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Bill C-71: Canada's Senate National Security and Defence Committee (SECD) review today 11h - 18h Ottawa time.


Agenda: sencanada.ca/en/Committees/…

Livestream: senparlvu.parl.gc.ca/XRender/en/Pow…
Alan Drummond says ~80% of suicides are by bullet.

Senator Don Plett corrects him: It's ~16%, according to Statistics Canada.

The main methods are:
- hanging (44%)
- poisoning, including drug overdoses (25%)

But: Bill C-71 doesn't regulate how people kill themselves.

Firearm ownership in Canada is at a record high.

The illegal use of firearms for violent crime has been declining for decades and is near a record low.

The idea that hunters, farmers and sport shooters have some connection to violent gangs is a lie.
Bill C-71 panel with Alan Drummond, Howard Ovens and Linda Silas fails to show how Bill C-71 relates to health and safety, or how any past or present regulations for hunters, farmers and sport shooters have affected health and safety.
Kate MacQuarrie, Association of Women Shooters of P.E.I.:

"Past changes to firearm laws have had no correlating effect on crime in Canada."

"While Bill C-71 is bad legislation, some parts of it are worse than others."

Kate MacQuarrie discusses how Bill C-71 will require stores to record details on gun buyers and their firearms:

"Security of, and access to, these records is absolutely a concern."

Ross Faulkner, owner of The Gun Dealer, one of biggest independent gun stores in Canada:

- Bill C-71will cause a significant decline in business, will not increase public safety.

- Requiring police permission to take guns to gunsmith could be dangerous.

Ross Faulkner on Bill C-71:

"I see loss of sales, the result of which is job losses, job losses and more job losses."

"I will remind the Senate that jobs in rural Canada, like McAdam [New Brunswick] can be scarce."

Ross Faulkner of @TheGunDealer on Bill C-71:

Will give RCMP ability to prohibit any firearm any time.

"This is one of my greatest concerns."

It could lead to "tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars of inventory made worthless."

Bill C-71 panelists who OPPOSE Bill C-71:
- factual
- specific
- concrete
- detailed
- knowledgeable
- precise
- concise
- clear

Panelists who FAVOUR Bill C-71:
- off topic
- don't know guns
- don't know law
- theoretical
- generalities
- unable to answer questions
Senator @DonPlett asks Ross Faulkner of @TheGunDealer

- How often someone tries to buy a long gun without licence:
Faulkner: "We check on the RCMP system every firearms licence that comes into our store. ... Every licence is checked."
Robert Henderson, Owner of @Access_Heritage :

Canadian Firearms Program has been parked in the RCMP, but it's not the RCMP. They will tell you, they aren't the RCMP. That organization used to be in the Solliciter General's office.

Ross Faulkner of @TheGunDealer on Bill C-71, answering Senator Diane Griffin @SenDianeGriffin :

"This is a registry."

Ross Faulkner answers Senator André Pratte @apratte on Bill C-71 forcing stores to check firearm licences with RCMP:

"It's a great make-work project. As a taxpayer this absolutely offends me."

Stores already check licence validity.

Senator Victor Oh @SenatorVictorOh asks Kate MacQuarrie Association of Women Shooters of P.E.I.: How many members have committed suicide since inception (2016)?

MacQuarrie: "Zero."

"We have had no crimes committed by our members."

Ross Faulkner of @TheGunDealer says he is the largest private employer in McAdam, N.B., and that Bill C-71 will cause layoffs.

Answers Senator David Richards:

"This is just not going to stop any crime. It's not going to enhance public safety in any way."

Senator Bev Busson asks what motivation other than public safety would lead RCMP to change firearm classifications.

Ross Faulkner: I believe they have a list. I believe they have been given an agenda and given a full range to do what they wish on classifications.

Robert Henderson of Access Heritage, answering Senator Busson on RCMP gun re-classification:

"If you give this to a public-service entity, there's an innate risk to want to make everything "Prohibited" because it reduces risk."

