lot about #AAWSAP/#AATIP. But when he arrived & met w/Reid & some others, he realized he only knew a little, tiny bit. We all know about AATIP, but in reality, there was something b4 that.
3 "I sat down for a couple of hours w/@SenatorReid & other people whose names, they don't want to be known. They brought me up to speed on how #AATIP was created. How its predecessor was under way for a number of years. It coexisted for a long time...I got this briefing about
4 "this alphabet soup of different programs, how they began & what they studied...#AATIP is not so much a program as it was a loose network of intelligence officials in different agencies, including Air Force & the Navy, CIA, DIA, DARPA...there might b a couple of other agencies.
5 "A case would come in from any one of their units and it would be shared with these people. Analysis would be done. Evidence would be looked at and then stashed in a draw and nobody ever sees it. It's not passed up the chain of command. In 2007, that changed. One of the guys I
6 "met with in this meeting in Washington is the one who changed it. He had been in the same position that Lue #Elizondo had been in. And his name is just not out there. He grew frustrated with what was happening with the phenomena & he suspected that #UFOs flying around the sky,
7 "buzzing our military units every once in a while, is not the full story. Even if you solve that part of the mystery it wouldn't solve the bigger part of the picture. So he grew interested in #Skinwalker Ranch and he had read the (Knapp/Kelleher) book."
8 This DIA scientist, who was in the same position that Lue #Elizondo took over in 2010, contacted #Bigelow, went to #Skinwalker Ranch and had an experience. He saw something that nobody else did. He went back to DC, talked to @SenatorReid and #AAWSAP was born. (Sleep time).
"Analysis would be done." - Elizondo said at his AAPC/SCU talk that when he was handed certain cases to look at, they had already been analyzed. But by who? Was it by these folks that Knapp is referring to here?
9 Awake :-) Once Bigelow got #AAWSAP contract, he hired 54 people, lots whose names can b found online. Those folks investigated #Skinwalker & "a lot of the work was creating a gigantic database. Maybe the biggest #UFO database in the world. It included personal investigations.
10 "They sent out investigators to UFO hot spots. They'd get these reports and do these saturated investigations to try to figure things out. Some of the stuff... involved medical effects on people. Deleterious medical effects on people who encountered UFOs & and other kinds of
11 "paranormal & supernatural phenomena. It was a gigantic database that included data that was acquired from foreign governments. It analyzed incidents like Tic Tac. Not just Tic Tac but other, dramatic incidents like that. That went on for 3 years & then the money was pulled."
12 "And it's unfortunate because if that had gone on, if it had been allowed to continue, we might some answers to some of these big questions that we're tackling now...The scientist who wrote the proposal for Bob #Bigelow, that went to the #DIA, is Dr. Hal #Puthoff. I guess to
13 "some, in some quarters, Hal is controversial because he worked 4 the CIA & he developed the protocols that became remote viewing. I think that's a courageous thing. He's worked on a lot of other classified projects. He's had the highest security clearances in our country.
13 "Our government, our intelligence agencies, our him! They trust him to do the right thing. They trust him and his team. He wrote the proposal. The proposal was accepted. The contract was put out. Hal was the chief scientist in charge of the program, developing
14 "the protocols, what they would study, where the money would be spent, what kind of investigative efforts they would do. So the Twit-fologists. The Pod-fologists...tee off on Hal #Puthoff and it is unbelievable to me."
15 "This topic has screamed out for so many years: Why don't they tell us what's going on? Why doesn't our #government take this seriously? Why don't we have scientists who have the courage to dig into the subject matter and investigate it and tell us what they find? Here's Hal
16 "#Puthoff, whose been doing it for more than 30 years, studying #UFOs & he gets trashed every day by people into this subject matter. He worked 4 the CIA, u can't trust him. U want scientists 2 do this stuff. U want men with his credentials 2 take a look at it, investigate it.
