1. There's a motive suggesting there may very well have been foul play in Boeing's recent airline crashes. What if I showed you nefarious dealings that supported that claim? What if I linked some of the #DeepState's worst players as well? Hold on tight, I'm about to do just that.
2. Indonesian flight 610 crashed 10/29/18, killing all 189 on board. Ethiopian flight 302 crashed 3/10/19, killing all 157 on board. They were both Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft, both appeared to have suffered a malfunction with the control systems causing the aircraft to nose dive.
3. The question is, has Boeing been the victim of a targeted effort to usurp their company? The issue with their 737 Max 8's has been addressed by the company. An actual training program has been created and taught to all 737 pilots on how to correct the issue when it occurs.
4. But why hasn't Boeing actually FIXED the planes after dozens of complaints from pilots have been filed? I wrote a thread on this here, I highly encourage you to read it explaining all I could find about Boeing's understanding of the problem.

5. You may notice the @MilspecP tweets I've quoted in that thread are now gone. Apparently he left twitter on his own accord.

So, if you were a major aircraft manufacturer, would you allow your very heavily used aircraft to continue to fly if you could simply fix the issue?
6. It would appear as though the training to pilots to correct the nose dive scenario is all that Boeing could come up with. Boeing does not know why the nose dive is occurring. They've invested millions to figure it out and they can't seem to nail down what's happening or why.
7. There has been talk of a purposeful attack on these aircraft via remote interference. The planes are purposefully taken over by a bad actor on the ground and the nose is forced down mid flight. I don't know if I buy this. There's a few significant reasons for my opinion.
8. Boeing says once the aircraft has been taken over via it's remote control operation software, the pilot control CANNOT be resumed. If this was the reason for the aircraft diving, there would be a LOT more crashes because the pilots would not be able to correct it.
9. The software is designed so if the pilot engages this software during a terrorist hi-jacking or something of the sort, the plane cannot be manipulated or crashed into physical targets like what happened in 9/11. I'm leaving that particular idea out of the rest of this thread.
10. We'll be talking more about why Boeing might be targeted and how the attacks on Boeing aircraft could be used to cause future investors and customers to pull out of business with Boeing.

There's a lot of aerospace companies and defense contractors out there.
11. But, there's only one that's truly in competition with Boeing at a billion dollar level. Lockheed Martin (LM).

Is it possible LM would do something so terrible as to purposefully crash Boeing aircraft in order to discourage future business and investments in Boeing?
12. LM would have to be a pretty nefarious group to do so. Maybe we should learn more about them?

Lockheed was founded in 1926. It went through a varied amount of success and failures and was at the heart of numerous scandals that included bribery, money laundering, contract...
13. ...deadline failures, cost overruns and even potential cases of treason and espionage by violating sanctions with nations the US considered to be enemies. Several times Lockheed has provided plans or aircraft to nations the US has forbidden to receive such technology.
14. From 1950 - 1970 Lockheed was involved in a massive black market money laundering scheme and they shared intel with numerous nations the US had prohibited aerospace business dealings with. They've been fined repeatedly by US courts for illegal and underhanded dealings.
15. "Lockheed, which had to be bailed out by the federal government in the 1970s, has been involved in numerous controversies involving questionable foreign payments, cost-overruns, over billing of the federal government, race and age discrimination, and environmental racism.
16. The Project On Government Oversight’s Federal Contractor Misconduct Database has 58 entries for Lockheed involving more than $600 million in fines, damages and other payments."


They've been reprimanded and/or fined 58 times for violations!
17. A man by the name of Bruce Aitken, aka Mr Clean, is one of the world's most notorious money launderers. For decades he moved cash, defrauded customers, sold things he didn't own, and moved illegally earned money around the world for dozens and dozens of nefarious groups.
18. The CIA and Lockheed were two of his main contacts.

"According to Aitken, these payments were responsible for the Lockheed bribery scandals, which included a string of illicit payments between the late 1950s and 1970s, and involved the US firm Lockheed and the sale of an...
19. ...aircraft to Japan. He said the US consulate in Hong Kong was giving the orders...It was from the CIA. We made the payment to the Lockheed vice-president and somehow the money ended up in the Japanese prime minister’s hands,” he said."

