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When Taehyung is supposed to come of age and summon his companion everyone assumes him to be a common sea or forest witch.
Nobody is prepared for a black dragon named Jeongguk to rise from the ground nor for the mark of a dark witch to burn itself on his skin. #TaekookWeek19
I am so happy ppl seem to like this! I will write this as soon as I can 💜
Updates are coming in like an hour or so! Thank you for being patient with me 💗
Taehyung is shaking slightly. His body is feeling weak and wobbly, heart seemingly on a run and blood roaring loudly in his ears. The ugly feeling of excitement, anticipation and fear have settled deep in his gut, all mixing together to a nauseating glob of anxiety. It’s slowly
licking up his throat, threatening to spill over his lips and onto the ground in form of something black, dark and gooey. It feels disgusting, so Taehyung tries to take a deep breath.

It’s the middle of the month, the day in which gods can meddle with the everyday lives of
mortals. It is said that some even visit earth themselves, staying hidden underneath the appearance of a human cloak though ancient tales tell that one can feel their godly presence if they come too close. Needless to say, yarımay is an important day for witches of all covens
and perfect in its use of celebrating the coming of age ceremony, simply called the summoning.

Coming of age isn’t a simple affair in a witch’s life. It symbolizes one’s growth, determines their place in the coven, provides them with their life long companion and most
importantly connects their soul to their born god.

Every child is born under the tender watch of one of the six deities. Blessed with their touch and owner of their breath in form of the soul you are. After reaching the ripe age of twenty, the coven deems you old enough to take
your rightful place in it. That is why all six are currently gathered in the ruins of the very first temple. Each one of them here to present one witch ready to summon.

Taehyung is standing beside his family all jittery limbs and balled up nervousness. He couldn’t sleep well
last night, laying in the usually peace bringing darkness, eyes blood shot and red rimmed. Too many questions plaguing his mind, like little mean forest fairies pulling his brain in every direction possible.

Which god had chosen him upon birth? What would happen if he wasn’t a
sea witch like the rest of his family? What if his companion was too small, too common, too special or simply not powerful enough?

