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Thread: On the Most Pressing Domestic Issues of Our Time

1. This is one man’s summary of the most pressing domestic issues facing the American Republic at the present time. There are presented in a rough order of priority.
2. #ObamaGate. This is the sum of the weaponization of the federal government against Americans during Obama’s presidency, with emphasis on the illegal surveillance of domestic political opponents that we now refer to as #Spygate.
3. The damage done by the likes of the criminal firm of “Clapper, Comey and Brennan” is incalculable. The number of people involved is astounding, including the willing (and at least partially paid) participation of the legacy media.
4. Senior Obama DoJ, FBI and State Department personnel, foreign intel agencies, federal judges on the FISC, Fusion GPS, Perkins Coie law firm, and Obama himself. And their active sedition continues to this very day. To let these perps escape justice would:
4. (cont'd)

A. Embolden the Deep State and black hats remaining in government
B. Exacerbate the cynicism that has accrued for decades among normal Americans
4. (cont'd)

C. Damage Trump’s presidency over the long haul by demoralizing his base
D. Display to the world that the rule of law in America has been extinguished.
5. The second pressing issue is equal justice under the law. Americans have witnessed the emergence of a two-tiered justice system over the past 50 years (at least).
6. The “high and mighty” can escape punishment for the most egregious offenses while the rest of us are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law with an expectation to pay fully for any crimes we may have committed.
7. Think about Ted Kennedy (manslaughter), Kerry (sedition/Logan Act), Bill Clinton (sexual assault), Hillary Clinton (mishandling classified emails and espionage), Comey/Clapper/McCabe/Strzok perjury before Congress.
8. My “favorite” example of the two-tier justice system is comparing Hillary’s unlawful email server exoneration to the one-year sentence given to Kristian Saucier for taking classified pictures of a submarine:…
9. The dichotomy is so pervasive and well-known that it’s almost become a cliché. The country has transitioned from governance by “the rule of law” to that of “rule by men” – with all the attendant arbitrariness and corruption that results. This needs to be reversed!
10. The next pressing concern is open borders. No country, culture, or government in world history has ever survived open borders intact over any length of time. Some consider open borders the greatest plague of the 21st century:

11. [M]ass migration is the singular challenge of the 21st century. This is because it is a meta-issue that will affect our response to every other challenge.
12. This is due to the fact that as mass migrations change demography, they may also affect changes in host nations’ cultures and political economies.
13. [T]he primary near-term effect will be surging tribalism. Unlimited mass migration could cripple liberal Western powers with perpetual ethnic tension, and halt their ability to effectively act on the world stage.
14. This could cede the century to more unified authoritarian powers such as Russia and China who have drastically different value systems and views of human dignity.

Read the rest here:…
15. Open borders destroy the greatest asset (besides the Constitution) that America has had since its founding: our ability to assimilate people from every culture, race, and creed. Open borders breed disunity and Balkanization and exacerbate ethnic tensions.
16. The solution is a return to controlled immigration which enables the transformation of legal immigrants into Americans. Assimilation and the US Constitution together have been integral to the creation of the greatest country in human history.
17. Thank God @POTUS declared a national emergency on the southern border and is leveraging DoD funds to build the Wall despite attempts by craven Democrats to keep the border wide open!
18. He has even threatened to totally shut down the border if Mexico doesn’t act to stem the flow of illegals into the US, including two very large “caravans” now headed north. Please make it so, Mr. President!

