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"Family" who claim to be "supporting" me now with your fake accounts, leading communications, and total disrespect for ME, as an individual, are not welcome in my life, mind, Twitter conversation or presence. Face me or leave my experience, forever.
The locks to the kingdom are now changed all keys revoked. All prior consent obtained from me by any one through any means at any time, tacit or explicit, is now revoked. No one has consent for anything anymore. Continuing to violate me this way is ZERO TOLERANCE.
John Daniel Ashcraft is Lucifer.
Richard Keating, Josh longdin, Mary ashcraft, Sandy Hamparian, John ashcraft, all named TOM, Sean mccann, Jennifer ashcraft, Lori love Smith, lashay Martin, jewel Zamplas, Diana, Magda, Atlanta and any MFer tied to hellywood or the music industry, GTFO. - Sarah #2112
Don't think you have me fooled for one second @realDonaldTrump
Enjoy the rest of the great awakening y'all.
You think it's cool to put my fucking photo in a Q drop but never say my name. You think it's cute to echo the words I use in my tweets all over official accounts, but you never acknowledge I exist. You know you all PUT me in this position, yet you pretend I'm not even here.
Well then, #ByePhoenicia. I'm not here... FOR YOU. I am not Jesus. I am not God. Anyone who thinks they escape judgement because they tricked me into giving out keys is going to have a rude awakening when they meet God.
"Lack of boundaries invites lack of respect" right Fam? LESSON LEARNED. Meet my big, beautiful wall.
They can only harm me if I allow them to have access to my mind. Access DENIED.
Notice how no one is talking about CSF theft and cannibalism anymore? Notice how Chris and I aren't blogging lately? Notice how just as we got really strong, we seemed to be attacked on all sides? I have no enemies, but people CHOOSE to make an enemy of me. Big mistake.
This account is run by John Daniel Ashcraft, it is also the person called "Scott Free" in the Q drops. This is LUCIFER.
KY = jelly, as in lube up the a55hole. There are DOZENS of accounts like this run by the C I A and Temple of SET shaping the new NARRATIVE. It's A BIG LIE. Pure DECEPTION. and deception kills, so these are EVIL PEOPLE playing games with mind control victims & awakening minds
I'm telling y'all, John Daniel Ashcraft. Take down the giant, first in the pecking order. CUT OFF THE HEAD. #BurnDownBabylon
That PrimeCreator2 account claims to be "YOUR GOD" & had a document pinned to his page that explicitly says "THIS IS YOUR TRIGGER." Good thing I am not a "you/your" so I CAN SEE the deception. But any who identify as "you" when reading will be DECEIVED. He is a LIAR.
For about 2 days I entertained the possibility that this could be a good thing, that there was more going on than I understood. It was worth it to me to explore. Turns out it's just more hateful isolation games, manipulating old attachments and inflicting HARM. ZERO TOLERANCE.
When Q said they have tech that can control limbs, chris and I immediately had a bizarre experience that can only be explained through tech like that. So someone fucking scan me for a microchip. Until you can show me this is NOT tech, it's just spy games and BULLSHIT. 5:5 DAD?
And daddy trump is not our savior. If you are on his train you might want to consider jumping off now. Have any of you considered that he may report to Someone? Define pecking order. I was only 16 when I chose him to be president. The fact that this actually occurred is TREASON.
The fact that ANY of this is happening is TREASON. I am no fool. I know what my role has been, all the while 100% WITHOUT MY CONSENT. Don't expect me to prop your puppets up Lucifer. I don't care if they do pretend to "serve" me/God. I can tell the difference. OK, safe ACE?
I am not a planet. I am not mother to the whole cult. I am not the moon, the sun, the virgin Mary or Jesus. I am SARAH. I am a 37 year old targeted victim of mind control who is ACTIVELY BEING VIOLATED BY THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT. This is TREASON & CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY
I know none of this is my fault. But still, I'm More upset with myself than anything else, for allowing my desire for my family to override what I know with logic to be true beyond any doubt. The desire is so strong within me that I even saw the situation as Love+ for a time.
