not to be super horny for @koliveith's artwork but uh. I can't stop thinking about this one.
like, Keith has been away with the Blades on a mission for a few weeks when he goes into heat for the first time. They warned him it would happen eventually, but Keith had just assumed it would be like human puberty. A lot of wet dreams and frustrated jerking off.
He didn't expect to wake up in the middle of the night, crawling out of his skin with the need to be held down and /claimed/. He finds Kolivan still awake, still working.

"Kolivan," Keith pants. Fuck he can barely think, let alone form coherent sentences. "Something's wrong."
Kolivan swivels around in his chair, finds him in his t-shirt and sweats, hard-on more than obvious.

"Oh, Kitten, come here," Kolivan says, reaching out a gentle hand. "I warned you this would happen soon."

"I didn't know it would be like this," Keith whines.
Kolivan laughs softly, yanking down Keith's sweats before pulling him into his lap. He grinds against Kolivan, desperate for any friction at all even though what he really wants is to be filled.

Kolivan slaps his ass once, hard enough to make Keith cry out, squirming in his lap.
"I'm going to make you feel better," he says, "But you've got to be patient. Can you do that?"

Keith nods.

"Good. I want you to get your fingers nice and wet and open yourself up."

Keith salivates at the thought. He sucks three fingers into his mouth, running his tongue over
them until they're messy and slick. He's fingered himself before, late at night in his room, thinking of Shiro asleep one door away. He reaches behind himself and slowly presses two fingers against his hole. His body opens up without complaint, ready and willing.
"That's good, Kitten." He strokes a large hand down Keith's back as Keith fucks down onto his fingers. "Give yourself some more. You can take it."

Keith pulls out his hand long enough to swipe some of the precome from the head of his dick over his slippery fingers before
pushing back in. Keith gasps at the stretch, he's never taken four fingers before.

"Are you nice and open for me?" Kolivan asks. Keith gives him a hasty nod and Kolivan pushes him back just far enough to get his cock out. It's /huge/, but Keith doesn't spare a moment's thought
for how he's going to take it. He just knows that he wants to. He pushes himself up on his knees and Kolivan guides him into place as he sinks slowly down.

"That's good, Kitten. You stay right like that and it should ease your suffering. When I've finished with my work I'll fuck
you properly."

Keith clenched his fists in Kolivan's uniform and wills himself not to move. He listens to the soft sounds of movement as Kolivan taps away on the data screen. With every shift, Keith's body clenched down around him and it takes several steady breaths to calm down
Keith stays like for what feels ages. He rocks his hips the tiniest bit and his nerve endings light up like fireworks. He moans into Kolivan's chest and repeats the motion more vigurously.

Kolivan's hand comes down on his ass again.

"Don't distract me, Keith. I've work to be
done. You don't want me to have to punish you, do you?"

Keith mewls out a no, burying his face in Kolivan's chest again.

"That's a good boy. Just keep my cock nice and warm and I'll reward you for it later."
gotta sleep, folks. i'll finish this tomorrow. in the meaning time, if you feel like tipping, here's my kofi 💕
When Kolivan finally finishes his work, he rubs a hand over Keith's back, warm and soothing and Keith purrs, arching into the touch.

"That's good, Kitten. I'm going to take good care of you."

"Please," Keith moans.

"Get down on your knees for me," Kolivan says. "Earn it."
Keith slowly rises up off of Kolivan's cock, whimpering slightly at the loss when the head pops out of his ass. He settles himself down between Kolivan's legs and the Blade leader looks down at him appraising. He shoves his pants down and spreads his knees.

"Lick me open, Keith"
Keith buries his face between Kolivan's thighs, inhaling the deep musk of his scent. He presses his tongue into Kolivan's cunt and a hand comes down to the back of his head, pulling him forward. Kolivan growls his approval as Keith licks him, fucks him with his tongue.
"That's enough, Kitten," Kolivan says, his voice deeper with lust. He tugs Keith's head back by his hair. "Are you ready to be filled?"

Keith nods, his face flushed, chin and lips still covered in Kolivan's wetness. Kolivan smiles as he stands, picks Keith up as though it were
nothing. Keith wraps his arms around Kolivan's neck, his legs around his waist and feels even smaller than usual in his arms. Kolivan presses him up aginst the nearest wall and slowly pushes his cock back inside him. Keith moans loudly and a large hand soon covers his mouth.
"Quiet, Kitten," Kolivan murmurs in his ear. "If you wake the others, they'll all want a turn."

Keith's body clenches around the cock in his ass at the thought of being used by all the Blades. He stifles a moan and screws his eyes shut tight.

"You like that idea, don't you."
Keith nods, Kolivan's hand still clamped over his mouth. Kolivan laughs softly and nuzzles into Keith's hair.

"The first heat is always an intense one. But I need you to be able to walk in the morning."

He takes his hand away and grips Keith by the hip instead.

"Please," Keith whimpers. "Fuck me."

Kolivan is not gentle. He thrusts into Keith with punishing intensity. Keith covers his mouth with both hands, doing all he can to keep himself quiet. Kolivan is so big, so thick, stretching him to his limits but even as Keith feels tears
forming in the corners of his eyes, he feels the itch in his skin begin to dissipate.

"Touch yourself, Kitten," Kolivan growls. "I want to feel you come."

Keith reaches down, the angle awkward, but manages to curl a hand tight around his cock. It only takes a few good pulls
before he's gasping and spilling hot over his hand, his body tightening around Kolivan even as he continues to pound into him.

Kolivan swears out something in Galra and what sounds like Keith's name. His claws scrape over Keith's ass and Keith cries out, his throat raw.
Kolivan comes inside him and stills just long enough to catch his breath. There's no afterglow in this situation Keith sumises as Kolivan sets him back down gently and does up his pants. Keith stands on shakey legs, he leans back against the wall for stability as Kolivan returns
to his seat. He's still out of breath, come dripping down his thighs, but at least his mind is clear. He walks awkwardly over to his discarded sweat pants and pulls them back on.

"Thank you," he says quietly, not meeting Kolivan's eyes.

"No need to be embarrassed, Kitten.
We've all been there." Kolivan says, unusual tenderness in his voice. "We take care of our own."

There's a moment of silence and Kolivan turns back to the data screen. Keith starts to head back to the barracks when Kolivan calls his name.

"I'll try to make sure you're back with
Voltron for your next heat. I'm sure you'd rather your Black Paladin take care of you."

Keith's face burns at the suggestion.

"It's not -- it's not like that," Keith stammered.

"We've all seen the way you look at him, Keith." Kolivan turns around and meets his eyes.
"And I've seen the way he looks at you. I can smell his desire when you're around."

Keith ducks his head, unwilling to believe it though he knows Kolivan wouldn't lie to him.

"He'd make a fine mate, Keith."

Silence falls between them again and Kolivan turns back to his work.
Keith heads to bed, sore but sated and does his best not to let thoughts of Shiro rouse him again. He'll deal with those feelings another time.

Hope y'all horny folks enjoyed! Consider tipping if you're able 😘
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