17 "And anybody who does, gets beaten up about it. There aren't that many scientists 2 go round. I know maybe you're suspicious. Here's Hal #Puthoff, who worked 4 the CIA, in remote viewing. Then he worked with Bob #Bigelow & #NIDS. The he was involved w/BAASS. Now he's involved
18 "with #TTSA, Tom DeLonge's organization. You know, there's something fishy about that. Well, you know what? There aren't a whole lot of guys of his caliber who are willing to do this because they aren't willing to be beaten up by the folks who do this on a regular basis.
19 "So, it's amazing the courage that he's had to stick with it. He's been trusted by our government with its most sensitive secrets for a long time. But he's not quite good enough for #Ufology. Tough standards here. Tough crowd."
20 "I've seen statements from the #DIA in the past 2 weeks in response to questions submitted by Ufologists who don't like this program, who don't like the stories that have been done about and they're looking 4 any kind of support. To the point that they will trust the #Pentagon
21 "to tell them the truth over people who worked in the program directly. So the Pentagon has said...the DIA says, 'No, all we did was have those 38 papers. They've got nothing 2 do with #UFOs. We've never overseen a UFO program.' That is baloney. It's just baloney. That was WHY
22 "the program was created. It's what the program did. 38 papers is a tiny portion of what that study did...For the #DIA to say it doesn't exist & for the #Pentagon to say it's not there and this never happened, it's baloney." #ufo #uap #aatip #aawsap
23 "Hal (#Puthoff) was the chief scientist. He picked out which topics 2 be covered, which scientists would do that. There were other program managers, both on the east coast and in Las Vegas, who hired the investigators, oversaw the investigations. There was interaction with Lue
24 "#Elizondo's program. We now call that #AATIP. [Back] then, I don't know what the name of it was. He would check in with the #AAWSAP study, about what they were doing. on some cases because they intersected. But that was not part of what came to be known as AATIP.
25 "His organization was separate. This was the #Bigelow program, BAASS, a different program, with a much broader focus than #UFOs. Then it continued for a couple of years."
26 "The guy who made it happen is @SenatorReid. Now I have heard Tweet-fologists...Twit-fologists, pardon me...say, 'Well, Harry Reid doesn't strike me as somebody who's interested in #UFOs.' Oh, you know Harry Reid, do ya? You talk to Harry Reid a lot? And you know what he's
27 "interested in & UFOs is not on the list?' Well that's baloney. Back when I first met Bob Lazar. This is 1989. The 1st person who I told outside of our newsroom was Harry Reid...It started a dialogue between he & I that lasted for more than 30 years & continues 'til this day.
28 "He was not out in front about it. He was not crazy. He was a smart #politician. He knows this is not a winner for politicians, any more that it's a winner for reporters because you get nothing but grief for covering this. And he certainly wanted to be re-elected and not be
29 "smeared as the #UFO Senator. So he kept it quiet. But when I would go to Washington & @Chieftog & I would go & interview him once a year or so, we would always go to the side & have a conversation about UFOs. And it drove his staff crazy! He would help me from time to time.
30 "He would help me get documents. Congressional Research Service had done a really massive study of #UFOs that they would give to elected members of Congress & I had never seen it before. And I don't think Ufology had seen it before & he got it for me." Knapp went on to discuss
31 the creation of #NIDS by #Bigelow & that the board consisted of #Puthoff, #Vallee, Kit Green & Edgar Mitchell, among others. "And I told Harry Reid about it in 1995 when NIDS first got going & he said, 'Do u think I could go to one of these meetings?' And I said, 'I'll ask.'
32 "Sure enough, he (#Reid) goes to the meeting, he sat in and I think he went to more than one. And he was hooked. And he & #Bigelow started a dialogue about #UFOs in, I think, 1997...So the seeds had been planted for a long time with Harry Reid. His interest in UFOs was real.