[Road to prohibition.]

Matt Demille, Manger of Fish and Wildlife Services, Ontario Fed. of Anglers and Hunters @ofah:

- OFAH statement against Bill C-71 has been endorsed by provincial organizations representing 345,000 Canadians
- Bill C-71 is not based on evidence, will not improve safety

Chuck Zuckerman, Chairperson, BCWF Firearms and Recreational Sport Shooting Committee, British Columbia Wildlife Federation (BCWF) @BCWildlife

On Bill C-71:

"The proposed bill does nothing to address the issue of illegal firearms use or possession."

Matt Demille of @ofah comments on why Bill C-71 will fail to stop violent criminals:

"Criminals don't care about additional regulations and rules."

Bernie Farber said CSIS "infiltrated" the Heritage Front.

Not quite correct.

CSIS founded it.

Listening to Bernie Farber speak to Senate Committee reviewing Bill C-71:

- He opposes honest people having firearms for protection, hunting, recreation, competition, ...
- He opposes freedom of speech.

Why is Canada's parliament giving this anti-Canadian activist a microphone?
Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, a registered lobby group, supports Bill C-71, says President Adam Palmer while speaking to Canada's Senate committee reviewing the bill.

Also supports extra restrictions to travel with handguns, AR-15 rifles.

As "Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police" speaks to Senate on Bill C-71, remember:
- Police count non-firearms as "crime guns."
- Police count paperwork crime as "gun crime."

This isn't a minor flaw. This is built into the design.


The "Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police" lobby group was a member of the Coalition for Gun Control, which seeks to criminalize honest men and women and take away their firearms.

In the years Canada had ATTs, how many PAL holders with ATTs did police check? How many were charged for failing to have ATTs?

It's either zero or close to zero.

Senator @DonPlett: How often a criminal transports his weapons to a crime scene unloaded, in a locked case and trigger locked?

Palmer: I would say a criminal doesn’t do that.

Palmer talks about PAL holders who go bad and become criminals (paper criminals or violent criminals).

He's right.

1. Show us the numbers.
2. Which part of Bill C-71 addresses that?

Canadians have excellent reasons to OPPOSE more data registration and access by police.

Bill C-71: ATTs are a huge waste of time and money ... unless your goal is to expand your police department:

"Number of persons charged with a criminal offence while failing to have a valid ATT = Zero"

Bill C-71:Disturbing: Several panelists have suggested allowing police to access to medical records.

Result: Trust in doctors just died.

This isn't theoretical.

TheGunBlog.ca is already getting letters from gun owners saying they are withholding info from their docs.
Bill C-71 Lessons:

- Don't talk to police.
- Don't talk to doctors.

Bill C-71: What is this ridiculous notion that having a gun in the car is a risk?

- Canada has about 70,000 police who do this every day.
- Canada has 2+ million people allowed to do this today.
- U.S. has about 200 million people allowed to do this.

Bill C-71: Police want more data on "gun crime."

Why don't they share the data we do have:



Senator David Richards: What does Bill C-71 do to give criminals any further concern?

David Palmer, CACP: "It's one part of a broader solution that we need to look at. ... We're trying to restrict access ... to dangerous people."

"Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police" fails to show how Bill C-71 against hunters, farmers and sport shooters would increase safety.

On RCMP's secret firearm-classification process:

Teri Bryant: Certainly it's better to have an appeal process rather than not an appeal process. ... The legal process, unless you are a lawyer, is essentially inaccessible in all respects ...
Bill C-71 Background Check Flaw: If a person is too dangerous to own guns, why are they walking free?

If they plan evil, do we really think:
- They will apply for PAL?
- No PAL will make them good?

Some of the many ways Bill C-71 makes Canada LESS safe.

Listening to Senators asking about violent crime for Bill C-71, it seems they have little or no experience thinking about or practising how to ____ people.

Let us hope they invite panelists who do.

Bill C-71 meeting adjourned.

Senate's next review meeting scheduled for 3 April.


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