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@Melis_Strategic @LisaMei62 Comey=[225] 725 41 2020 <——pulled from POST DATE TIME and FOOT PLACEMENT /SUN DIRECTION and TIMING of Last and Next Post——there a TON of INFO!!! Shake n Bake !! Gematria runs high with this one!! #GAYPropaganda
@Melis_Strategic @LisaMei62 Call me comes with great tribulations. 225. Code
@Melis_Strategic @LisaMei62 FYI (it’s COMEY NOT CALL ME)
@Melis_Strategic @LisaMei62 What does Comey really mean?? What’s he talking about? Also side bar. This was 4/1. The YouTube Of a triangle calling 911 on April fools day is a much needed listen (scary shit).
@Melis_Strategic @LisaMei62 Also Ronald Bernard coded 225. Connects to Comey! Also Bloodlines Illuminati—-UK Royals. Which leads us to the Queen.…
@Melis_Strategic @LisaMei62 As well 225. As well as Mr. Gay propaganda himself. MILO
@Melis_Strategic @LisaMei62 Read about is pedo abuse as a child. !! How will they grow up? Is Comey saying “MIDDLE” cuz he playing both sides And NOW 225. possibly use “Gay propaganda”225 (pink triangle)or a hate crime to come out in front of it looking like something other than what is happening
@Melis_Strategic @LisaMei62 More info on the Queen and Her Name which is coded 225.…. ———>connects to the 225 Ronald Bernard who expose the CABAL and died later for it(assuming)
@Melis_Strategic @LisaMei62 Comey married his wife in 1987 (225) and The movie the towering inferno is coded 225. Comey is connected !! All from his cryptic post. Discussed over a few coffee cups& group of a few good Anons!!! Whorah this was amaze 2see unfold and scary as shit. @cprtheone @ZendamaParanorm
@Melis_Strategic @LisaMei62 @cprtheone @ZendamaParanorm ÇO posted at 2:25. About being in the middle for 2020 standing in a road with a Pink triangle behind him as his feet are in the 7:35 AM position. Since the sun is rising in the east is pointing north. This creates a cryptic scary dilemma. There is a possible false flag coming
@Melis_Strategic @LisaMei62 @cprtheone @ZendamaParanorm I suggest we be on the lookout if we see something say something somewhere nthe Midwest a hate crime or some type of identity politics issue grabbing media attention where the left comes out in the middle &the right suffers due to insider plants Playing both sides of the field.
@Melis_Strategic @LisaMei62 @cprtheone @ZendamaParanorm Coded 225(time posted) 725(image was made) 2020(year used) 41 (date of post) —-now gematria it up! And see what you find !! Pink triangles are not joke with Nazis! So why is Comey using a pink triangle!!
@Melis_Strategic @LisaMei62 @cprtheone @ZendamaParanorm And why is gay propaganda coded 225. Along with MILO and Comey
@Melis_Strategic @LisaMei62 @cprtheone @ZendamaParanorm And if things don’t get stranger Enough to keep your mind and I just opened and aware. Why is a triangle calling 911 talking about dead kids. (Yu tube it) @TrueEyeTheSpy
@Melis_Strategic @LisaMei62 @cprtheone @ZendamaParanorm @TrueEyeTheSpy @Quebec99335648 @fedupirish 4:4 time stamp adding it to the Plethora of other numbers and images in this thread.
@Melis_Strategic @LisaMei62 @cprtheone @ZendamaParanorm @TrueEyeTheSpy @Quebec99335648 @fedupirish Also connecting all the dots. From 3/15 3/19 6/30. Mr Begin was in gematria as 252 which is 225 rewritten.when he died date 3/9 which is (63) follows Comey numbers of you go further 3/15 is also NZ hoax.& ammunition spent Qdrop 3/19 which brings us back to propaganda
@Melis_Strategic @LisaMei62 @cprtheone @ZendamaParanorm @TrueEyeTheSpy @Quebec99335648 @fedupirish Which was on yup you guessed it 6/30/2013. Or (63) gematria for Comey of (225) ... all this connects to the most recent cryptic post as seen below. [FF] My gay famfam be on the loook our. We have celebrations coming up if you see something say something we Rall in this together
@Melis_Strategic @LisaMei62 @cprtheone @ZendamaParanorm @TrueEyeTheSpy @Quebec99335648 @fedupirish Just listen. After analyzing Comey’s post I searched triangle and 911 and I came up with this YouTube video that recently came out on April Fools’ Day just listen
@Melis_Strategic @LisaMei62 @cprtheone @ZendamaParanorm @TrueEyeTheSpy @Quebec99335648 @fedupirish vidtalks about 4people dying a blue shirt and a pink shirt are yellow shirt and a dinosaur. Could that be a blue-collar employee police officer pink could that be a LGBTQS n ladies. Yellow could that be yellow skin Asian Indian foreigner. Dinosaur shirt could that be retiredOLD
@Melis_Strategic @LisaMei62 @cprtheone @ZendamaParanorm @TrueEyeTheSpy @Quebec99335648 @fedupirish Those colors led me to this image in the title being a combined disaster. Illuminati card game stemmed from the illuminatus trilogy book With the 3laws written by Mr. Jackson He created these cards. The combine disaster card makes sense corresponding with Comey is cryptic post
@Melis_Strategic @LisaMei62 @cprtheone @ZendamaParanorm @TrueEyeTheSpy @Quebec99335648 @fedupirish So why is the army code talking for five about #Evergreen getting ChoppedUp ( OHIO ) Comeys criptic post is in the Midwest farmland! And HRC coded below Today how does this all connect...5D chess is a bitch to play when you got squares and pawns going GREY???