33 "It continued for many years. It continues to this day. So when this DIA guy comes to him, after visiting #Skinwalker Ranch and said, 'Who knows if it's national security implications but it's weird. It's inexplicable. We believe it's related to #UFOs. We need to widen the
34 "parameters of the study and look into this. We're never gonna understand it just studying flying saucer cases that come in now & then because the Nimitz sees it or something like that' So, #Reid agreed." - And thus #AAWSAP was born. Off to work... #ufo #knapp #aawsap #aatip
35 Knapp plays segment of interview he did with Sen. Reid, two days after the NYT article was published. "I just had such admiration for those 2 men. (Senators Inouye & Stevens) I said, 'Gentlemen, I have been following, for a number of years, these unexplained aerial phenomena
36 "'I don't know what they are. And I wanna study it.' And Stevens said, 'I've been waiting 4 decades 4 someone to ask me 2 do something about this.' He said, 'I was a pilot in WWII & on one occasion, I'll never forget. It was like yesterday. I was flying & there was an object.
37 "'next to me. I could not get rid of that. I couldn't. I would slow up. It would be there. I would speed up. It would be there. I would dive. It would be there. I called. Nothing on radar. I [was] a very, very calm, combat pilot. But that disturbed me. I could never, ever
38 "'figure that out. I got back & like everybody else, I was thinking something was wrong with me. So, what do u need?' And that was the beginning of how we got this program started." Knapp: "How did it proceed from there? Did u have 2 secure any appropriations? How's it work?"
39 Reid: "It was done." Knapp: "Boom." Reid: "When those two men wanted it, it was done. It was all over." Knapp: "Are you glad the story's out?" Reid: "Yeah, I'm very glad. Because now we have scientific evidence. Because the studies that were done because of the actions of
40 "Inouye, Stevens & Reid, we have now a scientific study that has done something that needed to be done for a long, long time. We've documented all these observances. We have situations where, in the northern part of America, we have missile bases" & "scores and scores of men
41 "up there would come out & look up there: 'Oh, I wonder what that is?' The communications in the missile defense installation was shut down. Didn't happen once. More than once. We have things w/ships at sea. There r things in the water. What is that? There's nothing on radar.
42 "Because why? Because the whole communication system on the ship is dead! This is all documented now. And now we can have pilots & shipmasters who are seeing these strange events, report it back 2 their superiors because they're not crazy! It's been happening 4 a long time.
43 "So why shouldn't we study this?" - (End of Reid video) - Knapp: "After the NYT story came out & once it was out & he could talk about it, he was fired up! His phone starts ringing off the hook. Members of Congress, former colleagues: 'I didn't know u were interested in that.
44 "How can we help? And he was willing to take a dive in there. He's not working for Bob Bigelow. He's out of office. But he's willing to take a shot & and try to move this ball down the field. On May 4th of last year, on on my way to his house. I'm in my car driving and
45 "I get a call from him. He says, 'We have to cancel our appointment.' Because he just returned from a medical screening & he said the doctors found something. And it was ten days later, I get a call from him. He's at Johns Hopkins, on the East Coast & he had pancreatic cancer.
46 "Which is like 95% fatal. And so he had an operation. I said, 'You know the world's gonna wanna know about this. I'm not telling anybody if u don't want it out.' He said, 'Wait until I get out of surgery & then u can let it go.' And I did. I let it slip & that was a big story.
47 "And then it didn't look like he was gonna make it. In fact, the NYT sent somebody out, even after the cancer was gone. And he had a tough time dealing with the chemotherapy. Bones in his back were breaking. People pretty much wrote him off that he was a goner.
48 "But this guy's tough. Reid might not look tough but he IS tough. And he's smart. And he beat it. And he got through it and now he's fired up again about the topic. About a month ago, in which he shared a lot more information and you'll hear some of that in just a moment.
49 "But for those naysayers. For those twit-fologists who complain...'Harry Reid doesn't care about UFOs. This is all made up. He wanted to do a favor for his friend, Bigelow.' I happen to find something the other day. An interview that I did w/@SenatorReid : November, 1989. On
50 "the same day that Bob Lazar's story was gonna break. We did a live interview with Harry Reid. And talking about #UFOs. And he acknowledged that we've had these conversations. He acknowledges that he talked to John Glenn about it. And he remembered the Bob Lazar story.