20. Lockheed has had illegal operations throughout the world, yet they've been the primary military contractor for the US for decades. They've manipulated and bribed and broke dozens of laws by supplying weapons and technologies to other countries;. Why do we still use them?
21. "The Lockheed bribery scandals were a series of illegal bribes and contributions made by Lockheed officials from the late 1950s to the 1970s. In late 1975 and early 1976, a subcommittee of the U.S. Senate led by Senator Frank Church concluded that members of the Lockheed...
22. ...board had paid members...to guarantee contracts for military aircraft. In 1976, it was publicly revealed that Lockheed had paid $22 million in bribes to foreign officials in the process of negotiating the sale of aircraft including the F-104 Starfighter."
23. The scandal caused considerable political controversy in West Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, and Japan. In the US, the scandal led to passage of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and nearly led to the ailing corporation's downfall. Haughton resigned his post as chairman."
24. Those quotes are from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lockheed_…

If Lockheed has been dirty for so long, why do they remain in business? Why does the US government allow them to continue running? Why isn't there congressional oversight controlling and monitoring this company on a daily basis?
25. This article might explain some things. There is FAR too much to quote here. You need to read it to get the full gist.


From supporting candidates, paying bribes, contributing to election campaigns, passing money through non-profit slush funds and...
26. ...hosting massive galas for congressmen, Lockheed Martin has rubbed elbows with government officials for decades. And, though the GOP has traditionally been accused of being the most friendly with the group, note the last paragraph of the article:
27. "The answer to the weapons industry’s hold on the Republican party is NOT to turn to the Democrats. Under the leadership of Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and the Democratic Leadership Council, the Democratic Party has been almost as pro-military as the Republicans, maintaining...
28. ...high military spending, throwing billions of dollars at missile defense, and reaping over $1.1 million in soft money from Bernard Schwartz of Loral Space and Communications in the most recent election cycle alone."

Billions of US tax dollars are going into the company.
29. And, significant kickbacks and gifts are going back to the candidates, LM has been cradled, protected, saved, and promoted by US government officials for most of its existence.

Fast forward to today. Donald J Trump has proposed a Space Force.
30. Nobody knows exactly what this will consist of and not many details are being released, for "National Security" reasons of course. Trump and Pence both have pitched for support for this new Force and it appears as though it's actually going to happen.

31. BUT, the industry and the economic forecasts of its future success has been widely discussed. Look at this article speaking on which aerospace companies stand to profit from contributing to the Trump's new Force.

32. If you'll notice, despite LM being the big dog on the block, there's actually more favor towards Boeing in this article and many like it. Boeing is projected to be the biggest benefactor in supplying this new Space Force.

33. Although nearly every major aerospace group is listed in this next article, again, look at where the focus lies.

"Boeing, SpaceX To Benefit As Pentagon Readies This Historic Change"

34. So, would LM be terribly injured by Boeing getting the bulk of the contracts for this new Space Force? That would hinge on what's already happening in the race between the two companies. In truth, there's a literal war going on between LM and Boeing.

35. The Pentagon made the call to reduce the number of LM F35's it wishes to purchase while deciding to increase its procurement of Boeing F-15XE's. This is tremendous considering it was originally thought the F35 would replace nearly the entire US military fighter jet arsenal.
36. "The decrease is driven by reductions in the F-35 procurement quantities (-15), reductions in the funding for C-130 aircraft ($-882 million), procuring 3 less KC-46 and 8 less Army’s AH-64 attack helicopters.
37. The overall decrease in aircraft procurement is partially offset by the procurement of 8 new F-15 jet fighters ($+1.1 billion)."


You see, Lockheed has done so many underhanded dealings, they're now reaping the seeds they've sewn.
38. They've allowed foreign agents into their companies and they've got so many nefarious partners that China has HEAVILY benefited from their loose security. A Chinese spy managed to capture the plans for the F35 and deliver it to China. Suddenly, China has a new fighter jet.
39. China has debuted their new F31. The plane is so strikingly similar to the LM F-35 in nearly every way that LM has realized their entire technology has been captured.