The blondes mind seems to go haywire once again but luckily his mother, who always understands, instinctively lays a comforting palm on his arm,
starting to slowly draw circles with her thumb on his skin. The feeling is so comforting that Taehyung wants nothing more than to turn to his side and just fling himself in his mother’s arms, but he can’t. He is up next, and it would be rude of him to cause distractions.
So he stays rooted in place, shivers of anxiousness still running down his back, heart beating a mile a minute. At least his mother's comforting touch and family's presence help in calming him down a little bit.
It's going to be okay, he tells himself. No matter what the outcome,
you will always be mother's love and father's pride. Nothing that could happen will ever change that!
Taehyung starts to repeat those same words over and over in his head, like a mantra or new spell he has to learn. At this point in time he isn't even sure if he is still trying
to reassure or convince himself anymore.
It doesn't reay matter anyway since the next moments all pass by in a blur for the blond witch.
He really doesn't know how, but in between all his useless overthinking and times in which he has to stop himself from vomiting right over his
feet, the ceremony of the new forest witch comes to an end.
To be exact it's the commotion in the crowd that snaps Taehyung out of his mind.
His eyes shoot upwards, in search for the cause of the excitement as his gaze lands upon the newly declared forest witch. She is kneeling
in the middle of the great hall, right beside her summoning circle. Her body is slumped forward, probably from overexerting, shoulders shaking slightly.
Right in front of her though is a proudly standing big and beautiful, white tiger. The massive animal is breathing down upon
her and inquiring his surroundings with sharp and intelligent eyes.
It must be a relief, Taehyung thinks. To know that you are a witch worthy of your coven with a strong companion by your side and the right God to strengthen your path.
He has to suprpress a deep sigh of envy.
Hopefully he will end up as lucky as her.
Before he can actually mentally prepare himself for the ceremony though, the sea coven's high priestess is already ushering the exhausted girl away from the circle, into crowd.
He can see her move down the stairs of the platform, walking towards her family and the sight of
the tiger, supporting the witches weight to help her get there sparks a fire of envy in the his own heart.
If he could, Taehyung probably would have hoped himself to death for a companion like that already.
Strong, big, helpful and kind... the whole package honestly.
So, you can't really blame him for closing his eyes and praying for good luck once again.
That's how the beautiful blond witch falls deep in thought with quite whispers of pleases falling from his lips, begging Ægir, the God of the seas, to grant him his deepest wishes.
In the midst of his once again useless overthinking, the all to familiar voice of Dia, the sea coven's high priestess, reaches his ears.
She has officially started her speech to introduce the next witch about to summon. The next witch being him, Kim Taehyung.
The sudden realization of having to go up there in only minutes makes Taehyung incredibly dizzy for a quick moment. The feeling catches him so off guard even that he has to lean on his father's trusted companion, Hua, a very big and strong but undeniably cute and fluffy brown
bear for a second. That's all he gets after all, since the next he is suddenly hearing his own name being called very loud and clearly. Before he is able to comprehend any of the happenings though he feels a slight push in direction of the stairs meant to encourage him but
Taehyung seems to freeze in place all of a sudden. He falls back into his anxious and scared shitless state in an instant and the strong urge to just run away kicks in extremely hard. He feels himself loose control over his breathing and is convinced that he is about to vomit
all over the stairs when he unexpectedly locks eyes with the high priestess.
The moment she catches his eyes Taehyung can feel his mind shut down and body freeze immediately.
He tenses up and not being able to move nor talk, makes panic surge through his veins, quickening his heartbeat in the process.
It's a strange, very uncomfortable feeling and
with fear gripping his heart in addition all he wishes for is these feelings to be gone the moment they enter his mind.
He tries to fight them at first but his will is slipping away right between his fingers just like sand would on a hot summer day at the beach.
The witch can't help it with the way he is slowly falling into ocean blue eyes...
Somewhere in the back of his mind the blond faintly registers that he is actually being charmed but can't pay the vital information any attention.
Not when he can lightly hear the familiar sound of waves crashing against the shore or taste the salt in the air. He swears he feels the burning sand under his feet right this moment, can feel the sun beaming down on his skin.
Maybe Taehyung is just loosing his mind or maybe
it's just his priestess' face that reminds him so much of home.
The familiar stretched shape of her blue eyes, glowing, tan skin and beautiful, long and white hair. All very common among his people. All of it so familiar.
It's somehow very... calming.
Either way he feels grateful for it. The complete lock down on body and soul helps him calm his racing heart and thoughts. It gives him time to compose himself a little and helps in reigning back his emotions.
For this he sends a silent thank you her way.
Before long he can feel himself go lax in her hold and the moment he feels ready the grip around him loosens and finally lets go.
It's as if time slips back into its normal pace and the blond with it back into reality.
Taehyung has to take a sharp intake of breath while still
stumbling over his own feet. He feels weirdly disoriented, mind still trying to process what happened thirty seconds ago.
Too focused on trying to catch his step and breath, he doesn't immediately notice the palm that has entered his vision.
When he does and looks up though he is
met with the sight of a slightly amused priestess offering him support.
There is a mischievous smile tugging at her lips and mirth glinting in her eyes.
At least someone seems to enjoy this, Taehyung thinks.
The witch gratefully takes her hand and lets himself be guided up the stairs and onto the middle of the white, marble platform.
Somehow there is a calmness surrounding him now, mind at peace with his heart and a fire burning in his eyes.
It's not like he isn't excited anymore.
He is! Oh how excited and anxious he is but as of right now the knowledge of having his family, his people and Dia right by his side sends a surge of determination through him. He feels safe with them.
He doesn't want to run away anymore. All he wants to do is make them proud!
So Taehyung lets his gaze wander over the crowd of witches gathered around the white marble. Some faces filled with anticipation, some with hatred while others look conpmetely devoid of any.
Though there is a certain group that stands out the most to him.
It's his beloved family in the corner of the big hall, looking up to him with wide smiles and their chests swollen with pride and love.
Taehyung has to suppress an affectionate giggle.
So that's when he
It's not a question nor a desire to him anymore. It's not about him or his anxiety anymore.
This is about his family, it's about his coven so he WILL make them proud. No ifs, no buts, no fears!
It's finally time for his summoning.
By the time Tae is finally done with his summoning circle the sun has nearly reached horizon already, the last rays of light still desperately trying to rain down on his skin through the broken roof of the hall and trees of the ancient forest.
Not that it matters much since Taehyung is completely lost in completing the lines of his magic circle anyways.
He is exhaustedly kneeling before it, sweat dripping down his face in form of droplets and fingers shaking with the the extersion of kneeling,
working and painting for hours on end.
He doesn't know why he decided to make a summoning circle as big as this one but something in his gut told him to do so.
Something pulled at his fingertips until he was moving from one end of white marble to the other, witches
stepping aside for him, confused stares being thrown his way but the power moving him was stronger. Taehyung was stronger.
Now, finally done, he can look and appreciate his efforts in peace, can finally pause and rest for a little bit.
The witch closes his eyes
for a second of sweet relief since that's all the time he allows himself to take. He knows that he'll collapse if he pauses for too long.
That's why the next moment he pushes himself off the ground with shaky knees
and twitching limbs into a standing position, patting the dirt off his black cloak, swaying slightly from left to right, still trying to gain balance.
With a final deep breath he dares to raise his eyes but when he does all
the air in his lungs seems to be knocked out of it instantly.
The circle is as big as the hall, trespassing the platform, pushing witches aside making room for itself, as if it is alive and breathing. As if it's something dangerous.
A shudder makes way down Taehyung's spine and
he gulps loudly. There is nothing left for him to do now. All that needs to happen is for the witch to let the ancient words flow out of his mouth and summon his companion.
So that's exactly what Taehyung does.
He turns around one last time, casting a quick glance over
his shoulder to the six high priests and priestess' sitting by the marble thrones, though all of them appear to be standing now.
Some of them are sporting worried faces while others have confusion written over them but what they all share in common, is something Tae can feel
float around the air as thick as molten sugar. It's tension.
All of them are ready to strike when needed... all except one the blond witch notices.
The high priestess of darkness is sitting comfortably in her stone seat, face supposedly blank but Taehyung seems to nearly feel
a smile playing around her lips. He quickly turns his head back around before he can be sure though, fear now caught in his throat in form of a giant ball.