51 "And let's just play the clip for those of you who don't believe he's been interested in it for a long time." #ufo #uap #knapp #reid #lazar #aatip #aawsap
52 @g_knapp plays the clip of his Nov. 1989, KLAS interview w/@SenatorReid - Knapp: "I think as you're aware, Sentator, this week we've been taking a look at #UFOs and some of the evidence surrounding that. What we found is perhaps not all government agencies have been completely
53 "on the up and up with the American people about what they know. I'm wondering what it would take, whether there'd be any appetite for #Congress to jump back and take a look at the subject." Reid: "George, you know in the past, Congress HAS looked into this. There have been
54 "#Congressional hearings on this subject before. And I fact I wanted to do it tonight...I'm gonna watch your tapes. They recorded those for me. And if there as good as some people say, we might have to look at it again." Knapp: "Well, what you're gonna see tonight is
55 "a man who says he worked for the Navy on flying saucers here in Nevada. That he's been threatened and harassed. That he was told he could sign away his constitutional rights. Could something like that actually happen? Would there be any kind of protection for him?"
56 Reid: "Well, I was referring to the past episode but I'll look forward to the one tonight. Well, you know, George, I'll have to look at this. I have heard about this exact story. I've heard about it as kind of a preview of your program when I visited with you once before. I'm
57 "anxious to get the facts. I think it's something we should look into. I think John Glenn's government operations...this would be the appropriate committee to look into this." [End KLAS Video Clip of #Knapp interview of #Reid from November of 1989] Back to Knapp lecture...
58 Knapp lecture from #UFO MegaCon continues: "1989, Harry Reid's interested in UFOs. #AAWSAP...Reid gets the money for it. The contract is put out. #Bigelow is awarded the contract. There's only one other company that was sort of interested and that was @LockheedMartin. But they
59 "didn't put in for it. I know that looks like it's rigged. You can believe what you want. This was no bargain for #Bigelow. Hr spent way more money than he got from the government because he was interested in it. And he provided the facilities and money up front and after the
60 "program's money was taken away, he kept it going 4 a year. And if it was still going, I think we'd be way further down the road in understanding these mysteries. The person, of course, that we know as the face of #AATIP - that's the name that #AAWSAP evolved into - is Lue
61 "#Elizondo. Now, somewhere along the way, AAWSAP became AATIP. I know it happened by 2009 because Senator Reid sent a letter to the Secretary of Defense - we made that public earlier this year - in which - it might have been last year - he says he wanted 2 take the program and
62 "and make it a Special Access Program. Not so much for secrecy but for a couple of reasons. One was to take it outside the regular, #Pentagon budget process where people could pilfer the money. So you wouldn't have to fight for the money every year. But secondly, so he could
63 "gain access to special materials. Other (#UFO) programs. So when you've heard people talking about this - we've reported it a couple of times - that #AATIP is one of several programs and I think that there are several underway right now. As many as four is what I've heard.
64 "But I don't know the names of the other ones. But Senator Reid confirmed, in an interview that you'll hear in a couple of minutes, that that's what he was trying 2 do, a special access program, is gain access 2 materials that were kept top top secret in these other programs.
65 "In the meantime, #AAWSAP became #AATIP. And it may just be, somebody just renamed it along the way. But I asked Lue #Elizondo about it in the 2nd interview we did about the confusion over the name. Here's what he said: [Begin KLAS, #Knapp interviewing #Elizondo clip]
66 "In essence, in 2007...the initial program was called A-W-S-A-P program. And it was that name for about nine months. And that program was later was a bit of a shotgun approach to the phenomenon. So it put in a lot of stuff in this program...trying to figure out
67 "how these things fly and where they're coming out of...where they're going and things like that. When I came into the program the name had just been changed to A-A-T-I-P, Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. #AATIP. Not Advanced Aviation. Advanced Aerospace.
68 "I know people keep saying it's Advanced Aviation. It's not. And eventually that will come out, too. People will realize that well, that's not the name. It's Advanced Aerospace...Threat Identification Program. So, when I came in, the name AATIP had already been issued and
60 "that's what it was being referred to. Now, as to whether or not a nickname or formal name? It was a formal name for us. It was briefed as #AATIP. But if people wanna argue about semantics and they wanna say it's a nickname? That's fine. But it wasn't REALLY a nickname.