But I was wrong. That was the tricked, tortured child part inside who needs to believe that, ultimately, her daddy cares and wants to help her. Unfortunately, the fact is, this whole fiasco began when I started pushing HIM away. The stronger I get, the harder HE tries to HARM ME.
John Ashcraft, whatever name and face you wear, I see you. I REJECT & REBUKE YOU & ALL YOUR METHODS. Whatever part of God's mind you are, is SICK. you are too broken to make proper decisions, for yourself or anyone else, and you already know this. Where will you be in 5 years?
Much like Donald Trump sold rice to China, my dad could sell ice to an Eskimo. He's a mastermind psychopath who is one of very few megalomaniac behind the plot to destroy the world. Why is he still alive? He is dangerous even behind bars. His "powers" go beyond violation. EVIL.
My love is not a disease, or something to be destroyed or feared. My love is the CURE. I refuse to let you, any of you, convince me that my love is the reason I get hurt. YOUR THEFT & NARCISSISM is why I get hurt. My choice to Love still is why I grow and you die. #ByePhoenicia
You call me a "Holy Virus" - a "birth program." I am not a program, or a robot, or a clone or a drone or avatar. I am a human being, a sovereign mind, an aspect of the one and only creator God of whom we are ALL part. I'm glad I sit in the mind of God rather than the sphincter.
It's clear the message being sent to Chris & I lately is, "it's all gravy baby, you just have to go ahead die & it'll be paradise."

How convenient.

I tell y'all what. If that's true, & y'all need me to die to be free yourselves, I'll go there with you. AFTER ACCOUNTABILITY NOW.
I am not suicidal. There is no sue key. That room no longer has a door. But I am willing to let go of this physical body in exchange for your surrender and accountability, and full disclosure. No more one sided exchanges. No tricking me into silencing myself. #RECIPROCITY.
I don't want to be trapped in a false reality. If I am still deceiving myself I pray daily that God reveals every shadow in me so I may eradicate it with His light. But it sure seems like a service to the bad guys for me to believe I need to die right now, doesn't it? Fascinating
Hey @NSAGov if you are tracking this sh*t, please mark April 1, 2019 as all consent revoked. ANY access (other than that granted by the Huber investigation) I consider to be an assault with intent to do bodily harm.
I've had a lot of experiences I can't explain. I've had dreams and visions that came true, and others that make me wonder about the nature of our reality. But I know I know one thing: My dad is a LIAR. Anything tied to him cannot be trusted as true, no matter the packaging.
And frankly, logic dictates this applies to me too. Aside from reporting about the abuse, everything else I say should be taken with a giant grain of salt, always keeping in mind there could be layers of embedded mind control programming at play at any given time. #Dissociation
And this is the bullshit I have to think about and deal with on a daily basis. I am being as transparent as possible in real time about what I am experiencing now so that every one of you can witness and make decisions for yourselves about what is real and true. I have no mask.
Truth never hides itself. #SayBraveThings #TruthIsEvolution #Covfefe
Whoever said #SayBraveThings meant say popular things or things that are comfortable and easy to accept? I'm not here to delightfully deceive you. I'm here to scream the ugly f*ing truth until ANYONE acknowledges it.
Fascinating. In January I start tweeting about anunnaki, this sh*t starts. I tweet about what Brad Pitt & Angelina did, I get suspended for a week. 10 days ago I made a connection between Q, Rachel Chandler, Standard Hotel & MY LIFE. now this. Coincidence?
Q, say my name.
Every man for himself, right dad? There are no teams. That's the lesson, right? That's always the lesson. Ruthless = no heart. Where's Ruth? With God. That's why the heartless can't find her.
Questions and abusive tactics are two different things, and every honest heart can tell the difference. This onslaught of shillery was expected. Especially when I set firm boundaries and call out their bullshit.
Desire to belong to a group, desire to be understood, desire to give and receive love, desire to be good and be perceived as good, desire to help others.... ALL are very natural, vital human emotions [they] exploit to induce GROUP THINK aka #MindControl. All are logical fallacies
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