Now is not the time for this, Taehyung tells himself. Now is the time to be brave!
He isn't quite sure when he starts
but soon he finds himself in the middle of the ancient summoning spell, working his way through the mantras he has learnt by heart many months ago.
At first the blond doesn't feel anything and for a quick second worry settles deep in his gut, questions if what he is doing is
right flying around his mind but then he starts to feel a current of magic flow right by his feet, ankles getting cold at the impact.
It's light and easy as of now but it's there and that's exactly what the young witch needs in order to keep going. That's all he wants.
All that's left now is hope. Hope that his magic will achieve at least something worthy of the circle he drew.
In that moment Taehyung finds himself trusting his own person more that he ever did and probably ever will. He never was one to trust himself but
there is just this mysterious power leading and guiding him ever since since the ceremony started so that now it's not even about self confidence anymore. It has more so to do
with the faith he has in his born God and magic itself.
With time passing, Taehyung can feel the current grow stronger, can see his circle light up red like blood does in a fire.
He starts to feel the current grow and become stronger, drowning
him in the process, all of it flowing into the circle. It feels like he is feeding a starving beast.
Tae faintly registers the other witches hurdling closer together because of the mere power flying around them and Taehyung feels the trees bend at his will as if trying to kneel
before their lord.
Though Taehyung is no lord. He isn't even from a high standing family. They are nothing more than some well off fishers, sea witches of generations and that's what everybody has always expected him to be too but as of right now with magic of this
caliber crashing down the hall of gods nobody can even entertain the idea of Kim Taehyung being a mere sea or forest witch.
There are only two kinds of witches that can posses this amount of power. Witches who have pure magic flowing through their veins
and are chosen by the two reigning gods of Alfheim.
The Goddess of light and the God of darkness.
Only witches of light or darkness are able to summon currents of magic this powerful which
leaves only one crucial question floating heavily around the hall.
Which one will Kim Taehyung be?
With strong winds whirling around the hall and magic weighing down the air though, there isn't much space to contemplate at all.
Taehyung himself is too concentrated on completing the spell, not really noticing the mild chaos he is ensuing in the process.
To the witch, his surroundings have faded away completely. It's as if the spell has taken over, starting to lead him towards... something.
A light in the darkness perhaps, maybe more of a fire in the night.
It doesn't really matter anyway since
ancient words are carrying him towards it, getting him closer to the warmth in the coldness step by step.
The closer he gets, the more magic starts to pile up around him, its strength cackling in the air and scaring those who come to close.
The priests and
priestess' are all alert, ready to push Taehyung out of whatever haze he is in if things get too out of control.
Just as one of them is about to cast a spell of protection around the summoning circle, Helena the priestess of darkness stops them.
"Let it be 'Xa.... He'll need the space...", she tells with a small smirk gracing her features.
Upon hearing these words confused glances are thrown to the priest of light but with a small nod on his part everybody relaxes a bit and takes a step back to let the witch cast his
Just in time for Taehyung to collapse on his knees, the magic reaches its highest concentration.
The blond witch so incredibly close to the fire luring him in he can practically feel his skin burn because of the proximity.
Just as he is about to pull away out of
fear though, he stops in his tracks and forces himself to look into the fire. Something tells him to do so and the witch follows blindly.
To his shock, in there somewhere between the dancing flames he detects a pair of black eyes staring right back at him.
His breath gets caught in his throat while his heart stops beating entirely. Those eyes make him feel things he has never felt before.
He can feel something find its rightful place in his soul, completing him in ways nothing else ever could.
It's as if he has been missing an important part of himself all his life without even noticing.
Now that his gaze has been captured he can practically sense a satisfied smile spread over the creatures face.
So Taehyung gathers all of what is left of his courage
and steps right into the fire, not caring if he might get hurt or not. He knows somewhere deep down that he will be safe with that pair of black and golden eyes.
The moment he steps into the flames though he doesn't burn to ashes, nor does he fall into agony. He surprisingly
finds himself right back in the hall of gods and has to stop himself from falling over completely by catching himself on his arms.
Before he can gather himself and get back to his senses though the all too powerful currents of magic come
to an abrupt end, confusing everyone in the hall even more than they already are. Even Taehyung can't make anything out of the sudden halt of his spell.
Pin drop silence reigns over the hall, everyone still too shocked about the events to react.
But then out of nowhere and not
even a second later an earth shattering roar starts ripping through the air, scaring everyone in the vicinity.
The ruin's marble walls start shaking violently, white stone crumbling whereas the sky darkens.
At the edge of Taehyung's summoning circle
a claw as big as the blond witch himself makes its way out of the marble clawing on the white stone seeking support.
Loud gasps and terrified muffled screams can be heard between the mass of witches, while some have tucked tail and fled the scene already.
It's a mess honestly. One second everyone is watching in awe, mouths open and eyes filled with fear and astonishment while the next terror is reigning the crowd in a vice like grip, everyone trying to escape whatever is making its way out of that portal...
Taehyung himself can't really process the happenings, none of it truly registering since he is too occupied with exploring the presence of another being in his mind and soul.
It's weird to suddenly have someone else alongside you in the deepest parts of your self.
The blond feels like his whole being has been laid bare for the stranger to see and it's making him feel uncomfortable.
Nobody should've ever been able to come this close to his soul. Nobody should've ever been able to see him this clear, so he naturally tries to shy away from
the bundle of energy inside his mind as much as he can. Though there seems to be no escaping it no matter how hard he tries.
Just as the blond witch is trying to cautiously dance around the soul of the stranger, still wanting to find a way to get rid of it, he gets
distracted by the faint sound of someone calling him.
Extremely confused he tries to concentrate on it, listening closely for any other noise that might come but nothing happens.
Except then after a while he hears it again.
This time loud and clear.
It's a voice, he notices, talking to him.
"Don't run away little witch... I need you closer...", it says in a deep and dark voice
Upon the words registering, Taehyung has to stop himself from completely loosing it, because did someone just talk to him inside of his head???
He can hear a chuckle echo through his mind in response to his panic attack and the fear inside his belly only deepens.
Before he can think about it too much and freak out completely though, he feels the earth shake underneath his feet once again.
Upon looking up to investigate
Taehyung suddenly finds himself face to face with a bloody dragon.
He hadn't even noticed how it had risen up from the ground, hadn't noticed it stepping closer until it was breathing down his face.
His mind short circuits as soon as he notices and he can't do anything
else than shakily inhale and exhale.
There is a fucking black dragon with goldenly shimmering scales looking him right into the eyes and Taehyung can't do anything else than tremble in awe and fear.
Before his legs give out and he collapses on the floor for good though he
risks a glance once again into the beasts eyes and what he finds there knocks the air out of his lungs.
It's the same eyes he had found staring right back at him in the fire. It's the eyes of the same creature he had oh so weirdly bonded with...
It is the
eyes of the dragon who he had summoned as his companion and the moment the truth settles into Taehyung's minds his legs do actually give out. Understandably so.
Before his body hits the floor though the dragon moves it's head quickly to catch his little witch, giving him
something to hold on to.
The moment the blonds hands collide with the dragons nostrils the presence inside his head lunges at his soul, weaving itself around him like ivy.
Taehyung can feel himself instinctually do the same and before he can process the meaning or consequences
of what has just happened he gets distracted by his fucking body catching fire.
There is a slight moment of terror gripping his heart but not even a second later the thought of fire not being able to hurt him strikes and calms him down before his heart can give out in fear.
He doesn't know where it comes from but he is grateful for it since otherwise he would've freaked the fuck out already.
With fire burning his hands, turning them as black as the night Taehyung starts to slowly catch up on what is happening to him.
His mind might be
in a haze right now and he might be beyond confused but he isn't dumb.
He just summoned a black dragon and his body caught on fire, burning intricate patterns on his skin, marking him as a dark witch.
Taehyung understands exactly what all of this means, knows exactly what he has
Which is precisely why he faints the next exact second, his senses, mind and soul not being able to take it anymore. The only thing he registers before falling deep is the dragon's eyes widening and his face morphing into that of a humans.