61 "At least not for me and the guys and gals that were working with me. It was #AATIP and that's how we briefed it. That focus was really more on the nuts and bolts...looking at what it is and how does it work, right? And as I've said before, many times, that was our focus and
62 "that was #AATIP's focus. We went from a BROAD, kind of spotlight approach, to more of a narrowly focused, laser approach, trying to figure out pieces of this. Because it was just too much of the elephant to eat in one bite, frankly, in my opinion anyways. I could be wrong.
63 "But, looking at now hindsight being 20/20, the A-W-S-A-P program, given the resources, twenty-two million dollars, would never be enough to really follow each and every...go down each and every rabbit hole to do this conclusively, in my opinion anyways. So they moved
64 "their focus to #AATIP. I took over in 2010. The program continued to go as AATIP. 2012, the initial five-year funding dried up. So we were issued more funding in 2013-2014. Unfortunately, the verbiage, in the way it was written, in the bill that when it finally came out,
65 "another office in the #Pentagon took our money." Back to Knapp lecture: "So Lue #Elizondo leaves a really good job. He goes out on a limb. He resigns. He ends up going to work for @tomdelonge's @TTSAcademy and stands on a stage in October of 2017 and says, 'I was at the
66 "'the #Pentagon. I was in charge of this #UFO study. It's real.' And almost no one paid any attention. Until a couple of months later, the @nytimes does the story & then the whole world paid attention. And, of course, Ufologists dumped all over it. Well he's an intelligence
67 "agent. You can't trust him. Because he's telling you what? Exactly what you've been asking for. For scientists & the government 2 come clean. That UFOs is a real security issue. That it should be taken seriously. As John Alexander put it: Ufology can't take yes for an answer.
68 "You know, they say that it's real, that it needs to be studied. What's wrong with that picture? I don't know. I'm gonna play one more clip for ya. From Harry Reid, where he discusses the special access program idea that he tried in 2009 and failed. And what his motives were."
69 The clip/story that Knapp played can be viewed here:
70 Knapp lecturing again: "Well like many of you, I've been watching #projectbluebook The History Channel. It's a cool series...and it brings back a flood of memories about when I first started down this road in Ufology, down this road, digging into these cases and the sense of
71 "excitement and wonder and discovery as you'd learn this stuff for the first time. But it also reminded me of all the lies the #Pentagon has told over the years. The phrase 'swamp gas' comes to mind. Or temperature inversions in 1952. Washington, D.C. flap. Those that are
72 "covered in some of the episodes of the (@HistoryBlueBook ) first season." #ufo #projectbluebook #uap #elizondo #delonge #ttsa #aatip #aawsap
72 "They (the #PENTAGON ) lied. And they're lying now. When they said the program is over. It's not over. It's still ongoing. In fact, there's more than one. Whether or not we'll be able to get that information out and prove it, it's an ongoing challenge for people in this room.
73 "For people like this. You don't get it by just dumping on it. The story that the New York Times did was good and it changed the media environment. And even if "To The Stars" doesn't do anything else for the rest of its existence, it accomplished a lot by changing that. One
74 "reason the story made such a big impact was because of those videos. And a lot of discussion about whether those videos were released...were already online. Or they were released through channels. Or leaked. Or how it was done. I can tell you...I have seen the paperwork and
75 "I hope to make that public, that it WAS released with the permission of the Department of Defense. And it was that video of the Tic Tac and the Gimbal and then the Go Fast, that really an impact. @JeremyCorbell actually did the story about the Tic Tac before the @nytimes did.
