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What the media doesn't want you to know about why people choose to not vaccinate their children: a thread.

1. Parents who exercise their right to refuse vaccines care deeply about their children. This decision is not made in ignorance, nor out of fear.
2. They are tired of the talking points and official pronouncements, unsupported by sound science. These parents no longer consider the Centers for Disease Control, the American Academy of Pediatrics, or the US Federal Drug Administration to be reliable sources of information.
3. These institutions, along with the Institute of Medicine and the WHO, are front groups, controlled by pharmaceutical companies. These institutions promote vaccination policies while presenting themselves as independent, authoritative sources on vaccine safety.
4. By controlling these institutions, the pharmaceutical industry has gained control of vaccine safety assessments and uses that power to rule out causal relationships between vaccination and serious adverse events. Further, the CDC holds over 30 patents on vaccine technology.
5. While it takes more than a single patent to have the right to manufacture a vaccine, the CDC has an undeniable conflict of interest with regard to vaccine safety.
6. Parents for vaccine choice know that vaccine manufacturers and government agencies do not perform long-term safety studies. They know that industry studies are terminated after a few days or few weeks, long before chronic illness manifests in a child.
7. They know that vaccine studies have rarely used an inert placebo, and instead use an aluminum injection or another vaccine as the control. This ensures that any new adverse events are similar to the placebo.
8. These parents don’t want to inject their children with aluminum adjuvants, some of which were created in manufacturing errors that weren’t discovered for 2 decades. Independent research has discovered alarming amounts of viral, animal, and human DNA contamination in vaccines.
9. Vaccine choice parents know that the large meta-analysis autism studies that declare vaccines to be safe have been seriously compromised. The children who are labeled “unvaccinated” in these studies are not actually unvaccinated.
10. Thousands of children who would be expected to have autism diagnoses are mysteriously, and inexplicably, missing from their numbers. User bias is ignored, where parents of medically fragile children opt not to vaccinate.
11. These studies use baseless, and often fraudulent, confounding factors to eliminate healthy children from consideration and influence their final statistical outcomes.
12. Parents who have opted not to vaccinate report that their children have far lower incidences of asthma, anaphylactic food allergies, Type 1 diabetes, epilepsy, and neurological disorders such as autism.
13. These parents have waited decades for the government to perform a true comparison of the long-term health of vaccinated children against unvaccinated, but the study never comes.
14. They say it would be unethical to perform such a study that would deprive infants of life-saving vaccines. This claim ignores the health records of hundreds of thousands of unvaccinated children in state healthcare and insurance databases across America, available for study.
15. Americans do not have the “right” to live in a germ-free environment beyond what they can create on their own property. There is no “right” to be free from diseases that vaccines claim, but often fail, to prevent.
16. Nowhere on a vaccine insert does it say that the vaccine will not work unless 95% of the surrounding population also takes the vaccine.
17. The theory of herd immunity is not nearly as solid as public health officials would have you believe. The idea was put forward in 1933 when a researcher observed that measles outbreaks temporarily decreased after 68% of children contracted the measles virus.
18. This is why measles outbreaks historically appeared in 3 to 4-year cycles.
19. This phenomenon was unrelated to the measles vaccine, which wasn’t invented at the time. 7% of people don’t create antibodies after measles vaccination, and another 25% lose their antibodies after 15 years.
20. 39% of all measles cases in the US in 2015 were caused by the MMR vaccine, including 25% of the Disneyland outbreak, but the CDC never published their data.
21. Vaccines for pertussis, diphtheria, and polio are symptom-reducing vaccines and not designed to stop transmission of infection to another person. Tetanus is not contagious. Hepatitis B is a blood-borne virus, highly unlikely to spread in a community setting.
22. Use of the Hib vaccine has led to infections with a bacterial strain we don’t vaccinate for. The CDC knew in 2013 that the pertussis bacteria mutated and isn’t a match for the vaccine, but didn’t tell the public until this year.
23. The CDC has also known that using the pertussis vaccine makes people more likely to become infected with the mutated pertussis bacteria.
24. Mumps outbreaks in 100% vaccinated groups, like a navy ship out to sea, are most likely due to vaccine adverse events and fraudulent efficacy claims.
25. Children vaccinated for these diseases don’t contribute to “herd immunity.” It is baseless to conflate naturally-acquired lifelong immunity with vaccine-induced antibody production.
26. We hear that “all children must be vaccinated in order to protect the children who can’t be vaccinated.” This is a strawman argument. There is no condition for which the CDC declares that a child cannot receive a whooping cough vaccine.
27. Children undergoing chemo can receive every vaccine but the MMR and chickenpox, which they receive when they are in remission. Children who receive transplanted organs must be fully vaccinated in order to be waitlisted.
28. No one has an obligation to vaccinate their children in order to protect the most medically vulnerable among us.
29. Congress removed civil liability for death and injury from vaccine manufacturers in 1986 and created the court where parents must chase financial compensation for their injured children. Congress did this while deeming vaccines to be “unavoidably unsafe.”
30. This phrase means that it is not possible to make vaccines any less dangerous than they were in 1986, even if they are properly manufactured and come with proper warnings.
31. It is unconscionable for lawmakers, doctors, schools, or the general public to expect parents to vaccinate their children with an unavoidably unsafe product in a scientifically unfounded attempt to protect someone else’s child.

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