When Taehyung wakes up, he does so in a big fluffy bed, all warm and tucked in.
He feels so safe and protected underneath the covers he can't even pay any mind to the fact that this is most definitely not his bed. He can't seem to care, not when this is his first
time in a long while getting a decent night full of sleep.
It just feels so comfortable and so incredibly warm he can't help himself but slip back into the land of dreams instantly.
His peaceful slumber doesn't last long though, not when the next second his mind gets
flooded with the events that had occurred during his summoning.
Ice cold fire washes over his entire body and he barely resists the urge to open his eyes and make sure that all of it was just a dream.
He knows that it wasn't. He can still faintly feel the ache in his body from
using too much magic and strength but there is still hope in Taehyung's heart. Hope that maybe it really was just a nightmare...
When he finally gathers enough courage to open his eyes and inquire his surroundings he doesn't really know what he expects...
Maybe a common bedroom, maybe a dark dungeon or even his family watching him with worry. He most certainly does not expect to
be met face to face with a handsome stranger who is staring right back at him.
For a quick second silence reigns over the both of them but the next Taehyung is scrambling away from the stranger a high pitched scream making its way out if his throat.
The stranger before him only cocks his head slightly to the side as if not understanding what all the ruckus is about.
Taehyung can only stare in disbelief. What is this man doing in a foreign bed with him? Is this his home and if yes why did he bring him here?
Where is his own family?
With all these questions taking over his mind it's no wonder the little witch can't get a word out. When he manages to speak though his question falls a bit... flat.
"Who are you?", the blond asks in a hushed whisper.
The handsome young man
doesn't answer for a while, only continuing to watch him with silent eyes but before Taehyung can actually get frustrated he hears a voice in his head answer.
"I'm Jeon Jeongguk", the voice speaks, "your companion."
The moment the strangers voice echoes
in the back of the witches head, Taehyung jumps three feet in the air.
It feels like the words are coming from each and every direction.
Not being able to locate where the sound is coming from, the blond rolls around immediately, instincs telling him to press his back against
Jeongguk, mind still trying to locate the threat with his eyes flitting from one corner of the room to the another.
The dragon has to chuckle at how cute his little witch is being.
He proceeds to protectively throw an arm over his little human, pulling him closer while
burying his head in the juncture of the others neck. The blond freezes immediately upon contact, his mind going haywire with how Jeon Jeongguk is filling each one of his senses.
"Don't be afraid little witch... it's me.", the smooth voice speaks once again.
At first Taehyung finds himself beyond confused but soon his eyes widen once he understands. The witch gulps audibly, turning around slightly in the others hold, searching for his eyes, trying
to confirm a hunch.
The moment Jeongguk looks up and lets their gazes collide though Taehyung recognizes them immediately.
He would recognize those beautiful black and golden eyes anywhere by now. They are the ones he trusts the most now after all.
An hour or so passes after the weird incident between the two and Taehyungs heart is only now starting to calm down, mind slowly coming to a rest.
Snuggled up all warm and cozy against the dragon somehow is an incredibly nice feeling and with silence reigning over
the both of them the witch falls to the brink of sleep extremy fast. Just as his eyes start to droop, mind slipping into a haze the sudden noise of the door bursting open wakes him up mercilessly.
The poor blonds eyes snap open with fear and before he can make out
who has so rudely interrupted his "sleep", the witch starts to hear a faint roar behind him.
Jeongguk has pushed himself on his elbows, leaning protectively over his other half. The dragons skin has partly shifted into black scales, small horns poking out of his head
and teeth resembling sharp fangs more than anything human.
Even though Taehyung feels like he should be scared of the monster laying next to him he really can't bring himself to. Instead a small smile starts to play around his lips, heart feeling delighted at the prospect
of the man beside him being so ready to protect him from anything and anyone.
He casts a small glance towards the door, recognizing the intruder immediately. It's Jimin his most favourite forest witch and best friend since childhood.
Currently kind of looking frozen stifd
and scared shitless (understandably so) Taehyung has to surpress a chuckle. He turns to Jeongguk giggling slightly and for a second he wonders how he should approach the other but then decides to just shyly place his palm on the dragons cheek, brushing his thumb back and
forth with care.
This effectively shifts his companions attention away from Jimin and with a small reassuring smile the dragon shifts back into his human form.
"Is he your friend?", Jeongguk asks using the bond between them and even though this method of communication is still
new and unusual to the witch, he doesn't shy away from it.
With a bit if courage he finds himself reaching out carefully to the others presence, starting to just talk.
"Yes... he is my closest friend. One of the people I trust the most.", he answers quietly the words resonating
in the others head.
Jeongguk's eyes widen for a split second, something akin to surprise flickering across his features but the next a satisfied smile spreads over his lips and he retracts himself from his little witches side.
The dragon has to bite his lips to prevent
himself from laughing out loud once he sees how Taehyung in the attempt of staying close falls over himself, face planting the sheets. The puppy dog gaze right before is probably the cutest thing he has ever seen.
In his embarrassment the blond just decides to stay
with his face buried between the sheets in order to hide his blushing cheeks. He had just acted out on instincts without thinking and those had told him to stay close to Jeongguk. Fuck instincts!
Taehyung is happy once he hears Jimin's voice echoes through the room bringing sweet
relief to his misery, "Uhhhhh... could I have a word with you..?", after a short silence and cautious gaze towards the now wine drinking beast, Jeongguk gets the hint.
He slowly swirls the liquid in his golden cup proceeding to look over to Taehyung who is still hiding himself.
He captures the blond witches attention by calling out his name, so
Taehyung signals the dragon that it's okay to leave by lifting his hand and waving him out.
Jeongguk has to snort, rolling his eyes before pushing himself off the desk he was leaning on. Though he doesn't get out
before threatening this forest witch with a glare. Just because Taehyung trusts him doesn't mean he himself does...
The moment the door shuts behind the raven haired male Jimin starts screaming, "Kim Taehyung how dare you summon a /fucking/ dragon???
I want explanations right fucking now and no you aren't getting out of this one, so sit your fat ass down and start talking you little lying strawberry!".
Yeah it's going to be a lovely evening Taehyung can feel it in the way his ears have given out already...