@Melis_Strategic @LisaMei62 @cprtheone @ZendamaParanorm @TrueEyeTheSpy @Quebec99335648 @fedupirish I will stop here for now and leave you with some Clowns in America Code talkers. 10/4 over and out peep the date !! And Time !! And understand that JOKER is a Man behind themask (Q)vs(Clown)vs(truth&FACTS) + symbolism = mindblown! #PhoenixWillRise. Just like the #DarkKnightRises
@Melis_Strategic @LisaMei62 @cprtheone @ZendamaParanorm @TrueEyeTheSpy @Quebec99335648 @fedupirish Remember Heath ledger he died after making that illuminati film &he played the Joker. Remember Christian Bale he played the dark Knight. look @Joaquin phoenix.will the phoenix rises again thru the darkofNITE walking in asa joke because this is not a game in these people are sick
@Melis_Strategic @LisaMei62 Also to add to the gematria 225 code connected to Comey within the Image he posted is... “The gang of 39”(39 spelled out).
@Melis_Strategic @LisaMei62 @cprtheone @ZendamaParanorm @TrueEyeTheSpy @Quebec99335648 @fedupirish @joaquin Also. Gematria 225. And the use of 4/1. Is. The Andy Griffin show
@Melis_Strategic @LisaMei62 Too add more to the month of April. And 225 41 63 735 2020 codes. Is .....who do you think we are trying to save here ! Stay live and aware !! [FF]coming (hopefully not) but eyes on your 6
@Melis_Strategic @LisaMei62 @cprtheone @ZendamaParanorm @TrueEyeTheSpy @Quebec99335648 @fedupirish Back to the chopping of the evergreen trees in Ohio farmland could this be a connection. Call me a pink triangle to this triangle calling 911 on April fools day talking about killing children. YouTube it and listen to it who are the blue pink yellow dinosaur #ThemeParks
@Melis_Strategic @LisaMei62 @cprtheone @ZendamaParanorm @TrueEyeTheSpy @Quebec99335648 @fedupirish if Ureally want 2get creepierUcan take the clowns in America +1953 PlayboiHefner Jester 4Elites connects2the 1963 CIA murder of JFK using the bunny farm 2exploit elected high profile international elitist&Americans1stbunny was MarilynM???????
@Melis_Strategic @LisaMei62 @cprtheone @ZendamaParanorm @TrueEyeTheSpy @Quebec99335648 @fedupirish Correction the vid was all’s about 3 kids killed yet the “police” learns of 4shirts. So 4/3 (43). HWB coming in with reinforcements maybe like the botched NZ job back on 3/15 which was the kicker from the 737 grounding of max8jet 2 737GavinNewsome DEATH ROW inmates. is all there
@Melis_Strategic @LisaMei62 @cprtheone @ZendamaParanorm @TrueEyeTheSpy @Quebec99335648 @fedupirish Adding another Comey connection number 225 based off the cryptic post he posted on April fools day 113 spelled out equals 2 to 5 and here is the reference check @ZendamaParanorm Great find
@Melis_Strategic @LisaMei62 @cprtheone @ZendamaParanorm @TrueEyeTheSpy @Quebec99335648 @fedupirish @joaquin When you thought the coincidences we’re just starting to pile up with thinking logically is mathematically impossible to be a coincidence harris More 225 connected to four four four
@Melis_Strategic @LisaMei62 Looks like Comey’s parents were also foster parents what a coincidence involving children.And did not know that Comey’s brother I did the Clinton foundation how nice of them
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