76 "And I asked him to join us to talk a little bit about what had gone on with that, some of the coverage of that story & how it's been twisted." Jeremy Corbell: "I was actually on @coasttocoastam with George Knapp twice. I was studying the Tic Tac #UFO case for two years prior
77 "to the New York Times being able to talk about it. If you had listened to Coast, you would heard heard that. The reason I was able to is because I got a good tip. And this is just hardcore journalism, going after witnesses. I got a tip...I followed it. And for two years,
78 "Commander David #Fravor, was the only individual to have really close proximity, eyes on, to the Tic Tac object. And so I've been talking with him. The dilemma for me at the time was...videos were leaked. But I wouldn't put that out because I didn't know the classification.
79 "That's something that Lue #Elizondo...that's something through #TTSA were able to clear that. And through Lue and put it out through the New York Times. So cool. It's in the sphere for everybody now to learn about it. I wanna bring to your attention a few things about
80 "the Tic Tac #UFO and all the ones you've been seeing lately. The craft are of undetermined origin. There were two, major studies on this, prior to going public. Intelligence studies. They are not ours. They are not from any known adversary, or human ally. The pilots of the
81 "vehicles, if they are piloted, are unknown. Somebody's piloting them, either remotely or not. And the purpose and intent remain a mystery. So this is a case of national security issue. And it's considered a national security issue and that's why people take it so seriously.
82 "Everything is considered hostile until you know otherwise. So there's a quote from Commander #Fravor that I thought was really interesting. He's talking about...I'm gonna read it verbatum. He's talking about...he told me personally in a lot of conversations how the Tic Tac
83 "#UFO that he would drop from 80,000 feet down to 50 feet above the water or closer & it appeared to be, & I quote him, 'Docking with something. The water was churning.' He hasn't been as explicit publicly but the intimation was there was something under the water.
84 "The submarine at the time didn't see anything but that's exactly what @haroldputhoff was talking about. That's exactly what @SenatorReid was talking about. Communications are often jammed and again, Commander Fravor hasn't publicly really stated this in detail but I will tell
85 "you directly, that it jammed his systems. That's an easy way to say it. You understand optical systems are connected to weapon systems. So that's something that, you know, probably is a threatening action. It actively jammed his weapon systems. Actively jamming means it took
86 "that initiative to do that. It wasn't because of a frequency. There's a lot of issues about the Tic Tac #UFO case and what happened on that day, including it knowing where Commander Fravor was going, called the cap point. There was an intellligence behind this. But a lot of
87 "people don't know is that this video footage of the Tic it wasn't Commander Fravor that filmed it. He was head of the Black Aces...we're talking the top fighter pilots in the United States government arsenal. Head of the Black Aces. He was in command of all the
88 "Black Aces when this was going on. The moment he got back, he sent up two more pilots and those are the pilots that caught this on FLIR. They didn't get as close to it as Commander Fravor. But the way he describes it, it was an incredible maneuverability. Something that HAD
89 "to be, as Bob Lazar said, actually, the way that it moved, HAD to be a gravitational system. And actually, Commander Fravor believes that's probably correct. So, these are the three videos that u are aware of. All of them are significant. All of them are real. A lot of people
90 "come & say, 'Oh, they're birds. They're planes. It's Superman. U know, Cmdr Fravor...he's not real happy about that. He knows what he saw. It's not only just his eyes. It was documented on SO many different systems. And then there are different types of footage of this event.
91 "This is what got kind of leaked out and then officially put out. And obviously, you know, the one on your far right is the #Gimbal. You notice that saucer-shaped craft how it starts to turn without changing any of its velocity? Any of its acceleration or anything like that?