"So, what you are trying to tell me is that once you started the ceremony everything went by in a blur and that the only thing of importance you remember is a strange power leading you through the whole thing...", Jimin inquires with one lifted eyebrow.
It sounds ridiculous to him, considering the fact that his best friend had summoned a bloody dragon, one of the most powerful magical creatures known. He can't just simply... /forget/ and then call it a day!
Taehyung on the other hand has to bite his tongue
in order to surpress a sigh but can't really stop himself from rolling his eyes dramatically. Annoyance is slowly seeping through his bones which brings no surprise since this marks the fifth time Jimin is indirectly demanding him to retell everything.
As a result his answer comes in short and angry, feelings easily detectable in the way he speaks.
"Yes Jimin. That is exactly what I just said.", the younger huffs, teeth clenched and a fake smile displayed on his lips.
The others eyebrows furrow in answer to
the dark witches tiny outburst and stubborn silence lays itself between the two friends, neither of them giving in which ensues a very sudden staring contest with
both of them trying to look each other down in a pissed off manner. The longer the silence stretches the more tension builds and Jimin has to surpress a sigh though his is one born of worry and not annoyance.
If this wouldn't be Taehyung the forest witch
would have left long ago but that is not the case. It is his dumb best friend, shutting him out, not talking to him while worry, anxiety and fear are slowly eating him away from the inside out.
Jimin can see it right now, saw it instantly the moment he stepped into the room.
He can see it in the way Tae is trying so hard to keep it together, masking his fear with anger, brushing his anxiety away with frustration while desperately trying to not fall apart.
It hurts his heart to see his best friend this way and the elder wants to help
no matter the cost but with the other ignoring reality that becomes a rather hard task to accomplish...