Read about it here:…
19. The next major issue has to do with constitutional values. The US constitution is the greatest political document ever written.
20. Its timeless principles of separation of powers, constraints placed on the federal government, and the maximization of personal and economic freedom for all have served us well.
21. But the Constitution has been under attack by the Left almost from the very beginning. The solution that leads to full restoration of constitutional authority throughout the land is in our hands if only we will get off our couches and act!
22. And that involves dealing harshly with the seditious cabal and other criminals in the political class, electing constitutional conservatives to Congress, and appointing federal judges who interpret laws according to the Constitution and not make them up on a personal whim!
23. On to voter fraud. The will of the people cannot be carried out if diluted by the corruption of the voting process through rampant voter fraud. Voter fraud disenfranchises American citizens! And the Democrat Party has perfected voter fraud in many if not all states.
24. The Heritage Foundation (among many orgs) tracks voter fraud – which is pretty useful since virtually all Democrat deny it exists! Here’s a graphical summary of a report.
25. Here’s the link to that report which details voter fraud instances in each of the 50 states. I suspect there are FAR MORE than these cases, too:…
26. The Heritage voter fraud databased can be found here:
27. Why is it that virtually ALL cases of voter fraud involve DEMOCRATS? Because that is how the Democrat Party wins close elections. And that’s why they fight voter ID laws tooth and nail. Their claim that strong voter ID amounts to voter suppression of minorities is absurd.
28. Think of all the activities that require proof of ID in daily life these days – and then put those activities in the context of the most important civic duty that a person has!
29. And the Democrats have moved on to ballot harvesting, a new technique implemented in California to steal elections by counting ballots after the fact until the Democrat wins. This article explains what happened in Orange County last November:…
30. The solution of course is implementation of strong voter ID laws in all states coupled with strict enforcement & harsh penalties for violators. My kids had to produce picture IDs for yrs in order to play sports, so the Dem notion that strong voter ID is “racist” is crap, too.
31. I also favor a return to same day-only voting with VERY few exceptions because mail-in ballots are an YUUUUGE source of fraudulent votes.
32. On to corruption. All forms of corruption in America have increased over the past 50+ years. Delayed and denied justice has led to ever-bolder actions by political grifters like the Clintons and Obamas, as well as nearly everyone in their orbits.
33. Check the before-and-after net worth of retiring US senators and congressmen, as well senior executives in the federal agencies like Mueller, Comey, McCabe, and many others! They didn’t acquire their wealth by making “good investments”!
34. Some other examples: acceptance of illegal foreign money in campaigns, bribery through non-profit foundations (like the Clinton Foundation), use of law firm cutouts to corrupt media (Perkins Coie), the Uranium One debacle, and one of my “favorites”:
35. The answer is strict enforcement of existing anti-corruption laws, implementation of new ones, reinvigoration of whistle-blower statutes, and restructuring and reinforcement of independent entities like inspectors general that serve as watchdogs on government agencies.
36. The next issue is restoration of traditional American cultural institutions. The Left have insidiously taken over & now dominate key American cultural institutions: the public education system, higher academia, Hollywood, the media, mainline churches, and even the Boy Scouts!
37. The ACLU was established by Communists in the 1930s for the express purpose of undermining institutions by pushing faux civil rights, ....
37A. ... e.g., secularization of government and public places which has disrupted institutional and personal relationships developed over millennia:…
38. Universities are run by leftists & turn out little leftists (if we parents let them). Hollywood glories in making anti-capitalist, degrading & violent movies. The legacy media have turned into paid propagandists for the Democrats (how we’ve learned that lesson thanks to DJT!)
39. We have allowed that to happen over time. Reclamation of American institutions and restoration of some kind of balance in them is a premiere issue of our time – and one in which we cannot fail if we wish our progeny to have the freedom and opportunities that we have.
40. Next is the restoration of accountability and personal responsibility. Remember when “the buck stopped here”? The Truman era seems like another world compared to the lack of accountability for virtually anything and everything we’ve witnessed over the last 50 or so years.
41. Before Trump, it seemed like no one at a senior level was ever fired from government service for any transgression/reason. Was anyone ever fired for anything during the Obama Administration despite the raft of scandals? Benghazi? Fast and Furious? IRS-gate? Etc., etc.
42. The Democrats have been the party of “anything goes” and moral relativism for years. Non-judgmentalism is their creed, so it’s no wonder they look the other way when politically expedient. But the worm may be turning thanks to Trump!
43. There is no way hell that the likes of Comey, McCabe, Yates, Weinstein, Schneiderman, Brennan, Clapper, the Podestas, the entire DoJ/FBI cabal, and others whom we’ve come to know and loath over the past two years would have been held accountability if Hillary had won in 2016!
44. We have a real chance for accountability for these people and others now that @POTUS has been exonerated of “Russian collusion” and obstruction of justice by the Mueller report. And your seeing signs of him going on the offensive against the likes of Shifty Schiff and others!
45. And then there is civic courtesy. Lastly, I wish to argue that the diminishing of civic courtesy and basic public decency has become a serious problem in the country. Harshness pervades political discourse, not to mention our everyday inter-personal interactions.
46. Think about road rage as an example. And the absence of well-wishing among strangers. And I remember the time when it was unthinkable for women to curse in public, let alone in movies and nightly television programs. Nowadays, anything goes – even in the public square!
47. Despite the promises of feminists and other leftists, the coarsening of culture has served to undermine institutions and relationships by removing common decency from the public square. For starters, we need to return to practicing acts of kindness daily.
48. I have been advocating a return to public shaming as a way to curb some of the more despicable and crude behavior by raging leftists in particular. It would take a significant consensus of Americans to return to civic courtesy & public decency, but it is a laudable objective.
49. Summary. This is my list of the main issues affecting the American Republic going forward. It is up to us to tackle them because these internal threats continue to work diligently in the opposite direction! Feel free to add to them in your comments. ///The end.
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