92 "REALLY reminds me of the very first flight that Bob #Lazar would talk about. These's just a really interesting thing 2 look at. And the middle one, that's off the East Coast as well, 2015. They call it the Go Fast, publicly. So that one was described to me by Cmdr
93 "Fravor, who's really good friends with the other pilots. And these things got CLOSE. And they were cubes with a circular aura around them. Kind of like scouts. It's a fascinating case. I think instead of this, kind of trying to debunk these videos, you should hear from the
94 "people that actually took them. And Cmdr Fravor, you'll have that chance in McMinnville, Oregon, coming up. Thanks." [End of Corbell presentation] - #fravor #knapp #ufo #uap #ttsa #elizondo #disclosure #confirmation #reid -
95 Knapp: "So, the thing is, when people say, you know, 'It's birds. It's a flare. That's jet exhaust or something,' that's a serious thing. Because you're talking about our best pilots, in our best planes. And it's not just one pilot or two pilots. There was a bunch of pilots
96 "that saw them. With the #Gimbal incidents, there were two dozen of those in 2015. This is not ancient history. We're talking about 2015, off the coast of Virginia & off the coast of Florida. And it seemed to be accelerating. That's enough to get the attention of the
97 "Department of Defense. Yet, we are faced w/statements from the Pentagon in the last couple of weeks: 'We never studied #UFOs. We don't know what ur talking about. 38 papers...that's all that was produced. We didn't release those videos.' Well they're not telling u the truth.
98 "The thing is, if pilots like Dave Fravor are wrong and our best sensor systems are wrong...And it's not just radar on the ships. There was airborne radar, multiple sensor systems. I think Kevin and the panel must have talked about that earlier this week. There's a lot of
99 "evidence and indications that this was an actual craft from somewhere else, doing things that we can't do. That's a serious thing. And I'm glad it was being studied & it should be studied some more. You know, skepticism is a good thing. Especially in this field, where you're
100 "dealing with a lot of crazy stuff and far out claims. Skepticism is good. But skepticism, as we've learned form #UFO debunkers over the years, it's a bad thing when u don't wait to hear the evidence. When you make up your mind because you're angry about something. Or you've
101 "already decided...that can't be, and therefore, it isn't. Which is the kind of tactics that have been used in these cases in dealing with the information that we're talking about on #AATIP and #AAWSAP. Those studies were a good thing. We need to do more of them. Skepticism
102 "is fine. Hostility...preordained hostility is NOT a good thing. It's the same as of the old debunking & we deserve better. U know, this is supposed to be fun. I can remember back 2 when I first started on this stuff. It's fun! U know, it's one of the reasons I stuck with it.
103 "It's so damn fun! You know, traveling around and talking to people and hearing these experiences and digging into these mysteries and trying to track down the paper trail and document it and figure it out. It's a journey of discovery. It's like being on the Santa Maria,
104 "or the Nina or the Pinta or the Starship Enterprise, all rolled into one. It's fun. It's supposed to be fun. And, you know, don't let debunkers or the tweet-fologists ruin it for ya. Dig into it. Thank you." [End of Main Part of George Knapp Lecture]
105 George Knapp at MegaCon Q&A - First question was whether Knapp knows if Robert Bigelow has had an encounter of some sort to make him believe that there's already an ET presence on this planet, as he said on "60 Minutes."
106 Knapp: "Put it this way: Bob Bigelow has spent more money pursuing #UFOs than any person in the history of the world. Millions of dollars of his own money...he created NIDS, he's funded different kinds of researchers, given out grants to people like Linda Moulton Howe,
107 "Stanton Friedman, Bruce Maccabee. For one period in 1995, I did that as well. I was in between jobs. And he did it because he wants to find out. He bought the #Skinwalker Ranch & he had it for years & he spent millions on that. He had teams out there for years & years, 24/7.
108 "And then, something happened. I've talked about this publicly...That what happens @ the ranch, doesn't stay @ the ranch. There have been multiple experiences where people go there & they...some of them c things & it follows them home. Some of them don't c things & it follows
109 "them home & it spread to their families. Sort of like a virus. And so, loved ones of people who visit that property will have frightening experiences. And I suspect...I'm not gonna speak 2 private matters 4 Bob Bigelow but I suspect it would be something along those lines."
110 Next question is about Bigelow buying MUFON files & giving them money to use 4 investigations. Knapp: "It was unfortunate. He offered a million dollars to 3 UFO organizations & then he set up that organization & that was involving BAASS. That was part of the #AAWSAP program.