Taehyung though can't take the sudden change in Jimin's stance. It's much easier to fight his best friend but when the others eyes suddenly soften with pity and the genuine
wish to help starts shining in them Taehyung simply knows he won't be able to hold his act together for any longer, so in the end it is indeed the younger who has to break eye contact, standing up with an angry huff trying to cover his shuddery breathing.
Jimin can be
insufferable at times, he tells himself. His anger has nothing to do with the knots of worry churning deep in his guts, has nothing to do with him being scared of the consequences to his summoning.
It has nothing to do with the never ending blanket of fear covering his heart...
The dark witch clenches his teeth, eyebrows falling towards his nose in an attempt to push away all these negative thoughts away by force.
Before Jimin came it was easy to forget, easy to push away reality while being embraced by his protective companion in a foreign room
and bed. Though now with Jimin, his childhood best friend, a person who is a steady part of his everyday life suddenly showing up everything is starting to catch up with the poor boy, a massive wave of consequences threatening to crash right over his head.
God, he had bonded
to the God of darkness... He has become a dark witch with a black dragon as his companion... What in the seven seas would happen to him now? What would happen to his family?
With too many questions starting to cloud his mind a sob threatens to escape Taehyung's mouth.
Dark feelings are clawing their way up his stomach right into his heart, making it their permanent home and Taehyung fears... fears that these emotions have come to stay.
Too much of the same darkness is trying to swallow him down hole which
inevitably leads him to the desicion of just drinking everything away.
Following Jeongguk he takes a golden cup, filling it to the brim with the mind buzzing beverage though the red liquid starts to trickle down his chin with how hurriedly he is trying to chug it down.
It doesn't
take long for him to choke, the cup slipping right between his fingers and Jimin darting up the bed to help him in any way possible.
"Easy there tiger...", his best friend hushes him the moment he is in reach, violently pounding his back to get the liquid out of his lungs.
Luckily Taehyung doesn't have to suffer for too long, his painful coughs ceasing rather quickly though he doesn't even get a chance to pull himself back together since a second later he is getting abruptly pulled into a tight hug by his best friend. It's so sudden
and surprising that Jimin successfully tears right through his defenses making the younger give up instantly.
The blond just let's his head
fall into the juncture of Jimin's neck in defeat, inhaling the familiar scent of home. It relaxes him a lot and with each passing second he can feel his resolve weaken. Taehyung even allows himself to let a couple of tears drop down his cheeks and just as he is about to succumb
to the soft touch of the older witches comforting back rubs the entire ordeal gets interrupted by the stone walls shaking with the impact of something landing on the building.
Furniture falls over, the pair breaking apart instantly, wide eyes searching for the reason of this tiny
earthquake when all of a sudden Taehyung hears Jeongguk's voice echo through his mind, the deep voice sending a shudder down his back.
"It feels like you want to run away little witch... wanna go for a ride?", he offers and at first the dark witch is confused but the moment the
he understands the implication behind his companions words the poor boys heart stops for a long second... Jeongguk has just offered him a ride on his back.
Taehyung can feel the dragon smirk smugly and he can't help himself but ask in between his excitement, "Where will you take
The answer effectively knocks the air out of his lungs.
"A place in which you'll be safe from everything... even your own thoughts my little witch..."
Taehyung can feel his mind freeze and heart warm at the words, more tears starting to roll down his cheeks in result.
The thought of not knowing what the future has in store for him scares his heart to the point of bursting and even though he knows that running
is not a solution, he is in bitter need of relief.
So, he cuddles into his best friend one last time, taking a deep breath to prepare himself and just as Jimin is about to speak up, he pushes the small boy away from his body and stands up.
The forest witch is looking up
at Taehyung with wide eyes full of question and the dark witch has to admit that he feels slightly sorry for acting rude and unpredictable but considering his emotional state it gets easy to blame anything but himself.
"I need to go Chim... I really need to
get myself together...", Taehyung whispers in a rather unexpectedly calm but still rough voice.
Not quite understanding what his friend means, Jimin tries to reach out to get the blond back in his arms but said boy jerks further away from him, slowly moving towards
the balcony.
"W-what do you mean "go away"? Where will you go?!", Jimin asks, panic slowly making way into his body, pitching his voice higher than it is. This is bad. Really, really bad. Leaving Taehyung alone with bottled up emotions is never a good idea trust
him, he knows exactly what he is talking about. A shudder runs down his back the moment memories come flooding back... shaking his head Jimin is now even further convinced that the newly turned dark witch is definitely not in the right headspace to make /any/ kind of descions, so
it's hard to gulp down the glob of worry that is forming in his throat...
"You know that I need to clear my head first Chimchim... and for that I need a bit of distance. You have faith in me, I know you do, so now I want you to just trust me, I'll be fine.", the
younger tells with determination lacing his words, honesty shining in his eyes and once Jimin gets a quick glance of the long black scaled tail hanging down the castles balcony he relaxes a bit.
As long as Taehyung isn't alone things will be fine... Especially with his companion
by his side... that fucker is protective.
So Jimin's stance softens once again as it always does for Taehyung and he takes a step back, symbolizing the blond that he is free to go.
The youngers eyes widen in surprise and happiness and a flood of love for his best friend
rushes through him.
"Thanks Chim! See ya in a bit.", the taller boy shouts as he is already moving towards the balcony, towards Jeongguk.
He can't wait to see his companion... for reasons unknown he had somehow missed the other dearly...