Billions invested in research and development has been lost due to espionage.
40. The US now sees what was supposed to be the world's most capable and superior aircraft and realizes the technology has been utterly compromised. Not only has China been able to build a nearly identical aircraft, they also possess the technology needed to overcome the F-35.
41. China could know the F-35's weaknesses, it's radar defeating systems and it's weapon capabilities. China can reverse engineer their military systems to combat the F35, possibly rendering it obsolete before it even hits the battlefield.
42. The F-35 isn't the only compromised LM aircraft either. Continuing from the CNBC article:

"For example, when China wanted to build the J-20, a new stealth fighter jet, they were reportedly helped by industrial espionage. The J-20 became operational in September.
43. There were said to be several prototypes of the plane, but the final sleek design resembles the F-22, a stealth fighter made by Lockheed Martin. China’s smaller stealth fighter, called the FC-31 Gyrfalcon, in development is seen as a knockoff of Lockheed’s F-35."
44. Needless to say, LM is in trouble. They need major contracts from the government to stay afloat and to support their 100,000 employees! What lengths would they be willing to go to, to secure their spot in the US military arsenal? Are they really that treacherous?
45. LM definitely has motive to do something to Boeing to impact its reputation and dependability. LM's very survival is at stake!

"Patrick M. Shanahan became the Acting Secretary of Defense on January 1, 2019. Prior to this assignment, he served as the 33rd Deputy Secretary...
46. ...of Defense, appointed on July 19, 2017. The Washington state native holds two advanced degrees from the MIT and spent more than 30 years at Boeing, where he led programs for commercial planes, missile defense systems and rotorcraft systems."

47. A 30 year Boeing career man is acting Secretary of Defense? There's many conversations stating he may end up becoming the SecDef if nominated. That could be seen as a very real influence on what the Pentagon decides to do for future aircraft and weapon system purchases.
48. So, after looking at all of this and being a member of QAnon and having been at least somewhat "Woke" for a while now, I've realized members of certain circles being in key positions at key times is an indication of nefarious, #DeepState dealings.
49. That's why this last comment is quite huge to me.

"President George W. Bush nominated Comey in 2003 to serve as deputy attorney general. He was unanimously confirmed by the Senate later that year."

"Unanimously" approved appointments to cabinet positions?
50. If EVERYBODY approves it means that person is either connected, or, they're a saint. We know Comey is no saint. In fact, the mere fact that during Bush's presidency Comey was unanimously approved by democrats as well as by Republicans, suggests Comey ran in sometight circles.
51. But, what else is in his background?

"He held that position until 2005, when he left to serve as general counsel and senior vice president for defense contractor Lockheed Martin."

Say what? What in the world did James Comey have to offer an aerospace company?
52. He has no military background, no aerospace or defense background and has zero experience in leading a company of 100,000 employees. He served at Lockheed Martin for 5 years.

"These concerns focus on millions of dollars that Comey accepted from a Clinton Foundation...
53. ...defense contractor, Comey’s former membership on a Clinton Foundation corporate partner’s board, and his surprising financial relationship with his brother Peter Comey, who works at the law firm that does the Clinton Foundation’s taxes....Comey earned $6 million in 1 yr...
54. ...alone from Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin became a Clinton Foundation donor that very year."


"After leaving the Department of Justice in 2005, Comey moved into the private sector to receive his rewards. He was hired as the General Counsel...
55. ...for Lockheed Martin — the largest recipient of contracts from the Department of Defense. Comey was paid over $6 million before leaving the corporation in 2010.

Immediately after Comey left Lockheed Martin, he became a partner of the Clinton Global Initiative and was...
56. ...awarded 17 contracts from the Hillary Clinton State Department.

James Comey left Lockheed Martin with newfound wealth and joined the board of directors of HSBC Holdings, a British bank. The bank is a long-time partner of the Clinton Foundation and rewarded Comey well...
57. ... until he was appointed by Barack Obama."


So, LM was used as a proxy to reward James Comey for his work in the Deputy Attorney General post. Apparently he made decisions that benefited certain persons, thus he was rewarded for his role.
58. It may have also been the pay off for his future role as director of the FBI under obama, starting in 2013? His decision NOT to pursue HRC for her crimes could very well have been in return for the millions he was paid while at LM?

Well, that's a wrap folks.
59. I don't have any certain conclusions. When you come across things like this you store them away, you remember them, and you're able to bring them up at times when you see something related.

Lockheed Martin has motive to do the unthinkable to Boeing airplanes.
60. The prospects that something was purposefully done to bring down those Boeing flights should be investigated. It's an incredible deal and there's no telling what really happened that day. If someone does know what really happened, they aren't talking!

God bless y'all.

P.S. as always I want to thank @Americanlll and @MastersShelby for their help in researching this thread. Those guys do a lot for me on these digs.
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