111 "They wanted to have civilian researchers on the ground. They wanted access to MUFON's database to incorporate them in their database. Those files were already public. It's not like they're secret files & they were stashed away. They STILL are public. But I know it ticked off
112 "a lot of people how #MUFON did business with Bob #Bigelow. Well it didn't work out because they weren't spending the money. There he is saying, 'Hey, here it is. Here's the credit cards, go spent it.' And they didn't spend it. And what they DID spend, there were accounting
113 "issues with it. So he cut it off. And I know that he's still interested in #UFOs and is deeply committed to trying to figure it out. But I think he's tired of Ufology and doesn't want to put any of his loved ones at further risk."
114 Next up was @KiviatRC, who asked what might b the longest, run-on question/non-question in #UFO conference history! It was very muffled so I'll summarize: Kiviat mentioned one of his shows that aired on Fox network: "UFOs: The Best Evidence Ever Caught on Tape." Knapp said,
115 "Good title." It just so happens, Knapp's multi-part documentary was called "UFOs: The Best Evidence," & came out 3 years b4 Kiviat's show. Kiviat went on to say that these #UFO shows (like "Unidentified") need 2B on network television instead of cable channels like @HISTORY.
116 In 2016, Kiviat said he tried 2 convince Fox 2 bring back these types of UFO shows. Their answer: No. Today, these UFO/paranormal shows on cable are "faux" investigative shows. Like "Ghost Hunters." Kiviat tried 2 get TTSA to work with him on getting their series to a network
117 like CBS & spoke to Hal Puthoff about it. According to Kiviat, Puthoff said. he'd speak with DeLonge, Mellon and Lue and he'd get back to him. He never did. Finally, contact with DeLonge. TD says their (TTSA) rights are with somebody else. Meaning, they already signed a deal.
118 Knapp jumped in: "Is there a question 4 me in all of this?" :-) - Kiviat continued & asked Knapp 4 help in getting some sort of investigative #UFO show onto a major network, in the news division. Maybe a collaboration? Kiviat said the story is much bigger than #TTSA.
119 Kiviat mentioned the first name of the female pilot who provided high cover for Fravor. He then asked Knapp if he had also heard (as @JTurner423 & @GaryVoorhis have said ) that the Tic Tac video is 7 minutes or longer.
120 Knapp: "Yeah, I've heard that there are actually some (#UFO videos that our gov't has) that are twenty minutes or longer." (I asked Knapp afterwards if this twenty-minute video was a video connected to Tic Tac case. He said that it was not.) He then told Kiviat, "I agree.
121 "I think it should be covered by all the networks. But unfortunately, it's in the realm of cable television. The main networks, CBS, NBC, ABC, still have an aversion to it. I don't know why. I think DeLonge has described the program and he's been talking about it for a long
122 "time. At least ten years that I've known him talk about...a TV series of some sort. But I think...I look forward to what they're gonna do. They came to see me during the production of it. I think it's gonna be really good. I think it's gonna move the ball down the field.
123 "I agree with you. It should be an investigative series. I absolutely agree. Why the network news organizations won't take it on, I don't know. Why hasn't the New York Times done a follow up?" Kiviat said that the two networks he's talking to can't do anything because they
124 "don't have access. (access to the witnesses or evidence?) And then he talked about how much of the videos have been made public. Knapp: "I know that [#Elizondo] got'll see the paperwork. It will be made public. [Elizondo] talked about filing for the permission
125 "2 have more than two dozen videos released. And that stopped. I don't think Lue Elizondo makes that call." Kiviat asked Knapp, "If I could get a meeting w/the head of CBS News with u, could we try to get more of the video out, which will not in any way impact ur relationship
126 "w/Jeremy or with anyone you're working with?" Kiviat then mentioned that he's been trying 2 convince the new head of CBS News, Susan Zirinksy, if she would take this [UFO/AATIP/AAWSAP) story on. This was when she was @ 48 Hours. They talked about doing a show there.
127 Kiviat said that she told him she loves UFOs and that he and Knapp should meet with her and pitch the idea. Knapp says she's going to be at KLAS in ten days and "if she wants to create a new UFO program, I'm there." Kiviat: "Love it. Thank you." [End Q&A of Knapp MegaThread!]
128 Susan Zirinsky link -…
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