"You know when you offered me a ride, I didn't exactly think of this...", Taehyung speaks through their bond in a flat tone, eyes set dead on the horizon.
Jeongguk snorts in response, puffs of smoke escaping his nostrils and a wave of heat following quick.
"Then what did you have in mind little Taehyugie?", the dragon questions, amusement lacing his every word.
The witch has to roll his eyes since the other knows exactly what he is referring to, only refusing to acknowledge the obvious to feed his own amusement... What a brat!
"I thought I would ride you on your back... not dangle at your feet like a baby!", he grits out through clenched teeth, his badly concealed annoyance vibrating right through their minds.
"Well it would have been hard to get you on my back while on the bacony,
so I improvised." The much older creature answers only triggering the blond even more.
This is so humiliating, he thinks. There is little hope of not being seen left, since they have been flying for a while now.
He is a dark witch, one of the most powerful beings alive with
a bloody dragon as his companion however he is still currently being carried in said creatures claws, dangling off it like a damn fool.

"It's not humiliating little witch. I don't understand why you are so concerned anyways. If it soothes you, we are nearly there! Hang on for
a little bit more.", Taehyung's companion states in a slightly confused tone and even though the witch doesn't want to admit it, he does feel a bit better upon hearing the words.
Though that doesn't wipe off the giant pout he has been sporting for the past half an hour.
Maybe he is the actual brat in this relationship...
The poor blond is ripped from his thoughts once the ancient being starts to drop from the sky drastically incredibly fast, a scream slipping right through the others lips in fear but just as Taehyung thinks that he'll be crushed
beneath the dragons claw, his companion stops, floating in the air while dropping him safely to the ground.
The witch doesn't exactly land in the manner he was dropped though that seems to be unimproted the next second anyway.
Just as he is about to turn around
angrily, wanting to give the dragon a piece of his mind his heart comes to a complete stop when Jeongguk slips into his human form gracefully, naked body standing right before Taehyung in all it's muscled glory. The blonds mouth runs dry instantly, lips parting slightly in awe.
His body has frozen in place already, mind completely blank with no coherent thoughts being able to form. He doesn't even exaggerate when he acknowledges the fact that he has probably stopped breathing a good minute ago. From the top of his fluffy haired head down to his feet,
Jeongguk looks like an absolute God.
His shoulders are wide and sturdy, pecs beautifully trained, all of it coming together to a tiny waist adorned with the sexiest set of abs Taehyung had the pleasure of seeing and even further down...
NO! NOPE! That's an area we
won't be inquiring Taehyung, he screams at himself forgetting that if he doesn't concentrate and control himself hard enough the other /will/, hear his thoughts.
A smug smirk is displayed on Jeongguk lips as a result of the other loosing it in his mind and with him knowing about
his... rather interesting body proportions his companions reaction doesn't come as a surprise to him. It's quite the ego booster to be honest and he likes the way Taehyung can't take his eyes off him anyway.
What he didn't like was the way this Jimin guy had been all over his
small witch but what probably irked him the most was the way Taehyung had let the other hang off him as if he was used to it...
That dwarf had to know his place and Jeongguk would make sure of that the next time he saw him which if he trusts his intuition would be way too soon
for his liking... In the end that guy was the dark witches childhood best friend though, meaning he would have to tolerate him somehow.
For now though he might enjoy toying with Taehyung for a little bit longer
To Jeongguk's dismay Taehyung rips his eyes off him by turning around in one swift move, face flushed a pretty red right up to his burning ears.
"Put some clothes on you imbecile!", the witch shrieks, eyes covered even though he has his back turned already.
A chuckle escapes the dragons lips, disbelieving eyes trailing over the pretty landscape.
He has never understood the concept of nudity. It's nothing more than a bit of exposed skin, same as the flesh on his arms and legs... But more important than all that to him is the fact
that Taehyung is his soulmate. Their bodies being nothing more than shells, nothing compared to the intimate bond their souls share... It's kind of insulting as it is flattering.

"Why does my body fluster you Taehyung?", the elder asks with honest curiosity lacing
his voice.

The witch can only splutter in response, airways constricting while even more blood rushes to his head. The raven haired male cannot be serious right now! He is probably enjoying his embarrassment!

"No, honestly... It's just my body and as much as your
infatuation with it makes me happy it also confuses me.", the other speaks as he steps closer to the blonds back, so close even that Taehyung can feel the others body heat seep into his skin, "you are a part of me as much as I am a part of you. We are each others soul, woven
together by a God and sealed by the words of a holy vow. We are one now, so why would something as simple as my flesh fluster you, sweetheart?", the dragon quirks an eyebrow even if the other can't see it.

Jeongguk notes how during his speech the little witches shoulders sag
slightly, tension leaving his stance but can't quite make anything out of the reaction.

When the other doesn't reply, he starts to feel around for their soul bond with an internal sigh, trying to reach for the others feelings but is suddenly met with a big wall, defenses up all
high, cutting him out of his other half's mind.

He won't lie and say it doesn't hurt. It does so, very much even but the dragon knows that this is something they have to get over, so he silently gulps down his pain and clenches his teeth.

Taehyung is scared and conflicted about
his future, still can't quite process and accept the fact that another being now shares his mind and on top of all that deals with his problems by refusing any kind of help.

"Talk to me Taehyung. I know you aren't fine, that is exactly why I brought you here.
So tell me!", Jeongguk whispers in a hushed tone as he places gentle hands on the blonds shoulders.

Taehyung eyes shut close upon contact and it takes a second for him to react, shuddery breath being the only noise between the two. Even though he somehow knows that Jeongguk is
being genuine he still can't bring himself to sinply let go of the familiar safety of silence.

"You wouldn't understand...", a small voice responds, dams slowly breaking and those big walls crumbling to pieces.

And Jeongguk's eyes soften as he wraps his arms around Taehyung,
one arm wrapping itself right around the blonds waist whereas the other places itself over his chest, hand landing right over the beauty's heart.
He pulls his witch as close as he can, presses their bodies together from the top of their heads down to the tip of their feet and
Jeongguk lets a wave of love and adoration flood their bond as he hooks his chin over the pretty boys shoulder.
He proceeds to bury his nose in the comfort of Taehyung's neck, inhales his sweet smell and decides that this is probably the only place he would willingly spent
eternity at.

He wants the other to know exactly how safe he is and always will be right here. Right between his arms and that Jeongguk will forever be his home and protector. That there is nothing in the whole wide world that could rip them apart. Ever.
So he conveys the entirety of his love and trust into their hug and answers with a slight smile playing around the corner of his lips.

"Oh but darling I am probably the only one who ever could."
Jeongguk's words pierce through Taehyung's heart in the best way possible. The reassurance of having someone by your side no matter what is a feeling Taehyung never really allowed himself to feel.

No matter how much he trusts his family or loves his friends, there has always
been a lingering fear of "What if..?"

What if I'll burden them with my unnecessary overthinking. Why can't I deal with occuring issues on my own? Why do I have to be so overly sensitive at all times?

The witch doesn't even try justifying his unhealthy behaviour, its
simply the way he is.

Now with Jeongguk by his side though the blonds perspective changes. He literally has another soul woven into his own, a person who is destined to be by his side at all times. It's a bond like this Taehyung has craved for all this time. He realizes with a
quivering heart and shuddering breath that it is Jeongguk he has wanted all his life.

So, now it seems easy to give in, especially with how persuasive the dragon seems to be. He holds Taehyung's vulnerability right between his palms, showing him that it's okay to trust, to give
in and get rid of his burdens. So, that's exactly what Taehyung does.

They seem to be at the edge of the world, a beautiful beach the younger has never seen before stretching right before his eyes. The water is glistening under the setting sun and the warmth of the day
has begun to subside already.

"I know how much the sea means to you. It resembles home, doesn't it?", the raven haired asks and Taehyung has to swallow down the lump that has formed in his throat because Jeongguk understands. Actually understand him...
It's then that everything breaks down within Taehyung. His dams crumbling apart as tears start flowing down his cheeks immediately.

He turns in the others hold just to wrap his arms tightly around the elders neckl, desperate in trying to reassure himself.

"I'm scared... I'm so
scared Jeongguk.", he sobs into the others shoulder, "All I ever wanted was to make my family proud but I failed. Horribly so. I fear my uncertain future... I'm scared of my parents disowning me, scared of how everybody will look at me...
What do I do then? I'm all alone now..."

All these questions, feelings and more
piled up in the witches poor heart since waking up, now spilling over the edge similar to the way a waterfall would, the only difference being that Jeongguk is right here to catch him.

So he takes Taehyung by the hand and leads him closer to the water, sitting them down as he
pulls his cute soulmate right into his chest.

"It's okay to be scared Taehyungie.", he speaks with a calm voice, "There is nothing more natural than fearing the unknown and questioning the future but you have keep in mind that bottling emotions won't do you any good! I am your
soulmate! I'll always be by your side no matter what so please don't speak that way anymore... you'll hurt my feelings.", the elder says with a slight smile playing around his lips. Upon looking down though, his eyebrows pinch together in confusion.

Taehyung seems to be frozen
against the dragon's rock hard chest in shock...

Soulmate..? Jeongguk is his soulmate?!

Confusion starts pooling in Taehyung's gut but he can't get a single word out of his mouth.

Companions are supposed to be animalistic creatures who support and strengthen your magic.
Only on extremely rare occasions is one summoned that can shapeahift but now Taehyung has even managed to end up
with a bloody soulmate too?!?

His head starts aching again with the newfound information but he won't let himself be overwhelmed! Running away won't help!

His voice is timid and quite, full of confusion as he utters a single word, "soulmate..?"

Jeongguk can only cock
his head in question, face contorted in question. Do witches not know about the concept of soulmates???
I know I announced the update yesterday but I fell asleep..........

Scream at me
I know the update ain't good but I'm sleepy and exhausted so pls just bear with it...
I have exams in like roughly two weeks so updates will be very irregular if I update at all...

Sowwy but my future is important uwu 🥺

I'll come back with better plot afterwards! Love you all 🥰
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